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Summon The Rapper by Idbeallofthedragons

Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the story. This is purely fiction.

Warning: Explicit sex. Rim job. Rough sex. You've been warned.

Edit: I didn't know where to put this, so I'll just put it here in case the people involved pass by and see it. I just noticed my oneshot 'Passionate Beast of the Wild' made it into the Rec list and OH MY GOD!!! Thank you so much to those who voted for it! It's such an honor! Yay! I'm so happy!

Thank you! <3 <3 <3

Ehem...Anyway...Hope you enjoy! ;D


“Shit. I think I’m getting drunk,” Mike announces, leaning heavily back on the foot of his bed.

They’re on the floor, drinking. It’s just him and Brad and half a bottle of vodka, which has now become just a bottle. They don’t drink very often, but they figured the situation called for it. It’s a hot night so they’ve stripped down to only t-shirts and boxers and it’s hard for them not to flirt with each other here and there.

Brad squints as he tries to focus his gaze on Mike’s face, like it’s difficult for him to do so. “You think?”

Mike snorts. “And so are you.”

“You think?”

He laughs at Brad’s response and watches as the guitarist takes the vodka bottle and rolls the cap off, face overly focused on the task at hand: pouring the last drops of vodka in his glass.

“It’s empty, dude.”

“You’re empty,” Brad grumbles back and places the bottle back on the floor.

“Wow, that’s got to be the best comeback I think I’ve ever heard from you,” Mike says then looks at Brad with an impossibly wide grin. “Hey, Brad?”

“Yup?” Brad asks, after tossing back the last remains of alcohol in his glass and licking his lips.

“We made it,” he tells the other, like he doesn’t know. “We got signed.”

“We fucking did,” Brad grins back.

Mike studies Brad’s face. They’re close. So close he can feel the heath emanating from his friend. “And you made it through Hooters without combusting,” he comments.

Brad chuckles. “I still would’ve preferred going bowling….but I gotta say…the chicken was amazing.”

Grinning, Mike nods. “It was a special occasion, and you’re still as innocent as you were before going there.”

Brad rests on his side and looks at him. Mike’s eyes catch the playful glint in those dark eyes. “Think we’ll be famous?”

“Hopefully. You think you’re ready for that? You’re a bit of an antisocial,” Mike teases.

“I think it’ll be fine as long as I’m not front and center. You and Chester will be there. I’ll probably just fade into the background,” Brad replies with a shrug.

Mike raises his eyebrows. “You? Fade into the background? No way.”

Mike reaches out with both hands to cup Brad’s face in them. He smiles and runs his thumbs across the smooth skin on Brad’s cheeks. His face feels delicate in his hands, like the rest of him. He leans closer and Brad meets him halfway, pressing plump lips against his.

Wrapping and arm around Brad’s waist, he pulls gently, hoping the younger man to catch the hint. Of course, Brad does and lets Mike’s hands guide him to where he wants him; settled on his lap so that he’s straddling him. They’ve known each other for long enough that they don’t need words to understand each other.

They just sit there for a moment, looking into each other’s dark eyes and smiling as they study the other’s face. Brad lifts his hand to caress Mike’s soft cheek. “I feel invincible when I’m with you, Mike Shinoda…like I could take over the world.”

“And that’s what we’re gonna do,” Mike says with conviction. “Together.”

Brad nods and places his hands on Mike’s chest and Mike grabs the bony wrists, bringing both of Brad’s frail looking hands against his lips to plant a gentle kiss on each. With a smile, Brad pulls them away and places them on each side of Mike’s face to tilt his head up so they can kiss. Mike smiles into it, hands finding Brad’s waist and squeezing, pulling him further down against his heated crotch. Unconsciously, he bucks up and Brad grins.

“Looks like someone’s awake,” he says with delight.

“You just love how easily you can get me in the mood.”

“Of course,” Brad agrees with a smirk.

