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I will get you by bag_full_of_stars

I will get you

Hey everyone :)

This is the first story I've ever wrote.. I hope you like it!

( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tC_s74ZGdXY )

The part that I am talking about starts at around 2:25 at the video above

Mike's POV

The crowd was loud and cheering, we were at the half of the show and everyone was in a great mood, we all felt great. I was behind my keyboard and just waiting for him to take his place right beside me while I rap my verse. Whenever, 'Burn it Down.' Started I had this little knots tied in my stomach, because of those precious few seconds he was standing beside me smiling, I love his smile it can light up my world.

Today he was dressed to impress, low hanging light, blue jeans that showcased perfectly his long lean legs and that lovely round butt and a red t-shirt, not too big not too tight, but I have seen before every inch of his lean body, and he looks so good in red.

I kept staring at his long neck. Oh God how much I want to kiss and lick that long neck, bite that sexy collarbone that peaks from his shirt. But I can't, he is married and straighter than all straights, he will push me away and a wrong move  will probably ruin everything we built together as a band and friends.



Our story with Brad begins many many moons ago, when we were little kids and we were fighting over 'Transformers.' figures, he was a tall, skinny boy with a head full of curls. I was an average kid and I had the trendy bowl hair cut, we were inseparable since day one and Brad even though he doesn't remember it. He was my first kiss.

We were almost seventeen, the most popular guy of our class; Daron*, was throwing a party for the start of the school year.

People said that there would be alcohol and weed, we had to try! 

We drunk a lot and got higher than kites, when I felt a bit dizzy I told Brad to come with me outside to get a little fresh air 

"Is my little 'noda feeling dizzy?" He started teasing me

"No, fluffy 'fro, I wanted to be alone with you." I told him while wiggling my brows.

"Too bad you're a guy 'noda, we'd be so good together." He looked me straight in the eyes. My heart shattering into million pieces, I knew I loved him for about two and a half years and now every hope was gone. I couldn't hold back my tears so I turned around and tried to walk back inside.

"Hey Spike, where are you going?" He said. "Are you ok? I don't wanna drag your fat ass back home passed out."

I turned around and looked him in the eyes. "Fuck you Delson, you will not drag me anywhere, I am out of here." He saw the tears in my eyes and I saw something in his eyes but I couldn't figure out what it was.

"Whoa, Mike hold on! What happened?" His voiced was calm with a bit of concern laced deep inside.

"None of your business." I growled between my teeth and turned my back to him again. I couldn't look at him, even his voice was hurting me at the moment. He grabbed me by my forearm, for a skinny dude he sure was strong, and turned me around as I missed a step and landed right in front of him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" He said, while he stretched his arm to raise me and held both of my arms, I couldn't read the tone in his voice, I was dizzy and so intoxicated by his smell, as I was standing so close to his body now. I looked up him, at his lips I saw them parting slightly to breathe and they were so inviting.

He cupped my face with both of his hands and forced me too look him in the eyes as he then made his move. He slightly pressed his soft lips on mine, the whole world stopped spinning and behind my eyes millions of fireworks started cracking as I kissed him back. It didn't last long but to me it was the most precious kiss of my life and it made me scared, that he will regret it and that would kill me in an instant, so after that kiss I told him that I don't feel well and left.

The next morning after talking about the party he told me that he remembered me downing vodka shots, this was an hour before the kiss and this was his last memory from the party. I felt so sad but I didn't say anything, if he didn't remember it wouldn't matter how I feel.

End of flashback


I turned my head around to dissolve these thoughts away and I met with Phi's emerald, green eyes, he knows and he is always keeping an eye on me, he is the shoulder that I cry my eyes out when I cannot stand the pain of having him so close, and at the same time so far away.

Just before the encore I felt courageous enough and  decided to tease him a bit, when it was the part of the show that we both played the guitar, I slowly walked behind him, and brushed his well rounded ass with the back of my hand. I turned my eyes to his face and grinned, he smirked and mouthed with a sweet smile on his wet lips. "I will get you." And I mouthed back "I can't wait." His dark, brown eyes widened and he gasped, he might have gotten the point.

