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I'll Find Myself Today by Stefuh

I'll find myself today

I haven't been able to write anything these past few days, so that's why I'm posting the one shots I haven't posted yet...

Random Story based on this prompt : Let me tell you the story of how I ended up barefoot on the roof of my own home at 2 am. - unblockingwritersblock (tumblr)


Chester stared for a moment at the sun on the horizon and sighed before entering his house. It had been so cold the last few days, even though it was now the middle of August, and the sun always rose on the front of the house.

Since he had said goodbye to Samantha when she had left him on a whim, taking Draven with her, he had found the house to be much too big for him – while he spent his days crying and drinking, when he wasn't at work. He didn't even know how he would manage to keep the house on his own with his meager salary. Sam was going to drag him to court soon and he already knew she would have custody of their son.

He went to the kitchen and took a beer from the fridge, already knowing that he was ruining his evening. He didn't want to spend them like this, but he just didn't know what to do to chase the desperation that haunted him every time he came back from work. He may not like his work as a cashier at Burger King, but it helped him to chase his dark thoughts when he was busy. Everytime he went back home, he was alone with his memories.

Draven taking his first steps.

Draven laughing loudly because of their dog.

Draven crying loudly because he wanted to be in the arms of his father and not his mother.

His heart sank and Chester closed his eyes as he walked to his couch. He leaned his head against the headrest and before he knew about it, he fell asleep peacefully. He woke with a start when his cell phone, which was lying on the table, rang, and he frowned before heading towards it. The clock on the kitchen wall showed that it was passed one o'clock in the morning and the young man ran a hand over his face before looking at his cell phone screen. Mike. Why was Mike calling him at this hour? He had not seen him for a few weeks, they had promised to keep in touch after the half Asian had to move away. They had been friends for a few years, promising to form a band together one day, but they had never done so.



"Are you okay, Mike?"

The young man's voice sounded agitated and Chester worried immediately.

"Hm. Could you come out of your house, please? "

The blonde man's eyes narrowed and he opened his front door before scanning the sky, which was now a dark blue.


He took a few steps, wondering if his friend was trying to play tricks on him, when he heard a cry behind him. He turned to finally see that the half-Asian man was lying on his roof, one foot stuck in the attic window while the rest of his body was sprawled against the tiles, and Mike shouted again.

"Mike! Fuck, what are you doing there? "

"I wanted to surprise you and get into your room, I climbed up the tree to the roof, but ... I miscalculated my distances." Chester's room was the window next door, a a little lower to the left. "My foot slipped but luckily, I got stuck because the window fell on my foot.”

"Jesus, Mike, don't move, I'm coming."

"Don't worry, I won't move.”

Chester climbed the stairs two by two as he opened the hatch that led to the attic. He coughed somehow as the dust came down on him and he turned on the flashlight on his cell phone before climbing the small staircase. The first thing he did once up there, was to look around to see if there was a light, but he found nothing. He let it go and went straight to the window and grimaced when he saw the condition in which Mike's ankle was. The latter certainly wouldn't be able to walk on it for a few weeks.

"Mike? Can you hear me?"


"Okay, I'll open the window slowly and I'll grab your leg, sorry if I hurt you-"

"That's okay, Ches."

The young man noticed that his friend had closed his eyes as he heard Chester open the window - already afraid of the pain that would run through his body as he pulled on his ankle - but the pain never came.

Just before Chester could restrain his friend, Mike's body began to slide toward the edge of the roof.


Without hesitation nor logic, Chester threw himself out the window, stretching out his arms as he spread his legs so that his feet could cling to the edges of the window. He moaned in pain, but he recovered quickly - Mike needed him. Fortunately, he quickly grabbed his friend's feet before he could slide lower and he sighed with relief - even though the muscles of his arms seemed to torn themselves under the weight of his friend, at least he was safe.

"Mike, listen to me. You're going to try to push yourself up with your feet and I'm going to grab you so you can climb on my back, okay? "

The young Asian did not really understand what Chester meant, but he nodded. As he placed his feet against the tiles of the house, he slowly took a step backward, then another, as he uttered a cry of pain every time he used his injured ankle. He felt Chester grab him by the arms as he climbed up. The older man was finally able to wrap his arms around his friend's chest and when he made sure he held him tight, he instructed Mike to turn around.

"What?? You're crazy, how do you want me to do that?"

"Mike, trust me, I'll hold you."

He felt the young half-Asian start to shake and Chester held him a little tighter. "I've got you, Mike."

He finally nodded as he took a deep breath, and he quickly turned his body to the side, rolling in his friend's arms.

"Okay, it's good, now, climb on me."

Clinging to everything he could, Mike tried hard to climb on his friend's back, grabbing after his sweater, and then after his pants. After some effort, he finally pushed himself inside. Without hesitation, Mike got up as he helped Chester get back inside.

