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Powerless by Stefuh


“Chester, I need you to order the flowers on that list, be sure that you don't forget the geraniums, they're for a very important client and we really need them in the next delivery.”

“Okay, Mace.”

The young blond haired man nodded as he took the list, his boss, Mace, handed him as he quickly looked it over before getting behind the counter to take the phone. He paused for a moment and bit his lower lip before turning towards his co-worker and roommate, Brad.

“Hm, who am I supposed to call exactly?”

“Oh, it's your first time calling, right?” The younger man opened a drawer before retrieving a small notebook and opened it to the second page before handing it to Chester. “Here, don't forget to say that it's for the Beyer's shop and also, that we need it by next Tuesday, alright?”

Chester nodded again before composing the number on the phone. It was his first week at the flower shop and he still hadn't found the hang of it yet. He had been fired from his last job in a grocery store since he couldn't see eye to eye with one of his co-worker, who was his manager's favorite, and even though him being fired had been totally unfair, he was still glad that he wasn't working there anymore. He couldn't say that he was practically happy so far with his new job since his boss was hard on him, but he didn't want to be too judgmental about him yet since he had only been there for a week. His roommate, Brad, had told him they were looking for someone at the flower shop when he had heard Chester had been fired, and the blonde man had jumped on the occasion. He needed the money to pay the rent and also, to be sure he would be able to get something for his twin's birthday that was coming up soon.

After Chester hung up, he had only enough time to put the notebook back in place before a customer appeared in front of him. She smiled at him and he had no time to greet her as she started speaking really fast and he blinked a couple of times.

“Hi! I wanted to know if you could delivered at the last minute? If it's far away, is there any extra fees? Oh, and, also, do you have any of those flowers that can last all winter, I don't recall their name, but you know, the purple and yellow ones?”

Chester's eyes grew wide as he opened his mouth and closed it again and he looked at his friend's back as Brad disappeared in the back of the shop.

“Just a moment, please, I'll go ask my supervisor.”

She rolled her eyes. “I don't have all day so please, hurry.”

“Of course.” He walked towards the back shop before murmuring a “bitch” under his breath as he went to look for Brad, as he had no idea where Mace had gone to.

“Brad?” he called, once he stepped in the backstore. “Brad, are you there? I need your help with a costumer.”

The blonde man frowned as he couldn't see his friend anywhere. He went to turn to open up the door to go back to the shop, surely Brad had gone out without him noticing, but the door didn't budge. He twisted the knob and pulled harder, but it still wouldn't open.

“What the-” He pounded on it. “Hey! Help! I'm stuck in the back!”

Surely someone would hear him. Chester yelled again, but there was still no answer and he sighed as the young man looked around to see if there was another exit or a phone he could used. He frowned upon seeing something strange in the farthest wall and as he got close to it, he felt fear coursing through his body as his eyes couldn't understand what he was seeing.

There was a black hole, in the wall, or something that surely looked like one, as Chester watched the dark spiral swirl in front of him. As he got closer, without knowing why, surely by curiosity, he reached his hand into the dark surface and before he could react, he was quickly sucked into the abyss.

The young man screamed as he felt his body being engulfed by the darkness and as he opened his eyes again, breathless, he noticed that he was back on the backstore near the door, and the far wall was totally bare. He blinked a couple of times and looked at his hand, but it was still intact. There were no traces of what he had just seen a moment ago.

What the fuck had just happened?

As he tried to open the door again, this time, it opened easily and he frowned before stepping back into the shop. He noticed that the young woman was gone and he sighed before stepping behind the counter.

At the same time, he noticed that Brad was a couple of meters to his left and that he was talking to a young man … As Chester got close to them, his eyes widened when he recognized the stranger (who really wasn't a stranger at all) and he quietly walked back as he hid himself from their view. The strange occurrence that had happened to him a couple of minutes ago now totally forgotten while his brain was freaking out by the fact that Brad was talking to him. The blonde man walked a bit towards the edge of the counter, making sure that he wouldn't be seen while he listened to their conversation.

“Yeah, he told me the guy he spoke to didn't say which flower shop it was, but with the order, he guessed it was here, so he asked me to come and ask since I was in the neighborhood.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, that was my friend, he's new here and our boss, well … let's just say he's not that good at explaining tasks to the newbies.” He sighed. “That's why we always lose them.”

“That sucks, hey, at least he has you.”

He heard their voices fade as they walked towards the exit but Chester didn't move from his place, being too scared that the other young man was still there. After a couple of minutes, Brad came around the counter and he frowned upon seeing his friend.

“Chester, what are you doing, are you hiding?” asked Brad as he saw that the young man was sitting on the floor behind the counter as he looked back at his friend with a panicked look on his face.

“Is he gone?”

“That guy I was talking to? That's the son of our provider, you know, the man you talked to on the phone today. You forget to tell him it was for the Beyer's shop... don't worry about it, I won't tell Mace. But yes, he's gone, why?”

As Chester got on his feet and looked around to make sure he wasn't there anymore, he let out a sigh of relief. “That was my ex, Mike.”

