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Pleasure and Pain: Oneshot series by JellyfishLP

Pleasure and Pain ch. 1

This is my new oneshot collection, covering Bennoda smut. Whether it’s Mike or Chester on top will change, but I think most of the chapters will have Chester as the submissive because that’s just the way I prefer.

This first chapter has Mike in charge; it is very harmless compared to what might come in later chapters, but it will be just as hot ;)


“What the hell was that comment earlier?” Mike hissed, slamming his hand down on the faucet to turn off the water.

They had just gotten home after a string of interviews, and as usual, Chester had made a suggestive comment here and there when being asked about their relationship. The public didn’t really know a lot about their private life yet, but questions had been asked after a magazine had printed a secretly taken photo of them kissing in a swimming pool.

Mike and Chester had blamed it on photoshop, but in fact, they had been a couple for about a year when the photo had been taken.

“What comment? I don’t know what you mean, Mike.” Chester replied, feigning innocence and intentionally riling his boyfriend up.

Immediately after they had come home, they had taken a shower together, like they always did after a busy day. This time, though, it had not ended in hot shower sex. Instead, they had bickered and argued the whole time, and Mike had refused any advances Chester had made, quickly cleaning himself up and getting out of the shower before he could give in. Naked Chester was something he rarely could resist. They had even snapped at another while washing each other’s hair, which had become a ritual between them whenever they took a shower together. On any other occasion, washing the other’s hair was something that was done slowly and affectionately; something that ended in a shoulder massage under the stream of hot water. Tonight though, it was done quickly and efficiently, and they both had yanked on the other’s hair a little too forcefully while shampooing, being rough with each other on purpose.

“You know damn well what I mean, Chester.” Mike said as he stepped out of the shower.

“Do I?” he smirked, licking over his lip ring.

“Oh, I know what you’re doing. You think you can talk your way out of this. You think you can solve everything with sex. You wanna make me mad so I fuck you into the floor? Is that what you want?” Mike said, approaching Chester until he was backed up against the cold, tiled wall. In the past, there had been many fights that had ended in angry sex. They usually made up after that, but tonight, Mike had another idea on how to let his point come across to Chester.

“Yes.” Chester answered honestly, grinning shamelessly and looking his still naked and dripping wet boyfriend up and down. Mike’s anger turned him on to no end, and he knew that if he just kept arguing, he could push him over the edge and get what he wanted. They stood so close that they almost touched. Almost. When Chester tried to pull Mike close to him, he felt himself being pushed a little harder against the wall, and he shivered a little from both the coldness of the wall against his back, and his own, burning arousal.

Mike took one of the white towels, quickly drying himself and hiding how turned on he was already. He tossed Chester another towel, not looking at him. He had a plan how to punish him, and it would not involve fucking. Well, not directly. He would certainly get to come, but he didn’t know yet if he would allow Chester release. Taking his hand, Mike led Chester into the bedroom, not saying a word until they were there. He placed both hands on either side of Chester’s face, pressing a gentle kiss on his lips, his tongue coming out to play with the lip ring for just a few seconds before the kiss broke.

“Lie down on the bed. On your back. I’m in charge.” Mike whispered softly in Chester’s left ear, gently nibbling on his earlobe, the change in his behavior letting Chester think he wasn’t mad at him anymore.

Without hesitation, Chester obeyed. He was always willing to submit to Mike, and as he lay down, both of them knew that the game had begun.

xxxxx Chester’s POV

“I want you to obey my every command tonight, understood?” Mike asks me, and I nod.

If he tells me to obey, I obey, no questions asked, and no matter how pissed we are at each other.

“Now close your eyes, and keep them closed.” I feel his hot breath against my ear, and the last thing I see before I do as he says is him removing the towel that’s been wrapped around his waist. I feel him removing my towel, too, and I’m already hard. Actually, I’ve been hard since we started fighting in the shower, and I know he’s been aware of that. I’m trying to touch myself, but he swats my hand away. Oh boy, this is gonna be good.

“No touching. Spread your legs and put your hands over your head. I need you to calm down, this is going to take a while.”

He orders me to lie naked on the bed in this position, and then tells me to calm down?

For several minutes, I lie in the dark, straining my ears to hear what Mike is doing, but I can’t hear anything. My guess is that he’s just standing in front of the bed, watching me. I can almost feel him smirking at me. He’s such a voyeur. I know he gets off on this… Due to not getting the physical attention I need right now, my dick has become softer. That’s when I hear him chuckle and open the drawer on his side of the bed. I’m trying to rely on my sense of hearing, but I have no idea what he’s planning.

“Now hold still, Chester. Hold still and breathe.” he says, and I feel him grabbing my dick and sliding something over it.

