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Six Times Under The Tree by Penelope_Ink

Six Times Under The Tree

Merry Christmas, LP Family :) Here’s a little one shot that I wrote for my very good friend @lpfan503. It’s sappy and cheesy and I hope it makes her (and you guys!) smile.


“He’s lucky I love him,” Chester mumbled to himself as he iced the last cinnamon roll and placed it on the red serving platter. He let out a long sigh as his eyes drifted over the butcher block countertop to the little white dish, which was covered by a paper towel. “Am I really going to do this? Yes. Yes, I’m going to do it,” he decided before he licked a drop of icing from his finger. Fuck. That’s good. And now I’m going to destroy them. But it’s what Mike likes. And these are for him. It’s worth it to see his smile when he sees them.

He stepped over to the sink and quickly washed his hands. He dried them off before he walked back over to the covered bowl. “I can do this. It’s for Mike,” he reminded himself just as he heard a noise over his head. He looked up, his whole body going still as he listened. He and Mike had been renting the two story row house for almost six months now, and Chester had learned what every little creak and sound was. He’s up. He glanced at his watch and smiled. It was just about time.

He looked away from the covered bowl and around the kitchen instead. It was a small space, but for just the two of them, it was plenty of space. He looked down at his outfit, tugging on his black t-shirt and then patting his hands down his skin tight red and white striped leggings. They clutched his thighs and ass so tightly that it was like he wasn’t even wearing any pants. He smiled as he lifted his shirt and turned around to try and see his ass in the reflection of the shiny silver trashcan. “I look like a delicious candy cane. Mission accomplished,” he announced to himself with a small giggle before he looked down at his elf shoes. The green slippers had curled toes with jingle bells on them, and Chester had been trying to walk softly ever since he’d gotten up, but now it didn’t matter.

With a quick fuss of his short blonde curls and a swipe of his tongue across his lip ring, he headed out to the living room. He pushed the swinging door of their kitchen open, his elf slippers jingling with every step. His eyes skipped across the space, from their small four person dining table, over to their modest couch where their lucky black cat Henry was curled up sleeping, to the six foot tall Christmas tree they’d put up in front of the three paneled picture window. It was their first real tree together, and Chester smiled every time he looked at the multi-colored lights that wrapped around it, and the silver star on top. It was still early, and the sun wasn’t quite up, leaving their living space in dim light, but it also made the lights from their tree pop, and to Chester Bennington, that was perfect.

He headed across the room, with his shoes jingling, before he stopped right in front of the tree. He looked around, debating where he wanted to be when Mike came down the stairs. The couch. I’ll sit with Henry. No, the chair, he thought as he looked at the black leather recliner, but neither of those options seemed right. He heard another sound overhead, and he knew he was just about out of time. Mike was now in the upstairs bathroom, and Chester estimated he had about three minutes.

“Henry, scoot your ass over,” he said, but then he stopped as a different sound invaded the quiet space. He spun around, his eyes flipping past their tree. He took a step closer and peered out the window. “It’s raining,” he mumbled as he watched the fat droplets lightly hit the frosty windows. I love California, but no snow on Christmas is always a bummer. His shoulders slumped as he watched for a minute, ignoring his own reflection and the one coming from the cheery Christmas tree lights. A soggy wet Christmas. Great. He stepped closer to the window, his thoughts falling as he leaned forward and put his elbows on the window seal. He let his chin rest on his hands as he looked out. The streetlights were on and he could see cars moving down below as the rain fell. We should have went somewhere. Somewhere where it snows. Montana or some shit like that. He curled his lips together, his Christmas spirit fading as he dropped his eyes, watching the rain pool on the window ledge outside.


The unexpected voice brought Chester’s eyes up, and he smiled the moment he saw his boyfriend’s reflection in the window, along with his own. Mike’s black hair was messy and ruffled and Chester loved it. “Morning,” Chester said as he watched his boyfriend move closer to him in the reflection. “It’s raining.”

