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Being Human by tfybike


"God I want to fuck you..."

Brad stood behind the sexy half-Asian, murmuring huskily against his ear before he began to caress his neck with a hungry mouth.

Mike sighed at the sensation of Brad's beard, his whole body tingling at the dirty words.

"B-but here? At my parents place?" Mike's voice was needy, his eyes half-closed as he weakly protested.

Brad had driven Mike out to Muto and Donna's to plan for a get-together with friends that Donna seemed insistent on throwing. It was understandable to Mike why she'd want to do it; showing support and connecting with the Linkin Park family after Chester's passing was important. The problem was Mike didn't know if he could handle it, or if he wanted to try.

But as they'd expected, his parents weren't back yet and it seemed like the second they'd located the spare key and walked through the door Mike's desire for Brad had been through the roof. Maybe it was the gorgeous late afternoon light, the solitude of the big empty house, or the fact that Brad could make him melt at any particular moment; all Mike knew was that he was ridiculously horny.

It hadn't taken long to discover that Brad was in a similiar frame of mind, and they had retreated from view of the front door and ducked into the cozy first-floor den.

"Mmm...maybe we can go somewhere, do it in the car..." Brad groaned, gritting his teeth as Mike arched his back and rubbed up against the guitarist's lanky frame.

"No, I don't think I can wait-" Mike gasped suddenly at the friction and turned his head to catch Brad's lips in a frenzied kiss. "Maybe you should fuck me right now, before they get back. I don't know how long we have..."

Brad didn't waste any time. In one quick movement he reached around to unfasten Mike's pants, then slipped his hands down the back to jerk the loosened material down just far enough to reveal Mike's gorgeous buttocks.

Mike gasped. "Ohhh god baby...I can't believe we're doing this here- mmm- "

Brad leaned in for a rough kiss at the same time as he pulled Mike's hips back into his own clothed erection. He moaned deeply, then growled against the plump lips. "You're so damn sexy. So beautiful."

"I love when you're rough with me," Mike closed his eyes with a euphoric smile, pushing his naked ass back against Brad's hands.

"Damn, I don't want to hurt you though," Brad panted. "Give me two seconds to get lotion from the bathroom..."

Mike bit his lip and nodded, then sucking on two of his fingers he pushed them into himself as Brad raced the few steps to the nearest bathroom down the hall.

He was back in no time, massaging his now exposed member. The sight of Mike penetrating himself and the fact that he was finally touching his own cock made him groan shakily.

"Baby...as much as I'd love to sit back and enjoy this show...you don't have to. Let me..."

At that Brad sank down, gently pulling Mike's hand away and burying his face into the golden curves.

Mike gasped again, loudly, as Brad pushed his tongue against his center, massaging and kissing him both with desire and purpose.

The half-Asian was soft from the shower he'd had before they left, and his exposed ass looked heavenly, poking out from the waistband of the jeans that still stretched taught around his upper thighs.

As he licked and kissed and sucked his angel, Brad could only thank his lucky stars that they had an empty house all to themselves.

"Oh Brad...hurry..." Mike's voice squeaked out above him. "It won't be long...I need to fuck..."

The desperate voice spurred Brad to release his mouth and stand as he pushed his lotion-soaked fingers into Mike one last time. He massaged them inside for as long as he could, the vocalist moaning like a slut until he hurriedly replaced the digits with his aching manhood.

Mike braced himself against a high-backed chair as they had sex; Brad roughly penetrating him and holding himself deep inside the emcee on each thrust to make him moan and cry out frantically.

"Harder...you feel so good don't stop- ohhh god, yes yes YES YES YES right THERE!!"

Mike was dripping, his balls heavy and his mouth hanging open as he focused on the amazing sensation on his prostate. With a lustful backward glance, he pushed back onto Brad and screamed out his orgasm.

"Braaaad!!! Ohhhhhh!!"

Brad latched his mouth onto Mike's shoulder as he gave his own agonized scream.

"FUUUUCK!!" He emptied himself into Mike's supple body, pounding and thrusting and claiming him for his own until neither of them could give any more.

They collapsed onto the den carpet, still emitting little moans of pleasure as they gasped for air.

"Oh Brad...did we..." Mike's pants were still at his thighs as he flopped exhausted against Brad's bony chest.

The guitarist brought a hand down to linger across Mike's beautiful raven hair. "Mmmm baby...did we ever. You tire me out you know that? God..."

Before Mike could answer, his forgotten phone buzzed and he inhaled sharply, jumping up to grab it from the floor.

Brad just watched him, his mind floating in the clouds as he tried to reconnect to the situation at hand. The situation of just having fucked Mike senseless in his parents house. Well, it wouldn't be the first time...

"Brad." Mike looked up from his phone. "We've got five minutes to get ourselves together."

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