I gasp when I realize it’s the cock cage we bought a few months ago. We haven’t used it in a while, because it only comes out to play when I’m about to be severely punished… I wonder what I did to deserve this. He can’t seriously still be mad about that little comment earlier? That was just fun, those media people don’t know anything for sure…What lesson does he want me to learn that he makes me wear the chastity device?

I feel how he’s fumbling with the little key to lock the device. I remember the day we looked at those toys online, quickly deciding on one that was made of metal. It was more than a little pricy, but I absolutely love the feeling of not being in control of my own arousal. Mike holds the key, so only he decides if and when I get to get off.

“Are you still mad about what I said in the interview?”

“Shhh, Chazzy. Be quiet. Not a word.” he says, and I feel the mattress dip as he leans over to his bedside table. A moment later, I hear his voice in my ear again. I’m dying to touch him, to kiss him, to run my hands through his still damp hair. He’s not touching me, but I feel that he’s only an inch away from my skin. It’s almost as if the tiny hairs on my arms can feel the hairs on his.

“Yes, I still am mad about what you’ve said in the interview, Chester. We both decided to wait until we make our relationship public, but with those constant innuendos, you’re putting our secret at risk. You just can’t control yourself, can you?”

I’m chewing on my bottom lip, and my dick is already twitching inside the chastity cage. It’s begging to get free, but I know that Mike has the tiny key hidden somewhere I could never reach from my current position. I wonder what else he has retrieved from his bedside table…

I hear Mike chuckle into my other ear before he continues. “Now, I’m going to teach you a little lesson in self-control. You’re not allowed to move. Not allowed to speak. No moaning, no screaming, no sound at all. Control your breathing and do what I say. If you as much as move a finger without permission, I will make you regret it.” he whispers sweetly.

Oh, how I love his voice. His sweet voice that calms me down when I’m anxious and upset at times; and that can talk to me until my cock is leaking and hard as marble at other times.

I’m scared. He knows me; he knows I can’t stay still when I’m turned on. He usually loves watching me squirm and beg, and he knows it will cost me all my will power to obey his commands. What I feel next is a total surprise. Does he want me to lose my mind? After the fight we had on our way back and in the shower, I expected him to tie me to the bedposts and fuck me raw, just the way we both love to make up after a heated argument, but this…this is torture. Pure torture, and I can’t do anything against it.

Mike is teasing me with the two feathers we bought at our online sex shop of choice. The last time we played with those feathers, I was all tied up; blindfolded and naked and vulnerable. I was allowed to squirm, struggle and writhe under him. Allowed to moan and scream and make any sound I wanted. Being forced to hold still while he does this to me is an almost unbearable task for me, and he sure as hell knows it. He also knows how ticklish I am, and he uses it against me every chance he gets. It makes me laugh, cry and scream all at the same time. It turns me on, depending on where it’s done, and I’m not gonna lie, I love every second of what Mike does to me.

The teasing starts at my hands, one feather on each open palm, then sliding up and down my arms, sending shivers down my spine. I want to ball my hands into fists, I want to dig my nails into my palms. The feathers linger on the bend of my elbows for a moment, and then they’re in my armpits, teasing me there oh so slowly. I wish I could kick my legs in the air and squirm away from the tickling, but I have to obey. I have to.

Kneeling between my legs, he moves the feathers to the sides of my neck, knowing that’s my sweet spot. Any kind of touch there makes me weak. Now he’s tickling me under my chin, and I’m sinking my teeth into my bottom lip. It’s a soft touch, barely noticeable. Mike knows exactly how to touch me to drive me insane. One feather wanders down to my nipples while the other one slides up and down my Adam’s apple, eventually going down to my nipples, too. Waves of pleasure wash over me during the minutes he spends on teasing my nipples. My toes are tingling, and my mind is all messed up.

I need to feel his hands on me. Right now. I want him to grope me, to hold me, to scratch his nails all over me, and most of all, I want to feel his tongue and his teeth on my body. But no. The only thing I feel are those feathers. If he keeps doing this, I’ll yell at him to touch me properly. As I think about disobeying my master, I feel him move the feathers southwards. They’re swirling around my belly button, teasing the areas just above and just below. Tickling me in the ribs and making the muscles in my stomach twitch uncontrollably. It feels so amazing; the softness of the feathers on my skin making it almost impossible to stay quiet much longer.

God dammit, Michael, fucking touch me already! I think as I whimper. Unable to hold still, I buck my hips.

“Be still. You’ve been a naughty boy, Chester, you deserve punishment.” he purrs into my ear, bending down to me. His voice is strict and authoritarian as he keeps only a few inches of space between our bodies. Although I just took a shower, I’m sweating already. Stroking his way down my body with the feathers, Mike carefully avoids the area around my dick, only caressing my hipbones for a second before he starts giving my legs some attention.

