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What Are We? by strife647

Everything will be okay, we will be okay.

Mike and Chester had just gotten back from the grocery store. They had bought some things for their small party later tonight with the other guys and their girlfriends. Chester had moved in with Mike a few weeks ago because Mike had found out he was living out of his car, of course the only room he had was the living room but Chester was okay with it.

They hadn’t had a welcome party yet for Chester since he had arrived from Arizona, he had been picked to be their new lead singer for their band Hybrid Theory .They had been so busy recording music, they hadn’t had a good chance to prepare a party yet for him until now.

”Hey, Chaz! If you are going out to the car can you get the other two twelve packs of beer that are in there? I got one of them and your pack of cigarettes are in there too.” He tossed his friend the car keys as headed for the front door.

”Sure thing Mikey, where’s the beer? In the trunk? He waited at the door as he looked at his dark haired friend.

”Yeah, it’s right in the back. Thanks Chaz.” He smiled as he watched him head out the door, he eyes happening to land on his rear end as he walked out the door, feeling a little ashamed that felt a little happy about that and then proceeded to then take out everything else they had bought from the store and then put it away for later. Chester had somehow found a gold unicorn horn that he found amazing during their shopping spree and Mike had bought it for him as sort of a welcoming present. The Front door opened back up and Chester walked in carrying the twelve pack and the other grocery bag Mike had left in the car.

”Forget something Mike?” Chester laughed and gave the bag a little shake as he sat it down on the table as well as the pack. “Luckily I went back out there or that really would have spoiled or would have went rotten.” He pulled out one of his cigarettes and lit it up.

”Thank you Mr. I-Am-So-Important.” He started to laugh and then laughed harder when he saw Chester laughing. “What the fuck is up with this thing though?” he pulled the unicorn horn from the bag and put it around Chester’s head, blushing a bit when he felt the warmth of his cheeks against his fingers. “You said THIS IS THE MOST FUCKING MAJESTIC THING EVER! And I just had to buy it.”

”I Shall now be named Uni-Chaz, no the Chazzy-Corn.. no,no,no that doesn’t seem right either.” Chester made a groan of annoyance. “The thing is fucking awesome, okay? That’s okay right? He was a bit surprised when Mike gave him a little hug and then proceeded to give into the warm inviting hug that Mike was offering him.

”It’s okay Chaz, don’t work yourself up over it.” He gave a little chuckle and gave a little squeeze. “Personally I like Uni-Chaz. It kinda means like You’re one of a kind.” He hid his face a little when he said that, hoping Chester did not see the change.”Because I think you are. To us, I mean. You are one of a kind to us.” He had to hurry and change the direction of this conversation before it became something he did not want it to become.

When Chester heard those words “one of a kind.” his heart beat did skip in his chest but he did not know why and then Mike said to us and then it dropped, again Chester couldn’t explain why. “Thank you Mike, you may not know it but those words mean a lot to me.” He gave him a little smile and reached for his shoulder. “ I think I’m gonna go and take a shower and then rest on the couch until later for the guys and girls to get here. Is that okay?”

”Sure, it’s fine. I was just probably going to work on some of the music we have been writing lately anyway. I’ll wake you up if anyone tells me they are on their way.” He walked towards the direction of his bedroom and looked back at Chester. “Goodnight, Chaz.”

”Goodnight, Mikey.”

What Mike didn’t know was that Chester wasn’t just showering, he had carried a little baggy inside with him as well that Mike had failed to notice.

---------------------------------------------8:00 P.M----------------------------------------

“Hey Mike, like why are we like here again?” Brad walked into the front door with his girlfriend and the other members of Hybrid Theory. as Mike stood there welcoming each of them.

”Brad, I told you. It’s Chester’s welcoming party, c’mon man. We talked about this he’s been here for about three weeks now.” He let all of them in and showed them where the beers and snacks were.

”Hey man how’s it goin’ Mike?” Dave gave a short hug to Mike.

”Nothin’ much pretty much the same. Still working on the lyrics, still working on the beats.”

