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Stress Relief by A.N.

Author notes: I thought this up while working on the final chapter of Black Magic. I had to write it or I was gonna go insane, lol.

5/20/18: Thank you to Clara Bassett, Penelope_Ink, Morei Sky and littleblacksubmarines for the kind reviews!


It was one of those days. The kind where no matter what Rob did, no matter how hard he tried, nothing had gone according to plan.

Rob worked for IKEA. Good old IKEA. That place people came to, to eat bland food, spend too much money on cheaply made furniture, and freak out or have tantrums during the whole process. The best part, or worst part depending on how you looked at it, was when customers would ignore the signs telling them where to go. There were almost too many signs, simple, clear ones directing customers to various departments and check-out. Somehow, a huge portion of these people would find themselves wandering in circles, literal circles, or would try to go through the wrong doors to get to the wrong place and end up taking it out on him and his co-workers. Because apparently it was his fault that they were so stupid.

He walked as quickly as he could from his department - that terrible living room section. He'd never understand why buying couches was such a complicated process for people. It was a fucking couch. You sit on it. It either matches whatever colors you decided to decorate your living room with, or it doesn't.

He smiled at customers as he walked by them, because not smiling just wasn't an option. He wasn't even remotely happy, but he needed to pretend to be. Customers at IKEA always looked for the weirdest things to complain about, and all it took was one bitchy customer to tell his manager that he looked so unhappy. He'd be pulled into the office and given a heavy lecture about the IKEA principles and how they must always represent the brand and be friendly toward customers so they could have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Thankfully, no one stopped him to ask him about anything. After six hours of answering questions, he was done. He swiped his badge and burst through the doors to the staff only area, then practically galloped down the hallway and around the corner to the time-clock. He swiped his badge again to clock out, then went straight to his locker.

He fumbled with the combination, then finally popped the lock open so he could dig around for his clothes. He had so many booklets, packets, papers, and random free gifts from stupid events cluttering the inside of the locker. These were all things that he was fairly certain he'd never need. For a company that insisted on recycling all the time, they sure loved to use tons of paper for nonsense stuff that nobody needed.

Rob headed into one of the changing rooms. He took off his glasses and laid them on the chair beside him, then whipped off his uniform shirt, which was not only an ugly piss-yellow color, but also candy-striped. He hated that uniform with a passion. Why couldn't it be blue instead of piss-yellow? He stared at himself in the mirror for a moment. He had a gray hair on his beard, and one in his side bangs. He was in his early thirties, and he had gray hairs. That's what stress looked like.

He shook out his black and blue t-shirt, and pulled it over his head. He fluffed up his hair, then put his glasses back on. He went back to his locker and stuffed his uniform in it, snatched up his wallet and keys, stuffed his badge in his back pocket, and finally made his way out of that unpleasant place.


Mike was laying quietly on their living room couch, with a book consuming all of his attention. He'd picked it up at the library on a whim, and it had turned out to be far more interesting that he'd expected. The story was about a human man falling in love with a demon male, and the drama that surrounded their growing relationship. He couldn't really relate to the characters or what they were going through, because his relationship with his boyfriend was as normal as normal could be. He stilled like the story though.

He heard Rob fidgeting with the door, and saved his spot in his book while sitting up to great his partner. Rob entered the apartment with a vigorousness to his walk. "That kind of day, huh?" Mike said.

"I work with a bunch of yahoos." Rob grumbled.

"What happened?"

Rob set his wallet, badge and keys on one of the side tables. He sat down on the couch beside Mike's cute, bare feet. His boyfriend immediately rested his feet on his thigh, and laid the book on the coffee table. "I'm so sick of cleaning up other people's messes. If people would just do their jobs, then things would go so much smoother." He leaned back against the soft pillows, and sighed.

Mike curled his toes into the loose fabric of Rob's jeans. He always wore loose fitting jeans. He had to, not just because of his meaty thighs, but also because of his impressive member. A member that Mike really, really enjoyed in so many ways.

Without giving it much thought, Mike lifted himself up off the couch, and straddled Rob's lap. He wrapped his arms around the back of his partner's neck, and gave him a soft peck on the lips. Rob clutched his hips, and smiled around the kiss while his thumbs gently caressed Mike's thighs. He really wanted to pick him up, carry him into the bedroom, and have the greatest snuggle session in history. That was all he had energy for right now. "I'm not in the best mood, hun." Rob said.

"Yeah, well, too bad, cause you're hot when you're pissed." Mike teased. He gave Rob another soft peck, and even slipped him a little tongue.

"Sweetie, I'm way too tired to fuck you right now."