“I see that,” Mike said as he came right up behind Chester, his hands going to his boyfriend’s hips. “What on earth are you wearing?” he asked, a little chuckle in his voice as he let his hands slip up and down the candy cane striped pants.

“It’s my Christmas outfit,” Chester told him as he stood up, and leaned back, letting his smaller frame rest against Mike’s chest. He lifted one arm, lazily wrapping it around Mike’s neck before he tilted his head, and the two shared a soft kiss. Mike’s facial hair tickled Chester’s lips and cheek, which always sent a little flutter of familiar comfort through him.

“A Christmas outfit, huh?” Mike hummed as he wrapped his arms around Chester’s middle. “I like it. You can just be my present this year.” He nuzzled his nose to his boyfriend’s neck, plopping a kiss there before he let him go and stepped back. He watched as Chester turned around, and Mike had to smile as he looked at Chester’s shoes. “Those are great,” he laughed as he pointed. “You’re so over the top.”

Chester’s mouth dropped open in a fake gasp. “It’s not over the top, Michael, it’s being in the Christmas spirit,” he insisted as he poked on finger to the front of Mike’s dark gray t-shirt, before he slid it all the way down and to the side, to poke Mike’s hip. “Plain ol’ joggers,” he teased as he eyed the charcoal sweatpants that hugged his boyfriend’s waist. “You should have a least put on a pair of red or green ones.”

“I don’t own red and green ones,” Mike was quick to say before he turned around and headed over to the couch. “Morning, Henry,” he said, leaning over to rub the cat’s chin, despite the feline’s lack of interest. “Mmmm, are those cinnamon rolls?” he asked, his nose suddenly taking over. He took a few steps toward the kitchen, but Chester dashed to get in front of him.

“Yes,” he said, both his hands out to stop Mike’s progress. “But they’re for later. You have to open your presents first.” He pointed toward the tree, and Mike followed his gesture as he turned away from the kitchen and toward the tree. His mind quickly counted eight wrapped packages, each with shiny paper and bows done up on top. But it was six too many. “Chester,” he whined as he pointed, “where did all those come from? There was just the two last night. The two we agreed on. . .one for you and one for me,” he said, pressing his fingers to his chest. “That’s, that’s six more, and I don’t have six more to give you,” he insisted as he turned to his boyfriend. It was Christmas, so he didn’t want to get upset, but he hated the idea that Chester had gone out and boughten him so much, and he’d only bought one gift for his lover. Just one.

Mike let out a frustrated sigh before Chester could even say anything. “We said just one each,” he stated again, like somehow that would fix the situation.

“Miiike, don’t ruin this,” Chester said, as he took his boyfriend’s hand. “It’s Christmas and I couldn’t help myself.”

“But you made breakfast and got me six times what you were supposed to and -”

“And I love you,” Chester stated, cutting him off as he leaned in and pecked his lips with a kiss. “So shut up and enjoy it.” He smiled wide, leaving his piercing pressed to his bottom lip and it was enough to make Mike smile as he let his shoulders drop a little.

“I love you, too,” he said, his dark eyes lighting up a little. “And okay, fine. Spoil me, Ches. I’m ready. Bring on the cinnamon rolls and the six gifts and you just wait till your next birthday. You’re really going to get it.” He wiggled his eyebrows and Chester busted out into laughter.

“You’re so funny. Now come oooonnnnn,” he said, tugging Mike back across the room. “You have to open all of yours first,” he instructed as he stopped in front of the tree. He let go of Mike’s hand and sat down, his bottom sitting comfortably on the gray Berber carpet. When they’d first moved into the row house, the weaved carpeting had been one of their least favorite things. It wasn’t hardwood floors. It wasn’t sleek or modern looking. But it was soft, and over the last six months, they’d both grown to like it. “Sit,” Chester instructed as he patted the space in front of him as he looked up.