”How about Mr.Sunshine over there? How has he been doing since he’s been living here? He looked over to Chester who was over by the beers in the Kitchen.

”So far, so good. No problems so far. I’d say we are pretty good roommates at least to me. At least he doesn’t make a mess of the place that’s all I can say.”

”So he’s pretty normal? He’s not like a serial killer or anything right?” He chuckled but he kinda wanted to know about their new member.

Mike burst out laughing at Dave’s accusation and everyone looked at him like he was crazy. “Of course he’s not a fucking serial killer, if he was do you think I would still be alive right now? I mean the poor guy just looks so innocent and…”

”And what?” Dave looked at him wondering what he was going to say next. But Mike had gone quiet.

”Nothing.” He looked Chester up and down. Cursing the fact that maybe he was attracted to him. “He just looks so skinny, he couldn’t hurt anyone.” he tried to lie for why he was looking at Chester.

”You do have a point.” He also looked at Chester but for completely different reasons than Mike. “He can’t weigh more than a hundred pounds.Well, glad to know we don’t have a serial killer in our band, have a nice night Mike.” He takes off towards the kitchen to say Hi to the special guest of the night.

Mike ends up spitting out a mouthful of his drink as Dave walks away and it ends up landing on Joe.

”Wow, thanks man. Didn’t know I was going to get sprayed with Mike beer tonight.” He says with a straight face.

”Sorry man, I didn’t mean to do that…..” Mike was getting ready to apologize more when he saw the smile on Joe’s face. “Well if you didn’t know you were going to get sprayed with beer how about I help with more of that?” He grinned and they started to wrestle in the middle of the Living Room. It went on for at least ten minutes before they both got tired and Joe went to go sit down.

Rob was in Kitchen making conversation with Chester, seemed like he was the only one who wasn’t afraid out of the bunch of quartets to go up to him first. Good for Rob, Mike smiled to himself, at least he was getting to know Chester at the moment.

And then came Big Bad Brad again, asking the same question!

”But like, didn’t we like go for pizza. The first night he got here?” He sat down on the couch “Or Was that like Hooters….” he blanked out.

Mike sat down on the couch next to brad, and then Chester came in from the Kitchen and sat next to Mike.

”You call those parties?” Mike sighed at how his friend could completely forget what they had talked about. He noticed Chester’s cheeks were slightly tinted and his eyes a bit glassy. “Hey, are you okay?” he put his hand on his shoulder.

”Yeah, I’m fine. Just had a beer is all. Any worries I might have are slowly fading away to nothing at the moment.” He gave a slight smile. He gave a little fib, he was already on his third beer when everyone was still on their first. He had started drinking a little earlier than others. “Don’t worry Mikey, I’m just fine. I’m mean this is my party. I should get what I want shouldn’t i?” he chuckled.

”Okay, Okay. Mr. I-Am-So-Important.” He laughed. “Maybe you will get what you want tonight who knows? Mike blushed suddenly, where the hell did that come from? Would he take that the wrong way? Why did I say that!? “Excuse me, I think I need to go get another drink.” He got up and left into the kitchen.He started to slightly panic at what he had just said.Why did I say that? What did I mean by it? I’m not gay, Chester’s not gay. So what way am I gonna let him have?” He quickly got another beer out of the twelve pack and started to drink it down quickly. Brad saw what had happened and followed him into the Kitchen.

”Dude, What happened back there? Are you okay?” He put his hand on the back of his friends back. He could clearly see something had upset him. If his beer guzzling had anything to say about it.

”It was just what I said back there, it kind of bugged me is all. I’m okay now.” He took a breath and leaned back on his counter.

”You mean about Chester having his way tonight? What’s so bad about that?” he looked extremely confused at Mike. Who also looked confused to Brad.

”What do you mean what’s so bad about that?” He started to scratch and pull at the scruff that was on his chin like it was something foreign that was not meant to be there.

