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Growing Up by JellyfishLP

Growing Up ch. 1

Hi, I’m a new author on this page, and haven’t written fanfiction in like 3 or 4 years. I’ve written for a completely different fandom before, but then I lost interest in it, so I stopped.

I’ve read a lot on this page lately, and decided to start writing again, so here’s my first story. It’s about Bennoda friendship, and it’s AU. I don’t know what Mike’s parent‘s real names are, but in some stories they are Muto and Donna, so I’ll use these names, too. Mike and Chester are the same age in this story, which also deals with child abuse and violence: don’t like, don’t read.

Please keep in mind that I’m not a native speaker!


Mr. And Mrs. Shinoda were very proud on their eight-year old son Mike; they had raised him bilingually, so he spoke both English and Japanese fluently, he had been practicing the piano since he had been three years old, and although he was just in second grade, he was already at the top of his class in every subject. He had many friends and was not only creative in music, but also in art.

His father was a lawyer, his mother worked part-time as a secretary, while their only child was at school. The family had never had financial problems, and yet, Mike wasn’t going to one of those fancy private schools, but to a normal school in one of the better regions of L.A., and his parents made sure he learned the value of money at a young age. His father insisted on raising his son the old school way, while his mother always tried to convince her husband to be more open-minded to modern ways of parenting.

One Saturday morning, Mike was at the mall with his parents, and while his mother was shopping for new skirts for work, he had managed to talk his father into buying him a new set of watercolors, when a remote-controlled car caught his eyes. It was a big, red Porsche with flames on the sides…and extremely expensive.

“Dad? Look at that car! Can I have it? Pleeeaaasee?” he asked with his best puppy eyes.

“Did you see the price, Michael?”

“Um, yes, but…you can afford it, right? You’ve got money!”

“I do. But it’s still expensive, and I won’t buy a you a toy this expensive right now.” he said, squatting down in front of Mike.

“Why not, Daddy?”

Muto sighed, the damn puppy eyes were back and he was close to actually buying the car, but Mike had to learn that just because you’re rich, you can’t get everything you want.

“Listen, Michael. You know that we do have money. But you should also know that this is no reason to have everything you want. Your mother wants new shoes every month, I want a pool in the garden, and you want this ridiculously overpriced remote-control car. Just because we have the money, doesn’t mean we should spend it.”

When he saw the disappointment in his son’s eyes, he added with a smile: “Maybe you’ll get it for Christmas, who knows?”

“But, Dad, I don’t wanna wait until it’s Christmas!”

“Michael Kenji, you are not going to throw a tantrum in the store, are you?” he asked in a strict tone that made Mike lower his gaze to the floor. “So, let’s pay for those watercolors and go home, hm?”

“Ok, Dad…” Mike mumbled before casting one last glance at the red car he wanted so desperately. He knew he had to come here again to show it to his best friend Brad.


Meanwhile, in a different part of the city, eight-year old Chester Bennington was currently pleading with his step father to get a new pair of sneakers, although he knew there was no hope.

“Please, Steven! The other kids at school are all laughing at me! My shoes have holes in them, I really need new ones!”

“Do I look like I care about your stupid ass, you little son of a bitch? I said no!”

Steven had been his mother’s second husband, before she had passed away from a drug overdose two years ago. He had never met his real father, and so he came to live with Steven, whom he never called ‘Dad’, in a trailer park.

Steven didn’t really care for Chester, and he already looked forward to the day when he would kick him out of his ‘house’, but that day had not come yet, since Chester was only in elementary school. After Chester’s mom had died, Steven had become an alcoholic, lost his job, and treated Chester even worse than before.

“But everyone makes fun of me for wearing those shoes! Please!” Chester shouted.

“I don’t have money for that kinda crap, you little pussy! And stop yelling at me! Now get out of my sight.”

Doesn’t he know that it takes all my courage to ask him for something? Chester thought. Why can’t he just be nice? I wish Mom was still with me…

“But you have money for cigarettes all the time and –“

Chester immediately shut up when Steven got up from his chair and started walking towards him with his right hand raised. He froze for a second before he realized what was about to happen and then he just ran. Out of the room, out of the trailer and out of Steven’s way. He ran through the rain in just shorts, the sneakers with holes and a thin t-shirt, and he only stopped running when he stumbled over his own feet and fell on the muddy ground. As he sat down under a tree he knew he couldn’t stay out here forever. He had to go back to the trailer before it got dark, although he knew Steven sometimes got drunk at night, and then he was even less safe at home than when Steven was sober.

I don’t wanna go home. Home – what is that? I don’t have a home. The other kids in my class all live in houses or apartments with their parents, and I live here. I miss mom, she could always calm Steven down…I’m scared of him, and I’m scared of what he does to me at night. It usually only happens when he’s drunk or angry with me or both. It hurts and I don’t really understand what he’s doing, but I hate it. It’s so disgusting and sometimes I have to puke afterwards because I can’t struggle against him, he’s too strong. It started last year, and I don’t know when it will end. I wish someone could help me, but I haven’t told anyone. Who would believe me, anyway?

The bruises on Chester’s arms were a painful reminder of what had happened three times in the previous week. When it was already dark outside, he walked back to their trailer, hoping that Steven was already asleep.


To be continued. Thanks for reading!

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