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Moments in Time by strife647

Our Little Private Moment

(Wrote this story because i don't know if i will continue with the other one or not. Thank you to the people who did review my other story. <3 I like fluffiness a lot so i think the next chapter will be revolved around that but for some reason food and slash became a thing for this one. my brain i have no idea, why it went there. :D But, enjoy!I am still figuring out this whole writing thing.)

Linkin Park were recently on their first world tour for their album Hybrid Theory which was to be out in a couple of months and Mike and Chester had the rare chance to share a small motel room together instead of the usual bunk beds on the tour bus. Unknowingly to the fans and the other Linkin Park members the duo had been pretty interested in each other ever since they started making the album. They were able to hide it pretty well since they did live together as roommates, except for the fact they now shared a bed. But, what the other guys didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them right? They currently had the day off and what could be better than staying in bed? Being in it together of course.

The only sounds in the room you could hear at the moment were soft sighs and light smacks from their lips separating from kisses. They weren’t passion or lust filled, right now they were soft and sweet. Their movements weren’t rushed, and neither of them were hard at the moment. They just wanted that touch from the other they had been starved of for days.

MIke smiled into the kiss, his right hand slowly petting through Chester’s short Blonde hair, that Blonde hair has driven him crazy since he had first dyed it and he had become obsessed with it since. “Chester…have I told you how happy you made me in the past few days?” He slowly licked down the middle of his Blonde lovers Labret and chuckled when he felt his body shudder.

”Mmm…I don’t think you have. Care to remind me?” his body reacting with a shudder when his labret was licked and he responded back with a playful poke of his tongue to Mike’s lips.

”You know what it was, don’t play dumb.” His left hand slowly roaming down Chester’s body, down to his calf and to his newly made tattoo. “Getting this made me so happy, it made me feel like you were showing people who you belong to, that you belong to me.” He bit his lip and slowly massaged the calf, feeling the muscle give under his ministrations.

”Feeling a little possessive there?” He gave a little chuckle and slid his hand under his tanned lovers shirt, slowly caressing his stomach. “Maybe I did, Maybe I didn’t, I’ll never tell Mikey.” His eyes feeling a bit heavy from Mike’s touches. He looked into his eyes and was almost lost in them, Mike was beautiful. Chester always thought he was fucking hot, his voice was sexy as hell and his glowing bronze skin was almost to tempting to not touch around the other guys. He could never figure out why he never liked to show off his body, from what he had seen, and he had seen all of it, there was no reason for him to be so self conscious.

”You are such a tease you know?” His hand moved away from Chester’s leg and he laid normally on his side again. A hand moving to the others face and slowly stroking his cheek.

”Mmm..takes one to know one.” He leaned closer to his lover and slowly pushed him over to his back so he was laying half way on top of him. “God, not being able touch you for almost over a week now was driving me crazy.”He leaned his head down and kissed his way up Mike’s neck to his ear, slowly licking around the little hoop earring that was there and then finally taking the lobe into his mouth.

He let out a moan that was loud enough for only his lover to hear, a pleasurable shiver running through his body as he felt his smaller lover suckle his lobe softly. “ Don’t forget, you’ve been sick off and on too. I wanted you to get better before I made you run out of energy.” His face gave a knowing grin with what he was suggesting.

Chester released his ear from between his lips with a small pop and rolled his eyes. “Please, you just didn’t want to catch my sickness. You are so paranoid about getting sick that you will not even hug me when I am.” His voice showed a little irritation and looked away from him.

He could since the irritation in the others voice as he looked away. His own face falling at the action, but he raised his arm and moved Chester’s face to look back at him. “I’m sorry if I made you feel unloved while your sick, You know I don’t mean to do that. I worry about you all the time when your sick, I just can’t let everyone get sick though. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to just sneak into your bunk with you when you were puking your guts out or running a fever. I wanted nothing more than to just be there with you the whole night by your side.” He leaned forward and gave his lover a soft peck to his lips and he felt him return it with a longer one.

”I just wish it was easier I guess. I wish the guys knew so we wouldn’t have to hide it. Then we wouldn’t have to hide anything, and we could be together a lot more than we are now.” He moved so he was now lying fully on top of the other now. His right hand moving up, running his fingers through the others red hair.

He closed his eyes and sighed at the feeling of Chester’s fingers going through his hair, he always loved it when he did that it felt so good to him. “The guys will know, now is just not the time. I don’t like hiding this either. Besides, we aren’t even dating yet. It’s not like we’re in a hurry.” His hand slowly sliding up his lovers naked back, his fingers slowly tracing his spine.

”I guess I just want you all to myself.” He gave a soft purr, a shiver running down his spine as he felt those fingers caress him. He lowered his lips to Mike’s neck and began to suckle the skin that was there, feeling his pulse under his tongue as he licked it slowly.

