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World's On Fire by xX_LP4Life_05_Xx

World's On Fire

Hello Everyone. I know it has been a long minute since i posted anything on this page but here i am. I wrote something short and sweet for you. I truly hope everyone is doing okay. I myself have just been busy with work and other things. I promise i will update each story when i get a chance to. Please don't give up on me.

So this story was inspired by the beautiful song by ours truly. So please give it a read and leave me some love afterwards. Thank you all.


It was a rainy day in the lost city of angels as I sat and stared at my computer. It was one of those days where you wish you could have just stayed in bed, cuddled up with your significant other. But today, today I had to work on getting this album finished. I had to work on getting these final songs done so they could be sent to be reviewed. Our album was due to be coming out soon, and I needed to make sure that it was perfect. 10 tracks we had made. 10 tracks filled with emotions that we each held so dear. It was honestly our most emotional album for sure. But it held a lot of meaning to the six of us.

As I closed one file and moved to the next, I was unaware of the fact that someone had come into my home studio. I turned around and about jumped out of my chair as a gentle hand was placed on my shoulder. I heard the manly laugh escape his lips as he looked at me with a little pity.

“Jesus Christ Chester, could you have at least announced yourself before walking in and giving me a heart attack” I said, placing my hand on my chest and calming my heart rate at the sudden excitement.

“I’m sorry Mikey. I wasn’t intentionally trying to scare you. Didn’t realize you were so lost in focus.” he smiled gently down at me.

I shook my head as I turned around in my chair to face him. “It’s alright. I should definitely pay more attention to my surroundings. You could have been a serial killer or something and I would have been done for.” I said with a soft laugh, “so what’s up?”

He leaned up against the desk with his hands gripping the side of the desk on each side of him and just smiled his trademark smile at me.“Well I figured I’d come see what the great Shinoda was up to. To come and check in on my favorite person.”

I chuckled at his statement and stood up, stretching my arms above my head and bending back a little until I felt my back pop. “Well aren’t you so sweet Ches.” I said as I reached for him and pulled him into a hug. I felt his arms wrap around my lower waist as mine wrapped just under his arm pits. The intoxicating smell of his lavender and honey body wash filling up my nose and calming me almost instantly.

Our embrace was short lived as he removed his arms slowly from around my waist and placed his hands into his pockets. His gaze was on the floor and his cheeks lightly blushed. I smiled at the innocent look of my band mate and lightly chuckled as I stepped back to give us a little space.

“So I was just working on finishing up this one track” I motioned towards the computer, “Got an extra second to input some vocals?”

He shook his head at me and chuckled. “Always the workaholic aren’t you Noda?” he said with a playful smile.

“You know it” I replied, hoping desperately that he wouldn’t see the blush creeping up on my cheeks at the sound of him calling me by my nickname.

“Well you know I can always spare a second for my Mikey” he reached out and squeezed my shoulder, the gesture nothing but an innocent reassuring touch.

I smiled back at him and walked over and sat back down in my chair, turning towards the desk. He then made his way to the personal vocal booth I had set up in the far corner of the room. I glanced over, having full view of the beautiful vocalist. His outfit fitting in all the right places and dressed a little more down than usual, wearing just a logo tee with a pair of fitted black jeans and sneakers. He also had a beanie on today too, which made the ensemble look all definitely Chester. This man could make the worst of outfits look sexy. I smiled as I continued to watch him get ready for recording by placing the ever so large headset over his ears. He then looked back at me and put his thumbs up, signaling that he was ready.


“And we’re done” I said while leaning back in my computer chair.

I watched as he walked out of the vocal booth and made his way to the small sofa that was directly in his path. He flopped down and laid his head back while closing his eyes. The site of him looking very serene and relaxed now. I heard him let out a long sigh that he seemed to be holding in and immediately my eyebrows creased in worry. I got up and walked over, sitting down gently beside him. I then placed my hand on his knee and squeezed lightly.

“Everything alright Ches?” I asked softly, concern laced in my tone.

