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Little green thing by bag_full_of_stars


Hey :) This is a one shot Delnoda story. Inspired by lptv. Below you will find some terrible puns and a very well hidden mention. I hope you will enjoy my first attempt to write something more sexual. If it's horrible just be gentle .

"Where is he?" I heard Mike asking someone outside.

"I have no idea". I didn't recognize the voice.

"Brad? Where are you? " Mike was still looking for me.

What the fuck does he want? He should be checking Dave's heart rate, he was so proud when hesaid that he increased it just by looking at him.

And this is when I left, because I cannot just sit back and watch him flirting in front of me.

Yes, I am acting like a five-year old and yes I am freaking jealous. I love Mike since high school and I never thought I could have a chance with him. He came out as a gay four months ago completely unexpectedly and everyone was really cool about it and since that day he is flirting shamelessly with every man around.

I never told him I love him, because I thought he was straight, so just saying it ,it would make things awkward.


When he came out ,it was after a large consumption of alcohol at Joe's house.

We were downing vodka shots around a low round table and he tried to got up ,we laughed at his attempt to stand up and he finally made it.

His words at first were a bit slurred and without sense. I saw him taking a big breath and I got a bit scared, he was anxious and I hate seeing him like this.

"Guys, I have to tell you something and I hope that it will not change the way things are and how you feel about me"

I looked at everyone's face and it's like they were all sober in a minute.

"There is no easy or short cut row to say it .

Well, I am gay." He said in one breath and closed his deep brown eyes to avoid our looks.

My jaw fell a bit and my eyes were open wide ,not in a million years I could expect to hear this thing from these lips.

The first one to talk was Chester " are you for real or you are fucking with us? " I cocked an eyebrow and looked at him ,Mike could never make a joke like this

*What the fuck am I thinking? I kicked myself inwardly*

Mike opened one eye and looked at Chester "of course I am telling the truth. I could never lie for something like that"

Joe was looking at everyone and got up near Mike

"Well ,does anyone have a problem with Mike being gay? Brad I know you don't " I gave him a menacing look, "sorry " he murmured and continued "so ,anyone with a problem" everyone nodded a no with their heads

"So we are fine." He said happily while clapping his hands.

"So this is it? " Mike said, "you are not going to yell at me or say mean jokes?"

I got closer to him and grabbed his arm and whispered "why?"

"Because that's what everyone else did in my family when I told them few years before"

I looked at him in the eyes and felt like an idiot, because this is why nobody from his family shows up anymore.

After that confession, we continued drinking like nothing was ever said

The next morning he came and asked me if he said anything stupid last night,I told him what he said and he immediately started banging his head on the wall.

I explained to him that everyone was cool with his sexual orientation and he got a bit calm.

{End of flashback}

Brad? Where the fuck are you?

I heard him once again.

I opened the door of the room I was in and looked at him in the eyes

"What's wrong Mike? Why are you yelling?"

I tried and obviously succeeded in having a cold emotionless face, his eyes drifted on mine and said "nothing, just checking up on you"

I started walking away, it pained me to the core to hear his voice and looking at him.I looked one last time over my shoulder and saw him wiping his eyes , it bugged me a bit but I decided to pass.

While I was wandering inside the hotel halls ,I saw Mark. I felt a bit better when we met. He is my friend since high-school ,I know him almost as much time as I know Mike, so it is not easy to hide from his eyes

"What happened?" He asked me immediately , there was no use to hide the truth,

"He started flirting again" I said with my head low "I hate it when he does this"

Mark placed his arm over my shoulder

"I am sure that he likes you and he loves you, but even if he doesn't, you are still his best friend"

I huffed to hide the pain caused by his words.

I want to be his and he to be mine, I want to love him and make love to him, I want to hold him till he sleeps and be the first thing he sees in the morming.

"Do you want to go for a walk, there is a park around the corner?"I asked hoping that I won't have to go alone.

He nodded and we got out of the hotel, the park was not farther than five minutes by foot.

When we got there it was really peaceful,even though it was freezing. There was a beautiful lake which looked semi froze, we sat on a bench and I started throwing pebbles in the lake.

My phone started ringing.

"What?" was my not so polite answer, I didn't want anyone to talk to me now

"Dude! What crawled up your ass?" I heard Chester talking

"What do you want Chaz?" I tried to be a bit softer ,but with no much luck

"Come back to the hotel, I need your help"

I groaned and just pressed the hang up button.

Mark was already walking towards the hotel

One of the good things of being in a successful band is that after a while everyone gets his own room and we just book the whole floor.

I went straight to Chester's room and knocked the hell out of the door

"Open the fucking door before you tear it down".

I walked in , Chaz was lying on his bed and he was watching cartoons.

He got up and came close to me, he looked me in the eye and just said "you are an idiot and you cannot see beyond your nose" and then he left. He just fucking left leaving me in his room.

