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Your Guardian Angel by Bourdelsonloves

Get me out of here

Joe!!" Joe spun around ducking before a vamp could attack he stud back up and chopped the head off before it could do anymore harm "you may have a lot of teeth but you're slow on your feet"

Joe smiled at Dave, Dave rolled his eyes and sighed "you check the bedrooms down here I'll check the ones upstairs"

Dave walked down the hallway steak at hand, flashlight in the other, kicking open doors

"Is someone there?" A male voice spoke "please help, I'm hurt I just want to get out of here" Dave creeped slowly towards the voice  holy water at ready he found the door the voice was coming from, swinging the door open and splashed holy water as much as he could, as he did he noticed that who was in front of him wasn't effected by the water "Joe, get up here I found something

"What is it, did you find their stash of go-" Joe stopped and pulled out his steak about to attack before Dave stopped him "Joe wait! I don't think he's a vamp "well did you holy water its ass?!" Dave glared at Joe "sorry did you holy water his ass" Joe said rolling his eyes

Dave nodded before kneeling down and reaching out his hand "we can get you out of here, we just have to check for bites on you okay" the boy nodded and slowly reached for Dave's hand "where are you hurt?" The boy lifted his shirt to reveal three scratch marks along his side, Dave looked up at Joe nodding "grab him and let's go" Dave hurry and checked the boy for bites, he was clean. He picked him and ran out of the vamps nest before any others come back "Cas get you feathery ass down here and meet us at the bunk we need some help"


"Joe, what happen?" "Cas thank god you're here, hell me out here" Dave placed the boy on table "are you able to heal him?" "Yes, I'll need some space" Cas levitated his hand over the boys side "w-what is he going to do to me?" Dave rested his hand on hid shoulder "don't worry he's here to help just trust him" the boy looked and Dave and the Joe and nodded "o-okay" Cas used what little grace he had to heal the boy's side "that's strange" Dave looked at Cas worriedly "what is?" "it seems this boy has been branded by another angel his rib cage is written in angel writing" like you've done to me and Dave before" "correct"

"Can you make out what angel did it?" "I can't quite say the writing is somewhat rigged"

"Well now that he's protected, what's your name?"

"Mike, Mike Shinoda" "where's your family" " I don't know I went to bed and woke up trapped waiting to be those things next meal, do you know if they're okay" Mike looked to Cas "please are they okay" Cas sighed and looked to Joe he had a look in his eye that Joe knew all to well "Mike.. I'm sorry to say this... But they're gone, son" Mike starred at Joe in disbelief "that can't be true, please tell me you're lying" Joe sighed and shook his head "I'm sorry kid"


Hey long time bo see, I haven't posted a new story on here since the middle of 2017 well I hope you enjoyed let me know what you think should I continue this or no? R/R if you'd like it would help me out if I knew you guys like it or not.

Gotta go peace!


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