"You don't have to exert yourself." Mike said, while running his right index finger along Rob's chest. "I could ride you, or," His voice trailed off, and his right hand reached down and tightly gripped his boyfriend's groin. "I could give you something I know we both really like." Their lips were so close now, their tiny breaths mixing lightly.

I really need the stress relief. Rob thought. He slid forward a little, which pushed his slightly aroused member against Mike's palm. That man's hand felt so good and strong as it held him so tight. Sure, he was tired, but not too tired for a blowjob.

Mike smiled seductively. It wasn't uncommon for Rob to come home irritated from work, and listening to him was fine, but he wanted to do something for him that could easily calm him down. He climbed from his lap, and knelt down between his feet. Slowly, he unzipped the jeans' zipper, which provoked a heavier breath from Rob's lips. He then pulled back the band of his partner's boxers, and lifted that thick member into view.

Rob panted as Mike started with stroking him first. He went at a medium pace from the base to halfway up the length. Rob always liked being stroked right there. "Yeah, that's it." The younger man said, his voice a little husky from his growing arousal. A tiny bit of pre-cum collected in the slit, which Mike stared at with hungry eyes.

Rob threw his head back when Mike's tongue slurped over his head. That pre-cum was so tasty and sweet. "Yum." He said, before slurping again. Rob's toes curled inside his shoes. He wanted to beg Mike to start sucking already, but, he knew he'd enjoy this more if they took it slow. He needed that relief.

That soft tongue swirled all around the head, then started licking up and down the length. Rob moaned encouragingly, and pushed his hips forward. Mike continued, licking the underside again and again, forcing Rob to turn solid as a rock. More of that sweet pre-cum leaked from the tip, which Mike tasted as he embraced the head between his lips. He moaned too, and the hum carried up the length and partway through Rob's lower belly. "Uh, deeper..." He said, his voice just a whisper.

Mike's mouth moved farther down the length, and a wet pop noise filled the living room. A trail of those wet pops echoed into Rob's ears. He looked down at Mike, and their eyes locked. His man smiled a little, then went deeper until the tip touched the back of his throat.

The way that warm and wet mouth slid back and forth sent shivers all over Rob's body. So much pre-cum was spilling from his head now. He knew he was coating Mike's throat with it, and could occasionally hear his gulp from swallowing it. Rob arched his back as his partner's tongue moved side to side while he went up to the head. The tip of his tongue licked along the slit, again and again, filling his body with heavier shivers.

Rob threw his head back again when Mike went back to sucking. He pulsated a little, which made the older man smile. He kept on deep-throating him, taking the entire member into his mouth. His breathing became quicker each time he went down, and Rob could barely handle the feeling of those hot breaths against his inner thighs.

Mike moaned from how yummy this was. That moan tickled Rob's member, and he gasped hard. "Fuck!" He said loudly. He swore again as Mike started sliding his tongue side to side, hitting every spot he needed to be hit. "So fucking hot!" Rob growled.

Mike pulled back though, and held the length tight, while he placed a couple of his fingers in his mouth. He wet them well, then asked Rob to lift himself up. His boyfriend did so willingly, and Mike slipped those digits deep into his cavity without any hesitation. He pushed right on the prostate, and Rob cried out sharply. "Right there!" He whined. He gave a wordless whine as Mike's fingers tapped his spot, and kept on whining the faster he got.

Rob could hardly handle this anymore, as Mike's mouth wrapped around his cock once again. The sucking and fingering made him squeal. Sweat was dripping along his forehead, neck and back. It soaked the pillows, his shirt, and the scent of his arousal teased Mike's nose. Rob always smelled good, but he smelled even better when he was all hot and bothered like this. "Uh, that's it, oh yes..." His moans were fast paced now, and practically begging for release.

Mike tapped and sucked faster. This made Rob shift side to side. His moans no longer contained words. His thighs tensed, and he squeezed his arms to his ribs. A pleasure that was almost sinister slithered all through his body and made him turn so hot. Mike could feel the radiating heat, and he was proud of what he had done. Even prouder as Rob's legs twitched and squirmed.

Rob started blurting out Mike's name, saying it so many times, as that hot feeling burst in his belly. It went up his length, made him hold his breath, until the pulses began. Mike loved that feeling of that thick member throbbing inside his mouth. He especially loved it when that sweet come splashed from his tip, and wet the back of his throat. It tasted so delicious, and he gulped down every single drop.

As Rob caught his breath from his mind-blowing orgasm of the year, Mike lifted his head and licked his lips. He smiled wide, truly proud of what he had done. "We need to make this part of our daily routine whenever I get home from work." Rob said, loving the sensation of how relaxed he was now.

"Sure thing." Mike said.


Author notes: I do work for IKEA. Not the department I put Rob in, but, I'm not exaggerating here. My job is outrageously stressful, and I hate working there.