”I thought you meant like maybe Chester will let the party go however he wants to, you know like, if he wants strippers, we get strippers, if he wants balloons we get balloons that sort of thing.” He was still looking at Mike like he had grown a second head. “What did you mean by it?”

”I…I thought the stripper thing too, which is why I freaked. Since we live in Apartments, I didn’t want everyone to know we had brought strippers over here so I thought that since I mentioned that and if Chester suggested it we would have to do it.” He was nervous and wondered if Brad would believe him or not.

Brad saw Mike swallow hard and pondered if he should pursue it or let it go, but he decided to let it go for now. “Okay, that makes sense.You wouldn’t want your neighbors to know that you had just to much of crazy party right?” he chuckled trying not to let on too much. He forgot sometimes but he wasn’t a complete idiot.

Back in the Living Room , Chester heard what Mike said at that moment and truly did not know what to say, had he heard that right? The way Mike freaked out he would think no he didn’t, he thinks Mike didn’t mean it either.The look on Mike’s face was enough to say it all. Clearly they didn’t just think the same idea the other had just completely thought. But the way Mike reacted really hurt Chester in a way, then Brad left and began talking to Mike.

-----------------------------------------10:00 P.M------------------------------------------

Eight beers later for Chester and Six more for Mike and they were both more than drunk, Somehow they had both wondered over to each other sitting next to each other on the couch while the other members were spread around the Apartment. Music playing in the background as well as talking can be heard. Chester had been staring at Mike for awhile, just watching him like a hawk and Mike noticing just how much he was being watched.

“Stare much Chester?” Mike’s words were slurred slightly and he couldn’t help but notice Chester’s shirt was long gone.

”Not enough apparently, since I have been for the past five minutes or so..so Mike I have been wanting to ask, what were you and Brad talking about earlier?” He laid back against the couch and played with his fingertips.

”And why is that any of your business Chester?” Mike joined him leaning back with him and closing his eyes, feeling his world begin to move around him.

”it’s not.” He sighed. “But I just thought you would let me know.” He began to pick at his fingernails a bit and then got tired of it and placed his hands onto the couch.

”It was just about earlier, about what I said…that’s all. He just went to check up on me to see if I was okay and I said I was alright.” His eyes were still closed, not realizing how closely Chester was looking at him now.

”What did you mean by what you said? The way you said it and the way you reacted, it didn’t seem innocent to me.” Chester then licked his tongue over his labret as he looked at Mike, his eyes still closed. “And the way I heard it, it wasn’t so innocent either.”

Mike opened his eyes again and he saw Chester sitting there, still watching him, waiting for him to make the first move.

Chester could clearly see something change in Mike’s demeanor as soon as he opened his eyes, there was something else there. Yes, he was still extremely drunk, as was Chester. But he could see Lust? Craving? Desire? Longing? Love?

”See something interesting Chester?” Mike purposely moved closer to him, their shoulders touching, looking into each others eyes. He was nervous as all hell what was he doing!?

”You could say that. That something interesting could be you.” He suggestively moved his arm up against Mike’s and then down again creating a rubbing motion. He made the slightest purring noise deep inside his throat. Chester wondered where the hell this sudden courageousness had come from. But he didn’t mind one bit, his mind was clear for the moment.

”What brought this on all of the sudden Chazzy-Chaz?” He looked at Chester’s labret and unknowingly licked his own lips. “I know that I am drunk off of my ass right now, what is your excuse?” Mike moved to face Chester and made sure no one could see them. He slowly and softly rubbed his fingertips along Chester’s Bicep feeling the muscle move under his fingers. Mike didn’t show it but was nervous, his first time touching another guy how could he not, but at the same time it felt natural because it was with someone he was comfortable with.

”I’m drunk too. But Mikey look at us giving excuses for doing what we are doing.” He laughed. “It’s pitiful don’t you think? I mean you are the one who said it, that I should get what I want tonight since it’s my party after all.” He gave him a knowing grin at those words.

