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A Chance to Feel Alive by Stefuh


Warning : BDSM.


Chester took a deep breath before he entered the club. He had heard on the internet that this was the place to go if you wanted to pay for some unusual activities, but he still wasn't sure if he should actually take part in it or not. He had searched on the internet for some people who might be interested in BDSM, but he hadn't actually felt confident enough to meet any of them. He had also been invited to a play party, but had backed down at the last minute.

But still here he was, standing between some people dancing while two men were performing on stage. Loud music was coming from the speakers and he bit his lower lips as his eyes fell on some strangers that might be more regular at the club – they were all wearing either collars or some latex, while both man and female were seen wearing corsets or mesh shirts.

Standing beside them, Chester really stood out with his red cotton shirt and his jeans. He hadn't wanted to dress like everyone else as he was still unsure about what would go down tonight. The club was packed and Chester was kinda surprised that he hadn't heard about it before.

It was, after all, a private one, and he had been invited by one of the people he had talked to online - Ryan. The latter had told him that he couldn't be here that night but that he would put him on the guest list, and if he needed anything in particular, he would have to ask to see Dave.

The blonde man went to the bar to ask for a drink since he would need some courage to actually go through with what he wanted tonight. He hadn't felt this nervous in a long time – in fact, he hadn't felt anything in a long time. This was exactly the reason why he was here right now. To feel something.

He downed his three shots of vodka before he made his way towards the back of the club. It was surely his only chance to get what he wanted right now, so he couldn't run away – again. The young man finally reached a bodyguard, and he quickly leaned towards his ear to ask to see Dave – followed by the password of the evening.

Pineapple Juice. That was so random that Chester feared that Ryan had mess up with him after all, and that Chester would get thrown out of the club – but the guard only nodded before he opened the door to a secret room and Chester entered it. The room was painted only in red as there were a couple of chairs lining the room, with a desk in a corner, on which sat a laptop. It looked like a waiting room and Chester frowned before going to the young man who was behind the desk.

“You're new, aren't you?” the dark-haired guy asked and Chester nodded.

His whole body was screaming to him to turn away, but he was actually so close to finally have what he wanted –

“I've never seen you around before. Who sent you?”


“Oh, yeah. He works here. I think he's off tonight.”

“Right, that's what he told me … he said that I could see Dave?”

“I'm sorry, Dave is already busy. I don't know if you want to wait... otherwise you have a few other options.” said the man as he walked towards the front of the counter so he could stand in front of Chester.



Chester blinked a couple of times as he looked at the other man. He couldn't say that he wasn't attractive – far from it. But he was dress so casually, a bit like Chester, except that he had a plaid shirt on. His mind began to judge the stranger without knowing him... he couldn't be into BDSM now, could he?

“I, huh-”

“My name is Mike.” he said. “I've worked here for five years. I specialized in bondage if you want to know, but if you're not into that, we can do something else. Or if you want to see someone else, I'd understand.”

Chester's mouth went dry while images of Mike tying him up against the bed filled his mind. “N-no, you're... alright. I-” Shit, why was he so nervous? He cleared his throat. “Sorry, I'm not used to... that.”

“Oh, so it's your first time venturing into the world of BDSM?”

“Yes.” Chester replied, honestly. It would do him no good to lie and say that he was used to it when he wasn't. “How does this work? Do I pay you and chose what I want, or-”

“Well, we have some packages, wait, I'll show you the list.” He took a binder and came back before turning the pages. When the half Asian finally saw what he wanted, he showed it to Chester. “Since you're a beginner, I'll recommend the mild one.”

Chester looked at the option in front of him before he shook his head. “I want the extreme one.”

Mike frowned. “I really wouldn't recommend that-”

“You don't know how much I can take.” He said.

Mike nodded. “But neither do you. The extreme one features blood play and torture – it's a separate room, and-”

“And what?” Chester said, defying Mike to tell him again that he was too weak. “You don't know me. I'm here because I need to feel pain, alright? I haven't been able to...” His voice wavered and he lowered his eyes. “To come in a while now because I-I don't feel anything. Nor emotionally or physically. I'm just numb. And I thought this might do the trick...”

“That's one more reason why you shouldn't take the extreme one... Excuse me for saying that, but you sound really vulnerable right now. I don't want you to regret it.”

Chester almost hissed at that as he took a step back. He didn't came here to be judged, in fact, he thought the opposite would happen. He needed to get out of here. “This was a mistake-”

“I'm sorry, I shouldn't have … I've seen people broke down after the extreme session and I just wanted to make sure that you knew what you were in for.” Chester still didn't answer and Mike sighed. “Look, how about you settle for the one in the middle? If you're not satisfied at the end of it, you can come back for the extreme session and I'll let it half-price for you, alright?”

Chester finally nodded. He still wanted to run away but at the same time, he was too curious to be in one of these rooms.