Mike’s body started to respond to Chester’s ministrations to his neck, that had always been one of his hot spots on his body. He gave what sounded like a half moan and whine and his hand that was tracing his back hand suddenly gripped him hard. “Remember not to leave any marks, last thing we want is for the guys to ask me where I got a giant ass hickey.”

Chester released his roaming lips from his lovers neck and looked at him knowingly. “I know, why do you think I was doing it so fucking soft? I wasn’t going to put any real pressure on it to where it bruised.” His tongue roamed out from between his lips and played with his labret, his eyes were heavy lidded as he looked down at the darker male and grinned. He propped himself up, his arms and legs now sitting up on both sides of Mike. “I’m hungry, feed me Mike.” He gave his lover a pout he knew he couldn’t resist.

His face slipped into one of confusion at that statement. ”But Chester, we are at a shitty motel room you know they don’t have room service here and I don’t have any plans on getting out of this bed yet.” He gave one of his own pouts back feeling disappointed that he wanted to get up and leave their motel room.

Chester lowered his body back to Mike’s and bent toward his ear using the most seductive voice he could muster. “No, I mean I want you to feed me.” He then suddenly then gave Mike’s groin a grind with his own showing his darker skinned male that he was half hard.

Mike responded with a thrust of his own as he felt his hardness, and immediately felt his own start to spring to life. “Ohh? And what would you like to have today Mr. Bennington?” He continued to thrust up against his lover, both of them beginning to release moans into the quiet room.

He gave a playful lick to Mike’s lips, and gave a devilish grin. He was going to go along with this as far as he could.

”Well, I would like something hot.” A sharp moan escaping his lips as he started to feel the beginnings of his precum form on his tip.

”Oh something hot huh? I think I might have something like that. Can you be more specific?” He was now full on having a frottage session with Chester at this point and damn did it feel good. His breathing was coming in short breaths and his legs were trembling.

”Let’s see, Hmm…It’s hot, long, hard and it tends to be rather salty at some points. I’ve had it before, and the taste is just something I can’t forget.” He was completely laying flat on top of him now, letting their clothed erections rub together, his eyes becoming hazy and at some points trying roll to the back of his head.

”Oh I have that. Is this what you are looking for?” He licked his lips as he took one of Chester hands in his and slowly lead them in between their bodies, letting him feel how hard he was now from their actions. “But question is how do you want it?”

Chester gasped as he felt his member, his teeth biting down on the inside of his labret. “Yes, this is exactly what I have been looking for.” He gave the bulge a firm squeeze, earning an eager thrust from Mike into his hand. “I think this time I would like it inside Mr. Shinoda.” He swallowed down the knot in his throat that had formed when he felt wetness form around his fingers.

Mike tried to make his brain form a coherent sentence when his hard as a rock member was squeezed, and felt the tell tale signs of precum inside of his boxers. “Then you will have to get it yourself then Bennington. I mean you are the one who’s starving right?” He teased and gave the most devious smirk when he heard the smaller male whine in disapproval.

”See, I told you that you tease too. Also, not starving just so damn hungry for some attention that I have had a lack of lately from you.” He let go of the twitching bulge in Mike’s jeans and both of his hands slowly drifted toward the bottom of his shirt. “You are wearing too many clothes right now. I want to see you so badly.” He had the other male sit up and he removed the shirt, throwing it somewhere to the side of the bed. His eyes immediately roaming over the now bare chest. His first instinct was to bend down and slowly circle one of his dusky nipples with his tongue, feeling it rise with every swirl he gave it.

Mike was on his way to panting now, the most pleasurable thing about being with Chester is that they both took their time with..Fucking?…Love Making?…he wasn’t sure what to call it since they weren’t together and they weren’t in love.They fucking liked each other more than other could explain but…love? It could develop over time if things continued this way for the both of them, but currently that was not on their minds at the moment. “I know I’m a tease, I can tease you pretty good.” He gave himself a smirk at the double entendre he had just said. Hen his body jolted and Both of his hands travelled to the other males back and clawed with his nails as he felt him bite his nipple, feeling the labret rub the hard nub. “Fuck…Chaz..that feels amazing…”

Chester released the nub and eyed as it was turning a reddish color, he felt proud to be the one to leave the marks on his body that no one else could see, but he also wished he could leave them where people could see them also. He then moved to the other side and began to lavish it the same way as he did before.

”Chazzy…god so good…baby. You’re driving me crazy.” He could feel it, his member was begging to be freed at this point. They were no longer comfortable to be in and he tried to situate himself to were they weren’t so tight. “I need to take these off right now baby, my hard cock wants you so bad.” He bit his lip so hard it could bleed and he felt Chester lift himself off of him.