"Are you okay?" He asked, as Mike saw the concern in his friend's eyes. "Maybe we should go to the hospital for your ankle."

Mike only shook his head. "No, some ice will be enough."

Chester finally sighed before he approached his friend, hugging him. "Are you insane!" he screamed. "You scared the shit out of me, what were you trying to do?"

Mike shrugged as a small smile appeared on his face. "I wanted us to look at the stars on your roof, remember, like we did a few months ago?"

Chester's heart sank as he nodded. That evening had been so special for him, it had been filled with promises while Mike had assured him that they would formed a band together and that it would be popular. Samantha would be proud of him and Chester would be able to buy anything he wanted for Draven. But Mike had gone away and that dream had fell apart. "You have to go through my bedroom's window for that."

There was a small ladder on the side of Chester's window leading to a small flat roof. It was safe enough and he had spent many nights there with Samantha. His heart sank as he realized that he would never spent time there with her and Mike seemed to sense his friend's sadness.

"I have something to show you, but only once we'll be up there."

"Okay ... I'll go get some ice for your ankle, don't do anything stupid while I'm away."

"I promise!" He helped his friend down the stairs to the attic and Mike walked to Chester's room as Chester went down to the kitchen. When he returned to his bedroom, he found Mike watching a picture of Draven, and Chester looked down as he tried to chase the pain that invaded his heart at the thought of his son.

"There." the blonde man said, giving him the ice.

"Thank you."

"We absolutely have to climb on the roof?"

"Yes, and right now."

"Wait, I'll at least put on some socks and a jacket-"

"No, Chester, right now." Mike looked around before taking a blanket from his friend's bed. "We'll take that, it'll be enough."

The young man frowned at his friend's request, but he only nodded as he helped Mike climb the small ladder. Chester finally let out a sigh of contentment when he found himself sitting next to his friend, both wrapped in a blanket as the starry sky fell on the two young men.

"So, Mike, what did you want to show me?"

"Don't you think it's nice, us sitting outside like that, staring at the stars?"

Chester smiled faintly, it was his favorite place, but he hadn't got back here since the fight he had had with Samantha. This place only reminded him of everything he hoped to forget. "Yeah..."

Mike finally got his cell phone out with a pair of earphones, as he put the earbuds into his friend's ears.

"What are you doing-"

"Listen please." Chester frowned before shrugging his shoulders and closed his eyes as the music began to fill his ears. It was a song he had never heard before, but he loved it a lot. He realized after two minutes that there were no words over it and he looked at Mike who was just watching him intensely. There was something in the eyes of the half-Asian, but Chester couldn't identify what it was. Hope, maybe? A second song began, still without any word over it, and Chester listened to it. When the third song started, he finally took off the earbuds and looked at his friend.

"Do you like the songs?"

"Hm ... yes, are they all instrumental or?"

"Seriously, you like them?"

"Yes," Chester frowned. "I find them original and really good, even without a singer. Why?"

"It's a demo I made with some friends ..."

Chester's eyes lit up at that moment as his heart sank. He was really proud of Mike, he knew that his friend would be able to create something unique, but he never thought he would have so much talent... At the same time, he felt disappointed that Mike had decided to continue making music without him. "Wow, I'm really impressed, Mike."

"There's a musical agency who is interested in our music and ... I think we have a chance to break through."

Chester's mouth formed an "o", but no sound came out. He felt more and more betrayed by the fact that his friend had decided to abandon him in his project after they talked about it at length. But after all, their future was too different for them to form a band together.

Mike Shinoda was going to be recognized for his talent as his band was going to become famous ... while Chester was going to stay forever in his dead-end job without having the rights to see his son ... The pain seemed to seize the blonde man's heart even more, he terribly needed alcohol right now. And something stronger than beer.


The voice of his friend drove him out of his thoughts and he finally looked at Mike.

"Would you like to be our singer?"


"Please? You could come live with me at my apartment so that you would be closer to the studio. The group is missing something and I really think your voice could help."


"I asked the rest of the guys and they all agree with me. Please?"

Mike's eyes were filled with hope and Chester's heart squeezed ... They were full of hope for his older friend. It was a look that had never really been casted on him until now, and Chester had to swallow his tears to not let them escape and run on his cheeks as he nodded. "Okay."

Mike smiled widely as he crushed his friend's body against his, hugging him tightly.

"Thanks, Chester. You'll see, we'll have a wonderful future together. "

And suddenly, his future did not look so dark anymore. Chester knew it was unclear whether or not their band would have a break through, but a more promising salary would perhaps give him better custody over Draven. He was going to work hard to get there. Whatever happened, he would get his son back.

And as he looked up to the sky, Chester thanked the stars for crossing Mike's path, and giving him the opportunity to have a better life.


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