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No Rooms Left by Rivver

For @sonatanocturne. <3 <3 *Hugs to you*

This is a Bourdelson/Joshler (From TOP) smutty smut! Sam and Adam from Architects make an appearance too. Hope you like it. ;)

And happy holidays to you and all the wonderful people here!


Set in some weird AU where they’re all the same age and they all ended up in a room during a party with lots of alcohol.


Brad was curled up on Rob’s lap as they made out. Josh and Tyler were next to them, doing the same. They’d snuck inside one of the many bedrooms in the house, but they’d all been crammed full safe for this one, so Brad had shrugged and dragged Rob behind him. Who cared anyway? They were all wasted and horny. At least it was empty enough that they’d be able to ignore there was another couple making out next to them on the bed.

After kissing Rob one more time, Brad sat up and pulled his hoodie over his head. Rob stared up, enthralled and using his big hands, he began to feel up Brad’s slight frame between his hands.


“You to—” A moan from their left interrupted Brad midsentence. Rob turned his head to the left to see that Tyler was on top of Josh, kissing the man’s neck hungrily as the other hugged his back to keep him close.

“Seeing anything you like?” Brad asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Only you,” he was quick to answer. “I just feel a bit…weird.”

“Just forget they’re here,” Brad suggested. “Like they are doing.”

“Fuck away. We don’t mind,” Tyler said, followed by Josh’s laugh.

“See? It’s a big bed. We don’t even have to bump with them. Unless you prefer to do this some other time…”

“No way. Get those clothes off, Delson.”

Smiling down at his boyfriend, Brad grabbed his t-shirt now and pulled that off as well, both shirts.

“Oh, look at you,” Rob praised. “Now pants.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Rob saw the other couple getting undressed as well and did everything in his power to keep his eyes on Brad only. But when he looked at Brad, the other was shamelessly looking.

Rob slapped Brad’s butt. “Brad!”

“What? I can’t help it. They’re getting naked,” he said with a chuckle.

“You said we could ignore them.”

“Maybe I don’t want to,” Brad said with a sassy smirk.

“I said pants off, Delson,” Rob warned playfully. “And keep your eyes on our side of the bed.

“Your wish is my command,” Brad said and stood up to take his pants and boxers off. “How about you?”

“I…I rather keep my pants on. I you don’t mind,” he said, taking his shirt off.

“Sure,” Brad shrugged and climbed back on top of Rob. He couldn’t help again, to sneak a peek at the naked couple beside them.

One of Tyler’s hands was wrapped around Josh’s cock, while the other was between the guy’s legs, probably getting him ready. He couldn’t really see from the weird angle.

Josh moaned as Tyler worked him ready, biting his lips to quiet, in some degree, his loud moans. As he opened his eyes, he caught sight of Brad staring at him. He smiled at him and sent him a kiss.

Blushing, Brad looked away quickly to set his eyes on Rob’s bulge. “Someone’s hungry for some attention.”

Rob nodded and his hands went down to open his pants and free his uncomfortably hard cock.

“You look so good, Brad.” As Rob’s eyes traveled down his naked form, Brad suddenly felt very naked. Was the alcohol losing its effect? “Ride me, baby,” Rob said huskily. Brad nodded and took the lube from Rob’s pants, wasting no time in foreplay. He just got Rob’s member slicked and sat up to position himself over the erect shaft.

“I love you,” Brad said as he sat down on Rob, biting his lips not to cry out as his boyfriend’s big cock filled him.

Rob closed his eyes and moaned as he was squeezed inside his boyfriend’s delicious tightness and took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. When he opened his eyes again, he caught Tyler staring at them as he entered Josh.

Another loud moan filled the room.

Josh reached out to grab Tyler’s hand in hopes to get him to start moving already, but he was a bit distracted. “I know they’re distracting, but would you fuck me already?”

Tyler smiled at Josh, leaning down to kiss him passionately. When he parted, he whispered against Josh’s ear. “I got an idea.”

Josh smirked and nodded.

Brad started to rock his hips back and forth and in circular motions as he rode Rob. Beside them, Josh was matching Brad’s moans as Tyler thrust into him hard and fast.

Rob stared too amazed to do anything about it, when Tyler grabbed Brad by the arm and brought him down to kiss Josh, silencing both of their moans.

Without complain, Brad kissed the other, deepening it when a hand curled around his neck to keep him there, Josh’s hand. The position didn’t allow him to continue to ride Rob, but Rob didn’t care. The image of the two men kissing was arousing enough.

As Brad was able to sit up again, Tyler got up too and motioned for Josh to get up and kneel facing Brad and Rob, while Tyler knelt behind him. He nodded his head to Brad and Rob. “Now you two.”