”Then take them off, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” He teased. Running a stray hand over his bare stomach and down to the very noticeable bulge in his jeans. Giving a devilish grin as he watched Mike start to remove his jeans in a rush. “Someone is maybe a little too eager. But then again..so am I baby.” He began to slowly unzip his jeans as he watched his lover.

Mike had finally gotten rid of his all of a sudden hard to walk in jeans and eyed Chester who Mike looked so sexy standing there putting on a show for him. Before he knew it he found himself taking off his boxers and taking his more than leaking member in his hand. “You are the sexiest man I have ever seen in the world do you know that?” He began to lazily stroke it with heavy lidded eyes, his hips giving a small thrust at the intimate touch.

He had finally rid of himself of his jeans and had begun removing his boxers when his cheeks began to flush as he saw the other male touching himself, but also because of his words. “I..I’m not sexy…I’m skinny as hell and..” He was silenced as he was pulled back to the bed by Mike and back on top of him.

Mike held Chester’s cheeks in his hands and made him look deeply into his eyes. “Don’t you ever think that you are not sexy Chester. Do you even see how much you turn me on? Don’t let anyone else ever tell you any differently, not even you. I wouldn’t ever have you any other way, you are fucking perfect.” Mike then connected their lips and immediately felt the taste of his labret, his tongue forcing the smaller males lips apart and sliding his tongue inside making sure to taste every nook and cranny he could find.

They both responded with an equally aroused moan as Chester responded back with his own tongue, the two of them doing battle inside of his mouth,his hips began to move as he began a slow grind against their now naked members. “Chazzy…I want you…now..”

”I do too baby. Hold on a second I have to get the lube first.” He reached over to his suitcase that he had brought with him into the room and retrieved the Watermelon scented lubricant and tossed it to Mike before hopping back on top of him.

Mike clicked open the top of the lube and immediately smelled the Watermelon scent breathing it in deeply, He eyes following the other male as he moved into position with his behind propped up. He squeezed out a generous amount of lube onto his fingers and then proceeded to warm it up before using it on his lover. “Ready?”

”I’m more than fucking ready.” He bit down on his lip, catching his labret between his teeth as he felt fingers at his entrance pressing gently. He whined as he felt his fingers massage in a circle slowly.

“This is gonna hurt, we haven’t had sex in awhile.” He slowly slid one finger into the tight ring of muscle and he felt it tighten even more with the intrusion. “You have to relax baby or this is gonna hurt you more than feel good.” He re-positioned them so he was sitting up against the head board and Chester was sitting up in his lap. ‘Much better, now let’s see if this is any better.” He slowly moved his finger inside of the other male and received moans of his name back as a reward.

” God, Mike…deeper please…” His request was answered as he felt the finger slide deeper to the knuckle and then he felt him add another slowly. He began to slowly move along the fingers, a look of pain and pleasure on his face. Mike was right, it had been awhile but that was his fault. He could feel the slender fingers begin to thrust inside him, searching for that spot that could make him scream. “Mike…” his mouth lowered to meet the others and he snaked his tongue out, meeting with his outside of their mouths. They began to thrust and rub them together mimicking their bodies movements. He suddenly felt an intense burst of pleasure shoot up his spine and all over his body as his prostate was hit, yelling his name throughout the room. “M..MIKE…Ohhh F-FUCK!” He began to involuntarily thrust back onto the fingers wanting more of that pleasure to feel his body but suddenly Mike pulled them from him. “What the fuck? I was enjoying that!”

”Then you’ll enjoy this even more.” He spread a generous amount of lube all around his weeping member, his hands travelling up to Chester’s sides. “I need you now, I’m going to fucking explode if you make me wait any longer. I want you to ride me with that fucking sexy body of yours.” one of his hands moved from his hip down to his own member, slowly circling the tip around the others entrance.

He didn’t need to be told twice, he let Mike’s hand guide him and he shut his eyes tightly as he felt the tip press into his opening. “Fuck Mike, god I missed having this.” He bit down on his lip almost drawing blood as he slowly lowered himself on the rock hard member. “It almost makes all the waiting worth it.” A few minutes later after adjusting he was now fully seated on the thick and long girth, he tested how well his body was adjusting when he moved along it slowly. He moved until the members tip was all that was left inside him and then he slowly slid back down. The pain was still there but it was fading fast due to the building pleasure in his body.

