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Until It Breaks by SonataNocturne

You ain't got a sliver of a chance

A/N: So finally managed to finish the first chapter. Shout out to Becisamonsta for giving me the idea (the chat is bad place cause of plotbunnies) xD. This first chapter is Bennoda. I have no idea how many chapters this will be but I was planning on writing at least once from each band members' point of view.

Enjoy! ;)


"Mike. What the fuck is your problem?" Chester growled as they headed to an elevator to get back to the car.

He was beyond pissed. They had had a fun week, with interviews and some studio time. The only thing was Mike and his attitude that pushed them all to the breaking point. Today, in Chester's opinion, the final line had been crossed. They had done a radio interview and Mike had talked over him and interrupted him plenty of times. Now he was supposed to be dropping Mike at the studio on his way to home, but the way Mike behaved was riling him up and he was sure he would kick the emcee's ass if he would continue that.

"Huh? I don't have a problem?" Mike frowned glancing at the other and pressed the elevator button. He could see how mad Chester was and that lead only to fighting. And he wasn't in the mood for it.

"You got to be kidding me! You know what you do. It's making me furious! First you boss me around in the studio and then interrupt me in the interview. You do that always! I'm fucking done with it", the singer yelled at him when they stepped in the elevator.

"So basically what you are saying that you have a problem with me handling it all so that you, us as a band, wouldn't need to have further problems. So that it would all run smoother", Mike rolled his eyes. Of course he was like that. It made it all easier, better. Nothing could go the way he wanted if he wouldn't be in charge.

"No Mike! Fuck! It's you trying to control. Everything!" Chester slammed the button that stopped the elevator in middle of two floors abruptly, causing Mike to frown in surprise.

"And what the fuck you think you're doing? We don't have time for that! You can talk as we walk if you need to complain" Mike approached the panel to push the button again but Chester pushed him away.

"Bullshit! You just want to be in control. Again!" the singer mumbled and manhandled him against the opposite wall.

Mike fought back, trying to push him off but Chester was way too mad and determined for him to succeed. The emcee stared at Chester's eyes that were blazing, pupils dilated. He needed to be in control and he knew it. And he certainly wasn't giving in. But, there was now something more too, rippling in the air between them. Chester licked his lips and gasped slightly. Mike's eyes trailed from his eyes to his lips and he noticed the shiver that surprised him totally.

After few second of staring Mike shook his head and tried to push the other off again, "I'm done. Let's go."

"The fuck you aren't. Not until I say so", Chester managed to grab his arm now pushing him chest first to the cold steel wall.

The emcee yelped partly in surprise, and partly cause the steel felt weird against his face. Chester was pressing his body against him and before he could object there was a pair of lips on his neck. Sucking his skin softly he managed to elicit another surprised sound, a gasp now, from Mike's throat.

"What are you doing?" Mike tried to turn but Chester kept him there, between himself and the cold steel. He was suddenly turned on, which annoyed him even more. That couldn't happen. He wasn't going to let the singer take the control, or to make him aroused.

"What I should have done ages ago", Chester whispered to his ear and grabbed his belt, trying to open it in the small space there was.

"You're not seriously thinking that you could...", the half Asian gasped and tried to push the other off again, but the lips returned on his neck causing shivers run down his spine.

"Yes I could. And I will Mike", the other mumbled unzipping Mike's pants and pushing them down. He wanted to show Mike that he didn't need to be in control. That he needed to let go for once in a while. But now, his first priority was to fuck him senseless.

Mike moaned when Chester grabbed his member. He was already hard, even though he didn't really want to be, cause that meant he was giving up and letting go of the control. But now the hand was stroking him and he ground his ass against Chester's front feeling that he was also hard now.

"I knew you would like this", the other continued nibbling the soft earlobe and opening his own pants.

With a whimper Mike forgot that he was supposed to object. He leant his head back on Chester's shoulder. It felt amazing. Mostly the hand on his cock, but then also Chester's rigid body and his demanding behavior. Chester had managed to push his own jeans down, and ran now his hand up Mike's back and to his hair. Grabbing it roughly he made the other whine and part his lips. Mike's eyes rolled, he was drowning to the feeling. The singer smiled, enjoying every second he was able to torment the other and get closer to his goal.

"Suck", Chester whispered pushing two of his fingers to Mike's open mouth.

A weird twitch in his stomach told him that Mike certainly did like it. He obeyed while his mind was telling him that he wasn't supposed to be doing that. Sucking and rolling his tongue over the fingers he finished with his task making the fingers nicely wet.

"Fucking hell... You have a lovely mouth", the other grinned pulling the fingers off of Mike's mouth. "But I already knew that. It just has never been used properly."

Mike growled and started to push the other away from him, but Chester released his cock and squeezed his butt instead, keeping him still on place. Pressing his slick fingers against the puckered hole the singer managed to elicit an awaiting gasp from Mike's mouth. The emcee was flushed, burning from the arousal. He hissed when the fingers pressed in, invading him.