Mike sneaks his hands underneath Brad’s shirt and runs his hands up and down the slight man’s back. “You’re so pretty.”

“Oh…thank you. So are you,” Brad replies with a slight blush.

“Not like you. You’re like…like…so pretty.”

Brad chuckles. “I think your other head stole all of your thinking head’s blood.”

“Shut up,” he laughs.

Brad leans in and they kiss again. It’s tender and slow, but Brad’s too horny to appreciate the measured pace. So he adds pressure on Mike’s lips and pushes his butt down on the stiff flesh beneath him, his own trapped between them, then whispers against Mike’s lips. “Let’s fuck.”

It’s the sixth time they’ve done it, and they haven’t discussed it yet or the repercussions of it. They’re just enjoying it for what it is at the moment. They know they’ll have to at some point, but for now, exploring each other’s bodies and discovering the other’s likes and dislikes is enough. And Brad, as Mike’s about to discover, sometimes likes it rough. Today is one of those and he’s adamant on making Mike take the hint without actually having to say it, which is turning out to be a lot harder that he envisioned, considering how easy it is to communicate in other situations.

Brad breaks the kiss and lifts his chin, presenting his neck to Mike’s mouth. He hopes for Mike to lay some kind of mark there, sink his teeth or suck on his flesh with hunger, anything. Mike kisses him with excessive tenderness instead.

Brad groans in frustration and scratches Mike’s back.

Mike gasps. “Oh…that feels nice.”

“Do the same to me.”

“Uh…sure,” Mike says and runs his fingertips across Brad’s back. No nails.

“Use your nails,” Brad whines.

“I don’t want to blemish your perfect skin, dude.”

Sighing, Brad sits back to look at Mike with intent. “Grab me, like…like with force,” he says, putting his hands over Mike’s, which are currently on his waist, and squeezes them.

Mike pulls them away and wraps his arms around Brad’s back, pulling him into a hug. “If I do, I’ll leave bruises on your ridiculously pale skin, Brad,” he explains.

“C’mon, do it,” Brad insists, pulling back from the embrace and guiding Mike’s hands back to his waist. Mike complies, but barely so. Brad huffs, rolling his eyes. “I know you’re stronger than that.”

“You seriously want me to grab you like…like grab you, grab you?”

“Yes. Grab me, grab me.”

“Like this?” Mike asks, squeezing Brad’s waist just a tad bit more.

Brad shakes his head. “I said with force. You’re not using it.”

“I don’t want to leave bruises,” Mike repeats slowly.

Huffily, Brad stands up from Mike lap and looks down on him. “Mike, would you just toss me on the bed and fuck me?”

“Wh—what?” the older man sputters, looking up at Brad with wide eyes. This is definitely new to them.

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to channel that bad-ass rapper I know is somewhere in there,” Brad gestures to Mike’s chest, “while you fuck me.”

Mike can’t contain the laugh anymore. “What happened to the ‘I’m a pretty innocent guy’, thing? Was that just a bluff?”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Brad scoffs then sighs. “C’mon, man. Do it. Show me what that powerful man can do in bed. Show me who’s in charge and who’s gonna get…uh…I don’t know. What’s a good rhyme for that?” Brad asks with a cheeky grin.

Mike chuckles. “Oh? So you want that Mike Shinoda?”

Nodding with enthusiasm, Brad says a simple, “Yes.”

“Fiiiine,” he sighs, standing up. “But I’m not gonna toss you around like some…rag-doll.”

“Why not?” Brad pouts. He actually pouts.

“Brad, I like the sound of it, I do…what if I hurt you?” Mike takes a deep breath. “I’d hate myself.”

“I’m not gonna break, Mike, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Brad says. Mike gives him an unconvinced look. “Okay, how about this? If I feel like you’re hurting me in any kind of way…that I don’t agree with,” he adds quickly, “I promise I’ll let you know.”