Mike let out a satisfied moan as he felt Chester move along him. The heat of him was almost too much to bare and the feeling of him moving over his cock was another. Since they were both sitting up Mike had a full view of what Chester was doing, seeing the other males cock move as he slid along his own was mesmerizing and he couldn’t help but reach out and rub the tip that was leaking profusely. “All of this is for me Chester, I’m the only one that can have you like this.” Both of his hands gripped his sides and he thrust up into his lover, it wasn’t rough or fast. He set the pace at which they usually did when they were like this. It was between rough and soft, slow and fast. They weren’t in a rush to the finish line. They knew the wait was worth the reward.

Chester smirked at Mike’s words and ground his hips down on an upward motion, making both of their bodies shudder. “Someone is very possessive today. Mikey if I didn’t know any better I would say you Lov-” However before he could finish his sentence Mike had covered his lips with his own. In the back of his mind he wondered if he had done that to keep him from saying he loved him or it was a moment of passion but he kissed back, both of their tongues fighting a battle neither would ever win.

Both of their breathing had sped up considerably, sweat had begun to cover both of their bodies as they rocked together in their own little world. Their kissing had become just as heated as their movements have become and Mike reached down with his right hand to palm Chester’s erect tip, which had leaked precum off his member and onto his belly. “Ches…I’m gonna cum so deep inside you... you’ll be feeling it for days.” . He watched as Chester slid along his member, he could see himself disappear and reappear every time he moved and it made Mike’s breath catch in his throat. He angled his next thrust so he could nail the males prostate and judging by the half moan half yell he got in return he would say he found it. He had now picked up his pace, knowing that his male wouldn’t last much longer with him hitting his spot, he wanted to cum with him.

”Mike….Mike….Mike…Ohhh….” He felt like he couldn’t breathe, all he could feel at the moment was overwhelming pleasure. His body had froze and became a moaning mess when Mike began to pound into him as he thrust upward, his arms were wrapped around Chester locking him in place as he pounded into him at a rapid pace. He shuddered as he felt him grip his cock, pumping it to the rhythm of their thrusts. He felt the tale tell signs of his orgasm coming, his body beginning to shudder and convulse. “Mike, g-gonna c-cum..”

”M-Me to Ches..Cum for me... Ohhh god…cumming.. Ches…!” He thrust as fast as he possibly could into the male, his body shuddering and his legs shaking as he felt his cock explode with his orgasm, shooting his seed deep inside his lover. His orgasm had hit so hard he felt like he would pass out for a second, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he felt Chester squeeze around him as he had also released.

”Mi-Mike….cumming…!!!” His body convulsed as he felt his cock twitch in Mike’s stroking hand, his seed shooting all over it and the tanned males stomach. He continued to ride the member inside him making sure he milked every last drop and Mike continued to do the same to him. Wanting to make sure the other was satisfied enough to last awhile if they didn’t get a chance to be together again for a long time.

After making sure the other was satisfied enough, Chester collapsed on top of Mike. His eyes heavy from their actions and his energy now running very low. “That felt amazing Mikey.” he softly nuzzled his face up against the other males neck, laying light kisses to it as they both laid there.

Mike wrapped one of his arms around Chester’s waist, lightly caressing his back as he smiled happily, equally just as tired. “I can’t even begin to tell you how that felt, I think we both really needed that.”

He nuzzled his nose against the other males neck after he was finished laying his kisses upon it and smiled. Then he moved his head so he was now looking at the other male. “You know Mike, you are pretty hot all the time right?” His fingers now dancing along the tanned chest. “you tell me not to talk down about myself but you aren’t that confident in yourself either.”

”I just don’t like to show off my body like you do. Besides, I think you like knowing that I only take off my clothes around you.” His fingers travelled up and slowly played through the Blonde hair that he loved so much. He chuckled as he heard a soft little purring noise.

”You have me there ‘Noda. Knowing you only take your clothes off only for me does make me feel a little possessive. I feel like I get a big treat every time you do.” His lips had now travelled up to Mike’s cheek and nibbled it gently. Loving the feel of his warm skin on his lips.

”I think we both have that possessiveness inside of us.We have each other and I think the both of us would hate to have that taken away.” Both of his arms were now locked around the other male and he held him close to his body refusing to let him go anywhere else.

”I’ll never replace you Mikey…I’ll never do this with someone else I promise you.” He gave the male the softest and sweetest kiss he could muster and they both smiled into it. “We have a lot of things to talk about later and getting up to shower and eat, but we can always do that after we get up.” Chester then took one of Mike’s hands and they interlocked them together. “I think we both need to rest now though, we are both exhausted.”

Mike kept their hands held together as he covered them both up with the sheets, Chester was still laying on Mike and was falling asleep quickly the last words he heard were. “Night, ‘Noda Bear.”

Mike smiled and kissed his Blondes forehead as he also began to fall into a deep sleep, responding with his own.. “Night, Chazzy-Chaz..”

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