“I'm truly sorry.” Mike repeated. “I'd understand if you prefer to have someone else-”

“No, it's okay, you were only looking out for me, which is good I guess...”

The half Asian nodded as he took the binder back from Chester's hand before he flipped a couple of pages. “So, I'm going to need some specifics.”

“As in?”

“What you prefer, what you really don't want to happen.”

Chester nodded. “No choking with hands … collars are fine, but hands aren't an option.” That he was sure about... but the rest of what Mike had asked of him, he wasn't sure. “I don't know about the rest...”

“Toys? Candle Wax? Restrains? Any kinks I should know of, or sensitive spots?” Chester looked at him, without saying anything, still unsure, and Mike nodded. “How about we see as we go and if you find something that you liked, you can tell me and I'll work around that?”


“So, first time for a BDSM session. Is it your first time with a man?”


“Do you prefer to sub or dom?”

“Huh … Sub.” For this once. Usually, he knew that he was the more dominant type when having sex, but right now, since he needed to feel something, he wanted to let himself be taking care of.

“Alright. Do you mind if I hurt your face?”

Chester blinked a couple of times. “Like slapping me?” He asked. “No, I don't mind.”

“I need to ask because some people don't want it to show.”

The blonde man only shrugged at that. “I could always lie and say I've been in a fight, I really don't mind.”

“Alright. Now I need you to sign this.” He handed him the binder. “It states that you are fully aware of what you're getting yourself into and that you can't come back and sue us if you think that it wasn't for you.”

Chester only nodded as he read over the copy quickly before he signed it.

“And I'm going to need an ID card.”

The tattooed man wouldn't have thought that this was so complicated, but he understood that some people might have tried to get them back for “abusing” them. He shook his head, some people where really idiot.

“You have nothing to worry about, of course.” Mike said as he give Chester is ID back. “We have a safeword and any time you want to stop, you can. We're charging by each five minutes which mean that if you want to stop after two minutes, it won't cost you the whole session. Our session usually last for around 45 minutes to an hour, but you can extend it.” Chester nodded again. “Do you have any more questions?”


“Okay, follow me.”


“So, we have different rooms for different fetishes, you're going to have to pick one.” Mike said as he stopped in front of the first door. “We have … Pet play, blood play, bondage, piercing, master & servant-”

“This one.”

“The master one?”

Chester shrugged. “It's an awesome Depeche Mode song.”

Mike only laughed at that before he walked towards one door. “You have great taste. The room is free right now.” He turned towards Chester. “You're sure you're ready?”


The room was kinda small, but it didn't lack anything from what Chester could see, as different chains, restrains and other bondage things were aligned on the wall, along with handcuffs and collars. A large desk featured some candles, matches, whips, knives and other things Chester couldn't see from where he was standing. A closet was opened on the other side, which features a lot of different outfits. A large bed was in the middle and a cage stood in one of the corner.

“Hm. No cages for me, please.” Chester stated and Mike nodded.

“So, in this role play, we can have either the master and servant once, which is a bit more mild, I can dress as a maid if you want... and we have the master and slave-”

“Slave.” Chester immediately answered and Mike smiled at him again.

“I like that you know what you want. Alright. Sit on the bed first.”

Chester did as he was told before the half Asian eyed him up and down. “I'm going to change, and you might want to do too if you really want to get into the role.”

“Anything you want, master.”

Mike grinned as he walked toward the closet, eager about the fact that his client already was in role play mode. “So... do I pick my outfit or do you pick it for me? I guess a slave wouldn't have a say in this, huh?” The half Asian said, still smiling, as he turned toward Chester.

The latter was only looking at him, with no expression on his face, and this unsettled Mike for a moment before he remembered that Chester said that he felt nothing. Maybe he hadn't been exaggerating after all … Well, he'd made sure to satisfy the blonde man tonight.

“Alright, I'll chose it. How about some black leather pants and a long sleeved mesh shirt?” He quickly undressed before the young man, expecting a reaction, but Chester didn't budge. He put on the new outfit before walking toward Chester. “Is that too much for you or-”

Chester shook his head and something seemed to finally show in his eyes. “No, you're really sexy, master.”

“Alright. Last request... do you want some music?”

Chester bit his lower lip as his gaze lowered to the ground and Mike frowned while the blonde man seemed to blush.

“Sorry if it sounds too … obvious. But do you have some Nine Inch Nails?”

“Yes, of course. Chose your outfit in the closet, put it on, and get down on your knees on the floor while I put the music on. Don't worry about the clothes, we throw away the ones that are soiled and wash the others, you won't get anything from them.”

The blonde man did as he was told as he went to the closet. A multiple of outfits in different sides were all gathered in there and he finally picked up a torn t-shirt with some grey loose pants to go with them. He figured that if he was a slave, he might as well look the part. He put them on before he ruffled his hair to make them seemed unkempt, before he went down on his knees. Music filled the small room and he was still staring at the ground when he felt Mike walked toward him.