With his hands on his hips, Mike sighs. “So you just want me to grab you, toss you on the bed and fuck the living lights out of you. Is that it?”

“Exactly,” Brad gives Mike a sassy smile, but the light crimson on his cheeks tells a different story. He’s nervous.

Mike chuckles. “Delson, Delson…” he sighs and shakes his head. “What am I gonna do with you?”

Brad shrugs. “I already gave you some options. You could…I don’t know…take them.”

“Okay,” Mike sighs, puffing up his chest. “I’m gonna summon the bad-ass rapper in me and see what happens, okay? But remember…I’m doing this for you.”

With that said, Mike lightly pushes Brad, making him fall on the bed. As Brad sits there, he throws Mike a questioning look.

“What was that?”

“I tossed you on the bed. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“That wasn’t even a proper push. You just…tapped me.”

“You still fell,” Mike retorts.

“Cuz I didn’t have my balance,” Brad snaps back, standing up again. “Why don’t we try this?” He says, grabbing at his T-shirt. “You grab me…” he then motions toward the bed, “…and toss me there?”

“Okay.” Mike says and dips down to pick Brad up, then very gently dumps him on the bed. “There. Happy?”

Looking up at him from the bed, Brad scrunches up his nose and tilts his head to the side. “A little better, but not great.”

Sighing, Mike crosses his arms across his chest. “You are very demanding.”

“Okay, we can work on the tossing some other time,” Brad shrugs off and pulling his t-shirt off he lies back on the bed. “C’mere, big guy. Show me what you got.”

“Okay, I kinda liked that,” Mike admits and crawls over the bed like a beast ready to stake claim on its prey, till Brad is underneath him.

Brad admires Mike with lust-filled eyes. “You look so hot like that. So dangerously handsome,” he praises; chest rising and falling visibly as his breathing picks up.

“Oh, you ain’t ready for this shit,” Mike jokes, putting on his rapper mode. “I’ll deliver while you quiver in your pants…Delson.”

They both snort out laughing at that.

When he stops laughing, Brad hums. “Yeah, that’s great. That’s awesome. But…um…can you like… make it a hair less vocal?”

Mike clicks his tongue. “For sure. We just be testin’ the waters, here, doll.”



Brad grabs Mike’s shirt and pulls him down on top of him. “Get down here already.”

“You’re a bossy bottom, Mr. Delson.”

“You like that?” Brad asks with a smirk.

“You bet yo’ ass!” Mike gruffs and winks at Brad. “Should I put on my sunglasses? They add to the badassery,” he says and sits back on his heels then looks about the room to see if he spots them.

Brad deadpans. “Okay, I might’ve made a mistake asking you to summon the rapper.”

Mike laughs. “Okay, I’m done. I’m ready to fuck your brains out, now.”

“Please, do.”

While Mike takes his boxers off to put on a condom, Brad takes the opportunity to push his own down his legs. Mike grabs both garments and tosses them across the room. “See? There’s the tossing.”

“Not the kind of tossing I had in mind,” Brad says dejectedly.

“Okay, I’m getting real tired of your attitude, mister,” Mike chastises, pointing an accusatory finger at the naked guitarist.

“Sorry,” Brad says with a playful wink.

“That’s better,” he says, patting Brad on the thighs, encouraging him to spread them so he can position between them. “So I’m gonna fuck you now…but first…I’m gonna do something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and since you’re feeling a little adventurous, I take it you’ll be okay with it.”

Brad regards him with curiosity and bit of nervousness when Mike leans down between his legs. His breath hitches when a hand wraps around his erection. He’s positive Mike’s going for it with his mouth, but then he leans further down and Brad has to lift his head a bit to peak at what he’s doing. He doesn’t get to see what’s going on before a wet heat licks a strap across his opening. Out of surprise, he jumps a bit and clenches his hole.

“Mike, that’s…fuck!”

Mike sends Brad a stern glance. “Don’t move.”

