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だって純情どうしよう? by Morei Sky


So ... the talk we had on the chat about Mike crossdressing gave me an idea, but I turned it around into a Bennoda two-shots, inspired by what Mike said at comic con (in 2014?) about Chester, and also, Brad's face when Mike was talking about it.

I do not own Sailor Moon.

It's the first time I write something like that, so I'm sorry if it sucks.

Also, when I say "tiara" I mean the Moon Tiara that Usagi wears on her forehead, not on her head.


“Mike... what is this?”

The half Asian frowned as he heard something like surprise in his boyfriend's voice and he stepped into their bedroom before he saw Chester holding a Sailor Moon outfit in his hands, his head cocked to the side as he wondered why Mike was hiding something like this in his closet.

“I lost a shirt and I figured that maybe you had borrowed it or something so I looked into the back of your closet and found … this. Do you mind telling me why you actually own something like this?”

A blush crept up Mike's cheeks as a look of horror appeared on his face. Chester wasn't supposed to find this. He had bought it one night when his imagination had started running wild, and when he had finally received it, all courage had left him to actually show it to Chester, so he had stuffed it in the back of his closet, hoping that he would never had to explain his wildest fantasy.

Obviously he had been wrong.

“I-hm, well, you see-” He stumbled onto his words and Chester's expression soften as he took a step toward Mike.

“Is it because you like to wear it or something? Mike, you don't have to be afraid, I won't judge you, if you like dressing up as Sailor Moon, or even just wearing girl's clothing-”

“It's for you.” Mike finally blurted out, still blushing and avoiding Chester's gaze. “I bought it for you to wear...”

“Oh?” Chester blinked a couple of times as he looked at the outfit he was holding up. “Oh.” A huge smile spread on his face as he looked back to his boyfriend. “Wow, Mike. I mean, I thought we had talked about all our fantasies and our kinks, why did you hid this one from me?”

“I … I was scared you'd freak out or something.”

“What? No, I would never do something like that.” He walked toward the younger man, leaving the outfit on the bed, as he took Mike's hand in his, squeezing it. “Mike, you don't have to be ashamed of this, trust me. I'm actually turn on by this right now.”

The half Asian finally looked up as he met Chester's gaze, surprise written over his face. “You are?”

“Yup.” He leaned over closer to Mike, before he whispered into his ear. “If you want, I can put it on right now.”

Shivers spread over Mike's body as he gulped, his eyes widening as he felt desire course through his veins all the way down to his cock. “Y-yeah... I'd love that.”

Chester smiled widely at him before he kissed him quickly on the lips. “Great, I'll be right back!”

He let go of his boyfriend's hand as he went back to the bed, took the outfit, and walked out toward the bathroom. Mike ran a hand in his hair before he sighed as he sat down on the bed. Brad was out for the night, that's what he had told his two roommates before he had went out a little earlier, but Mike still checked his phone to make sure his friend wouldn't drop in and interrupt them. He put his phone back once he made sure that his best friend hadn't texted him to tell him he had had a change of plan.

Mike's mind soon wandered as he already imagined Chester wearing the knee high red boots with the short navy skirt and the white top, the huge red bow covering his chest, while he would slipped his hands into the long white gloves and-

His thoughts were interrupted as Chester finally appeared back in the room and all air left his lungs as the sight before him was a thousand time better than what his imagination had conjured seconds ago.

“So... how do I look?”

Mike blinked a couple of times as he tried to regain his breath while he felt his pants tightened around his hardening cock.

“Fuck, Chester, you... you look-”

The tattooed man smiled back at Mike. “Right? I should have worn something like this before.” He looked back at himself before he pulled on the skirt a bit. “This is really short-”

“I love it.” The half Asian went to get up but Chester held a finger up.

“Don't move. I need to look at myself first to make sure everything is okay.”

Mike stopped moving while he ran his tongue over his lips, nodding. He was certain that he'd need to get rid of his jeans soon since he was now clearly uncomfortable in them. Chester began to looked at himself as he adjusted the red bow and the collar and Mike finally noticed that something was missing.

“The tiara. You forgot the tiara.”

“Oh? Does it really matt-”

“Yes.” Mike said, a little louder. “It completes the look. You can't-You can't be Sailor Moon without the tiara.”