“On the floor?” Mike asked, even as he sat down and crossed his legs, his knees touching his boyfriend’s as they faced each other. He knew there would be no winning. Holidays belonged to Chester, and that’s just how life worked. “Okay,” he said, running his hand through his floppy black hair and shoving it from his face and eyes. “I’m ready.”

Chester curled his bottom lip in, his teeth latching onto it in excitement before he reached for the first package. It was wrapped in red and silver paper with a white bow on top. “Merry Christmas, Mike,” he said as he handed it over.

Mike took the neatly wrapped present. The paper was slick and expertly fitted to the small box. His eyes flashed to the mound of presents still under the tree, zeroing in on the little box in the back. The little not-so-neatly wrapped box that he’d put together for Chester. I’ve got to get better at wrapping presents. Look at this. . .you’d think Santa’s elves did this it’s so perfect. Then again, he does have the elf shoes on. The thought that Chester’s silly shoes had somehow enabled him to wrap his gifts better was a fleeting one. “It’s so pretty I hate to ruin it,” he commented as he looked up, meeting the anticipation in his boyfriend’s chocolate colored eyes.

“Just open it,” Chester instructed. “You’ve got five more after that one and then cinnamon rolls.”

Mike nodded as he gave in and pulled the bow off. “It doesn’t even feel like anything,” he mumbled as he ripped the paper from the box and opened the lid. His eyes narrowed a little as he stared down at the little slip of paper that was inside. He pulled it out, setting the empty box off to the side. “What’s this?” he asked out loud before he read, “This coupon is good for one kiss from Chester Bennington. No expiration.” He looked up, a smile already scrolling across his features. “A kiss, huh? Well, that is a good Christmas present.”

“I thought you’d like that,” Chester said, his tongue coming out to rest on his bottom lip for a second.

“I think I’ll cash this in now,” Mike decided. He handed the coupon over as he leaned forward. He watched as Chester’s eyes closed, and Mike followed suite, letting the dark pull them in as their lips touched. As their hands reached for one another. As their shared warmth passed back and forth. “Mmmm,” Mike hummed as he pulled out of the kiss. “I’m not sure the rest of these presents can hold a candle to that,” he said, letting his hand drop to Chester’s candy cane striped knee.

“Guess you’ll have to find out,” Chester giggled as he reached for the next box. He handed it over and watched as Mike studied the reindeer patterned paper before he ripped it open and started laughing.

“This coupon is good for one kiss from Chester Bennington. No expiration,” Mike laughed as he read the slip of paper. He looked up, his grin so wide he knew all this teeth were showing. “Okay, I’m cashing this one in too,” he said, handing off the coupon and leaning forward.

Chester raised his arms this time, wrapping them around Mike’s neck as they came together. As their knees pressed into each other. As Mike’s hand squeezed his thigh. As he pulled a soft moan from Chester’s throat. As all thoughts of there being too many gifts from Chester under the tree vanished.

Their kiss broke, and Mike went in to get another one, but Chester leaned back, putting his hand up and blocking Mike’s lips. “Sorry, but that coupon was only good for one kiss.”

“But,” Mike argued immediately, “I, well, what about double coupons or something?” he asked, even though he wasn’t sure if that was how double coupons worked or not.

“No double coupons here,” Chester told him. “Now come on, next one.” He reached under the tree, grabbing a bit larger box, this one with all silver wrapping paper and a sparkly green bow. He handed it over to Mike, tapping the top of it. “I think you’re really going to like this one.”

Mike looked down at the box, his heart still pumping a little fast from that last kiss. He thought about sitting the present to the side and tackling Chester under the Christmas tree instead, but he knew his boyfriend wouldn’t let that go too far. After all, there were presents to open, and that was serious business in his lover’s eyes. “Okay,” Mike said as he pulled the green bow off. He stopped, looking at how it sparkled and without too much more thought he reached over and plopped it on top of Chester’s blonde hair. “There,” he said with a laugh, “now your Christmas outfit is complete.”

