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Wish by Morei Sky

Short sad drabble, post-July 20th.

Warning : Suicide Mention.


Mike didn't understand how it was already his birthday. In a sense, time had slowed down ever since Chester had died, but in away, it had seem to go by faster. He knew that he was feeling better nowadays, he could feel himself dreading less and less waking up in the morning knowing that his best friend was gone. He was still feeling sad, hurt and angry, but even if he could still feel the waves of those emotions crashing over him from time to time, they were less frequent.

That scared him a little.

Yes, he wanted to feel better, but at the same time, he didn't want to forget any of those emotions. It was right to feel them, even if, truthfully, everything was wrong ever since Chester had left.

Everything was off. Wrong. Nothing made any sense anymore.

"Make a wish, Mike!"

The half Asian looked at the cake in front of him, as he noticed that at that moment, he was kind of feeling alright.

He could feel the love of his friends and family around him. He could feel their warmth.... it made him feel like he was in a dream, in another state of mind.

"Make a wish!"

His wish was to bring Chester back. This would always be his wish from now on, as he couldn't see what more he could possibly want. But this couldn't happen, unfortunately. He wasn't living in a fictional world where he could manipulate time at his own free will.

The number of time he had thought about going back to that day, going back to Chester's house, and-


He couldn't - wouldn't - think that way. This would only make him feel miserable and he couldn't be that way, not with all these people surrounding him, wishing him a happy birthday-

"Make a wish, Mike!"

Then, he'd be realist.

He took a deep breath and made the wish as he blew the candles on his birthday cake, before he opened his eyes, staring deadly ahead. Still, his eyes were now filled with a strange determination.

I wish to join Chester. Wherever he is. Tonight.



The End

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