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let the river run by littleblacksubmarines


A/N: hiiiii guys! This is a little darker than what I usually write but I just had to do it. As stated in the description, there is attempted rape/non-con by OMC via date rape drug. The thoughts and guilt are not descriptive, but you definitely get the gist.

I appreciate any and all feedback! I own nothing here, everything is fiction or based loosely off of real life events. Title to Eminem and Ed Sheeran.


At this point in their lives, it wasn’t often that the members of Linkin Park found themselves in a bar. However, after finishing up a rather exhausting leg of touring, they all met at their favorite dive for a night of fun.

After a while, the group split into two; Dave, Rob, and Joe all hanging at the bar, while Mike, Chester, and Brad were in a corner booth with Mike’s brother. Nursing his beer, laughing and joking with his friends, Mike had lost track of time. The group was interrupted when they heard a familiar voice yelling in rapid-fire Korean from across the bar.

“What the fuck?” Chester squeaked, sliding out of the booth, Joe wasn’t the type to start trouble.

As the four men approached the bar, Chester grabbed Joe to pull him off of the guy he was trying to lay a smackdown on.

“--don’t fucking touch him,” was all they heard from Joe, as the bartender whisked the unknown man away.

“What’s going on here?” Mike asked, always the voice of reason, “where the fuck are Bourdie and Dave?”

“This stupid--” Joe broke off into a mix of Korean and English, “he tried taking Dave. Things got ugly.”

Mike’s stomach dropped, he instantly felt nauseous, breaking out in a cold sweat as he made his way to the door, leaving his friends behind. He ran out into the warm Los Angeles night, seeing Rob and Dave halfway down the sidewalk, Rob hunched over, trying to keep Dave upright.

“Dave, baby, what happened?” Mike asked, jogging up to them, reaching out to grab Dave’s arm before Rob quickly shook his head.

Drunk? Mike mouthed at Rob, although he didn’t think so. Dave usually wasn’t a big drink drinker, and he didn’t think they were there long enough for him to get this fucked up.

Drugged, Rob mouthed back, his mouth in a thin line, worry clouding his face.

“Jus’ wan’ go home,” Dave whined, as the rest of the group caught up to them.

“We gotta get you to the hospital, Red,” Mike whispered, using his special nickname for his husband.

The look Dave gave Mike in return broke his heart into a million pieces. A single tear was running down Dave’s face as Rob helped straighten him up, delicately running his fingers through auburn hair, walking him to Mike’s car.


“Tell me what happened,” Mike whispered to Rob, they were alone in the waiting room of the emergency department as Joe needed x-rays of his hand and Brad, Chester, and Jason were back at the bar filing a police report.

“There was this guy that kept hovering around us, talking our ears off, we just thought he was some super fan. We tried to politely shrug him off and thought he got the hint, but he came back around a little bit later and was singling Dave out, and just laying it on thick. Next thing Joe and I know, he’s got his hand on Dave’s ass and is leading him out the door,” Rob said lowly, hands held together tight, “Joe stepped in and I got Dave outside as soon as I could.”

Mike felt like he was going to vomit. He couldn’t imagine if that creep actually got Dave away from Rob and Joe, couldn’t bear the thought of what he would’ve done. Most of all, he couldn’t bear the thought that he wasn’t keeping a closer eye on his husband, that he couldn’t have prevented this from happening.

“Mike,” Rob whispered, grabbing one of his hands, “breathe. Everything is okay.”

“Everything’s not okay!” Mike said, angry, his blood starting to boil.

“Michael Kenji Shinoda, you listen to me,” Rob said, his voice firm, “everything is okay. I got Dave out of there. Joe took care of the creep. We couldn’t have stopped this from happening. That guy was going to slip Dave something no matter who was around. Dave is going to need help getting through this experience, and he’s not going to be able to do that when you’re stewing over misplaced guilt. Compartmentalize, rationalize, and get it together.”

“But he could’ve-” Mike choked off a sob, burying his face in his hands, as Rob wrapped a strong arm around him.

“He could’ve. But he didn’t. It’s okay, Mike,” Rob soothed, fighting back his own tears.


“Are you here with Mr. Farrell?” An exhausted looking nurse asked from the doorway of the waiting room, eyeing the large group of men warily.

In addition to Brad, Chester, and Jason showing up; Fiore, Brendan Steele, Matt Sanders, and Brian Haner had also showed up.

“Yes, we are,” Mike’s voice cracked as he stood up, the rest of the men following suit.

“Unfortunately, I can only take two of you back with me at this time,” the nurse said, “but when the charge nurse leaves, you can all come back,” she said, whispering the last part slyly.

Mike reached out to Rob, who was truly the band’s rock, following the nurse through the door.

“Thankfully, Rohypnol is one of the first things we test for in cases like this. We didn’t have to do a rape kit, and with the fluids and Romazicon, the effects of this drug will be wearing off shortly,” the nurse explained as she led them to Dave’s room, not noticing that Mike nearly passed out at the words “rape kit.”

“Remember what I told you,” Rob whispered to Mike, squeezing his hand.


Though the Rohypnol is wearing off, Dave is still sluggish and tired, as Mike has to practically carry him up the stairs and deposit him in their bed.

“I’ll be right back, love,” Mike whispered as he helped Dave take his shoes and clothes off, tucking him into bed.

Mike wasn’t surprised to find Dave asleep in the middle of the bed when he came back with a glass of water and four ibuprofen.

“Wake up, baby, you gotta take these,” Mike whispered, gently running his hand down Dave’s back.


Mike wakes up that night being pushed out of bed by Dave, who is sitting up against the headboard, eyes wide with fear, skin drenched with sweat, chest heaving with his breaths.

“Dave, baby, it’s okay, it’s just me,” Mike said, trying to talk past the lump in his throat. All he wanted to do was cry seeing Dave like this.

Mike continued to talk for a few more minutes, bringing Dave down and back to himself, who crawled up in a ball and let himself cry. Mike climbed back into the bed, wrapping Dave in his arms, holding his husband and letting himself cry.


The next morning, Mike woke to find Dave making chocolate chip waffles, standing at the stove in his underwear.

“Morning, angel,” Dave called over his shoulder, “can you set the island for me?”

Mike smiled as he grabbed plates and silverware, knowing that things were going to be okay. He sat at the island, sending a group text to everyone thanking them for their support, watching as Dave poured the batter into the waffle iron.

“There’s a lot that I want to talk about, and I want everyone to come over when it’s time,” Dave said, turning to look at Mike, smiling softly, “But I just want you to know that everything is okay and I love you, and I appreciate you so much.”

Mike smiled, crossing the island to wrap Dave in his arms and kiss him gently.

“I love you, too, Red. More than anything. And I’ll be here when it’s time. I’ll always be right here for you.”