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In the Darkness by Stefuh

Chapter One

So this is it, the last part of the DBS trilogy. I can't believe that when I got the idea, it was supposed to be a one shot. Hopefully, you'll like this part too.

Chapter One

Mike bit his lower lip hard enough to draw blood as he walked towards the main street. Chester had, again, been out tonight to look for his father, and he had refused Mike's help. It had been a couple of weeks since all Mike did was sleep alone before he had to get up and go to his club. He saw Chester only a couple of hours per day, since he was always on the move and the half Asian was beginning to get really bored by it. Of course, he would never think of saying such a thing to his lover since he knew how important it was for him to find his father again. Chester had also been searching if Derek and Missy were really gone and so far, he had found no traces that they were alive anymore.

Without meaning to, he had walked to Kings of Chaos, the vampire bar he had gone to with Chester the night Brandon had died. He paced around for a couple of seconds, deciding if he should go in or go back to his own club, but curiosity win him over as he took the couple of steps that let to the front door. The bouncer let him in and music soon filled his ears as he went to the bar to get some blood. He looked around to see that the decor had changed from the last time he had been here and he couldn't help but let his eyes wandered near the bloodfreak's entrance as he felt shivers of trepidation run through his veins. It wouldn't hurt to go look, wouldn't it?

As he made his way through the dance floor, feeling bodies rubbed against him, he couldn't help but think of the fact that it had been to long since him and Chester had gone out. Dancing with his lover was one of the best idea of a night out for Mike since he couldn't get enough of feeling the older vampire grind his body against him – Chester had always been such a perfect dancer.

The tattooed vampire truly was the best at everything and Mike couldn't believe that he was going out with such a perfect man.

As he got closer to the curtains, his thoughts reverted back to the bloodfreaks and he made his way into the den. The room was exactly how he had imagined it : there were a lot of “couples” sitting around on couches as soft moans could be heard through the room. Mike's body shivered upon the sight and the smell of blood and when a human bloodfreak came toward him, but the half Asian quickly shook his head. He was pretty sure that he was the only vampire addicted to getting bitten … He let out an unnecessary sigh and when to turn around when he caught a vampire staring at him and he froze.

One bite wouldn't hurt, right? He needed this so much and Chester was never home … he would tell his lover that he had had a moment of weakness, that the need for a fix had been too tempting.

No, he couldn't do that to his boyfriend. He shook his head and went to part the curtains, but the vampire was now close to him, as he had taken his wrist and was inhaling the younger vampire's scent. Mike felt desire course through him as he looked at the other vampire.

“I've never seen a vampire bloodfreak before.”

“First time for everything.” Mike said, just before the other vampire sank his fangs into the half Asian's wrist and he closed his eyes, stifling a moan.

Oh, god, he had definitely missed this. He let the high course through his veins, as he felt his body tremble upon what was about to come – but he suddenly felt that something was wrong and he quickly snatched his wrist from the other's mouth.

The other vampire wouldn't know what he liked.

He wasn't Chester.


“Shit … I have to go.”

He made his way back on the dance floor while he tried to escape from the confinement of the space as he needed to be outside, when someone caught him by the elbow. Rolling his eyes, Mike groaned, seeing that he hadn't made his point clear enough to the other guy.

“I said I have to-” He stopped himself from speaking when he turned around and saw that Steve had him by the elbow, a smile on his face.

“Hey, man! Didn't know you liked the competition!”

“Huh?” What was he talking about? He hadn't seen the other supernatural being since he had installed the stage at Xero.

“Visiting other vampire's clubs!”

“Oh, right!” Mike shouted above the music and he let his eyes wandered around once again. “I like this place!”

Steve only nodded hadn't let go of the vampire just yet, so he tugged at his elbow. “Let's go to the mezzanine, it'll be quieter and we'll be able to talk!”


Anything to get his mind off of what had just happened in the bloodfreak's den.