“Oh. Wait, wasn't he the one you told me about, the one who you got serious with right before Talinda, or something?”

“Yes, that's him.”

“Wow, I didn't know I knew him... What happened, did he broke your heart or something?”

“No” Chester said as his eyes lowered to the ground as a pained expression appeared on his face. “I broke his.”

He had met Mike's family a couple of times while they were going out together, after all, they were only teenagers at the time, but he hadn't recognized the voice of the man on the phone, and he hadn't stated his name. It would have never cross his mind in a million years that he would actually be talking to the father of Mike Shinoda.

“So … does he come here often?” he asked Brad.

“Only when his dad asked him to.”

“He's working for him?”

“No, actually, he got his own Art Studio, a couple of blocks from here.”

Of course, Mike had done well for himself, after all, he had always had so much talent. He had always had everything better than Chester had, and that had been the reason why the blonde man had broke Mike's heart in the first place. He could never be enough for him, even if he tried his hardest. Even now, he felt like he wasn't enough for his two daughters, Lily and Lila. The only reason why Chester had accepted this job at the flower shop was because the two restaurants and two coffee shops he had applied to hadn't called back. He didn't have any experienced there after all, so why would they even bother. This made him quite mad since he knew that he could be as good as those who had worked in those places before.

He bit his lower lip and shook his head, after all, it did nothing for him to feel sorry for himself, he was what he was and that was it. In his wildest dreams, he was a rich rock star who could buy anything to his twins … and he was enough for Mike too.

“Chester, are you okay?”

A small smile appeared on his lips. “Yeah, I'm okay, don't worry. Did you see a girl earlier, she was asking about winter flowers or something...”

“Yeah, I answered her. Where were you?”

“Looking for you in the backstore...” He frowned, remembering what had happened just before he saw Mike. “Did you … Was I long gone?”

“No, not really, why? You're sure that you're okay?”

The young man ran a hand on his face before sighing. “Yeah, just tired I guess. I can't wait for this weekend.”

“Talking about this weekend.” Mace said as he appeared behind Chester. “I would need you to take Jonathan's shift Saturday.”

“I'm sorry, I can't-”

“I thought you wanted more hours.” his boss said as he frowned.

“I do! But I'm seeing my girls this week end and-”

“Can't you changed it to see them on Sunday?” he asked and Chester bit his lower lip to stop himself from yelling at him that he didn't have the chance to see them that often since Talinda had moved far away from him. She had a new boyfriend and if he missed his chance there, he would have to wait three weeks more to see his precious daughters again and he just couldn't do that.

“No, I can't, I'm sorry.”


He went away and Chester sighed. “I would have needed that money so bad.” he whined.

Brad only smiled faintly at him. “Hey, at least you'll spent a great Saturday while i'll be stuck here.”

“That's true...”

“How about pizza and a movie tonight, it's been too long, and I'll call Dave, okay?”

Chester smiled at his friend, happy that he was trying to cheer him up. “Yeah, why not.”

He wouldn't let Mike and a strange imaginary black hole ruin his day.


Chester opened his eyes as he saw the ending of the movie scrolled on the TV screen and he stretches as he noticed that he was alone in the living room and that a blanket had been put over him. He frowned as he looked around, wondering where his friends had gone to. When he got up, he noticed that a note was stuck on the fridge and he quickly read it over.

“Hey Ches,

You were looking so peacefully that me and Dave didn't want to wake you up.

If you want to join us, we're at the regular place, so just come down if you feel like it.


Chester smiled at the fact that Brad had let the TV opened as he knew that Chester slept better with background noises – something he had developed through his childhood as there was always noises outside his room when it was time for him to go to bed. He quickly scanned the clock before sighing, it was around 10 pm and he actually still felt tired, it would definitely be better for him if he went back to sleep in his bed instead of going out for a drink.

Anyway, he was working tomorrow morning, he had to be there at 7 and he knew Dave had an habit to drink into early in the morning. As he got into the bathroom to brush his teeth, he felt his eyes screwed shut while he opened the light, it was way too bright fro him. He blinked a couple of times before finally taking his toothbrush and when he looked into the mirror, he froze as his eyes widened.

In front of him stood the dark hole that had engulfed him this afternoon, only this time, it was in the mirror and it appeared to be smaller. Intrigued, Chester reached a hand towards it, but it quickly dissipated before suddenly reappearing on his hand. He was about to scream in terror when the blonde man felt the dark substance run rapidly over his body as it got into his mouth and disappeared into his throat as he closed his eyes, thinking he was surely about to choke over the substance. He felt something warm radiate in him and as he opened his eyes, he now saw that they were as dark as the black substance – there was no white left in them, and that a bright light was covering his chest. His body began to float while some black material wrapped itself around his body. A fluttering sound was heard as two dragonfly wings appeared behind his back and at the same time, some kind of staff suddenly appeared in front of his left outstretched hand and he quickly took it as his body finally descended back on the floor.

As he watched into the mirror once more, he noticed that he was wielding a machete.

And before he could noticed anything else, Chester fainted.

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