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When I need you ( one shot) by bag_full_of_stars

A/N Heeey talented people! This is my first story here :)

There may be some grammar errors ,I tried to eliminate them

I am really interested to hear your opinion!

And this is total fiction !

I hope you like it

( In ** are the thoughts)

The night was hot in L.A and the boys were working in the studio for their upcoming album, they were not behind schedule but Brad was acting strange and only Chester knew the answer.

There was a weird tension between the guys.

They had just finished two songs for their album and they were working on a new idea,it was Brad's, but it led nowhere and that made the tension built up. Everyone was tired and they were getting grumpy. Mike made the start and called it a day.

"Guys I have to go, does anyone want a ride home? " Chester felt the tension inside the studio and raised his hand in relief "I want!" he almost yelled and everyone except Brad laughed.

Brad needed Chester to stay, he was the only one that knew his secret.

Joe said goodnight and left with Rob.

"I will stay to work some more" Brad said, Dave smirked and decided to stay and help his bandmate "I will stay too" he said,

Brad rolled his eyes and huffed... Great, I will not concentrate today at all he thought. Mike when left, crossed his fingers to Dave, he knew that his friend was in love with his oldest friend.

Everyone said their goodbyes and left the bassist and the guitarist behind.

Dave took his favourite guitar, tuned it, rolled his sleeves and started playing whatever his fingers wanted.

Brad watched through his monitor Dave's hands playing the guitar, he wanted so much to touch them, hold them and kiss them.A long sigh came out of his rosy lips

After a while Brad turned around with excitement in his eyes and said " Phi, do you want to hear what I wrote?"

"Of course", Brad started playing his own guitar and Dave was looking at him with a huge smile on his face, watching every little movement , to have forever. When it was over he came close to Brad and said " Brilliant! Save it !" and softly touched Brad's warm and soft neck.

Brad felt like he had a huge fuzzy ball inside him with the touch, it was weird but nice, so he didn't say anything.

After two hours of only work a grumpy child-like voice was heard

"Phoenix, I am hungry"

"Great, get something to eat" he replied

"I cannot eat alone, you know it Phi" tried again with a plea in his voice,

"Ohh ok ok, "Dave grumped in fake temper "I do it only because I lo..." he turned his face away, feeling embarassed and his blood froze in an instant within his body of what almost slipped off his lips..

*What was that?? Was he about to say he loves me? Nah.I might dreamt it.It can not be true.. I love him but he is not gay..But I never saw him talking to a woman after 8 years of knowing him I still cannot tell ... Fuck fuck fuck FUUUUCK , think Delson, do something!!*after this chain of thoughts and with a look on his face like he saw a ghost, Brad  pulled his phone off his pocket and ordered pizza, he knew Dave's favourite toppings, so he didn't need to ask

While ordering he started thinking of Dave's half said word.

*Does he feel the same  way I do? Should I risk our years of friendship if I am wrong? Is he playing with me because he knows how I feel?*

Brad brushed the last thought off, no way Dave could ever do something like that, he was way to caring ,to play with someone else's feelings.

"Brad", Brad opened his deep brown   eyes like he was dreaming away,

Dave came to the room that Brad was in in a hurry "hey buddy, are you ok? I was talking to you and you didn't answer"

When Brad looked at Phi's green eyes

saw the man of his dreams, his ginger hair that he loved, that bright and warm smile, his muscular arms that he wanted to hold him close. He was wearing a deep red shirt and black fitted jeans. He looked so gorgeous . Because that's what he is for Brad, the man of his dreams since the day Dave said "hello" to Brad, he got the keys to his heart.

"I ordered the pizza and zoned out" said in one breath " what happened?" He answered after a while.

Phoenix started to watch closely the man he loved.His hair was in a buzz cut but he also loved his curls, he loved and the clothes that he was wearing a low rise light coloured pair of jeans and an olive green t shirt. He looked so handsome..*It's now or never! Say it fast*

Dave started fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and said

" I have to talk to you and I have to do it now, today because I cannot hold it inside anymore, it is eating me alive since the very first minute I met you "

Brad was looking at Dave puzzled and completely ignorant of what was coming because he never thought that his friend will love him that way.

" I love you Brad, I love you more than a friend does and more than a friend should.I fell in love with you since the very first day I ever saw you. When we became roomates I was hoping that something was about to happen, but even then I never stopped wanting you. But after 8 years I cannot hold it in me anymore.If you don't feel the same, please don't let it get between us.I just wanted you to know"

Brad was listening with his eyes open wide , he couldn't believe that this is happening, when he saw Dave a bit frowned he realized that he haven't said a word.