"Fuck", he mumbled biting down to his lip. Leaking precum and panting, he was mad at himself that he actually let this happen. But no one needed to know that he was actually letting Chester to take the control, and they were already this far, so he might as well just give up and enjoy.

Pushing against the fingers he caused Chester to chuckle. "I like when you're begging for more. I really should be making you beg verbally. But I think we don't have time for that."

After plenty of saliva and lots of a anticipating in a form of gasping from Mike, the singer thrusted in causing the other curse aloud. Chester was in shock how amazing it felt, and he was just partly in. Snaking his hand around Mike's waist he pushed the thin fabric on his t-shirt up the same time to massage the tanned skin.

"Bend. You know how to do it, don't you?" he whispered a smirk spreading on his lips as he heard Mike again gasp. He was more than thrilled that he had gotten Mike to this state. In no time he would be a mess and hopefully remember this the next time he would try to boss them around.

Mike took a half a step back from the wall arching his back and pushing his butt up and against Chester and him fully in, since the singer didn't back away. After a loud moan the emcee gasped for air, his head spinning. He tried to calm himself down but the feeling was way too overwhelming, way too new for him to properly comprehend it. It was making his skin tingle in the most wonderful way.

"Look at you. Never would have believed I would see Shinoda like this. In an elevator", Chester noted causing Mike to let out a annoyed grumble.

Trailing his hand up on Mike's chest to catch his nipple between his fingers Chester started to thrust, quickly building up a nice rhythm. He might have been there mostly just to make a point but he was also enjoying it greatly. Hungry for more, hungry to see Mike give in. Mike was just perfect. The emcee was trying to keep himself steady against the wall and not just collapse, since he didn't have anything to hold on to, and his sweaty palms started to slip from the steel that wasn't anymore that cold under his touch.

"God you're so fucking tight around me. I should have done this way earlier..." Chester mumbled leaning back to watch as he slid in.

His actions were enhanced with the moaning, it just wasn't coming from his mouth but Mike's. The emcee was barely able to stand up and his vocal cords were strained. Chester playing with his nipple was almost too much combined to the rock hard member rubbing his walls as the pleasure rushed over him like a wave over and over again. Swallowing hard he blinked as the blood burned in his veins. He was inflamed, the ecstasy so close but still out of reach.

Chester was enjoying the noises Mike let out more than anything. Seeing Mike like this, losing the control completely was making him push in harder and faster. And the noises were just assuring him. This was absolutely the thing he had needed. He trailed his hand again to Mike's cock to continue with the stroking, and a set of impatient whimpers left Mike's lips. With the other hand he grabbed Mike's fluffy hair and the whimpers turned into moaning.

"Just perfect... See, you can't always be in control", Chester mumbled noticing how Mike was trembling.

"Chester...", the words fall from Mike's beautiful lips as he spurted his seed on the wall and Chester's hand. Swallowing he tried to moisten his dry throat, his ears ringing now. His knees were about to give in but he knew he shouldn't. He had to stand. That was the only thin he had control over now. The singer was still moving, in a lot slower pace now. Mike could hear his breath was hitched, almost loud enough to echo in the elevator.

The singer lifted his hand in Mike's sight so he could see the glistening streaks of cum. "Lick it."

"Fuck, I..." Mike started. He was certainly not going to admit that that was hot as hell to him. He was already so bare, vulnerable, Chester still buried deep inside him.

Yanking Mike's hair hard Chester pushed the fingers in his mouth, not wanting to hear any objections. He was in control now. The moan vibrating on his fingers and the rather eager tongue lapping the substance off pushed Chester finally over the edge and with one final rough push he climaxed. Mike whimpered as the other let his head fall against his neck, the hot breath fanning against his sweaty skin.

After a while of collecting himself Chester pulled out and started to get his pants back up. Mike did same, his legs shaking. He was utterly stunned, and spent. And satisfied but still overwhelmed and wanting to still talk himself out of it. Sure it happened but it didn't really mean anything. Chester pushed the button again smirking and sat the elevator jolted and started to move he leaned against the wall looking at the other.

Mike frowned annoyed. "So you think you can just... have sex with me and then just smirk and ignore what you just told me before that?"

Chester rolled his eyes and stepped in front of him. Mike gasped when the lips came close, so close that he could taste the coffee Chester had just drank.

"Mike. First of all that was fucking. Specifically me fucking you. Secondly, I hope you don't ignore what I just told you. I also hope you remember how your cum tasted from my fingers the next time you decide to talk over me in an interview. You can think about that further when you trickle my cum in the way to the studio. Oh and thirdly- I suggest you look in the mirror. That messy look is certainly hot, but it doesn't suit your imago", Chester husked and licked Mike's lower lip, just teasing, before he turned on his heels and steeped out from the elevator that conveniently stopped on their floor.

"You coming?" he turned to look at the other who stood there gaping, not believing what the other had just said. "Or do I need to throw in a pun to make you move?"

Mike bit down to his lip and followed then the smirking singer. One thing was certain- the others didn't need to know about this. He felt his cheeks flush. Same time he was humiliated but also so freaking turned on by the way Chester had just fucked him.


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