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Behind the Lens by MissDomho

Where it all begins

AN Hey everyone! How are you all lovely writers and readers out there? Really hope LPF picks up again as it is an amazing community to express ourselves with and well it's really nice just be ourselves you know? Which brings me to my next topic...I had doubts posting this XD as it certainly is a little different from what I have previously posted! As you will see why. It's a lot more slashier and well slashier as their lives are based around sex and all- but has a very solid plot as you will see as the story progresses- but I can assure you that the sequel has been toned down immensely, a friend of mine requested this haha XD challenged me with this. So please read this with an open mind:)! And if you all would be so kind enough to review if I should continue this:). I will have the last chapter up for 'Finding the truth' please check that one, thank you all so so much xxx

Warning There is slash in the beginning with Mike and a another male character- but rest assured this is solely Bennoda ;)


Behind the Lens

Where it all begins

"Oh god yes!"

the younger actor murmured, softly, as he was seen pushing himself back on his hands and knees, almost knocking the older actor off balance with his quick movements. Mike grunted, squeezing the boy's left hip with one hand to keep them in the rhythm, as he then shimmied his free hand along the length of the boy's back. Managing to keep his balance.

Mike had leaned back now, for the camera get a good shot of his entire length disappearing into the stretched boy who was bent over before him. With a few more strokes like this and they would get to switch positions soon. Which was a good thing, as Mike's knees were starting to burn from the hard friction between his soft skin and the coursed carpet that laid beneath him.

Mike ran a possessive hand the boy's ass again as he slowly pulled out. He manhandled the boy until they were flipped, With Mike now sprawled along his back and the boy straddling him, time to let the new kid do the work.

Mike would just lay there now, his head cradled in between his hands, watching the boy bounce up and down along his slippery length, as he couldn't help- but smirk. The kid was over doing it now much to Mike's amusement, too much high pitched moaning, too many 'Fuck, yeahs!' and an unconvincing sultry eye that had the older actor almost doubled over in laughter now if it weren't for the cameras hovering over their moving bodies. If he kept this up, Mike was going to lose his erection and the video would end up a lot shorter than any of them had anticipated.

The boy continued to bounce, up and down, groaning and whimpering- but with Mike slowly growing agitated and bored of just lying there. He reached out and grabbed the smaller male by the hips and pulled him down hard up against him, driving his cock as deep into the boy as it would go. It had the desired effect, as the boy let out a big whoosh as the air rushed out of his lungs, his eyes widened from hysteria once he had realised what was happening once Mike had shattered his way into his stretched body, his hands blindly grasped at Mike's shoulders, trying to keep himself from falling over. That's right, Mike thought, let's hear your 'Fuck, yeahs' now?

Out from the corner of his eye, Mike could see the director shake his head- but Mike couldn't careless now. Having very little patience in him and after three years of this, Mike considered himself a veteran of the gay porn industry, and he realised he had less and less patience for the newbies with their overacting and their over doing it moans.

"Alright, that's enough now." A stocky Korean man stood there by the projector, as he gestured for the actors to end the shoot. He went by the name of, Mr. Joseph Hahn, as he was very well known for the work that he does. "Let's get this over with. Amir, on your back with your knees pulled up. Spike, time to spill your load. We'll get the close up shot from over here."

Spike. That was Mike's stage name. Spike Minoda, to be exact. Sexier than Michael Shinoda, and much to his own agreement, he used his stage name for legal purposes as it was ideally a lot safer for him to use.

Mike slowly rolled off the condom as the older actor was instructed to do, wrapping his hand around his semi, he began by stroking himself till hard. This was always the hardest part, getting aroused enough to actually cum. When he started doing porn, actually having sex was enough so that a couple of tugs were all he needed to cum. After a while, he had to fantasise about something or someone to get there. Now, it was almost like meditating.

Mike emptied his mind, blocking out the lights that made his skin burn from the heat bouncing off of them and the hovering cameras, that always clicked and churned their way around him whenever he was caught up in the act. He blocked out the noises from the annoying boy lying naked before him, who was moaning a little too loudly and little too unconvincing for Mike's liking as he was now concentrating on the feeling of his hands gliding over the sensitive skin of his cock. He twisted his grip when he got to the tip and swiped his thumb across the weeping slit. His other hand cupped his balls, gently massaging to get the juices flowing, and a couple of fingers slipped back to rub against his perineum.

A few moments like this and he felt his balls tighten. Mike had grasped onto the sensation and chased it until he felt the rush of falling over the edge. One shot, two shots, three shots, and he was done. Bent over and breathing heavily, his mind still a blank white as he slowly found his way back to the present.

When he finally blinked away the rush, the boy was rubbing his slippery cum over his stomach. It was supposed to be a sexy move- but the way the boy bit his lip and peeked out from under his long eye lashes almost made Mike want to topple over to the floor beneath him and just laugh. He gave the boy a quick slap on the ass to tell him to get going.

