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Three Times by Stefuh

Three Times

So I actually wrote this a while ago, but was too scared that it would looked like another fic that someone was writing. I tried contacting the author but she never got back to me and I forgot about this fic until now... Sorry. Hope you won't mind reading a Christmas/New Year fic in mid-April, ahah.



Chester didn't know how he had found himself sitting at the bar right across his apartment. He had just moved there since his recent divorce and he had decided that even if he had to go through the pain and the hardship that the ending of his marriage was causing him, he also had to be strong. He had come from work and had told himself that he wouldn't mope around tonight. He had cooked dinner, ate while reading a book he had meant to read for ages but had never found the time to, had cleaned his bathroom and his kitchen before he had gone to bed.


This was the hardest for him. Every time he laid in his bed, trying to fight the many thoughts clouding his mind, he found himself unable to sleep. After tossing and turning for about 45 minutes, he had finally throw the covers off of him, frustrated, and had gone to his kitchen.

A drink would be good, only one, it would help him slow down the whirlwind of thoughts in his mind.

The only problem was that he had not a single bottle of alcohol in his apartment, since he had moved in recently, and hadn't had time to go to the convenient store and buy some yet.

He had bitten his lips, wondering if it was worth it to fight the cold night air to get it or if he should just try and go back to sleep.

His problems wouldn't go away and he would not be able to fight his insomnia if he went back to bed at that minute. He had finally gotten dressed quickly before locking his door behind him, making sure he had his wallet on him.

Chester had gotten out and after walking for about five minutes, he had seen the neon lights … and had stepped inside without further thoughts.

There he was, sitting on a stool with a bottle of whisky next to him. He had asked the bartender to keep it there and the latter had smiled at him.

“Rough night, huh?”

Chester only nodded his head, not looking at the bartender, but the other man hadn't taken the hint that he wanted to be left alone, and was still in front of him.

“What is it, your boss, your wife, your-”


He made a hissing sound. “The worse, I'm sorry, man.”

Chester only shrugged.

“What's your name?”


“Well, Chester, I'm Mike, and I promise you, you'll leave this bar with no thoughts of her for the rest of the night.”

He smiled faintly at the half Asian. “Thanks, man, but I'm sure that even if I drank all this bottle, I wouldn't be able to forget her.”

“That bad, huh? Well, I'm here if you want to talk about it.”

“Nope, thanks.”

Mike wiped the counter down and shook his head. “Alright. What do you do?”


“What's your job?”

“Oh. For now I work at Burger King.” He looked Mike straight in the eyes, wondering if he would either judge him for his lack of skills to get a better job and low pay – maybe the other man was only a bartender, but he must have made three times the salary he did.

Mike only nodded, which reassured Chester as he emptied his drink and took the bottle next to him, pouring himself another one.

“That's hard, working with costumers, I mean. I'm not referring to you by the way, it's just that some people...” Mike scrunched up his face. “But most of them are okay, I loved most of our clients here to be honest.” He smiled.

“It was either that or working with my dad and... that wasn't an option.” Chester sighed. “That's one of the reason why she left me.”

“Hey, if she couldn't loved you for who you were, than that's her lost.” the other man said.

“She wanted more money and I tried to look for another job, but...”

“It's getting harder to find one where you don't need to have ten years of experience.” completed Mike.

“Exactly! That's so stupid, I don't mind working hard but give me the opportunity, at least...” Chester sighed. “I was in a band once but that didn't go anywhere.”

Mike's eyes lit up at that information and Chester couldn't help but smile. He had no idea why he was opening up so rapidly to the stranger. It must have been the fact that he seemed so understanding, that Chester definitely needed to vent to someone and also, the alcohol must have help.

Fortunately for Chester, there wasn't that much costumers tonight so he could keep talking with the bartender all night long if he wanted to.

“What instrument do you play?”

“I sing, I also play a little bit of guitar.” Chester shrugged, wiping down a drip of whiskey that had began to run down his glass.

“Oh, amazing. I can play the piano.”

The tattooed man's eyes lit up at that information, feeling sudden jealousy course through his veins. “Really? I wish I could learn that.”

“It's easy.” Mike replied and Chester looked at him with huge eyes.

“No, it's really not, I tried a couple of times but-”

“You just need to take your time.” He shrugged. “I don't know, maybe that's just me.”

“Are you like a musical genius or something? If so, you don't know what you're talking about.”

Mike laughed. “Nah, nothing like that.”

Chester looked at Mike for a moment before shaking his head. “If you can play so well, why aren't you a musician?”

“I don't know … I never really thought about it being more than a hobby.”

Chester nodded and emptied his drink again.

