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My everything by allby2000

What happened?

Hey guys, how I can't translater my on stories for now at least, I will write another one. Let me know what did you guys think.

It's be a one month since Tom passed away, it's be two weeks since Talinda left me for another guy, it's be two weeks that I'm drinking again, I'm trying understanding what hell is wrong with me, why my personal life doesn't work?

"Fuck this phone can't stop just for a second?" It's Mike calling me for the hundred time on the last two days, I have to answer him or him not going stop.

"What hell you want Mike?" Okay I'm know I have be a dick with him and everyone but I'm just tired and I want to be alone.

"We didn't heard from you it's be days Chester we all worried about you, and I so fucking worried about you dude, how you have been?

"I'm fine Mike." I said trying hold back the tears.

"I don't believe, I know you better than you know yourself, comm C just talk to me, let it all out, I'm here and you know.

"I'm fine Mike, I appreciate that you guys have be worried about me, but I'm fine, I will see you guys at afternoon, we have work to do." I finished the call. And I did what Mike said, I let it out, suddenly something pass in my head I stopped from my self harm years ago and…

"No I can't do it. I promise to Mike that I wouldn't do it anymore, I have to keep that promise." I said to myself.

But I know that I'm in a dark place, and I can't see the light, all the I see is myself with 6 years old in a scary place, he can't fight to get out from there and I can't reach out him, I can see all the monsters that I had in my mind, all memories that I wish forget, all my fears. And then something that I don't know if is good or not, I felt in love with Mike since Meteora or something, I'm afraid to telling this I don't wanna lose him.

Since Tom passed away I had drinking too much again, I guess was because this my wife left me, she always said to me, that she couldn't deal with, so yeah she left me when I need her, but it's ok.

3 hours later

I drinking one bottle of bourbor, I look at the clock and I know Mike is coming, he texted me before saying that he's drive here in a couple hours.

"Shit" I feel so sick and I can't stand up, I need it hide this from him, I don't wanna him knowing, finally I could get up and clean all my living room, I made myself eat trying take away the taste, he can't noticed.

"Chaz I'm here."

"I'm in the kitchen." Don't take so long and he's here looking at me.

"So are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine and about you? What you did the last month? We barely talk I'm sorry about that, it's just all this thing with Tim you know?"

"Yeah I'm so sorry for that Chaz. And I just did some stuff for the band and FM too, I was worried about you, you didn't answer any of my texts or calls. Where's Tal?" He asking looking around.

"She's staying at she's mother house for while now." Well this isn't a lie I guess.

"Are you guys okay? She had calling to Anna a lot on the last couple months."

"…Yeah Mike we're okay." I said smiling for him.

"Okay we have to go, can I have a hug?"

"Not now, later I promise I will hug you."

"Why not now? Are you hiding something don't you?"

"Nah Mike, I just don't wanna a hug right know, and we have to hurry, it's later already." I hate myself, I hate the feeling of lie for him.

"Fine, let's go." I saw the sadness in he's face and this is my fucking fault.

(1 hour later)

I take a seat away from them, just waiting to get out from this City, I really need work I can't be alone at home like this it's too dangerous. This time Mike is going with Brad and I'm here alone well it's was kinda my choice and I have to deal it.

We're back to Japan and I love be here, probably because him, I feel close to him some how I guess.

"Finally" I said get out from the our plane. Now we just have to take a car to take us to hotel.

"Just wondering do you wanna share the room with me or prefer be alone?" He came suddenly to me asking this, I didn't have time to think about. What I do know?

"Mike just let's get there and then we talk about that okay?"

"Yeah fine…" So he walks away I take a deep breath and I walk behind him.

"Are you okay dude?" Brad asking me before we get in the car.

"I'm fine BBB don't worry." I said smiling.

"So let's go." He said waiting for me get in.

I take my seat behind Mike, he's quite. I really need ask if he's was ok.



"Are you okay?"

"I'm okay"

"Why are you lying to me?"

"Can I make the same question? What's the difference right now Chester? I can't help you, so I'm sorry if I feel so fucking worthless, and I don't wanna talk about that."

"Don't ever said that Michael, you're not worthless, I told you I'm fine you don't have to worry ok?"

"Chester just shut up, I don't want to do this now and I don't wanna hear you lying to me so just leave me alone." He said with angry and angst in his voice.

"Chester and Mike both of you are okay in there?" Jim asked us.

"Yeah We're fine." He said

I don't know why he's so fucking angry I just don't wanna talk about anything. I just wanna be left in peace, and more than that I don't wanna bothering him with my problems, all these years I guess that he had enough from me and my problems.

(15 minutes later )

We're here, now I have to answer the question.

"So what now Chester do want share room or not?"

"Mike I..."

What I do now? I have no idea.

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