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4+1 by littleblacksubmarines


AN: I've always loved these 4+1 stories, and I finally decided to try my hand at it. I own nothing here except for the fantasy of running off into the sunset with M. Shadows bahaha. Please let me know what you guys think of this!



“We should definitely go golfing sometime,” Matt grinned his thousand watt smile at Dave, shaking his hand firmly and bringing him in for a hug.

“Yeah man! I had such a great time today, that talk we had really helped me out,” Dave said, eyes looking up to meet Matt’s aviators, stopping to gaze fondly at his dimples.


Dave and Matt went golfing, enjoying a few beers along on the way. Afterwards, they went back to Dave’s, sharing a few more beers on the porch, watching the waves of the ocean.

Matt’s eyes were fixed on the ocean, his aviators resting on top of his head, lost in a story about Zacky and Johnny. Dave’s eyes were fixed on Matt; his colorful tattoos, the hazel-green eyes similar to his own, the raspy voice, and fuck, those dimples.

“You in there dude?” Matt broke from his story, seeing Dave completely zoned out.

“Yeah, sorry. Just lost myself in your voice,” Dave said, grinning sheepishly.

“I bet I could bring you back,” Matt said lowly, a kind and gentle smile on his face, his dimples making Dave weak in the knees.

Dave swore he felt electricity run through his veins when Matt’s large hand cupped his cheek, bringing the two men closer together, connecting their lips. One of Matt’s hands stayed on Dave’s cheek, the other reaching for his hip to pull Dave on top of him.

Dave eased himself out of his chair and onto Matt’s lap, never breaking their hungry kiss, moaning at the contact their bodies were making.

“It’s been a while,” Dave gasped, as Matt started kissing his way down his neck while quick hands were caressing his stomach, “since I’ve been with someone.”

“That’s okay,” Matt whispered, bringing their lips together once more, “I’ll take care of you.”

Just as Matt popped the button and slid the zipper down on Dave’s shorts, Dave’s phone started ringing. Groaning, Dave reached over and clicked the lock button once to silence the call.

“Good,” Matt rasped, rubbing circles on Dave’s hip bones, enjoying watching Dave turn to putty in his hands.

Just as Matt reached the waistband of Dave’s boxer briefs, about to slip his hand inside, Dave’s phone rang again. Swearing in frustration, Dave sent the call to voicemail and shut his phone off.

Dave let Matt pull his shorts and underwear down, let Matt help him shimmy out of them, let Matt wrap one of those tattooed hands around his length with a deep moan.

“Fuck, Matt,” Dave whined, his head falling back.

“So beautiful,” Matt murmured, drinking in Dave’s beauty; the muscles, the tattoos, the tanned skin, the freckles, Dave was a piece of art.

The two were lost in each other; touching, tasting, kissing, moaning. So lost, in fact, that they didn’t notice a figure join them on the porch.

“Dave?” Mike asked, voice cracking.

“Shit, Mike!” Dave exclaimed, looking like a deer in headlights.

“Sorry, I um, I just needed to talk about stuff and you weren’t answering, and I panicked, so I came over,” Mike rambled, looking up and anywhere that wasn’t Dave’s direction, sounding so unlike himself.

“I’ll meet you inside, Mike,” Dave whispered, his heart breaking.

“Matt, I’m so sorry,” Dave said, once Mike had gone inside, “he’s going through a lot, y’know, with Chester and his wife is pulling some bullshit on him.”

“Dave, it’s okay,” Matt smiled, “I would do the same if any of my guys showed up in shambles. Call me sometime if you want to pick up where we left off,” he finished, flashing a smile and kissing Dave gently.


That night, after Mike had fallen asleep on Dave’s couch, Dave checked his phone, to see a text from Matt.

“Tell him you’re in love with him while you have the chance. I wish I would’ve told Jimmy.”



<i>I’ve really got to stop hooking up with the people on my podcast,</i> Dave thought to himself as he was lazily making out with Tré Cool on his couch.

