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Castle Of Glass by SonataNocturne


A/N: So. Finally. Jeez, I had this idea months ago. This first chapter is just a short prologue and might seem random. Believe me, there is a meaning behind it. I'll add warnings as I go, cause I can assure you this isn't a light story. Torture the cupcake! And now I will go back and finish 'In My Remains'.


The dreams started as quickly as they ended. Suddenly he was in a room. It was dark and small, but he somehow felt comfortable there. It had four walls and a door. From the door came in a light which shade changed every time. It illuminated the walls with a soft, mesmerizing color. Dancing on the walls like the source was moving, and he couldn't stop staring at it. Maybe he stayed like that for hours. Maybe it was just a glimpse. Cause, after all, it was just a dream.

One time a voice appeared. It was soft and delightful. He listened. He listened so carefully that he started to miss it when he woke up. Or when the dream didn't come. Because he wasn't there every night. Occasionally there were weeks before he was back. Sometimes it was only days.

The voice talked like in incomplete thoughts. Sometimes it had a serious tone, sometimes lighter. It bounced from a thing to another, and only occasionally he could catch what was the meaning behind the words. It didn't matter. He enjoyed the sound of it and felt like home in the room with the voice and the light. And rarely he remembered what the voice talked about when he woke up.

Then suddenly the voice didn't come. One night he sat there waiting, but it stayed quiet. He didn't understand why, but he realized it was a dream. Dreams aren't logical. Or consistent. But he missed the voice. And the silence was deafening.

He was sad but when he was back there the next time, he sat down again patiently, waiting. This time it was even more different. The door was closed and the room was pitch black. But it wasn't that what made him scared. But the atmosphere. The air felt thick and heavy, squeezing him in. It was like something evil was trying to get inside, He wanted to get out. It wasn't any more like it had been and he didn't want to be there. And still, it was quiet.

That was the first time he woke up after the dream feeling anxious and afraid. The feeling stayed with him for the whole day, like a shadow watching his every step. And that was the last time he had been in the room.

Now when he sat in a bus, traveling from his hometown to Los Angeles to his new life, his mind went back to the dreams. The sun was setting, painting the sky with same glowing orange as had danced in the room the last time he had seen the light. He missed it and the voice.

Because the dreams ended as quickly as they started.



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