“But Mike, that’s…that’s…” Brad stutters, wide-eyed and apprehensive. This is something he never thought he’d ever want to do, but he has to admit…it does feel pretty amazing.

“Delicious, so quit yapping,” he says, ducking his head again and licks the twitching hole again, this time, the tip of his tongue dips in just enough for Brad to feel it breaching him and he lets his head fall back against the pillow and moans loud as pleasure engulfs him. Out of instinct, he grabs one his slender legs and pulls them against his chest to give Mike better access then closing his eyes to better enjoy the strange yet enjoyable sensation.

Mike grins as Brad gives him full access to his pretty pink hole and puts both his hands on the pale ass-cheeks spreading them further. Then licking his lips, he lurches in, sticking his tongue out and keeping it straight to plunge in deeper that before. The muscles clench around it and Brad lets out the most delicious mewl he’s ever heard.

“Mike, deeper,” Brad pants, lost in the pleasure Mike’s ministrations give him.

Eager to comply, he plants a kiss on the flushed furl of muscles then sticking it out completely, he dips his tongue back in plunging it in as deep as he can. A moan from above makes him smirk just before a hand grips at his hair, pulling the strands just slightly.

“More, please,” Brad begs pitifully, trying to get him deeper. Sadly, his tongue has reached its limit. He needs something longer and bigger if he wants to fulfill Brad’s request.

Pulling his tongue out, Mike sits back on his heels and looks down to admire his work. Brad is now ready; his needy opening clenching and unclenching around nothing and glistening with his spit. It makes his mouth water.

“Please, Mike,” Brad pants, looking down at him through heavy lidded eyes. His

cheeks are tinted pink and his lips are puffy and red from biting on them to try and stifle his cries. He’s also breathing heavily. Letting go of his long legs, he reaches out for Mike’s hands and pulls him on top of him. “Just get to it already.”

Mike goes with Brad. He then grabs the younger man’s wrists and pushes them on the bed on each side of Brad’s head, pinning him down. He knows he’s resting on them heavily, but Brad moans in pleasure and even spread his legs further; a good sign.

“I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight for a week,” he huffs against Brad’s ear then nips at the guy’s soft neck, tracing his teeth over Brad’s throat, feeling his strong pulse against his lips. Brad shivers in delight.

“Please, do,” he moans. “I want to feel you for a week.”

Mike grabs the lube from his nightstand and coats his member with it. Wasting no more time, he lines himself with Brad’s entrance and thrusts in particularly hard. As he continues to suck on the vulnerable flesh, he can feel the groan emitting from Brad’s throat.

Pulling almost all the way out, he thrusts in again, making Brad arch his back off the bed as he nails the younger man’s prostate dead center and drawing out a yelp from the younger man’s lips.

“You like that, huh?” Mike says and fucks into Brad again in the same spot. “Want some more?”

“Fuck!” Brad yelps again and scrunches his eyes shut; brows knitted together.

Stopping his thrusting altogether, Mike looks down at Brad with concern. “You okay?”

“My back,” Brad says through gritted teeth.

Mike’s stomach drops. “What?”


“You’re joking, right?”

Brad shakes his head, keeping his eyes shut. “It really hurts.”

“Shit, Brad,” Mike huffs and starts to pull out.

“Nah, don’t pull out!” Brad says quickly, wrapping his legs around Mike’s lower back to keep him in then grins up at him. “I’m just messing with you.”

Indignant, Mike huffs. “I’m buried balls deep inside you and you still somehow have the presence of mind to fuck around with me?” Brad chuckles. “Oh you have it coming, Bradford.”

Grabbing Brad’s form, he flips him on his stomach in one single move.

“Mike!” the younger cries in surprise.

“Hey, you wanted to be tossed.”