*Later that night at the dressing room*

After succesfully finishing the concert we thanked the fans for being there and said our goodbyes. I started feeling my heart jumping around in my chest and in my head there was a storm of questions. "Is he mad at me?", "Did he got suspicious that I love him?", "Does he hate me?"

All these questions were buzzing in my head got me all dizzy, I took the bottle of water that Ches gave me.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and asked me if I am well 

"Sure, yeah." I said, he looked at me with questioning eyes, he sighed.

"Spill it Chaz?" I said, knowing him too well that he had something to say.

"I...I...Want to ask you something?"

"You know you can ask me anything Chaz?" I said with a bit of worry of what I was about to be asked.

"I feel that you are feeling a bit troubled and if I could help you in anyway? Just know that I am willing to." He said as he was trying to remove an invisible lid from his tshirt

I love Chester to death as a friend and as a bandmate, but I could never tell him that I am desperately in love with our guitarist, for more than half my life now. Dave heard me few years ago, when we shared a room during our tour in Asia in my sleep declaring my love and I was so clear 'I love you ,Delson.' Yeah, I know, my sleep talk is clear as water.

I had one of my best friends to look at me with pitiful eyes when Brad was gushing about his, 'Oh-so-perfect-wife.' I couldn't stand having another one.

"....me??" I heard fingers snapping, "Hey man I am talking to you, where are you?" 

"Sorry Chaz, I zoned out. I am really fine Ches and thank you for your concern." As I left him behind, going to get a towel.

I couldn't let my anxiety show, so I took a big breath and opened the heavy white door with the paper that said, 'Linkin Park.'

I started talking loudly. "Yo', Delson, please get a belt, we were so close to seeing your ass up on stage." I said with a huge smile on my face. Joe jumped to the opportunity. "He's right dude. I almost saw your butt crack." Everyone was laughing now and Brad glared down at us, one by one.

"I know you want to see that ass Shinoda, don't play the saint." I am sure that my eyes were about to fall from their sockets and my cheeks were blood red, instead of trying to find a rock to hide under, I snorted and tried to roll my eyes. 

Chester hit my ass with his towel demanding my attention and said in a surprised way. 'I knew it and don't try to deny it.' After telling him with my most calm smile to 'Shut up', I walked outside to go to the black van that waited patiently to get us to the hotel.

We had three vans to go to the hotel, fortunately Rob was with me and we got few moments to relax. I saw that Chester got in the same with Brad, panick started to rise within me, what if Chester opens his big mouth? 

The ride to the hotel was short and uneventful, fortunately. I said my goodnights and almost ran straight for my room.

The room was nice and comfy, with a huge bed inside that was really inviting, when I closed the door behind me, I started taking off my clothes, a hot shower was all I needed and Brad, but all I could get now was the bath.

I closed the curtain and got into the shower, the concert started replaying in my mind, I massaged my head to relieve the tension and made bubbles with the body wash, while I was showering, I visioned these cherry lips telling me. 'I will get you.' Instantly I got hard while thinking all the ways he could get me with every inch of his beautiful body and mind. While thinking what he could do to me using those long fingers and those sexy lips and what I could do to him, I started to stroke my cock, the moment I thought about his hot mouth around it, I painted the shower walls with the string of cum that erupted from me. I guess I need some sleep, it was just a fake promise the thing that he said to me.

I got out of the shower, grabbed the towel and started slowly to dry my hair and my skin. Got my teeth brushed, and tied the towel low in my waist. After searching for a while for clean boxers inside my suitcase and making a mental note to wash my dirty clothes. I got dressed, a pale blue plaid pair of trousers and a total white tshirt.

I wanted to talk to Dave, I felt like in need of air because of my desparation but I opted not to, he needed rest and not my whining ass around him.

When I was about to turn off the last light in my room and to go to sleep I heard a shy and light knocking on my door, I walked slowly close to the door and looked through the peep hole.

'Oh shit, it's Brad.' Don't open the fuckin' door, I kicked myself inwardly 'Play dead.' This was my best option. I heard someone walking away as he must have left, it was a wise move to not open the door, he would probably say that he behaved inappropriately up on stage and he would ask me to forgive him, like every other time and I would shove my scream inside my throat and play the innocent card. 'What? What happened on stage?'

I turned off the last light in the room, my heart looking more darker than the hotel room that I was in.


*Daron:Malakian of soad

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