Rob was too stunned to comprehend what Tyler meant, but Brad was eager and got the message clear as day. “Get behind me,” he instructed his boyfriend as he lifted himself from Rob’s lap to put himself on his knees in front of Josh. Josh immediately reached out to grab his face and leaned in to kiss his waiting lips.

Brad opened his mouth to allow full access to the other, while his hands found Josh’s hot flesh as if on their own accord. He moaned into the kiss and he felt the hard muscle under his palms and fingertips.

Rob got on his knees behind Brad, still dumbstruck. It was too hot a sight to behold as Brad and Josh continued to kiss. Rob grabbed the thin hips of his boyfriend before plunging back in. Brad moaned even louder into the kiss.

Seeing this, Tyler smiled and entered Josh again too, eliciting a similar yet deeper moan, out of his boyfriend’s throat, one that got swallowed by Brad. He then locked his gaze with Rob’s and smirked.

“Don’t they make a delicious sight?” He asked while running his hands up and down Josh’s muscular back.

Rob nodded, again. “Delicious.”

Tyler and Rob couldn’t keep holding in, so they began to fuck their respective boyfriends with passion, until it turned into a sort of competition. Who could make their boyfriend moan the loudest?

“Fuck, Rob!” Brad cried as his prostate was hit dead center repeatedly. He had to hold on to Josh not to crumble on the bed.

Josh was not any better. He was also using Brad as support as Tyler fucked him deep and hard. “Fuck! Right there, Tyler! Jesus, fuck!”

“Take it, baby! Take my cock,” Rob said and Brad couldn’t help but laugh. He always found funny how carried away he could get during sex, even now with two other men in the room.

“I’m taking it, alright,” Brad said between moans. Josh’s hand then caught his attention. It had wrapped around his dripping cock and he mewled in agreement. Lips pressed against his and he parted his mouth again, kissing back.

Josh smiled into the kiss when Brad’s slender fingers wrapped around his cock in return and began to stroke him with practiced ease. He moaned again and it turned into a grunt when Tyler slammed in one last time, hitting him dead center as he came with a grunt of his own.

Brad continued to work him into completion, and so did he, quickening his hand’s pace as he stroked Brad’s cock up and down.

With a cry, Brad spilled his warm cum in Josh’s hand, and a bit on his stomach too, which Josh found terribly hot. And judging by the way Rob grunted and curled around Brad’s back; he’d reached orgasm as well and was now thrusting into Brad shallowly and erratically.

The power of his orgasm distracted Brad and the hand fell away from Josh’s cock as he had to use both hands to keep himself upright.

As Tyler’s rode out his orgasm, he reached around Josh to grab the still hard cock. “Need a hand?” he asked and without waiting for a reply, he started to work Josh’s cum out of him. Josh moaned as he came, turning his head around to kiss his boyfriend’s waiting lips.

“Shit, that was hot.”

“It was,” Tyler agreed and smirked as he saw Rob gathering Brad’s lax form into his arms to kiss him deeply.

When their kiss with Rob broke and he was able to sit up again, Brad’s bony hands reached out to caress Josh’s defined muscles one last time. He looked up to find Josh smiling at him and so he sat up a bit to kiss the guy one last time. Josh eagerly returned it and then he parted a bit to catch the admiration in Brad’s eyes as he kept feeling up his muscles. “Your boyfriend’s pretty defined too.”

“He is,” Brad smiled and leaned back on Rob again who quickly wrapped his arm around his thin middle and kissed his freckled shoulder.

Tyler’s hands appeared on Josh’s sides as did his smiling face over Josh’s shoulder. “Rob…you can’t deny this was fucking hot.”

“True that,” Rob said and kissed Brad’s neck.

“Nope,” Brad added and leaned in to kiss Josh once again. “You’re a good kisser,” he praised when he parted.

“So are you,” Josh said, grabbing Brad’s chin for a bit and leaned in for one final, noisy kiss.

“The bloody fuck is this?!”

They all turned their heads toward the door that led to the bathroom. There stood Sam and Adam, looking flustered and disheveled and clearly fucked out.

“You were in there all along?” Josh asked in surprise.

“And you out here? We had no fucking clue,” Sam said, looking back at Adam. “We’d come join in if we’d fuckin’ known.”

“So what happened here?” Adam asked, crossing his arms across his chest as a parent about to lecture a bunch of unruly kids.

“Brad and I were just making out while our boyfriends fucked our asses,” Josh said simply, leaning heavily back on Tyler.

“If you want we can start again after a break so you can join in,” Brad suggested with a flirty smile. Sam’s eyes widened and an excited smile formed on his lips, but before he could say anything, Rob interrupted.

“Okay, don’t get too excited. I’m a jealous boyfriend after all,” Rob cut in. But he had to admit it’d been so damn hot, he wouldn’t complain too hard if Brad wanted to do that again.

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