Chester growled at the human in front of him as the latter was cornered against the side of a mausoleum while the vampire had him pinned against it. The tattooed vampire had had a long night and he wished that he could back to his house, as he felt like the night was stretching endlessly in front of him. He almost hoped that the sun would come up earlier only so he wouldn't have to run around some more for tonight. It was of the utmost importance for him that he find his father soon – but right now, he was tired and only wanted to warm some blood up in his microwave and nestle on the couch next to his lover.

“You said you could give me some fucking information if I brought you your daughter back and I did. You can't back out now-”

“But she's not human anymore!” Kyle squealed.

“That isn't my fault, you never specified that your daughter wasn't a demon in the first place.”


Chester growled again as he let go of the man. “If I find you a fucking exorcist, will you tell me what I asked you to?”

“Y... yes.”


“She... Cathy will be alright after that, r-right?”

Chester closed his eyes for a moment as he tried to calm down. It wasn't the Kyle's fault if he was feeling so upset about his daughter, after all, Chester was surely the only solution he had to get her back like she was before.

When he had found a new clue that could lead him to his father, Chester had immediately searched the human who had contacted him. The latter wanted to make bargain and the vampire had been happy to find where his daughter was if he could tell him where Lee had last been seen. But when he had came back with Cathy as she was being possessed by an unknown entity, the girl's father had refused to talk.

“I'm not sure … I've dealt with demons before, but I've never seen an exorcism, so-” explained Chester.

It was true that even if he had been undead for a while now, he had spent most of his time with Talinda following her through parties and vampire's events, it was only when she had left him that the vampire had decided to see what other creatures were lurking in the dark. He had to admit that he had seen some pretty weird stuff once he had been on his own, some of them were even truly disturbing and would have given any normal human horrifying nightmares, but Chester had never been lucky enough to assist an exorcism.

It looked like he would be able to cross this off from his bucket list tonight.

“B-but those still exists, rights? P-priests who can do e-exorcism?”

“Yes, even if they're harder to find, there's still a couple of them left.”

“S-so, p-please, for Cathy-”

“Go back home and take care of her. Be careful, she'll probably tried to mess with your mind... I'll be back with a priest soon enough.”

And at that, Chester vanished, leaving the man crumbling on the ground as fear and sorrow invaded his thoughts.


The vampire had a number one source who could tell him everything he needed to know. During the sixth first months that he had gone out with Mike, Chester had never really talked to Joe, only knowing the other guy as someone who took care of Mike's club once and while, but he had learned one evening that he was a pretty resourceful guy. It was him who had helped Chester get his first lead towards his father, and even if all the trails he had tried to pursued had been cold, he was still very proud of everything that Joe had done for him so far.

He got to Xero pretty quickly as he stopped by Mike's office first, wanting to at least see him a bit before he finished his plan for the night, but the half Asian was nowhere to be found. Maybe he had decided to have an early night and had already gotten back to their house. Chester pushed his disappointment away as he walked towards the other office that Joe and Brad were sharing. The hellhound was sitting at his desk looking quite bored, but there was no trace of the Korean.

“Where's Joe?”

“I actually have no idea, I'm the one who's looking after the club tonight.”

“I need to see him.”

“I'm sorry but if Joe doesn't want to be reach, then there's no way to contact him.” Chester growled lowly and Brad raised an eyebrow. “Something's wrong, I guess? Is it Mike?”

“No, Mike is fine, I just … I need to get my hand on an exorcist.”

Brad only whistled as he spun his chair around and got up to walk towards Joe's desk. There was a clatter of books, pens, newspapers and other things on the surface of the desk and Chester wondered how Joe managed to do anything in this room. Brad opened a drawer and took a small leatherbound book before he quickly scanned through it, turning page after page, as he stopped on one and finally nodded.

“I've got three. One is dead and the other is at the Vatican.”

“And the last one?” Chester asked, already feeling like he wouldn't be able to fulfill Kyle's request tonight.

“The other one is me.” the hellhound answered.

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