<i>Yeah, but it’s only the second episode. And besides, you didn’t really hook up with Matt. Mike showed up before anything more could happen,</i> his inner monologue continued.

Mike had been intermittently staying with Dave since then, when things with Anna got to be too much, he would retreat to the comfort of his friend’s home. Dave didn’t mind, he loved Mike, loved having him around, but sometimes he was afraid of slipping up and admitting his feelings for the other man. After all, he had done a good job of keeping it a secret the last few years.

Dave broke from his thoughts when Tré’s hand found its way into his shorts, skimming his length and sliding a palm against his balls.

“Fuck,” Dave gasped, grasping for purchase on the throw blanket behind him.

“That’s the plan,” Tré grinned, sliding Dave’s shorts down and kneeling between his legs.

Before Tré could do whatever is was he planned, Dave’s phone rang, the special ringtone he picked out for Mike ringing out loud and clear.

“Shit,” Dave groaned, “I’m so sorry, I have to take this. It’s Shinoda.”

“Yeah, man. Do what you need to do,” Tré said, an impassive look on his face.

Dave stumbled into another room, pulling his shorts up as he went, a smile on his face just from hearing Mike’s voice.


Dave went home right after Mike had called, much to Tré’s distaste.

“You really shouldn’t fuck with other people when you’re obviously so gone for someone else,” he had said, in a tone of voice that sent shivers down Dave’s spine.

“I’m sorry. It’s not like that. I’m just… I’m sorry,” Dave finished lamely, not making eye contact as he shuffled to his Jeep.

On his drive home, Dave knew that even though he was so smitten with Mike, he probably wouldn’t mind giving Matt a call back sometime.


Calling Matt back had been a phenomenal idea on Dave’s behalf, because Matt had insisted on bringing Brian along, and there was no way Dave could say no to any part of that. He had always thought that Matt and Brian would make a great couple, and as it turns out, he was right.

At first, Dave was afraid Brian would be mad about the little tryst he had with Matt, but he quickly learned that four of the members of Avenged Sevenfold were in a polyamorous relationship with each other, and as long as someone declares that they’re going to be getting some on the side, everything is okay.

That’s how Dave found himself watching Matt and Brian naked and making out on his bed, feeling like an intruder in his own home, naked and hard and just wanting to touch or be touched.

Finally, Matt took pity on him, pulling him into his lap while Brian kissed down his neck, down his back, and oh god Dave knew where Brian’s tongue was going next. All Dave could say was he’s glad he took a shower.

That’s when Dave’s bedroom door opened, Mike rambling on, “so I brought The Green Mile and there’s pizza downstairs and—OH!”

Mike threw a hand over his eyes, yelling apologies as he ran down the stairs, leaving Dave groaning in frustration, Matt chuckling low in his throat, and Brian thoroughly confused and almost ashamed that Mike Shinoda almost caught him with his tongue in Dave’s ass.


Dave apologized profusely to Matt and Brian about being caught, especially Matt, since this is the second time this has happened.

“It’s really no problem, Dave,” Matt said, that kind and gentle smile on his face, “but just remember what I told you last time,” and with that, he kissed him deeply, and went to join Brian in the car.


Dave was never really a big fan of going to clubs. Especially now at 41 years old. He just always felt awkward and out of place, not wanting to deal with the crowd.

Somehow, despite his protests, Joe was deejaying some sort of big-to-do event. Of course, the band wasn’t going to let him go alone, so they all went to the club together, dressed in their tightest clothes for a night they’d surely be hungover from for days.


“Are you here with someone?” Some guy slithered up next to Dave, he really wasn’t that bad looking. Tall, muscular, dark hair, kind of ex-Marine looking guy.

“Um, just with some friends,” Dave replied, feeling anxious, he never was good at this.

“Well can I buy you a drink?” The guy asked, smiling and extending his hand, “my name’s Alex.”

“Sure,” Dave smiled lightly, returning the handshake, “I’m Dave.”