Chester smirked as he nodded. “You're such a dork. But sure, I'll wear it. It must still be in your closet.”

Mike's eyes never left his boyfriend as the latter searched for the missing accessory. Fortunately for the half Asian, Chester quickly found the tiara on one of the shelves, and he walked back toward the mirror before he put it on, smiling at himself.

“There... One last thing-”

Chester leaned over a bit to adjust the red boots and Mike could clearly see that he was wearing the panties he had bought to go with the outfit. They were navy blue with little moons on them and it was actually written “Sailor Moon” over his ass. Mike bit his lower lip to stifle a moan, and as Chester saw his boyfriend's eyes lingering on him across the mirror, a smirk appeared on his face.

“I guess I can get rid of these.”

He slowly hooked his fingers underneath the elastic of the panties, his eyes never leaving Mike's reflection, as he slowly took them off. While he let the underwear slid past his legs, he stepped out of them and a small laugh escaped his lips. Mike was looking at him with such intense desire in his eyes that he was almost drooling on himself. Chester finally shook his head, and the tiara fell down on the floor.


He bent over to pick it up, making sure that Mike had a full view of his naked ass under the small blue skirt, and the tattooed man was rewarded with an erotic moan escaping his boyfriend's lips. He put the tiara back into place before he turned around and walked toward the bed.

“So... Mike. This is your fantasy. How do you want this to go?”

“I, uh-” Looking at Chester's legs inside the high heel boots with the short skirt had rendered him speechless as his mouth started to water. “Fuck.”

“Is this a long time fantasy of yours? Have you liked Sailor Moon ever since you were a teenager? Do you want me to say something?”

“No. I-uh... I imagined you once... wearing this. I don't know why, but it stuck on my mind and so I ordered the outfit and... I haven't been able to think about anything else ever since. B-but, yes, you can hm, say, hm-” Mike blushed again as he lowered his head, mumbling.

“What?” Chester walked toward the bed before he climbed on it, sitting on top of Mike's legs at the same time, straddling them. A moan escaped his lips as he felt his cock rubbed against the half Asian's pants. “You'll have to get rid of those. But what were you saying?”

As Chester was now sitting on him, Mike couldn't control himself anymore, and he quickly slid a hand underneath the short skirt before he squeezed Chester's ass, which produced a small moan out of the other man.

“In the name of the moon, I'll punish you.” Mike finally whispered.

“Kinky. Do you want me to try and say it in Japanese?”

“I uh... I actually don't know how to say that in Japanese.”

“I can look it up.” Chester looked around before he spotted Mike's cell phone on the nightstand and he leaned toward it before he grabbed the device. He quickly did a rapid search before he scrunched up his nose. “Here's hoping I won't fuck this up.” He read over the sentence, mouthing it without a sound, trying to say it accordingly, before he finally nodded and put the phone back in his place. He sat back down on Mike's laps before he looked at him in the eyes. “Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo.” He dragged the words out, looking intensely at Mike to convey to him as sexily as he could, that he would get punish, and something snapped into Mike's head.

He rolled over, dropping Chester on the bed, before he began to unbuckled his belt. He unzip his pants and slid them down along his boxers, low enough for Chester to see how hard he now was. The older man wet his lips before he leaned toward the hard member, reaching a gloved hand towards it before he began to stroke it slowly. Mike moaned and leaned his head back upon feeling the wonderful friction.

His eyes snapped open as a hiss escaped his mouth when he felt Chester's tongue lick up the precum off of the head. Mike looked back at his boyfriend just in time to see the young man's lips closed around his shaft and he gripped Chester's hair into his hand while the tattooed man began to suck him, running his tongue up and down his length as he tightened his lips around the sensitive skin.

“Shit, Ches-”

The young man's eyes traveled up to Mike's face and their eyes locked. Chester knew how the half Asian loved being looked at him in the eyes while he he was getting sucked. That was one of the things they had talked about when they had first started dating.

As Mike gripped harder on Chester's hair, he finally yanked his hips back as his dick left Chester's mouth with a wet pop.

“That's enough... I want you on your knees. Now.”

The tattooed man smiled before he did as he was told.

“I prefer when you're fucking me, but tonight... tonight, your small tight ass is mine.” Mike said as Chester grabbed onto the pillows to steady himself. The glove made it a bit slippery, but he wouldn't get them off, not when it was arousing Mike like this.