He got off his chair and looked his friends in the eyes

"I love you too, since the moment I saw you. We lost so much time by fear"

Dave got closer and Brad closed the gap ,there were sparks everywhere, around and inside of them.

They kissed softly, but they smiled in each others mouth.

"Mr Delson,mr Delson " an annoying high-pitched voice called Brad

"What? " Brad yelled annoyed

"The pizza you ordered is here"

Brad got all red and rolled his eyes extremely annoyed

Dave laughed so much with the anger in his love's face.

"Come on, let's eat " he said and the curly haired man's face dropped.

"Come Braddles and I will give you kiss" Phi said in a soothing voice while laying soft and airy kisses to his boyfriend's hands

*Boyfriend? Are we boyfriends? I should clarify this* Dave said and made a mental note to clear it up.

After a few slices and minutes of comfort silence Brad said like he talked to himself "what now? What are we? Did he regret it? Should I say something? Oh my, that kiss"

A loud and bubbly, hearted laugh came from Phoenix, Brad looked at him with questioned eyes

"You know that you were thinking aloud right?" ,said while whipping laughing tears from his eyes.

The brown haired man got tomato red and hid his face inside his palms moaning from embarrasment.

Phi got closer and kissed his neck

"I want to be yours and you to be mine, call it whatever you want I leave it up to you. I wanted you for eight years in silence I only regret that I am talking and not kissing you because our first kiss is not our last. I want you forever in my life"

Tentatively he caressed his hair and kiss him behind the ear.

"So, you didn't regret? And we are together now? " Brad said with a huge smile on his face, he opened his arms and pulled Phi in a bone crushing hug.

Their lips got locked and their breaths became heavier. Every moment of kissing was sending sparks to their lower areas, with a hand on Dave's lower back he forced himself and his groin on his boyfriend's thigh, "can you feel how much I want and need to be yours? "

said in a low ,husky voice,

Dave didn't miss the chance to show him that he equally wanted and needed him

"I want to taste and feel every inch of your body" his voice was bearly audible

The curly haired man placed his hand inside Phi's shirt, when he touched his skin his heart was swelling inside his chest *he's mine ,I can finally touch him, and kiss him* he thought..

His skin was warm and silky, he started kissing his jaw and left a lovetrail to Dave's collarbone he kissed it,smelled it and loved it he softly moaned from the excitement

When Dave heard that little moan ,crashed his whole body on Brad and started grinding on him.He was hard and he needed even that tiny friction to feel relieved, he broke the kiss and took Brad's tshirt off, he took half step back and looked at his love " you are so gorgeous and perfect" and he hugged him tightly to feel on him every tiny bit of his body.

Their need and anxiousness, and love was all over the place , they needed to let go of all their feelings.

"Let's call it a day and go somewhere else" Brad said and the other man nodded and followed.

Brad pulled his keys out of his pocket and they got into his apartment,taking off their shoes

"You haven't changed a thing" Dave said with eyes wide open

"I couldn't, I needed to feel that you will be here again.Oh my, I am so cheesy, so do you want a glass of wine?" He said while taking everything out of his pockets and walking towards the kitchen  enjoying the coldness of the tiles under his  feet. Phi was following behind "a cold beer would be better" and he sat on the countertop "come here, let the beer in the fridge for a while"

Brad took off his tshirt and got between Dave's legs, he kissed him ,their kiss was fervent and hard ,their tongues were battling each other and their hands were touching as many places as they could,he started unbuttoning Phi's shirt and kissing every little spot of skin that got exposed..

They were hungry for each other ,every move was passionate and anxious.Anxious that what they are living is a dream and it will fade away.

Brad used both his hands to unbuckle their belts ,when he did it ,he dedicated his time to take Dave's pants off and he was rewarded with a fully errect cock that was dripping precum.

He licked his lips and hesitantly touched him while thinking *now I got you, you will scream my name when I am finished* and with a sexy smirk on his lips ,he started strocking him gently while his thumb was smearing the precum.

Dave was bitting his bottom lip and stifled a loud moan

"Don't hold back ,I wanna hear you, I want you to scream " the dark haired man said and closed his lips on his partner's cock, he slowly licked every inch of that gorgeous cock using his other he started bobbing his head , the sounds that he made the sighs , the whimpers and the moans made Brad's cock ,rock hard and aching for attention, he placed and pressed his palm to relieve some tension

Dave started moving and held Brad's head to steady the rythm, while panting he said "Brad, I cannot last any longer" and he released inside Brad's mouth, he swallowed everything and he started moaning loudly , he cummed in his pants without touching.

When they came down from their orgasms they kissed, so tenderly like they would break if they kissed harder

They went to bed and slept in minutes holding each other tightly..

-"Morning Phi"

-"Morning Brad"