Mike gave a hard swallow at those words, “I did say that didn’t I?” He licked his lips again as if they were dry and he lifted his hand from Chester’s bicep to his labret. “Chester…I’m not gay….I don’t know what this is…. “ He gently rubbed the labret with his thumb and then shivered as Chester took his thumb gently into his mouth. “Ches…” He gasped as he felt Chester circle his tongue around it, his teeth nipping the edge of his thumb, all the while staring into Mike’s eyes.

Chester slowly released Mike’s thumb from his mouth making sure his labret rubbed against the bottom. He sat closer to Mike and could tell Mike was aroused and so was he. He leaned his head in and whispered into Mike’s ear, “I’m not gay either but I would still suck the hell out of you.” He then proceeded to lick Mike’s ear and then suck his ear lobe suggestively, he made sure no one else from the band could see what they were doing. He then felt himself being pushed back and being pulled away somewhere by Mike, and by then he realized he was in his bedroom.

His bedroom fit him so well, artwork everywhere and music poster’s along with music albums along the walls. He had a desk for when he wanted to sit and write music or draw, and he had a big soft king sized bed.

Mike’s inner beast had taken control at Chester’s words and couldn’t control himself any longer. “You would suck the hell out of me? Then what’s stopping you Chaz? He laid back on his bed and took Chester with him, bringing his face down to his and kissing him for the first time. Their tongues meeting heatedly and sounds of moans driving them further. Completely forgetting the fact that he was kissing another male in the process and was going to go even further than that with said male.

Chester didn’t waste any time getting Mike out of his jeans, luckily he wore pretty baggy clothes which he didn’t mind especially not at the moment since they came off so easily. By the time he got him out of his boxers he was already almost fully hard which made Chester’s own cock twitch. Mike was truly beautiful. At least Chester thought so, Mike not so much. But he loved the sight before him. “Mike, amazing.” He leaned forward and gave the tip a small but firm kiss, tasting the salty precum that had already formed there.

”Chazzy, I’m not…” Mike put an arm over his eyes in order to hide his face and his embarrassment.

”Shhhh….It’s okay.” Chester removed his arm and looked him in the eyes and smiled, I know what I want and tonight I am going to have just that. Realizing he was not afraid at all to be with Mike, and that made him happier than Mike will probably ever know. He lowered his head again and this time rubbed the center of his labret against Mike’s slit causing him to hiss in pleasure, grabbing on Chester’s hair gently. He then moved it down slowly until it was just under his tip and he wrapped his warm mouth around his still growing member.

Mike’s fingers brushed through Chester’s hair and began petting softly as his moans quietly began to fill the room. “Oh god, Ches….” He began to rock his hips slowly to the rhythm of Chester’s mouth. “Chester, you feel so good, it feels so good.”

Chester moved his mouth further down and began to swirl his tongue around Mike’s cock, happy to hear Mike’s words knowing that he was the one making him feel so good. He would once in a while on an upward movement dip his tongue into his slit and gather any precum that had managed to escape so far, Mike’s aroused voiced was insanity and Chester was on the brink of it. He was still hard and Mike wasn’t making it easier. He secretly ground into the mattress as he got Mike off.

Mike had never had oral sex like this before, not with someone who has had a labret and oh hell could he feel every stroke of it when Chester sucked. When it scratched the underside it sent shivers down his spine and when it got caught against the underside of his tip, a breath would get caught in his throat. “Ches…it’s….so…..good….don’t….know….how….long….I’ll…..last….” and he was right, he could feel it, that familiar feeling right before you cum. His legs were tensing, he could feel that knot in his stomach, his breathing had picked up and his moaning had become much more noticeable.

Chester realized Mike was going to cum soon and he wasn’t going to waste anytime getting him there. He was close himself and he wanted to cum with Mike. So he did the one thing he thought of first, he slowly slid his mouth down Mike’s cock and slid it down his throat swallowing it slowly. He gave a little gag but then became more used to it using his tongue and labet to rub the underside of Mike’s cock.

Chester wanted the pressure in his member to build more so he slid a few fingers past his cock and pushed between his testicles and opening hoping that he could hit Mike’s prostate from this angle. He pushed a few times trying to find the perfect angle before he finally found it and he heard Mike moan out beautifully as he came.