Dave had no idea where his friends were. He just knew he was drunk, Alex had kept buying him drinks, and that he didn’t want to be drunk anymore. He just wanted to go home and pass out in bed.

“Let’s go out onto the back patio,” Alex murmured in Dave’s ear, tongue ever so lightly grazing the shell.

“There’s a patio?” Dave asked, thinking that this wasn’t the kind of place to have a back patio.

Dave was right as Alex led him outside, pushing him into an alleyway. Dave whimpered, Alex was being rough and Dave was starting to get nervous. Alex pinned him against the wall, forcing himself on Dave’s neck, kissing and biting wherever he wanted.

“Dude, stop, I don’t know about this,” Dave protested, trying to push Alex away.

“Shut up, you let me pour alcohol down your throat all night, you’re gonna let me do what I want,” Alex snarled, hand gripping Dave’s waist so tight he knew he’d have bruises, “just be a good slut and be quiet.”

Dave shook his head, eyes welling with tears as Alex’s other hand gripped his wrists tightly together, pinning them against the brick wall. Dave wasn’t a slut, he didn’t want to do this, and he felt so small, and vulnerable, and out of control.

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing?!” He heard a familiar voice yell as a hand was working his pants and underwear down.

<i>Mike,</i> Dave’s hazed mind supplied. He could’ve cried tears of joy. He wasn’t paying attention to the exchange between the two of them, wasn’t paying attention when Alex abandoned him, letting Dave fall to the cold concrete. He looked up just in time to see Rob swing and hit the guy in his jaw, knocking him to the ground immediately.

“Come on, babe, let’s get you home,” was the last thing Dave remembered as Mike helped him up.


The next morning, as Dave woke up with one of the worst hangovers ever, the thoughts of the night before came flooding into his head. He looked over at Mike sound asleep next to him, and let himself cry.


Mike’s not a stupid guy. He knows that Dave has feelings for him. Mike has never acted on his feelings for Dave because he knew if Anna ever found out, she would drag him in court and take him for all that he’s worth.

Mike knew that Dave and Matt were going golfing. He knew that Dave thought Matt was a very handsome man, hell, he agreed with him. Anyone with eyes would agree. He knew that he didn’t want anyone to have Dave, because he wanted Dave so much.

Mike knew that Tré was gonna try to smooth talk his way into Dave’s pants. He knew that the aftermath would’ve been a disaster, that’s why he faked an emergency and made Dave come home. He only felt mildly guilty about it.

Mike didn’t know Dave was about to have a threesome with Matt and Brian until he walked in on it. He almost walked away, tail between his legs, kicking himself for not being able to admit his feelings. But that jealous, protective part of him told him that he needed to put the brakes on that.

Mike saw Dave leave the club that night with some guy that had been buying him drinks. Mike knew that wasn’t Dave’s style, knew that Dave was too drunk to know what was going on. That’s why he grabbed Bourdie and went to investigate. He’s forever glad he did.


Another fight with Anna found Mike driving the streets of Los Angeles, taking the familiar path to Dave’s house. This fight had been particularly bad, Anna had thrown things at him, including her wedding and engagement ring, told him things were over, that she wanted to move on to “better things”.

That stung, Mike had always been faithful and gave Anna the world on a platter. But sometimes, that’s not good enough. Mike had suspected she had someone on the side, but never brought it up, never wanted to be that person. But when he saw her pack a bag of sexy lingerie and clothes he had never seen, his suspicions were confirmed.

Just as well, Mike packed some of his favorite clothes, left his wedding band laying on the dresser next to Anna’s, and was out the door to the person that he called Home.


When Mike got to Dave’s, he was surprised to find Dave in the kitchen, making fried chicken and homemade noodles. He had the windows open, letting the salty ocean breeze flow through, and Tom Petty softly playing on his Bluetooth speaker. Mike sighed and smiled, feeling warm inside, all thoughts of Anna forgotten, because he was home. Dave was his home.