Pulling Brad’s hips against his crotch, Mike buries his cock impossibly deep into the tight heat, taking full advantage of Brad’s light weight to maneuver him and slam back against his dick repeatedly without having to be the one doing the thrusting. He has to admit it’s pretty hot having that much control over someone, and being the control freak he is it could turn addictive. But as long as the person is willing, there should be no problem. And Brad is more than willing.

He plunges in and out with fervor, fast and deep, the muscles in his arms flexing and contracting as he grips Brad’s hips and pulls him against his crotch again, impaling Brad on his dick relentlessly.

Brad moans, whimpers and writhes under Mike; clinging onto the bed covers for any form of steadiness as his poor body is jostled around and to keep himself from sliding up the bed with the powerful thrusts. Mike has to pull him down every so often.

When a fist wraps around his straining member, Brad gasps. He’d almost forgotten about it during Mike’s merciless abuse to his prostate, so when the hand starts bringing him toward the edge with vigorous strokes, Brad can’t possibly hold it in and loses it, as an orgasm so strong shakes his very core he has to curl in on himself as he cries out Mike’s name; Mike’s hand and bed covers the victims of his violent discharge.

“Oh, shit,” Brad gasps and melts against the bed. “Fuck.”

“You okay?” asks Mike with a satisfied grin on his face. Brad’s orgasm was so strong, he almost felt it himself. In fact, it’s what brought him over the edge as well. Brad’s muscles contracted so strongly around him and with so little warning that he came in the middle of a thrust and had to plant both his hands on the bed on each side of Brad to steady himself.

Slowly, he pulls out and tosses the used condom on the floor. He’ll pick it up later.

Rolling on his back, Brad wraps his arms around Mike’s back and pulls him against his chest. Mike goes down willingly and lies on top of Brad like deadweight, cheek against Brad’s lightly haired chest. He can hear the other man’s rapid heartbeat and he sighs with contentment.

“And you were afraid to break me,” is the first thing Brad manages to say once he’s regained his breath.

“Okay, you can’t blame me for that. You look like you might snap in half.”

“It isn’t …disgusting to you, is it?”

Mike has to laugh at that. He doesn’t intend to hurt Brad’s feelings, of course, but the notion of Brad asking him that is ridiculous.

He props himself up on his elbows to meet Brad’s gaze. “Are you really asking me that?” Brad shrugs. “Trust me, Brad. You are the most delicious most enticing snack I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste.”

“Just a snack?” Brad complains, trying to keep a straight face. “Not a main course? Not even an entree? Dessert, definitely dessert.” Mike smiles at the ridiculous rant, but says nothing. Brad raises his eyebrows. “No? What about a salad? I can at least be a salad.”

Mike sighs, chuckling. “You are a delicacy. One of those really expensive treats. The really delicious ones you can only have some of. Lucky for me, I can have all I want,” Mike coos and kisses Brad’s collarbone up to his neck.

“Okay, I’ll take that.” With a wide grin, Brad buries his fingers through Mike’s sweaty, silky hair. “By the way, Mike Shinoda the rapper really came through.”

“I’m glad you pushed for this,” Mike admits, resting his chin on Brad’s chest and

looking at him though heavy lidded eyes as tiredness creeps over him. “It was very hot to be able to manhandle you a bit during sex. I could definitely get used to it.”

Brad snorts. “I figured. You love to be in control.”

He hums.

“This could be a problem if it were to come out to the public. People can be nasty.”

At that, Mike perks up. “It could, but you know what? If it happens, it happens. Our music should be enough. What we do with our lives is none of anyone’s business. We’ll just stick to what we do best and try to ignore the rest. There’ll always be people ready to tear us apart for whatever reason,” he says and rests his head on Brad’s chest again.

“Yeah,” Brad agrees as he pensively draws circles with his fingers on Mike’s upper back. “As long as we stick together and to the music we’ll be fine.”

“Exactly,” Mike mumbles, relaxed by Brad’s ministrations and his steady heartbeat.

Sated and content, they fall asleep.

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