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This Story is About Gay Porn by A.N.

Chapter One: Boom-Boom

Author Notes: My deepest apologies for this outrageously direct story title. I've been trying to come up with a title for weeks, and that was the best I could come up with. I dunno, I feel like given the mild comedy in this chapter, that it fits well enough.

Anyway, here it is, that porn star AU I've mentioned a few times. I did not do any research about the porn industry and how things work, so I'm basically making this up as I go along. Please enjoy :D

Warnings: Yep, this story is about gay porn. There's going to be a lot of sex. A LOT. So if that's not your thing, then, this is me warning you about it ;)


Dave unlocked the door to the apartment, and entered making a minimal amount of noise. In every day life, he was a somewhat quiet person, which was a complete contrast to how he was in his line of work. He walked through the living room, which had a light gray L-shaped couch, and a flat screen television mounted to the wall across from it. The coffee table was a metal frame with a clear glass top, and a smaller clear glass shelf below it. The hard wood floors were a warm brown color, and the small rug under the coffee table was cream colored, and contrasted the floor nicely. He turned right into one of the rooms, which was a small office.

He was a relatively tall guy, nine inches past five feet, and with an athletic build. His hair was shaved super short, and matched his short but thick reddish-orange beard. His eyes were a grayish-green color, and sat well against his peach toned skin. His face was egg shaped slightly, but he had a bit of a square jaw, and the kind of bone structure that most people were attracted to.

His boss had turned this apartment of his into a decent porn studio. There were three bedrooms, one which was his private quarters, another for an office, and the third for shooting videos and snapping photos. The closet in the second bedroom was large enough to be used as a small changing room for all of the stars who came through.

Dave sat at the desk, which was opposite the door. It was a dark brown shade, very simplistic and rectangular, and probably came from IKEA. "So what do we have today?" Dave asked, as though his next conquest was an item on a menu. This room was square shaped, and the arrangement of the furniture gave it an air of professionalism. In each corner behind the desk, was a tall plant, kind of tropical looking, but not exotic enough to need a tropical climate. On the left wall were several framed photos of his boss's best and most popular work. Dave's favorite, to this day, was the photo of himself on his back, with one of his co-stars, Raven, riding him. The way their heads were thrown back in ecstasy, wasn't just a lucky moment. They had orgasmed at almost the exact same time, and reacted the same way, as though they had been in sync. They had been making videos together for so long now, that that moment hadn't surprised Dave at all. If it wasn't for Raven's high-profile boyfriend, every single one of their fans would think he and his co-star were a couple.

He was dressed in his regular attire, some denim shorts and a loose white tank top with black trim around the armholes and neckline. This tank top showed off his prominent arm muscles, and the impressive ink that covered his entire bicep and three quarters of his forearm. The design was a mixture of tribal and floral, with other imagery thrown in, and had a few gentle pops of color. He had on a pair of black and white sneakers, to match his tank top. Sure, his outfit was simple, but that didn't mean he would walk outside without taking care to match his shoes to his clothes.

He was sitting across from Brad Delson, the director and mastermind behind every video he'd done for the past two years. They had a great professional relationship, the kind that most actors and directors wished for. Brad was not the most attractive looking man, but he wasn't unattractive either. He had a bit of a baby face, although it was covered up by his curly black beard and mustache. His somewhat short, curly dark hair was always neatly kept, and matched his dark brown eyes. He was a slender guy too, what some people would refer to as lanky.

Brad's clothes were a black leather jacket, and an undershirt that had some kind of spherical, abstract design on it. It kind of looked like an astrological clock, but Dave couldn't tell for sure. He couldn't see what kind of pants Brad had on, but he also didn't care that much. He just assumed they were that expensive leather he always liked to wear.

"Boom-Boom." Brad said, with a smile spread across his face. He was beyond proud of himself for acquiring such a well-known star.

Rob "Boom-Boom" Bourdon. It took a lot of guts for a star to use his full name, and have a silly nickname to go along with it. His nickname came from his side job as a drummer for his friend's band. He'd jumped into the porn industry a year ago to get the money to help fund the music. For reasons which he didn't understand half the time, he'd become so popular that everyone and their brother wanted to have him in their videos and photos, as well as get a chance to be fucked by him. And that was the funny part. Nobody ever fucks Boom-Boom, because he's the one who does the fucking.

Dave stared at Brad wide-eyed for a second, then composed himself. "How?" He asked. He had total faith in Brad's skills at negotiating, and in his reputation as a director. But convincing Boom-Boom's agent to let you talk to him, and then convincing the star to be in whatever it was you wanted him to be in, was beyond difficult. That star was highly sought after, and he had high standards.

"It took months of talking to his agent before he'd finally let me sit down with Rob. Turns out that he's a fan of our work."

"He's a fan of our work? Our work? Are you serious?" Dave couldn't believe it. Boom-Boom was actually a fan. He'd been a fan of the drummer turned porn star for a while now, but he'd never expected someone so famous to like him enough to be a fan. Dave was popular in his own right, and a lot of people wanted to make porn with him, but he gained a feeling of worthiness from being wanted by that man.

"Yeah. I was surprised too." Brad said. "But, here's the thing, Boom-Boom has a huge list of things he does not like, way more than I expected. I wanted to warn you about that ahead of time, because it's going to seriously hinder how creative we can be."

"Oh? What kinds of things?" Dave asked. Suddenly, this conquest didn't sound as good anymore. Boom-Boom didn't come across as an actor, but he didn't come across as close-minded either. Dave's only turn-off, was a man who wasn't open to new things.