Chester reached up, feeling over the bow. “I like it,” he decided. “And so much cheaper than that elf hat I almost bought.”

Mike rolled his eyes as he unwrapped the gift. “You would,” he chuckled before he opened the box, and he snorted as he pulled out a piece of paper. “This coupon is good for one kiss from Chester Bennington. No expiration.” He looked up. “It’s like you knew exactly what I wanted.”

Chester cocked his eyebrow. “Well, I am a mind reader you know.”

“Come here, Mind Reader,” Mike said, tossing the piece of paper to the side, and opening his arms. One hand went around Chester’s neck, his other to his boyfriend’s side as Chester slipped both of his up Mike’s legs. They leaned together, bringing their lips into full contact and their tongues joined in as it rained outside. The light pitter-patter on the window brought something rhythmical to their embrace, as Chester’s tongue caressed Mike’s in a sort of dance they’d perfected over the last year and a half together. Mike raised up a little, his need telling him to push Chester back. To climb on top of him and get more body contact going.

But the moment the kiss was interrupted by their need for air, Chester put his hand up. “Nope,” he said, shaking his head. “You already used your coupon. Sorry. It was only good for one.”

Mike’s mouth was open as he breathed, as he tried to figure out if Chester was really going to hold him to this or not. He briefly debated running upstairs and grabbing some paper and a pen and writing out a thousand kiss coupons just so he could dump them all in Chester’s lap. Then he could ravish him without having to worry about keeping count, but there was no time for that as Chester plopped the next present in his lap.

“Now,” Chester said, drumming his fingers over the top of the frosted looking wrapping paper, “this one is really special. I know you’ll love it.”

Mike barely looked at the package before his eyes zeroed back in on Chester, and the silly sparkly bow on his head, and how his light brown eyes looked darker under the glow of the Christmas tree lights. “This better be what I think it is,” Mike said as he rushed to rip the paper off and open the box. “Yes!” he cheered as he pulled the piece of paper out and happily read, “This coupon is good for one kiss from Chester Bennington. No expiration.” He waved the coupon in the air before he tossed it over his shoulder. His hand was already sliding up Chester’s leg. He loved the feel of the tight spandex on Chester’s thigh, and his eyes were already closed as they met in the middle. His mind shut off for the few seconds it lasted. He savored the feel of Chester’s fingers running up his neck and into his hair. Of his boyfriend grabbing onto his bottom lip and sucking on it like Mike was the straw in Chester’s favorite chocolate milkshake.

“Nooo,” Mike whined when it was over. He reached to bring Chester back to him, but his boyfriend only took his hand, squeezing it with gusto.

“You’ve only got two left,” Chester told him. “And then cinnamon rolls.”

“Two left?” Mike repeated, his dark eyebrows knitting together in thought. “Oh! The presents!” he remembered as he looked away from Chester’s flushed cheeks and sexy smile. “Right. I’m ready,” he instead as he begged for his next one, knowing exactly what it was going to be and how much he was going to enjoy it.

Chester grabbed the next box and handed it over. “This one took a lot of thought,” he told Mike as he let his hand linger over the top of the red and white wrapping paper that had snowmen on it. “So, I just, I really hope you like it.”

“Ches,” Mike breathed, “I’ll always like everything you get me.” He put his hand over Chester’s as he stared into his eyes. God, he’s beautiful. And charming. And crazy. I want him. I want him right here on the Berber carpet. Mike actually felt his body jump from the inside as he resisted the urge to take another kiss, even if he didn’t have a coupon.

“Mike,” Chester whispered, his eyes closing for a dramatic moment before he opened them again, “open your present.” He pulled his hand away, resting both of them on his knees as he waited.

