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Secrets in the Night by MissDomho


AN Hey everyone! How are you? So as you may know I am almost finished with my other stories and really would like to try something new. Yes it's another fantasy fic! ^___^! I know lol! I can't help myself- but I have been writing this one for a while now, and couldn't work out how I would make this one go! I think I have figured it out lol? So please let me know if I should continue <3

Warning about this story before I go on...This one is ALOT darker in most places, it will dabble lightly with BDSM with Chester and Mike's characters, very slashy and very dark themes. You all have been warned. I hope you all will stick it out. <3

Beautiful image drawn by Violet_Raven Thankyou so much dear for sharing your wonderful talents xx.

Anyway! On with the story <3



Chester had tried to focus his mind very carefully. Squinting at the glass that was precariously sitting in his hand as he was willing his muscles to behave, the young man set his drink aside. In spite of his effort, Chester misjudged the distance and vodka and orange juice sloshed out, dribbling onto the black laminate which already was sticky with spilled drinks. He sat up a little trying not to sway on his stool.

Once more he scanned the dance floor for Brad. Glistening bodies undulated to the smoky beat, a jumble of hot sweaty men in provocative club attire, showing off steel cut pecs and six-pack abs. Normally Chester would have appreciated the view- but at the moment he was all too worried. How long has it been since I've seen Brad? He wondered. His muddled mind slid to the next thought without answering the first. Oh, fuck, I feel dizzy!

"Hey, cutie, Wanna to dance?"

Startled, Chester looked up into a pair of dark, brown eyes. He took in light blond hair, thin face, tall stature. He struggled to focus all at the same time as he slurred.

"N-no, than' you."

"Oh, come on! You've got such a sexy, little ass, I bet you move like raw silk."

Raw silk? What the fuck does that even mean?

"N-n-no. I can't." Normally Chester would loved to dance- but he really was having a hard time keeping up with his balance while sitting. He knew better than to dance. He just wanted to find his best friend and go home.

Ignoring the man who continued to stand at his elbow, Chester pulled out his iPhone. It took him several tries before he managed to pull up his text messages and click on Brad's last text message. When he started to type, the letters moved around and blurred on top of each other. As he couldn't make heads or tails of what he actually was typing and knew Brad wouldn't be able to either. He shoved his phone into his back pocket in disgust. I'm such a a fucking lightweight. How much did I actually drink?

Too much. His mind supplied right away. Chester really had no idea how many he'd had- but clearly he should have stopped a couple drinks back. Drowning his loneliness in alcohol had seemed like a good idea a few hours earlier. Now he wished he hadn't have done just that. It really didn't help; it just made him maudlin.

I'm over Ryan, I have been over him for a while now. So...Why am I acting like this? He had been heartbroken when Ryan had left him for the girl who had been tutoring him in math. Ryan had been his high school crush and the only boyfriend that he's ever had. They had gotten together during their freshman year of college- but the long-distance relationship had only lasted a couple months. That was more than two years ago. Ryan was still dating Talinda, as Chester was finally getting over his hurt and anger. He and Ryan were even on their way to becoming tentative friends again.

So why am I such a drunken idiot tonight? A cynical voice in his head supplied an answer; Because nobody wants you. Chester knew that wasn't true. He was shy- but it wasn't as if noone has ever flirted with him before. He had even dated a few guys- but nothing had ever lasted beyond a second date. It's because of me. I'm just way too picky. Something was always missing.

Finding a guy who made his dick hard was not a problem at all, well, actually it was usually too much of a problem. Finding someone who was able to make his heart flutter, that rarely happened, and when it did, the guy was never interested in anything more than just a quick fuck. Chester refused to settle for that, not for his first time. He and Ryan had fooled around plenty- but never had they both 'gone all the way.'

Am I the only one in the world who wants a relationship? Or am I just attracted to the wrong kind of guys? He had asked himself those questions a million times already and had decided that both were true. Most of the guys his age didn't want to be tied down, and the type of guy he was attracted to the; lean yet muscular, mysterious yet dominant, sensitive yet imposing, however that type of guy in particular was not interested in a relationship.

Lost in thought Chester had let his head slump forward, with his dark, spikes matting across his forehead. He sat up and pushed his hair back with an impatient hand.

"Hey! Come on! Let's dance!" Mr. Tall brown-Eyes hadn't gotten away that easily as he was still standing next to him. But only this time he grabbed Chester's hand, which was still poised in mid-air, and yanked him up and out of his seat.