“The safeword is Angel.”

A shiver ran down Chester's spine upon hearing Mike's voice, without knowing why, and he felt his cock twitch at the safeword. He gulped before he nodded.

“Look at me, slave.”

Chester blinked a couple of times as he felt himself began to pant – he didn't know if it was the tone of Mike's voice, the fact that he was completely offering himself to this stranger, or the music coming out of the speakers, but Chester felt something awaken in him as he began to tremble. He lifted his head and looked directly into Mike's eyes which were shining brightly. They had something in them... an hunger that Chester had never felt before, and he yearned to feel like the half Asian right now.

“Did you wash the floor like I asked you?” Mike said, which surprised Chester as he had forgotten for a moment that they were in role play mode.


A slap across the face stung him hard as he lifted his hand to his cheek.

“It's 'No, master' to you.”

“I'm sorry, I meant 'No, master'.”

“And why is that?”

Mike began to walk around him in circle and Chester kept trembling. “Because I … I was too focus on thinking about you, m-master...”

“That's not what a proper slave should do now, is it?”

Chester hanged his head low as he shook his head, and he felt Mike's hand seize him by the hair as he pulled on them to lift Chester's head up while a hissing sound escaped the blonde man's lips.

“Look at me when you talk to me, slave. Do you want to get punish, now, is that what you want?”

“Yes, master, p-please, I'm sorry...”

He saw Mike walked towards the wall before he got to the desk. He got to Chester and put a collar with a long leash on him before he put the key on the desk. He got back with a whip in his hand and Chester whimpered.

“You don't get to complain, Chester. If you had done what I asked you to do, you wouldn't get beaten. But it's too late now, you're going to have to face the consequences.”

And before the blonde man could react, he felt the whip collapse with his back as a moan escaped his lips. He hadn't thought this would hurt this much... Before he could regain himself, Mike lashed on his back again, and again, until Chester was crawling on the ground, panting.

This might hurt like a bitch, but he wasn't about to abandon right now. His goal was to have a proper orgasm, and he had still a long way to go.

He closed his eyes as he waited for another blow, but it didn't come. Instead, he felt the collar around his neck being pulled back by the leash, which forced him to get back on his feet as he began to cough slightly.

“Follow me to bed, slave.” Mike said.

Chester only nodded as he got back on the bed, lying on top of the cover. Mike crawled on top of him with things still in his unused hand, before he placed them on the bed, too far for Chester to see anything. He removed the blonde man's shirt and tossed it across the room, before he tied the leash on the bed.

“I'm sure you won't escape now.”

Mike's eyes shimmered with anticipation and Chester shivered again. He began to realize that no one knew that he was here, that maybe, he would get more than what he had wished for...

A part of him began to want to actually say “Angel” but once again, he refrained. Mike hadn't crossed any boundaries yet. And that's why Chester was here after all...

His mind went blank when he felt something hot trailed down his chest and a scream escaped his throat.

“Shit!” he said as he looked back to see that Mike was pouring purple hot wax on him, which earn him another slap on the face and Chester gasped, his eyes wide opened, before he moaned in pain.

“No swearing.”

“S-sorry, master.”

To Chester's surprise, Mike suddenly pushed his lips on him as he kissed him passionately. He put the candle away and began to caress the blonde man's delicate skin, grazing his nipples with his thumbs, as he smoothed Chester's tender skin with the palm of his hands, avoiding the burning wax, before he began to stroke Chester's cock through his pants.

The tattooed man noticed just then how hard he was and he closed his eyes while moaning.

God … could this be what he had wanted for so long? He did feel more alive than he had for the past few months … but this, actually coming... it meant so much to him, he had almost lose hope that anything would turn him on ever again, and yet, here was Mike, doing just that.

“Mi-Mike... I mean, master...”

“Yes, slave?”

“Fuck me.” He said with need apparent in his voice. “Fuck me hard.”

“Ts,ts...” Mike retracted his hand and Chester moaned again. “A slave should never ask such things. I decide when to fuck you, understood, slave?”

The blonde man only nodded, feeling almost annoyed, but he still sighed in relief when Mike took off his pants before he began to undress himself. Maybe he had seen Mike naked earlier – but he hadn't seen him from the front.

And god, that man was amazingly gorgeous. He would never had believed that he'd find him so sexy when he had talked with him once he had stepped in the red room, but now... Chester gulped as he tried to keep his mouth shut.

“M-master … I'm sorry for asking something like that. If you want you can p-punish me... Or if I can do something for you?”

Like lick Mike's cock, which was leaking on Chester's stomach, dripping on the hardening wax. Chester found himself staring at it, wishing he could suck on it, he just needed to taste Mike, to feel him against his tongue, to-

Mike snickered at that moment and Chester looked back at him.