“You gonna be alright, man?” Mike asked, looking a bit worried but Chester just smile widely at him.

“Yup, no worry for Chazzy Chaz.”

Mike snorted. “That's great. Take care.”

“See ya, Mike!”


“No one should be alone on Christmas.” was what Mike told Chester when he put the tumbler of whisky in front of the blonde man.

He hadn't been back here since his first time and he wondered if the bartender actually remembered him. It's true that Mike had looked interested by the fact that he could sing but even at that, he had a lot of costumers and surely there was some more interesting people than him.

“That's right.” he said as he downed his glass. “Another, please.”

Mike did as he was told as he eyed Chester. “So, have you tried learning the piano yet?”

Chester blinked a couple of times. So he did remembered him after all. “Nah, I didn't have the time...”

“I can teach it to you, if you want.”


“I'm free tonight.”

Chester laughed – his first laugh in a while, and he could say that it felt good. “Don't you have some family to see after your shift?”

“Nope, they're all too far away. We're celebrating another day.”

“So, you're asking me to come home with you or am I hearing things?”

“That's what I said. Excuse me.”

Some costumers had just entered the bar and had gone to sit at a table while Mike had gotten to take their order. The place wasn't as empty as the last time that Chester had been here, but still, it was Christmas. Only people who couldn't be with their families for a reason or another were here tonight … and there wasn't much of them. Chester sighed as he looked at the bottom of his empty glass, trying to find an answer as to how his life had suddenly became so miserable.

Sam. Everything had to do with her. If he she hadn't just gotten up and left-

“What are you looking at?” asked Mike as he came in front of Chester again.

“A reason to keep living.”

The half Asian frowned. “Hey, don't say that. For what I can tell you're a great guy, and I'm sure you have an amazing voice.”

Chester snorted at that. “Yeah, right. I haven't sang in a long time because my apartment building is so small, I'd probably get evicted just for disturbing my neighbors.”

“See? Another reason to come with me tonight. I can play the piano while you sing and I'll teach you. Do you have any request?”

“Just for another drink, please.”

“I meant for a song.” Mike said as he poured Chester another one.

The blonde man rolled his eyes. “I know what you meant, I'm not an idiot.”

“Well, since you can't seem to understand how handsome you look to me, you clearly are.”

And at that, Mike left again to take care of other costumers while Chester gaped at him.

After a couple of drinks more, the place became more and more empty, and before the tattooed man knew, it was closing hours. Mike came to him again to give him is tab and Chester paid him before he tried to get up, but he had taken one to many as he had to grip the counter not to fall.

“You alright, there?” asked Mike as he came to Chester to help him stand up.

“Yeah.” The blonde man laughed as Mike walked with him towards the front door.

He stepped outside as the half Asian followed him before locking the door behind him. Chester had been the last costumer of the night.

“Is it me, or have you been flirting all night with me?” Chester suddenly asked.

Mike smiled back at him. “Maybe.”

“Was it intentional or?”

“Did you wanted it to be?”

Instead of answering him, Chester kissed him hungrily on the mouth as he pushed Mike against the front door of the bar while he roamed his hands up and down the half Asian's body. The other man moaned before pushing Chester away lightly.

“Woah, slow down there a minute-”

“You said it earlier, no one should be alone on this day… come back to my place… please?”

Mike bit his bottom lip and lowered his eyes. While it was true that he had himself invited the other man back to his place, he hadn't really thought Chester would take him seriously. But he did like the other man, and after all, it was Christmas. “I have to get up really early tomorrow morning.”

“I don't care.”

Chester pressed his body against the other man had that moment to find that he was as aroused as him. He jerked his hips slightly and the delicious friction made him moan lowly. “Please?” he repeated, pleading the other man. “This doesn't have to mean anything, I just can't stand the thought of being alone right now, I enjoy your company a lot and... you're really sexy.”

Mike laughed and Chester smiled at him. “Alright, why not, after all, you're really sexy too.”


Once he closed the front door of his apartment behind him, Chester undressed Mike quickly before pushing him down on the bed and taking his own clothes off. When he was finally naked he crawled on top of the other man before kissing his lips, his jaw, his neck and leaving wet marks onto his collarbone, sucking on his flesh, nibbling it a little as he shivered when he heard Mike mewled under him.

“Have you ever done this?” he whispered against his ears. “With a man, I mean-”

“I've only been with men, Chester.”

The other one only nodded as he opened the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. He pulled out the small tube of lube he had before putting an enough quantity on his fingers. He kissed Mike again before he asked him to lift up his ass so he could fingered him. It didn't take long to stretch him and soon enough, the half Asian's moans were echoing against the bedroom's walls.