He heard him unscrew the lid of what he assumed was the lube, and a few second later, he felt Mike's finger, coated with the cold gel, slowly insert his opening. He moaned in surprise as he felt his boyfriend stretch him, and after a while, he added a second finger. The half Asian's long expert fingers rapidly found Chester's prostate and as he began to massage the sensitive area, a loud moan escaped Chester's throat.

“Oh, god, Mike, right there-”

As the half Asian began to finger him faster, Chester shivered upon feeling the pad of his fingers tapped rapidly again and again against his spot. Even if this felt like Heaven right now, Chester knew he needed more, that Mike needed more.

“Fuck me, Mike, please-”

A moan escaped his lips upon feeling the fingers left him, but he soon felt Mike's cock near his entrance, and he pushed himself up against his boyfriend. A hand ran down his back, as it caressed the huge red bow, and Chester yelped as Mike suddenly slapped him hard on the ass.

It would leave a mark, Chester was sure of it.

“You're ready?”

“Yes, yes, yes-”

A gasp left his lips as Mike slowly pushed inside of him. While it was true that Chester was more often fucking Mike than the other way around, the older man was still impressed of how Mike could fill him up so perfectly.

“Oh god, Mike-”

“You okay, babe?”

“Yes, please, fuck me-”

Mike didn't need to be told twice as he began a slow rhythm, trying his best not to pound hard into Chester as the latter adjusted himself. He looked down to see Chester's ass covered with the blue navy skirt and he dug his nails into the young man's hips.

“Fuck, this isn't going to work.” He pulled himself out of his boyfriend and Chester moaned upon feeling suddenly empty.

He turned around as Mike took him by the hand. “Come here.” The half Asian sat near the edge of the bed before he asked Chester to placed himself on top of him, facing the other way around. “I want you to ride me, but this way, I'll be able to see you in the mirror.”

Chester bit his lower lip before he nodded as he parted his legs. Mike's hands went up Chester's red boots, caressing his legs before they settled on his hips. As Chester sank down on the half Asian's throbbing cock, Mike helped him back up before he lowered himself again, gripping Chester's hips to steady him. After a couple of thrusts, the tattooed man's moans became louder, and Mike knew that he was nailing Chester's prostate over and over.

“Fuck, you're so tight.”

As the half Asian felt pleasure course through him, he titled his head to the side so he could look at his boyfriend's reflection.

His eyes were close while his lips was slightly parted. His body bounced delightfully which made the skirt flew up each time. The light filtering through the curtains was reflecting against the brooch and the tiara, and upon seeing a gloved hand wrapped around Chester's hard cock, pumping it faster so his boyfriend could reach completion, Mike suddenly felt the familiar rush of pleasure coursed through his veins as he thrust his hips up to fuck Chester faster.

“Ches, I'm gonna-I'm coming-I-”

Mike suddenly moaned loudly as he felt his orgasm rippled through him and he came deep into Chester, his nails digging hard into his soft skin, as his hands were still resting on the young man's hips. Chester continued to fuck himself on Mike's cock – Oh, Mike, oh, Mike, god! – while his left hand ran faster on his cock – and he soon followed the half Asian as his cum splashed all over the bed and the floor. Mike finally let himself fall on the bed, exhausted, while Chester lied down beside him.

“Holy shit, Mike...” Chester tried to regain his breath as he rolled on the covers, snuggling close to his boyfriend. “Please, promise me that if you have other fetishes like that, that you won't hide them from me anymore.”

“Actually, I do have Princess Serenity's dress – you know, Sailor Moon's past self – hidden somewhere too. A mini dress version.”

Chester laughed at that. “Of course you do.” He kissed Mike tenderly on the lips before he finally sighed, closing his eyes.

“I love you, Ches. That was perfect. You're perfect.”

“I love you too, Mike.”


Brad quietly walked back towards his room, a smile having crept on his face. His hand was still down his pants, covered in cum, as it was wrapped around his now flacid cock. Unbeknownst to his two roommates, he had came home early and hadn't been able to peak on them as they had been so vocal about what they were doing. He had made sure to be quiet enough so they wouldn't hear him.

Maybe he'd never be able to unseen Chester in that Sailor Moon outfit, but one thing was sure, he was beyond glad that he had been able to witness that.

No porn would ever top that now.


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