Chester let out a yelp of surprise as he struggled to keep his balance. He failed miserably and would have gone down if Mr. Tall brown-eyes hadn't grabbed him. Suddenly his nose was in a sweat soaked shirt and Mr. Tall brown-eye's hands were wrapped around him. A spike of unease shot through him. This is so not what I want right now.

"Hey there, cute stuff. Careful." Mr. Tall brown-eyes laughed.

Chester steadied himself with difficulty as he tried to pull away. But Mr. Tall brown-eyes held him close.

"Let me go!" Chester protested. Shoving hard and twisting, he managed to extricate himself from Mr. Tall brown-eye's grasp. As he staggered a few steps and grabbed onto the railing that ran around the edge of the bar area to keep himself propped and to stop him from collapsing.

Mr. Tall brown-eyes was right behind him now. "Looks like someone's has had a wee bit too much to drink?" He observed, a smirk in his voice.

The alcohol had stripped away Chester's emotional filters, as anger over the man's condescending tone washed over him. He glared at the man, a retort on the tip of his tongue. The predatory gleam in the dark, brown eyes stopped him. His heart skipped a beat.

Shit! I need to get away from him before he takes advantage of my stupid, drunken ass...Literally. Adrenalin coursed right through his veins, as he was instantly steadier on his feet. He took a deep breath, located the door, and headed quickly in that direction, while focusing on keeping his balance.

Before he knew it he was outside, breathing in the crisp air. It had been a warm day- but even in June, California nights were often chilly. The humid air felt good on his bare, sweaty skin. Chester began by walking fast, glancing behind him to make sure Mr. Tall brown-eye's wasn't following him.

Chester hadn't gotten very far when he remembered his best friend; Brad. Shit! He will just have to get by without me for the night. The young man paused on a street corner and pulled out his phone. Struggling to focus, he didn't even try to text this time. Instead he pulled up his favourites and only after a few moments of squinting to make the letters quit jumbling in front of him, he managed press the talk button once he stumbled along Brad's number. He started walking again as he listened to it ring. To his dismay it went straight to voicemail. Fucking typical Brad.

Chester headed towards home. It was a long walk, not quite four kilometres he would have guessed- but he thought the walk would do him some good. The adrenalin had worn off and he weaved back and forth, barely staying on the sidewalk. A few minutes later, his stomach rebelled. When he realised he was going to lose his stomach to the side of the street, he dodged into the nearest alley.

Shadows deepened dramatically, as he made his way past the first dumpster on unsteady feet. The scent of rotting vegetation and decaying meat assailed his senses, making the need to expel the contents of his stomach, urgently. He put his hands against the nearest brick wall, as he would lean forwards, to relieve himself by throwing up onto the pavement beneath him.

Why did I have to drink so damn much? He felt like the worst kind of low life. I am such an idiot that I'm dead drunk now and throwing up in an alleyway.

When Chester's stomach had finally settled, his head felt a little clearer. The young drunk man spat repeatedly, wishing he had some water with him. Finally he collected himself as much as he could before heading back toward the street. That's was before he heard quick, heavy footsteps behind him. He spun around and was hit with a wave of vertigo. Stumbling backwards, he wind-milled his arms to keep from going down.

He didn't get as far as the ground. Frigid hands grabbed him as if Chester weighed nothing and flung him against the wall of the building behind him. The back of his head had slammed into the brickwall as his world dimmed for a short moment, he could feel white, hot pain shooting right through him.

As Chester's vision had become right, once more again, he found himself staring into a pair of cold black eyes that were nothing- but bottomless pits of utter darkness. Chester had never seen eyes like that; there were no irises, just only pure blackness. His chest tightened painfully in terror as fear gripped him, spreading right through his body in a hot flash, tensing every muscle down along his spine, turning him to stone. This can't be real. This can't be real! No one has eyes like that!

Chester was peripherally aware that the man's sharp, angular face was unnaturally pale, framed with straight black shimmied over his forehead. A sharp, acrid smell permeated the air. The hands that held him pinned to the wall were colder than ice, causing a chill to emanate from his arms into his shaking core. The rest of his body began to shake uncontrollably now. He felt his eye's stretch wide in a completely useless, defense mechanism.

Instinctively Chester had put up his hands up to push the apparition away. God, I must be hallucinating? I wonder if someone had slipped me a roofie into my drink back in the club? The creature they stood before him, couldn't possibly be a man? As he grabbed Chester's wrists with his icy hands and yanked them over Chester's head, forcing them painfully against the rough wall. He heard himself whimper softly. Chester was sure that he could now feel his heart stop beating at this very moment.