The boy got the message, quickly stroking himself to completion while Mike watched on with disinterest. Finally, it was all over, Mike leaned over and gave the boy a quick courtesy peck on the lips.

"Cut! Good job, guys! That's a wrap for today!" Joe shouted from the corner of the room, pulling away from the monitor to give the thumbs up to his actors.

Mike made a grab for his thick robe that was lying on a nearby chair. "We're done for the day?" he asked Joe once he could see the stocky Korean man slowly approaching him not without a bounce to his step.

"Yeah, all good, Spike. Hey, you got a minute to chat?"

Mike glanced up at the wall clock just above his head, four o'clock. He had just enough time to run home, shower, and get to the bar to set up for his evening shift. The life of a college student who was only just getting by, he grimaced at the thought and turned his attention back to Joe, who was staring up at him, expectantly.

"Not really, is it really urgent, Hahn?"

"Nah, don't worry about it. We'll catch up later."

"Cool, catch ya later, man."


"Hey Mike!"

Looking up and taking note, he could see a young, petite woman. Who's raven hair was neatly pulled back away from her pretty features squeaked as she brushed up past him. Mike watched from where he was standing now, as they were both up behind the bar.

"Hey Anna." Mike replied with a genuine smile, watching the young woman's face perk up with her own grin once he had acknowledged her.

"You've got another admirer tonight." She giggled before nodding her head towards the opposite end of the bar. Already cutting to the chase of their conversation.

The half Asian gave her a crooked smile." You know I've only got eyes for you, honey?"

Anna rolled her eyes at Mike's comment, grumbling incoherently under her breath as she made do by grabbing a few frosty beers from out of the ice box before handing them to the customers who had just ordered them.

Mike turned back to concentrate on the drinks that he was making, and ignored the irky feeling in the bottom of his stomach that someone was now watching him at the end of the bar. There tended to be at least one person every few days- but Mike was never really interested, so he never paid them any real attention. But still couldn't help the the unsettling feeling that was so slowly taking him over, knowing now that he was being watched.

Anna and the other bar staff had poked at him, bugged him, teased him about the situation several times that night. Whenever they brought it up, he would just shrug it off with a polite smile. And for a while, they were making up stories for why Mike never hooked up with his customers or never really was one to open up to anyone about his love life.

They started innocently enough, Mike was gay and the majority of his admirers were all younger women, who could almost pass off as jailbait to him and older women, who were twice his age, which only made him grimace at the thought. But Mike would only handle these situations politely by flashing them all a kind smile as he would just brush them off as not interested.

But when it came to his male admirers, he still didn't react any differently as if they were female, so maybe he wasn't gay after all? But just very picky of who could peek his attention long enough for him to stay interested in them. For a while they all were convinced Mike was the submissive kind and was in some kinky master and slave relationship; all Mike could do was just grin and shrug, confusing them all even more now with the idea of it all in the first place.

They finally decided that Mike was non-sexual- but figured they weren't far from the truth. It wasn't that he was non-sexual, he just never met anyone that caught his eye at all for him to stay interested long enough. And he was getting off enough with the line of work that his physical needs were being taken care of just fine.

Michael Shinoda was a loner, and he was content to stay that way.

Mike had already forgotten about his admirer as the evening went on. It was a late Friday night and the bar was packed with people swarming in around the bar, all simply wanting to have a good time. His tip jar was seeing a good amount of action tonight too. It wasn't until he made his way to the end of the bar in search for his next order did he remember that someone had been there, waiting, watching, admiring him from the distance.

The guy had very dark hair and even darker eyes, it was impossible to tell what colours exactly with the lighting as he was staring up at Mike unabashedly from his perch on the barstool.

With just one glance, Mike knew that he knew. It wasn't the first time a customer had recognised Mike from his other line of work. He'd managed to respond in a way that only settled his racing nerves and screaming mind and that was a grin and a shrug. But this guy wasn't just staring at Mike, he was examining him; the only other time Mike had been examined in that way was during his auditions.

Then it dawned on Mike; the guy didn't just know, he was in the industry as well. A second glance confirmed it.

He had broad shoulders and tightly defined muscles under the snug fitting tee stretched precariously across his tight chest. His lips were full, and yet slightly pouty. His pale skin was glowing magnificently under the bask of lighting. Drawing his attention down to each of his arms now which he couldn't help the spike of curiosity that was getting the better of him now, as he could see two sets of wispy red and blue tattoos spiralling up and along each of his thin wrists, the stranger completing the rocker-esque look that he was effortlessly pulling off tonight.

"Need a refill?" Mike asked the stranger as he gestured to the nearly empty pint in front of him.

"Sure." Came the answer Mike had been expecting, there was no hesitation, not even a glance down at his glass.