His beautiful long lashes fluttered open as he looked over at me and gave me a small smile. “Yeah, maybe..” he hesitated at first, “No. No its not.” he said as he then let out another sigh and placed his hand over mine, gently squeezing it.

“What’s bothering you Ches? You know you can always talk to me.” I said, now looking him up and down. And then I saw something that practically broke my heart. And it honestly did every time I saw it. Tears started pooling at the corner of his eyes and almost instantaneously I pulled him into my arms. I laid back with my arms wrapped around him and he stretched himself out. Laying with his head on my chest and his arms wrapped around my sides.

“Their back Mikey. The voices. Their back and they won’t leave me alone.” he clung harder to me as I now started to rub his back. I felt the feeling in my chest tighten at his words. This beautiful man that gave so many the courage to fight their own demons was having trouble battling his own. This man that wore his emotions on his sleeve and a smile plastered on his face was honestly feeling so broken. This same man that I would tear down the world for. This beautiful man that held my heart since the first day I met him was now once again laying in my arms, crying his soul out.

I felt his body shake at the intensity of his crying. I closed my eyes and held on to him tighter while softly saying, reassuringly, “Ches, I’m here. Their not going to get you. Their not going to take you away. I promise.”

After crying for a minutes, I felt his breathing start to calm and his shaking subside. I finally heard his sobs turn into light sniffles. But even though he had stopped crying, he still clung on to me for dear life.

“Mike” I heard him say through a cracked desperate voice, “I’m sorry I’m so weak. I’m sorry that I depend on you so much. I’m sorry for being such a mess.”

I shook my head and slowly traced circles on his back. “Don’t say that Ches. You’re not weak. You’re not a mess. You’re the strongest person I know. The most caring too. Don’t believe what those voices say. They are wrong you hear me? They are all wrong.”

He lifted his head and looked up at me. His beautiful brown eyes looking just so lost. I then leaned up while placing a hand to the back of his shaved head, pushing it gently down as I placed a soft kiss to his forehead. “You’re so important Chazzy. To me and so many other people. Don’t let those shitty demons make you think otherwise.” I said while laying back down.

He then gave a soft smile and leaned forward, placing a kiss to the tip of my nose. I chuckled at his gesture while he laid his head back down on my chest. “Thank you Mike. Its just, it gets so hard sometimes up there and I just don’t know what to do.” he spoke softly. “Its like a completely different Chester up there. And he keeps telling me that you all would be better off without me. That I’m only a burden to you and everyone around me. That I’m truly not worthy of the love anyone gives me.”

I heard his voice crack as he clutched back onto me. Making me only react by pulling him tighter to me.

“Ches” I began, choosing my words carefully, “I know how you feel up there. Because there are days that I feel that way too. There are days that I just don’t want to get out of bed and face the world. And on those days I feel no one truly understands how I’m feeling.” I looked up at the ceiling and sighed, “But then I remember something. That there is someone on this big ass planet who does. That there is someone who knows exactly what I feel and fights the exact same demons I do daily. And that person is someone I’m glad to call my band mate, my best friend.”

I took a moment to look down at him and smiled “So just remember something for me Ches. When you feel like your world is on fire just know I’m always here and I’ll always need you. No matter what those demons say, you are worth everything Chester. And no one would be better off without you.”

He lifted his head and smiled back at me. A tear lightly flowing down his already stained cheeks. I reached up and softly brushed it away with the pad of my thumb as he spoke. “Thank you Noda. I’m so glad I have you and I’m sorry that I’m just so emotional today.”

I chuckled softly at his comment. “There’s nothing wrong with being emotional Ches. It’s part of being human ya know. And I’m glad I have you too. The world would be a very dark place without you. Especially my world. So please. If you ever need me, please call me or come to me. I’ll never turn you away.”

He then hugged me tightly and giggled softly. “I promise Mikey. I’ll call or come to you if it gets that bad again. I love you Noda. Thank you for always being here for me.”

“Anytime Ches, always. And I love you too.”

As we continued to lay there, I felt his breathing start to slow as if he was falling into a soft slumber. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing to match his. As I listened to the fall of the rain, I too fell fast asleep with the comfort of my best friend in my arms.

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