I am really pissed with everyone right now, until I heard Mike's voice out of the room,I got out of Chester's room and closed the door. He was walking Rob in his room and looking at him like he was ready to devour him.

This is it, this is the end of me caring about Mike Shinoda. I am exhausted.

I went quickly to my room and started undressing to get a bath.I was left with my boxers on when someone knocked on my door

"If you're not dying ,stay away whoever you are "

There was another knock on my door, I slightly opened the door and saw Mike

"Let me in" he demanded and no matter how much he hurts me I couldn't refuse him anything.

He got in my room and I felt overexposed sitting there with just my underwear.

The silence got broken by his words "what's wrong? Why do you behave like that" , his voice was calm but I could hear that he was anxious, I looked into his eyes and decided to tell the truth, there is no use in running.

"The wrong is you, is that you got out of the closet and started flirting with anyone, the wrong is that I love you since the day I first ever met you ,the wrong is that my heart rate is normal and didn't got high because of you, the wrong is that I am not tall and muscular like Rob that you were checking a few minutes earlier, the wrong is that I want you, all of you for me, only for me" My voice got wicker as I felt that my tears were coming, I wasn't going to cry in front of him.

"Now that you know what's wrong you can leave"

"I have nowhere to go" he said while walking towards me.

"I liked you since high school ,never thought you could like me back. When I came out to all of you I was waiting for your reaction and there wasn't even a single one hint that you liked me. Chester was sure that you like me, actually the whole "hitting on the guys" plan was his. I never wanted anyone more than you. I want to be wrapped in your arms and feel loved and accepted"

He was so close to me that I could feel his breath on my skin, my heart was racing and I had to do something.

I decided to try to close the gap between us, I leaned forward and caught his lower lip between my lips.

He tasted so good. I kissed him a few seconds more and slowly pulled myself away.

"I love you, Brad" he said and his body was closer to mine

"I love you Mike" and I wrapped my arms around him.

He kissed me while his arms were all over my body.I gently pulled his hair back to gain access to his neck.

I licked,nibbled and sucked every little spot on his soft neck

While kissing him Big Bad Brad decided to wake up and create a tent.

I blushed and he smirked. He started pushing me lightly to the bed.

Before I fall in a not so gracious way to the bed, I arched my brow and said "too many clothes 'Noda, too many clothes".

I got comfy on the bed and enjoyed my private show. Mike taking slowly his clothes off , it's something that I can only sit back and enjoy.

He took of his t-shirt and my heart was about to stop, I haven't seen him half-naked since the last time we shared a room, he is simply gorgeous.

Not buffed but toned in all the right places, his skin looks smooth and I couldn't wait to feel it under my fingertips.

Then, it was pants time, my breath got out as a long sigh. I wanted to touch him and feel him, he was too far to touch.

I got up and pulled him beside me on the bed.

I started lightly kissing his whole body, it felt so good and soft and his little moans and groans were making me harder every second that was passing.

When he told me that the whole "hitting every man along the way" was a lie ,I wanted to throw him on the bed and fuck his brains out of his head, then I realized that this wasn't an option, so I decided that he has to feel so good with me ,that he will never look at any guy again

I gently held him down with one hand and with the other I took his boxers off.

"You are so beautiful" I murmured while watching his divine body stretching before my eyes.

While looking into his deep brown eyes I started kissing him, starting by his collarbone ,I made a stop to kiss, lick, bite and admire his nipples, whenever I touched them he was moaning hard.I kept kissing and licking his whole body until I got to his rock hard cock. I decided to torture him a bit and passed the whole area and kissed his inner thighs,he didn't hesitate though to show where he needed my attention by lifting himself a bit

I looked at him in the eyes, all I could see was love laced with lust.

I moved closer and took him all in my mouth I heard a growl that sounded like "fuck", his cock was the right size for my mouth and it felt so good doing all those things to him, I took him out of my mouth and started licking his balls, the smell there was arousing , his personal scent with that light soapy aroma were driving me crazy.

I palmed my own cock to take out some of the tension,but when Mike started screaming my name ,large amounts of precum started soiling my boxers.

Mike wasn't gonna last so I took him again in my mouth and started bobbing hard and fast , my hand was holding and playing with his balls and my finger was testing the waters by being rubbed around his hole. When my finger was close, he pressed his ass against it, I pressed a little inside and deep throated him.

Within seconds I heard him screaming "Brad I am cumming, I am

fucking cumming" and my mouth got full of his essense, I drunk every little drop and left his cock squeeky clean.

He pulled me up to kiss me , his eyes were shining like little gems. I palmed my own cock while being by his side and laid beside him.

With his head on my chest he dozed off to sleep. I kissed his lips lightly and sighed happily. He is mine.


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