"Well for starters, he's not an actor. He won't touch an elaborate script. It's sex only, no beating around the bush or being cute. He's never on the bottom, also." Brad explained.

"I've gotten that from most of his videos."

"He likes being ridden though, so we might be able to make that work." Brad said. He noticed how turned off Dave looked. "You're not into this at all, are you?"

"I'm a little worried what my regular viewers will think about me being on the bottom. They're so used to seeing me fuck Raven, and practically own his perky ass, that I'm not sure how they'd react to it."

"I was worried at first, until I wrote the script a few days ago and sent it to him to look over." Brad said. He opened one of the desk drawers, and pulled out a folder containing a copy of the script which was a handful of pages long. He handed it over to so Dave could review it. "This is strictly between us and you can't tell anyone, got it?" Brad said sternly, and Dave nodded. "Rob hadn't been with a man before getting into the industry. He's still new at this, and that's why he's got so many reservations. What I drafted there, is him pretending like it's his first time with a man, and you teaching him how to fuck you."

"And how did he take to that idea?" Dave asked.

"He fucking loved it." Brad said, a huge smile on his face now. There was a part of him deep inside that was proud of his genius move. "You'll be on the bottom, but still in charge. His fans will get what they want, and our fans will get what they want."

"I'm in." Dave said as he closed the folder. Suddenly the idea of telling Rob what to do, was such a hot visual that it nearly set his brain on fire.

"Good, he'll be here in a couple hours. That should give you enough time to memorize the script, I hope?"

"Yeah, definitely. I still can't believe you got this going, you're amazing." Dave said, throwing his boss a well-deserved compliment.

"Thanks. I think this will work out well for us. Now I have more writing to do for those two new stars I hired, so get to reading and we'll get started as soon as he gets here." Brad said.

"Sure thing." Dave said, then got up from his seat and shut the office door behind him. He sat on the living room couch and began reading the script. As always, Brad's writing was fantastic, and each scene made him more and more excited as he continued on. He felt himself growing hard with anticipation, and he tried his hardest to force that to stop. The last thing he wanted was for Boom-Boom to stroll into the studio and find him sitting on the couch with a massive boner.

Two hours went by, and right on schedule, Dave's new co-star was knocking on the door. He looked to the closed office door. He hoped Brad would be the one to answer the door. But Brad stayed in his office, and the knocking started again. Dave gulped, then nervously got up from his seat. He rushed to the door and opened it, his heart pounding at the sight before him.

"Hi." He said, while gazing at Rob's appearance. The taller man had on a pair of black rimmed glasses, and his neck length hair was neatly trimmed and hung over his face perfectly. And that face, what a good looking man he was. Nice, thick eyebrows, dark colored eyes, a straight bridged nose, square jaw and full lips. He had this handsome and cute look going for him, which was hard for men to pull off.

Rob's build and posture just screamed that he was great in bed, even though men were a new conquest for him. His muscles were only slightly hidden under his grayish-blue jacket and gray t-shirt. His dark jeans hugged his legs perfectly, and showed off his meaty and muscular thighs. Thighs that Dave really wanted to touch. He liked thick thighs on men.

"Hi there." Rob said pleasantly as he reached out to shake his hand.

Dave took the hand in front of him, and they exchanged the firmest handshake he'd ever had. Oh my god, his hands are amazing. Dave thought. "Nice to meet you."

Rob smiled in a friendly way and followed Dave into the living room. The shorter man shut the front door, and went to the office to get Brad's attention. The director told him he'd be out in a few minutes.

"So uh, go ahead, get comfortable. Brad will be done in a few." Dave said.

"Um, I'm okay, thanks. Actually, I'm a little nervous." Rob said, his voice honest, and surprising to the man he was about to have sex with.

"How come, if you don't mind me asking?" Dave asked, trying to be supportive and not scare him off.

"Well we're about to work together for the first time, and, well, you're the one who got me into doing porn." Rob said, still a little uneasy, but a little more relaxed than before.

"I got you into doing porn?" Dave asked, totally shocked now. How the fuck did I do that? He thought.

"Yeah!" Rob's voice was enthusiastic now, showing he really was a fan of Dave's work. "The way you are with Raven is so great. You two are just, I don't know how to describe it. And 'Flying Free' was so fantastic. I've learned so much from your videos." Rob noticed the wide-eyed expression on Dave's face, and he blushed. "Sorry, I'm being kinda weird, aren't I?"

Dave could barely wrap his mind around this. Flying Free was his best video with Raven, the one where they had come at the same time, but he hadn't expected that from Rob. Or that he had learned from him. "No, it's totally cool. I've watched a lot of your videos too." He reassured his new co-star.

"Wow, I didn't know that. It still really surprises me when people watch what I do." Rob said, the red flush still on his cheeks.

Just then, Brad opened the office door and stepped into the living room. "All right, let's get started."


More notes: I didn't reveal who Raven is in this chapter on purpose. I'll let ya'll speculate, and you'll learn which band member he is, and who his high-profile boyfriend is, eventually.

I'll be putting responses to any reviews in at the beginning of chapter two :D

I seriously needed a break from working on Black Magic, DNA and Keys to the Kingdom. Black Magic especially, because the next chapter is the last one, and I am having a VERY hard time putting that story to a close, because I really don't want to. I hope you guys can understand why I'm stalling. And I needed a change of pace.

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