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Am I right?

Hey family,

while I'm struggling with my chapter story and the one shot series, this one came to my head. It's a really short, non-sense text. I have more of them, maybe I will put them up in the next days. Depends on my mood and self-esteem ;)



”And when the lights go doooown, I see things I can’t explain, calling out my na-aaam.”

"Chaz, can you just shut up for a second?”

“No! No way. I will continue until you all agree! The lights go doooown…

“We do agree already! Nobody said that you are not right.”

“But have you listen to it? Like really listened?”

“Yes. We can’t not listen to it, you are signing non-stop since weeks.”

“Because all of it is awesome!”

“Yes, you mentioned that as well. During the songs. And when you are done with one. And before you start the next...”

“And am I right? These lyrics... They are so dope. Especially I got demons inside me, so I’m faced with the choice –either try to ignore them, or I give them a voice.” His voice is to the point, catching every emotion in it.

“Yap, also something you talked about before. Now you are even mixing up songs.”

“I don’t mix things up. I just love all of them, so I can't decide which song I should sing. Mike sounds so great on every single one of them. I used to know where the bottom was…

"There we go again... It's like listening to a broken record."

"I'm somewhere far away, where you can't bring me down. So I can't hear you now, I can't hear you now!"

"I beg you Chester, can you at least stick to one song now?!"

"So, I make it up as I go, o-oh, o-oh. I make it up as I go, o-oh, o-oh. So, I make it up as I go, o-oh, o-oh. I make it up as I go, as I go"

With a sigh, Chris is falling back onto his back, his arms and legs spread out, closing his eyes.

“And I thought heaven would be a peaceful place…”

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