Ches…….Ches….cum…cumming….!!!” He suddenly felt Mike thrash around on the bed as he suddenly felt a hot stream of cum hit his mouth tasting the salty cum, his own orgasm hitting him, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he could feel the sticky cum in his boxers. His mouth still around Mike’s member sucking him dry feeling him release another two small short bursts before he swallowed and gave a smile around him. He released his softening member and looked at him. “I would kiss you but I don’t know how you would feel about kissing a man that just sucked you off.” he kind of looked ashamed and shy suddenly, looking away.

Mike reached out for Chester,turned his face toward him and gave him a kiss to his lips and smiled. “Don’t worry about it Chazzy, everything will be okay.” He was tired and he pulled Chester down next to him and kissed his head. “We will be okay, and you aren’t just any man you are Chester. You are my Chester.” He took his hand and kissed it, then everything went dark.

Mike woke up the next morning with a killer headache, his covers half on and half off of him like they usually are and the sun killing his eyes. He quickly threw the covers over his head to keep himself from an even worse headache, when he realized something. How did he get here? Wasn’t he at the party last night? The more he thought the more his face paled because he had remembered what he had done. “Don’t tell me…please don’t tell me I did what I think I did with Chester…” He put his hand over his face, he was ashamed he let Chester do what he did. He pulled the covers up and got out of bed and went into the Living Room where he saw Chester sleeping under the covers. They had to talk about this right now.

”Chester, we need to talk.” Mike shook Chester by the shoulders trying to wake him up.

”Mike…stop….shaking….me….what….is….wrong?” Chester woke up, revealing his head from under the covers and glaring at Mike in the eyes. “What the hell Mike? Can’t you tell I have a fucking hangover? Can’t you tell I’m trying to sleep? You should still have one too.”

”Of course I have a hangover Chester, that’s not why I’m fucking out here. I’m out here because we have to talk about fucking last night.” Mike was a little irritated this morning due to his brain beating against his skull.

“What about last night? Is this about the flirting? Yeah, I fucking flirted with you. But, you did too. Get over it, instead you were trying to make an excuse like you were drunk. Or maybe I was running around with my pants around my ankles? After I have had so many beers I forget things and people usually have to tell me about them in the morning.” Chester tried to lay back down but Mike stopped him.

”This is not about the flirting Chester, I know I flirted and I admit that. I mean what happened after. We have to talk about it, I think we made a mistake.” Mike looked at Chester who looked very confused by Mike’s words. “What is it Chester? What’s wrong?”

”About the whole having too many beers thing, and not remembering anything. What happened after our flirting Mike?” Please, don’t tell me it’s something bad. Please, don’t tell me it’s something I’m going to regret.” He was staring intently at Mike now, wanting to know everything that had happened between the two of them last night.

Mike sat down next to Chester and he tried to reach out for his hand but he pulled away from him. He didn’t have the courage to look him in the eye. He didn’t remember a thing, he did this without his consent. How could he do this to him when he was so out of it last night. When they were both completely out of it. Neither of them should have done what they did, and now it feels like Mike used him. He felt so horrible, he wanted to cry, not for him but Chester because now he’s going to be so hurt at what he did.

”Chaz….you….and…me….last night at the party we were flirting and after we….please don’t make me say it, I don’t want to hurt you.” He could feel the starting of tears sting his eyes as he tried to blink them away.

”Mike, tell me or I can’t trust you, so please. Tell me everything that you remember that happened last night.” He couldn’t look at Mike, he could tell he felt bad but he wasn’t sure if he could forgive him. He tried to sit as far on the opposite end of the couch as he could. Did Mike use him? Did Mike want him? How did he feel about all of this?

Mike swallowed the lump he felt that was in his throat. “Chester, after we flirted with each other I took you to my bedroom and you gave me head. That’s what happened.” He stared at the floor after he had said it, afraid of looking anywhere near Chester. He hoped he didn’t hate his guts now for this. He was to blame, for letting his hormones take control.