Mike looked down, and in two seconds flat he had the paper ripped away, the box open, and the piece of paper he’d been hoping for triumphantly in his hand. “This coupon is good for one kiss from Chester Bennington. No expiration!” he read with more volume and rush in his voice then he knew he could come up with. He couldn’t help himself this time. He tossed away the box, the ribbon and wrapping paper and the coupon as he bolted forward. He pushed Chester back as he came up on his knees. “I love you,” he said before he connected their lips. He had one hand on the floor, and one on Chester’s side, his fingers digging around to get up under Chester’s t-shirt. He felt his boyfriend’s arms snake around his neck as they sank into each other. He felt the vibration of Chester’s whimper, the sure sign that they were both on the same page. He pulled out of the kiss, but only for a second before he took another one, even though he didn’t have a coupon for it.

Chester let it go, his mind screaming at him to make Mike stop so he could finish with the Christmas gifts, but his body and heart fighting back to keep going. He dropped one hand down to Mike’s shoulder, squeezing it, and then the crook of his neck, pinching his lover’s soft warm skin before he broke their kiss. “You stole that one,” he huffed with a hitch in his breath. He was leaned back, and looking up at Mike, who was balancing them both with his leverage.

“Can I steal another?” Mike asked, his eyes glassed over as he drank in Chester’s endless eyes and his curly blonde hair that fell a little over his forehead. He smelled like icing and cinnamon rolls and Mike was ready to devour him.

“Sorry, Mike, but you have one more present to open first.”

A long hard breath came out of Mike’s lungs as he agreed. He leaned back, letting Chester sit back up straight as they returned to their original positions. “Okay, lay it on me,” he said, spreading his arms out.

Chester picked the last of the presents he’d wrapped from under the tree. It was a medium sized box, wrapped in gold paper with a black bow on top. “This one,” he said, holding onto the box, “this one, I think, will really show you how I feel about you. You know?” he asked, looking up.

Mike was ready for another kiss coupon, and moments ago he thought for sure that’s what this one would be too, but as he looked at the hesitant look in Chester’s eyes, he wasn’t so sure. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, forcing his body to calm down. “Ches,” he said, reaching over and rubbing his boyfriend’s knee, “you know I’ll love it, whatever it is.”

“Maybe,” Chester mumbled, his expression dropping a little as he stared down at Mike’s fingers smoothing over his candy cane striped pants. “I got you this one first, when we decided on just one gift a piece this year. The others, you know,” he said with a shrug as he looked up, “they’re just because I’m crazy.”

“I like your crazy,” Mike said instantly. “Your crazy is probably what I love about you most.”

Chester’s sad countenance lifted. “Well that’s probably a good thing. I tried to hide my crazy from you, you know, but you figured it out anyway.”

“Ches,” Mike said, reaching up and lightly touching his boyfriend’s face, “you could never hide how fucking insane you are.”

Chester busted into laughter. “Well thanks!” he giggled as he took Mike’s hand and kissed it quickly. “Okay, well, I feel better now.”

“Good,” Mike offered. “Now, can I have my present?”

Chester looked down at the gold box one more time before he handed it over and shut his eyes. “Okay, open it.”

Mike watched Chester’s tensed face for a moment before he looked down at the box. This one did seem different than the others. The bow on it was silk, and it laced around all four sides of the box, not just stuck to the top. This one isn’t a coupon. He’s nervous about it. It still doesn’t feel like anything though, he thought as he lifted the box up and down a time or two, trying to judge the weight. He waited a second longer before he pulled on the end of the ribbon and then carefully unwrapped the gold foil paper. He opened the box, his heart pounding in his ears and his legs tingling, but then he stopped.

He looked a little closer, but again the only thing in the box was a piece of paper. He glanced up at Chester, who still had his eyes closed. Mike pulled the gift out, setting the box to the side. He cupped his hand over his mouth as he read it. As he let the words sink into his heart. “This coupon,” he said with a short gulp, “is good for one lifetime with Chester Bennington. All kisses, love, loyalty, faithfulness, commitment, laughter, mind-blowing sex, shared jokes, goals for the future, support, kindness, snuggles in bed, and everlasting understanding and friendship included. No expiration.”

