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Vote For Your Favorite Stories!! by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve checked out the updates on Chester’s memorial page and LPFaction. The rules are updated and easier to read, and did you notice? There’s a chat room coming soon! If you haven’t looked at all the new stuff on the site, we really hope that you do!

One of the things we’d like to update is the recommended reading page, but we need your help. There are so many great stories here on LPF, and because we are such a large community, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. We’d like everyone, registered users and lurkers, to be able to vote for updates to the recommended reading page. We are hoping to update this annually, and keep a running list of great stories for everyone to check out, especially those new to the site. You can vote using the link below:


Voting is totally anonymous!! IMPORTANT NOTE: Try to keep the stories in the genre the author used when posting the story. We'll still count your vote if it's in the wrong category, but the program tallies the votes for us if you put it in the correct genre ;)

Hey guys, we just put a new chat room up. This is only a trial run. You can sign in as a guest, please use your LPF name while in the chat. Have fun, be nice, and let us know if we should keep it!

If you’d like to register an account, you can email us at:

Our admin account -- linkinparkfiction@gmail.com

Penelope_Ink -- araphaxdeep@yahoo.com

lpfan503 -- lpfan503@outlook.com

Voting starts TODAY and will close on June 20, 2018. We will bump this post to the top every Sunday until that time, just to ensure everyone sees it.

Thanks for being such a great community of readers and writers!!

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