Chester felt like his blood had just ran cold, did he hear right? He gave Mike head? His Mike? He felt sick. This can’t be happening again. He felt like he was going to have a anxiety attack if he didn’t get away from Mike right now! “I-I think I need to go..Mike..I-I need some air.” He got up and looked for his keys to his car as Mike also got up following him.

”Chester, you don’t have to go. I mean where are you going to go?” He looked at him, his face looked so pale he looked like he was getting ready to pass out.

”JUST OUT! I need to be alone Mike!” He basically screamed his head off at him as he slammed the door shut behind him as he left Mike behind at the front door.

Chester ran out to the car, breathing hard trying to catch his breath. Mike was not the same. He was not the same as the past. Mike didn’t make him do it, he said I did it on my own. “He’s not him, not him, not him, not him.” he drove off to find the closest dealer he could find, right now he need whatever they had.

Hours later and Chester still hadn’t come home. Mike was getting worried. He was in the Living Room scribbling down lyrics of feelings he was feeling at the moment and chewing on the tip of his pen in anxiousness because Chester had not called nor went to see any of the other members. He wondered where he went, wondering if he might have chosen to go back to living in his car but then then he heard it, his car pull up right outside and damn was he nervous as all hell.

Chester walked inside the front door and at first glance saw Mike sitting on the couch. His hands were fidgety, and he wondered if Mike would be able to tell if he was on anything. His eyes immediately looked away from him as he walked into the front room. “Hey.” He looked down at the book Mike was writing in. “Writing lyrics?” still not looking in his eyes. He definitely did not want Mike finding about his little secret. He had just joined. If he found out now, he would most likely kick him out to the curb.

”Yeah, I wrote some new one’s want to take a look?” His heart felt cold with how monotone Chester’s voice sounded and the fact he had yet to look at him. He handed the notebook to him and hoped that maybe somewhere it would speak to him and help him get out of where ever he is right now.

Chester began reading over Mike’s newly written lyric’s and didn’t really see anything that was to new, he saw somethings that could be used on the record that they had planned to make, but there was something that he just couldn’t take his eyes off of and he wondered if those words were written for him or if they could have just have indeed been just words.

No, no matter how far we've come

I can't wait to see tomorrow

No matter how far we've come,

I can't wait to see tomorrow

With you

Chester could feel tears start to sting his eyes, he started to wipe them away as he looked up at Mike. These With you words, what are they about?

Mike dragged Chester gently over to the couch and sat him down. “They are about you.” He gave a soft smile and sat beside him. “Chester, I know you hate me now and I know you can never forgive me and I’m sorry I let that happen.” He was surprised when he felt a finger silence him.

”You don’t have to be sorry for anything. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. If I wanted you that means that I was not afraid and you have no idea how much that means to me considering my past. He looked at him with pained eyes. “And dammit Mike I still have that attraction toward you.”He gave a little pained smile, not able to tell Mike about what he had just went out and done.

Mike listened to Chester’s words, highly confused by the mention of his past but he would remember to ask about it later. “I never wanted to hurt you Chester, I never would do that.” He lightly blushed at his admission to liking him. “That feeling is mutual Bennington.”He grinned and lightly tapped him on the arm. Showing him one of his famous Shinoda smiles. Mike reached forward and hugged Chester showing him that it was all going to be okay.

”What are we Mike?” He leaned back in the chair his head laid back laying against the head rest. Looking over toward Mike who looked back at him.

’”I don’t know Chaz.” Mike smiled softly and gently played his fingers through Chester’s hair. “Everything will be okay, we will be okay.”

This is Bennoda. I plan on making it timeline based so lots of story! Goody! :D This is also my first story ever, I mean like ever, I have never written anything before so please be gentle with me. >_< Mike and Chester will be the two characters who are mostly in this story since its about them basically figuring out their feelings through the years. I hope it’s not boring for you, it’s been sitting in my brain days now and it just will not leave so I figured why not give it a try?

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