The apparition's thin lips curled into a dangerously, cruel smile as the unfathomable eyes shifted downward along his trembling body. Chester could feel his heated gaze as it would travel, slowly down the length of his body, as if the creature began undressing him with his dark eyes. The hairs on the back of his neck and his arms stood on end, giving him the sensation of tiny bugs crawling over his skin.

This can't be happening, no nono no!

Chester then heard what could only be the snick of a switchblade sliding out. The bright steel in his attacker's hand reflected the distant street light.

Oh fuck, this is it! He's going to kill me now? I'm going to die a fucking virgin! the young man felt the cool steel of the blade against his cheek and he had to clamp down hard to stop himself from wetting his pants.

"Such a pretty little face, you have here." The other man's voice sneered. He slid the blade down the side of Chester's face, not cutting him, he was pretty sure; there was no pain. The knife slithered slowly down to his throat to rest against his jugular.

"It would be so easy-" the creature rasped, sliding the blade lightly across Chester's neck. Chester was frozen with terror that he hadn't taken a breath in minutes. Now he hoped he would pass out soon from lack of oxygen and save himself from having to witness his own death. "-But I have other plans for you, yes." The fiend rasped. "No easy death for you, pretty boy."

Chester whimpered again, and it sounded pitiful even to himself.

"Let's see what that gorgeous body looks like beneath your clothes, hmm?" The knife was suddenly no longer at his throat. Chester took in a huge gasp of air as he let it out on another whimper once the creature sliced the front of his jeans and boxer briefs wide open in one quick long swipe that continued down one pant leg to his knee. Chester's felt the cool night air rush over his genitals.

"Well, look at that?" The creature said. A fresh wave of terror exploded within Chester and the world began to fade in and out, around him. All of his muscles, which had been fully tensed, suddenly fell limp. He would have collapsed to the ground if the creature hadn't had his hands still pinned up against the wall above his head. Chester heard himself moan softly as he sagged further into the wall. Unfortunately he didn't actually pass out and his head started to clear immediately. He wanted to close his eyes and just pray- but some fierce part deep inside of him insisted that he would pay attention so he wouldn't miss any chance to escape.

There will be no escape. His thinking mind told him. There is no way you can get away from this horrible demon. He wasn't sure what the creature was- but not a flesh-and-blood man, he was positive. He was supernatural, and exceedingly evil.

The demon had dragged moved the knife back to the top of his chest. Catching the edge of his tight T-shirt with the blade, he sliced slowly downward, the fabric splitting open as he went. Chester felt the sting of the knife biting into his cold, bare skin. Looking down he watched the monster create a long shallow gash, from his collarbone to his navel. His Blood began to bead out.

The sight of the blood caused something inside Chester to shriek with terror. He opened his mouth- but no sound would come to him. He felt as if he were in a nightmare now where he couldn't scream or run. This can't be real! Demons are not real? I must be having a nightmare. But the cut on his chest began to burn with an intensity that belied illusion. It all felt too real.

The cruel creature's nostrils flared and his bottomless, dark eyes began to glow with a faint amber light. He leaned over, stuck out a abnormally long tongue, and licked the blood off of Chester's broad chest in a long slow swipe, letting out a low noise as if he was savouring something delicious.

Chester shuddered in complete horror at the demon's touch. The monster's tongue was as cool as his hands, and the noises that he would make shattered something deep inside Chester, his dignity and sanity. The scream that was inside Chester came out then, as it was long and loud.

The creature began to laugh, a cruel, chilling sound- but what plundered the last vestiges of Chester's wit was the glimpse of fangs that he saw in the demon's mouth. His canines were long and very sharp, as they glinted even in the meager light.

Vampire! Some part of his mind supplied the demon's designation- but his reason had already fled him as he couldn't process what that meant.

Something in the Vampire's face changed in that instant. He dropped Chester's hands and spun around. At the same time Chester heard a loud whistling sound that ended in a quiet thwack. The Vampire's tall, large body went suddenly rigid, and a heartbeat later all the tension evaporated from it as he collapsed, falling boneless onto the concrete ground beneath his tall stature.

Chester suddenly found himself almost falling to the ground, his back was still up against the wall, he fell with his knees pulled up to his chest. He was shaking uncontrollably now. He had no recollection of his legs giving out as his body slid into its current position.

The sense of relief that enveloped him like a warm river was arrested in mid-flow as a dark shadow materialised out of the darkness, moving towards him at a rate that was too fast to be humanly possible. It had only occurred to him now, that something or someone had just saved his life from his impending death.



Hey everyone again! Should I continue? Please let me know! I think we can all guess who it was that saved Chester's life ;) as this story is solely about them hehe! Thank you for your time <3

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