When he sensed that Mike was ready, he added a bit more lube in his hand and coated his own cock with it while he had to stifle a moan – he was so eager to finally be inside the other man. He inserted himself gently, letting time for Mike to adjust, before he began a steady rhythm. Soon, Mike's heels were digging into Chester's ass as he pushed him deeper inside of him, telling him to go harder.

Chester moaned loudly as Mike let out soft pants - the half Asian had such a look of pure bliss on his face that Chester only had to push a bit deeper inside him and they came together with their fingers interlaced. He fell onto the other man, breathless, and when he rolled off of him, he quickly felt Mike cuddled against him. The half Asian put his face in the crook of the blonde man's neck, nuzzling him, as he tangled his legs around Chester's right leg and the blonde man sighed happily.

Chester fell asleep with Mike tracing his tattoos lightly with his fingers.

When Chester woke up the next morning, Mike was gone, but he had left a note with his number on it.

Call me.

Chester never called.


Chester looked through the window of the bar, chewing his lip ring, wondering if it was really a great idea that he had decided to come back. He sighed and opened the door before frowning, the bar was more crowded for a New Year's eve than what he would have anticipated. As he looked around, he quickly saw the one he was looking for.

It had been a week since he had last seen Mike, and Chester told himself that the half Asian must have given up on him after the third day, after all, he wouldn't have waited that long, surely figuring out that the blonde man only wanted a one night stand. He was about to back down and get out of the bar – but it was too late, the other man has seen him. Chester quickly tensed, wondering if he should still go, but before he realized it, his feet has started walking towards the bar. He sat on the stool staring at the counter, avoiding Mike. A Jack and Coke was placed in front of him and he shook his head before finally looking at the other man, who just smiled at him.

Fuck, now Chester felt really bad.


“It's okay, Chester.”


“Really, I'm used to it, people rarely call back.” He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. “Don't worry about it.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

He wasn't used to have one night stands, but he had thought it was what Mike would have wanted... seeing how the bartender seemed a bit colder towards him proved that he was wrong. The other reason why he hadn't called was because he didn't know if he was ready for a relationship yet. He was still heartbroken about Sam, and he feared that if he began something serious with the half Asian, he would only broke his heart in the end … But maybe he already had.

Why did he keep screwing up?

He downed his drink before he got up. This had been a mistake. He would have to find another bar to get drunk at, and this time, he would try not to fuck the first guy that he would see. His eyes slowly traveled towards Mike once more and he felt his heart squeezed.

But being with him had felt so good, so right... and the way he talked about Chester... He knew that Mike didn't really know him, but in the few times they had talked, he had been more caring towards the blonde man that Sam had ever been in three years. Still, Mike surely wouldn't want to be with him now. Maybe he had already move on to someone else.

He was about to get out when the countdown began. He sighed, it would be impossible to get out of the bar through this crowd now.

10, 9, 8, 7...

The young man tried to squish himself between two couples that were in his way, but they wouldn't budge.

6, 5, 4...

He didn't want to be here to be reminded that he would have no one to kiss at midnight. His heart was already heavy enough, he didn't need to see all the other couples kissing around him.

3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!!

Cheers were heard all around Chester as he finally sighed, defeated, while he lowered his eyes to avoid what was going on around him. He felt a gentle tap on his shoulder and he frowned before turning around. Before he could register what was happening, Mike's lips were on his as the half Asian kissed him passionately and Chester couldn't help but moan as he closed his eyes. They kissed for a while before finally parting due to lack of air. The tattooed man looked in the bartender's eyes while the other man smiled at him, his arms still around Chester's waist.

“So... since you didn't call me back, I figured I should asked you directly. Do you want to go on a date with me?”

The blonde man felt himself blushed at the fact that the other had still enough courage to ask him out after he had avoided him for a week. He nearly shouted “Yes!” but he had to keep his composure. After all, he still wasn't sure if he truly wanted to do this.

“I … I would like to but... I'm afraid I'll only used you as a rebound.”

“Technically, you already did that, so you don't have to worry about it anymore.” Mike shrugged. “And it's just a date.”

“What if I decide that I'm not ready-”

“Well, you won't know if you don't try now, will you?”

Chester felt a small smile crept onto his lips. That was true. He didn't need to feel this pressured about it, and who knew, maybe it would actually make him happy to go out with Mike.

“Alright... I'd like to go on a date with you.”

Mike brought Chester a bit closer to him as he squeezed his waist and the blonde man chuckled lightly. The half Asian pressed his lips quickly to Chester's, licking his lip ring, and the older man shivered.

“Happy New Year.”

Chester smiled. “Happy New Year, Mike.”

The End

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