Mike gave him a crooked smile and took the empty glass from off him.

When he returned, his glass now full, it was what the stranger said to Mike, that threw him off, Startling him, with his own eyes widening at the words.

"I've never seen you smile like that before?"

Mike paused, his smile coming a moment too late and lacking its usual confidence. "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about?"

"And I'm sure you do?"

Mike forced himself to hold his smile. "You've got a tab running?"

The young man nodded as Mike turned away before the conversation could even continue.

The said man ended up staying all night- but Mike made sure to let Anna would serve him whenever his beer was running low. The young bar maid responded by elbowing Mike every time they passed each other behind the bar.

Mike wasn't ashamed of his work as a porn actor, he wasn't afraid of people at the bar finding out. He just never felt the need to talk about it, just like he never felt like talking about any other part of his life. In any other situation, having someone from the industry show up at the bar wouldn't really bother Mike. As long as they minded their own business, and they would mind his own. But this guy looked like he was all up in Mike's business. And Mike didn't like it one bit.

Just as the house lights came back on and the bouncers started rounding everyone up for the night, Anna sidled up to Mike and planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Remember I am taking off early tonight? You said you'd be okay cleaning up?"

Mike groaned in protest. He had completely forgotten that he'd agreed to this. "Yeah, yeah, you go run off with your man and leave me with all the hard work." Mike poked at, aware of the slight annoyance that was laced in his voice now.

Anna just smiled up at her friend, knowingly, as she could sense Mike was feeling slightly irritated, for reasons unknown. She made do by wrapping an arm around his shoulders, bringing him close for a hug as she squealed in delight. Trying her best to spark a smile from the half Asian. "You're the best!"

Mike sniggered before shaking his head, watching the young woman take off towards the exit. He began his nightly duties by piling the used glassware into the dishwasher, before wiping down the countertops and putting the bottles used for tonight back in their place for the night.

"Hey man, that guy there says he knows you. You okay with him waiting inside?" Jonathan, the bouncer with thick dread locks said from behind, making Mike jump away from his own ministrations. He could see Jon pointing towards the stranger who was still making himself well known up at the bar. With his spiked black hair and hauntingly dark eyes, the light just above him making his eyes glow and twinkle even more now once Mike had caught the sight of the stranger staring back at him.

Mike hesitated for a moment. If it were any other person, he'd have no interest in talking to them. But this guy wasn't just any other person he has ever met before as Mike's curiosity grew once they both locked eye contact again for the second time that evening.

"Yeah, it's fine. Thanks, Jon."

The stranger didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave any time soon tonight, as Mike was happy to make him wait. Only when everything was cleaned and cleared away to Mike's satisfaction, ready for the next day, Mike finally did turn to him. He was leaning against the bar, with a leather jacket snug across his shoulders now, his hands were in his denim pockets, stretching the material even more over his long legs. The stranger was definitely easy on the eyes, that was for sure. As Mike could feel his stomach flutter from the thought of it- but this was no time for playing now as Mike could sense that the stranger wanted to address him about something, with reasons unknown.

"So..." Mike began. Hoping that was enough indication for the other man to speak up now that they were alone.

"I'm Chester, Chester Bennington." He began by introducing himself with a smile, that would only have Mike guessing that it was his signature move; with his twinkling dark eyes and cheeks dimpled in, as he was seen smiling charmingly up at Mike, once he held out a hand for shaking.

Mike gave it a perfunctory shake. "Nice to meet you, Chester." But he didn't offer his own name. He did however return the gesture by giving the stranger, who Mike had just learned now that his name was Chester Bennington, a tight lipped smile.

The omission didn't go unnoticed. Chester smiled and his eyes sparkling even more now once the light caught them.

"I'm not stalking you, I swear!" Chester said, with a soft snigger curling at the end of his lips. "I just happened to pop in for a drink and recognised you. I've seen a lot of your work."

Mike didn't give a response.

"Anyway, I'm working with Joe on a new project. We're looking for someone and I think you have the right look for it. So when I saw you tonight, I couldn't quite believe it myself?"

Mike frowned slightly at the comment now, as quickly averted his gaze over at Jon, who was still standing nearby, waiting at the door.

"Sorry. Uh...Look? I didn't mean to intrude in on your evening." Chester gave a small self-deprecating chuckle, a dimple appearing in the middle of his left cheek. "I'll just talk to Joe about it and have him follow up with you. Um, it was nice meeting you. Have a good night."

"Yeah, You, too." Mike whispered just under his breath. He watched as Chester made his way towards the door now and just as Jon opened it for Chester to make his grand exit, he turned his head over his left shoulder. There was a sparkle in his eye and Mike wondered why he had noticed it in the first place.



AN So...Thought? Feedback? Should I continue? Would mean a lot to get all of your insight xxx Thank you

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