Mike looked up, tears streaming down his face. “My God, Ches. . .”

Chester opened his eyes, his jaw shaking just a little. “You don’t have to cash that one in, if you don’t want to.”

Mike shook his head. “Why would you ever say that? Of course I do. I will. Right now.” He set the coupon to the side, knowing he’d be keeping it in a very special place for the rest of his life as he pulled Chester into his arms. “I love you,” he whispered as he kissed his cheek, and then his ear. “Yes,” he said, pressing their faces together. “A thousand times, yes.”

Chester squeezed Mike close. “I love you, too,” he replied, his eyes closing as he felt a damp ring form around his eyes. “You know, a sane person would have bought you a ring and got down on one knee, but that just seemed wrong.”

Mike pulled back. He wiped his eyes quickly as he smiled. “Wrong? Well, then maybe you won’t want what I got you.” He held in his chuckle as he watched Chester’s mouth drop open. “I know it’s only one, but I hope you like it anyway,” he said as he reached under the tree for his poorly wrapped gift. “Here.”

Chester took the small box, feeling the weight, and already everything inside of him was on ten. His fingertips and toes were electrified as he smiled like a loon. He couldn’t even come up with something to say as he unwrapped his present, and his eyes shined the moment he saw the set of double black wedding bands inside. Both had the same gold leaf pattern swirling through them, like they were made from magic. “Yes!” Chester cried before he lunged forward, the box still in his hand as he half-tackled Mike. He pressed their lips together quickly before pecking more wet spots all over his boyfriend’s cheek and neck, even tugging at Mike’s earlobe, which he knew his lover adored.

“Okay, okay,” Mike laughed as he grabbed Chester by the sides. “Let’s go upstairs and really celebrate,” he suggested as all thoughts of breakfast or cleaning up the sea of wrapping paper and bows around them fluttered away.

“Married,” Chester said as he slowly pulled back. “We’re really going to do this?”

“Yes,” Mike answered as he looked down at the rings Chester still had. “I was going to try and ask you in some romantic way this morning, but you kinda beat me to that with all your coupons.”

Chester’s smile busted off his face. “No, no, this was all perfect,” he decided before his eyes suddenly flew open. “Oh! Wait, you have one more surprise!” He handed the ring box to Mike before he stood up and headed for the kitchen.

“Another one? But, Chester!” Mike called as he went to get up, but his boyfriend spun around.

“Don’t get up,” he ordered, pointing a finger. “I’m bringing them out to you.” He turned and headed through the swinging door, disappearing into the kitchen.

Mike sat back down, staring at the door for a moment. Them? Oh, he must mean the cinnamon rolls. That’s not a surprise. He looked around at all the wrapping paper and the coupons lying amongst the mess before he decided he wanted to keep them all. He shoved the paper out of the way, collecting them one by one and stacking them up just as Chester came out of the kitchen carrying a large red plate.

“Okay, your last present of the day,” he announced. “Well, there’s always sex later, but that doesn’t count,” he laughed.

“Hey, it’s mind-blowing sex,” Mike corrected as he held up his engagement coupon. “And I have that in writing now.”

“I’m sure I’ll regret that one day,” Chester said as he sat down on the floor, retaking his seat. “Here you go, my love. Made these just for you.” He held out the platter, and he watched as Mike’s smile doubled in the space of three seconds.

“Did you. . .did you put bacon crumbles on top of these?” he asked as he picked up one of the still warm, gooey cinnamon rolls, which was now dotted with the salty meat. “You don’t even like bacon.”

“Nope. These are just for you,” Chester told him as he reached over an cupped Mike’s knee. “Merry Christmas, Michael.”

With the bacon topped cinnamon roll in his hand, Mike let out a shiver of joy as he said, “Merry Christmas, Chester.”


The End - thanks of reading and Merry Christmas! *Hugs*

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