“You just gonna stand there and watch or come help me?” Dave teased, without turning his back, he knew Mike was there.

“I guess I could come help,” Mike teased back, hand brushing the small of Dave’s back gently before he went to the sink to wash his hands.


“So you guys are completely done?” Dave asked, unable to hide the shock from his voice, “I noticed that you weren’t wearing your wedding band, but I didn’t want to say anything.”

Mike nodded slowly, taking in Dave’s features. He had been letting his beard grow a bit, red with a few hints of silver, reminding Mike that they were no longer a couple of 20 year olds.

“She has someone on the side. I had suspected it, but that was confirmed when she packed a bag full of lingerie and other clothes I’ve never seen,” Mike said, looking Dave in the eyes.

“You seem remarkably okay with all of this,” Dave said quietly, pulling his knees up to his chest, something he only does when he feels vulnerable.

“Things between Anna and I have been over for a long time. We had just been beating a dead horse,” Mike said, clasping his hands together to avoid touching Dave, “and ever since I realized things were over, I’ve had my mind...elsewhere,” He finished lamely, not having the courage to tell Dave his feelings.


Later that night, Dave lay awake in his bed, scrolling through Instagram and talking to Brendan about who they should have on season 2 of the podcast. He couldn’t keep his mind off Mike, off of the conversation earlier, and the fact he didn’t know how longer he could continue to hide his feelings for the other man.

There was a soft knock on Dave’s door, breaking him from his thoughts.

“You know you don’t have to knock, babe,” Dave called out, by way of telling Mike to come in.

“Last time I didn’t, I walked in on a threesome,” Mike said sheepishly, a sly grin on his face, “which, by the way, I still need details of.”

Dave laughed, throwing a pillow at Mike, “dude, we’re not sisters, we don’t talk about the intricate details of our sex lives! And there are no details, because there was no threesome, because someone had to interrupt.”

Mike just shrugged, a ‘what can you do’ look on his face, settling in the empty spot beside Dave. Dave, on the other hand, put his phone down, thinking of that text he had gotten from Matt about telling Mike his feelings. How Matt never got to tell Jimmy his feelings.

“Mike, actually, there are details I want to share with you,” Dave said, in that nervously hurried tone of his.

“Okay,” Mike said, putting his phone down, turning his eyes to Dave.

“Um, that first time that Matt was over, he was telling me about how he never got the chance to tell Jimmy that he loved him,” Dave started slowly, not sure how to approach the subject, “like, he was in love with him.”

Mike nodded thoughtfully, saying, “Jimmy was a pretty A+ dude, I can respect that,”

“Right, well,” Dave continued, his heart hammering in his chest, not sure he could actually say the words out loud. It would be one thing for him to say them and Mike to reject him, but if he just kissed Mike, then Mike wouldn’t necessarily know that Dave’s in love with him.

So, fuck it, Dave decides, and grabs Mike by the shirt and pulls him in for a kiss, waiting to be pushed away and called a triade of names. Instead, Mike gently cups Dave’s face with one hand, his other hand finding his hip, deepening their kiss.

“I need to hear you say it,” Mike whispered, connecting their lips once more, “say it, Dave.”

“I-- I love you, Mike,” Dave whispered, both hands on that beautiful face.

“I love you, too, Dave,” Mike said, leaning back against the headboard and pulling so that Dave could straddle him, “I’ve loved you for so long, and I cockblocked you all the time on purpose, because I was jealous. I wanted you to be with me. I wanted you to figure it out because I was too afraid to say anything.”

“I think one of those times, you saved my life,” Dave whispered against Mike’s lips, reconnecting them and grinding his hips down on Mike’s arousal.

“To a new beginning,” Mike said, flipping the two around so that Dave was on his back, with Mike on top of him.

“To a new beginning,” Dave replied, a smile on his face, working his sleep shorts down his legs and trying to pull on Mike’s clothes at the same time, “with no cockblocking!”