“I guess I know what you want, slave, but I won't give it to you. It wouldn't be fair.”

The half Asian began to stroke himself, shivering in pleasure, and Chester knew he couldn't get harder than he was now. He watched as Mike's hand left his aching cock before he put two fingers in his mouth, tasting himself. Another moan escaped Chester's mouth, before he felt those two fingers being placed near his entrance. He bit his lowered lip as Mike began to finger him slowly – even if he was being paid to give it to Chester rough, there was still things that the half Asian wanted to be cautious about. It didn't take long before the blonde man began to pant, as Mike slowly massaged his prostate. He retracted his fingers and Chester whimpered.

“Shush, slave.”

Before Chester could register what was happening, he found himself being filled with Mike's cock. He threw his head back and moaned – both in pleasure and in pain – and Mike stopped moving, waiting for the tattooed man to adjust himself. After some time, the blonde man nodded and Mike began a slow rhythm. Mike groaned upon sensing the other man around him – even if he was used to do this, it still felt really good having Chester's tight ass squeezed him. When he began to pound into him faster, Chester moaned again, and Mike stopped any movement.

“Sit down, slave.”

Chester did as he was told without any complain, and once Mike was back inside of him, he found that the other man's body was closer to him, so he could actually pulled on Chester's hair from where he was. The blonde man moaned as he pulled his head to the side, twisting his body underneath the half Asian, which only cause the collar around his throat to tighten and Chester's eyes flew opened as he moaned again.

“M... Master... so good... P-please, I-I...”

He was so scared not to be able to come, like all the other times. That he would get bored halfway through it and would feel his erection began to softened.

It was still hard right now, and in much need to be touched. He tried to reach a hand towards it, but Mike quickly pulled both of his hands back, pinning him against the mattress.

“Don't make me restrain you, slave.”

“But master, I need to be touched, please, touch me.”

Mike slapped him hard across the face again, this time on the other cheek.

“Be more specific, slave.”

“I... I need...” Chester gasped as he looked back at Mike. “I need you to stroke my dick, please, pump my aching cock so I can come all over you, master...”

The half Asian smirked at that and Chester's heart skipped a beat. Mike reached a hand between Chester's legs before he took his leaking cock in it as he began to slowly stroke it.

“Like that, slave?”

“Y-yes, master, f-faster, please-”

Mike's skillful fingers ran up and down his shaft with ease while Chester moaned loudly, as the half Asian began to fuck him harder, leaving the blonde man shivering.

He was close... and yet... something was still missing.

As if he had read in his thoughts, Mike's unused hand took the final object he had brought with him in the bed, and Chester gasped upon feeling something cold and sharp ran on his stomach towards his hips. His eyes shot open as he watched Mike playfully run a knife against the young man's skin, while still pumping his dick and fucking him faster.

Upon sensing the blade dig a bit deeper into his flesh, Chester hissed. He thought back about the fact that Mike was a stranger and that Chester might not survive this night. After all, Mike could easily bleed him to death right this second …

But the thrill of it all made Chester's heart beat faster as he began to tremble. The knife danced on his skin until it grazed his member and without any further thought, Chester's orgasm hit him hard as his cum splattered on Mike, his toes curling as his whole body shook with pleasure while small tingles traversed him – he almost feared he would blacked out from the pure sensation. The half Asian soon followed as he saw the mixture of shock and bliss written on the blonde man's face while the latter had threw his head back, his mouth opened, as he had moaned loudly – and Mike shot his load deep into the smaller man's body.

He tossed the knife aside and soon crashed onto the other's body as he took a second to regain his composure. He cradled Chester's body in his arm as he began to run a hand up and down the blonde man's back, stroking his other fingers on Chester's soft flesh where he had hit and burned him. He took some of the wax off and the blonde man moaned in pain.

“Shh, it's okay, Chester, you're okay, you're safe.”

The older man snuggled closer to the half Asian as he was still trembling from the sex and the pain. He didn't regret any of it as he couldn't remember the last time that he had felt an orgasm ripple through his body so strongly.

“M-Mike, would you s-stay with me for a while... I'll pay you extra, I don't care...”

“Don't worry, you still have plenty of times left for this session.” Mike whispered and Chester's body finally relaxed upon hearing that the other man would stay by his side.

Mike knew the importance of taking care of the ones who had gone through a BDSM session, especially after their first time, as it could shook them really hard once everything was over.

“I'm here, I'm not going anywhere...”

Chester nodded before he reached the other man's lips, kissing him tenderly, as the half Asian stroke his hair lightly, and Chester realized how alive he suddenly felt.

At that moment, he promised himself that he would be back. Whatever had just happened between the two of them, he knew that Mike was the answer.

“Thanks for making me feel alive again.”

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