I wish he had just bent me over his knees and spanked me with the wooden spoon…

“I know what you’re thinking, Chaz. Pain wouldn’t have taught you this lesson. I can spank you any time I want, but tonight, I want you to learn self-control.”

Not moving gets even harder when he strokes the feathers up and down my inner thighs. Normally, I would have gripped the metal bars of the headboard by now, preparing myself for what I know is going to come next. Mike orders me to lift my legs onto his shoulders, and of course, I obey without question. Slowly, so slowly, he inches one of the feathers closer to my asshole while the other feather has completely left my body. He’s stroking the back of my thighs and my butt now. I almost bite my own tongue off the moment he starts teasing my entrance. Circling around my hole, and then dipping the tip of the feather inside, Mike is moaning loudly.

My cock is straining against its’ metal cage, and I’m so aroused that it hurts.

I just want him to finger me. Please. Please, Mike, finger me and stretch me until I’m wide open for your thick cock. I want you to pound into me and abuse my prostate and fuck me into the next dimension. Please. I think as I suddenly feel the feather leave me. He’s grabbing my ankles and puts them back onto the mattress.

“Pleaseeeee…” I whimper, squirming a little.

I feel the mattress dip as Mike gets up. A second later, both of the feathers are back on my skin, tickling the hollows of my knees. My legs are shaking, I can’t control myself any longer. He knows all my ticklish spots. All of them. Every single one.

“I thought I told you to be quiet and not move. Any more disobedience, and you won’t get to come tonight, Chester.”

Mike’s voice is thick with arousal. I can tell he’s close, but he’s holding himself back just to draw out the torture a little longer. The feathers are now on their way to my ankles, caressing them until they get to the spot I’ve been trying not to think about. My feet. My sensitive feet that are so ticklish it almost makes me pee myself. And I want to scream. I want to thrash around and get away from him. Oh God, I love this. Please Mikey, keep going, I think as I use the last bit of my will power to hold still.

The feathers slide up from my heels all the way across my soles to my toes. I remember the very first time Mike has held my ankles and sucked on those toes, and how I came all over myself as he did so. He’s spending his sweet time on tickling and teasing my feet, the soft feathers bringing me to the brink of insanity. After slipping the feathers between my toes, and then going back down to caress the soles of my feet until I want to scream and shout because I can’t take it anymore, Mike suddenly kisses both my ankles before he stops the torture.

“You’ve done well, Chazzy. You’ve earned your reward.” he says while I fight the urge to rub my soles over the mattress to get rid of at least part of the unbearable itch the tickling has created. That unbearable itch that I crave and love so much.

Finally, Mike uses those feathers to tease my hips, and I want to open my eyes. I want to see what he does. I want to watch him pleasure me, but I know he wasn’t kidding when he said he wouldn’t let me come if I disobeyed him again. So I keep my eyes closed and bite my lips until I taste blood. The feathers are stroking over my hipbones ever so slowly, and I could come just from that. If he hadn’t forced the chastity cage on me, I would have already climaxed minutes ago. I want to hump him like the animal I am. Please, please, please, Mike let me come…Pretty please, I’ve learned my lesson…

Then it happens; Mike slips one of the feathers through the metal rings. He strokes over my restrained dick, and I scream. I scream in pleasure and arch my back off of the bed.

“What was that, Chester? Huh? Now stay calm. I’m going to unlock the chastity cage. Remember the rules and be still.”

He waits a couple of seconds to free my aching dick, relishing in my pain. Then, the blood flows into my cock, and it stands at full attention. I’m licking the blood from my lips, trying to distract myself from the agonizing need to touch myself. I hear him place the feathers aside, and now from the noises he makes, I know exactly what he’s doing. He’s jerking himself off. Quickly. I guess he can’t wait anymore, either.

“I’m not finished with your lesson, yet. Don’t you dare touching yourself, and don’t come before I give you permission.”

This is hell. I think I have proven my ability to control myself, now touch me or I’ll castrate you! I think to myself when Mike climaxes. He’s shooting his sticky load all over my chest, my nipples and into my open mouth, and I know that what gets him off the most is the power he holds over me. He loves watching the conflict on my face as I withstand the need to jerk myself off, too, while I swallow his cum and lick my lips clean.

Finally, oh god yes finally, he’s taking my hard cock in his hand, squeezing and pulling and stroking and pumping and doing everything I like. I’m staying still, though, not moving because that’s what he told me to do.

“Come for me, baby. Come for me.” he says, so I come. I’m coming fast and hard, all over my stomach and his hand. I can’t even curl my toes or ball my hands into the pillow, or be as vocal as I want while I climax. Obeying him is unbearable during the orgasm, but I love it so much. Being forced to hold still while the climax rushes through every part of my body makes it even more intense, because all I can do is take it.


Minutes later, we’re laying in bed together, cuddled up under the blanket. It took me a long time to come down from my high, but now, we are clean and have changed into our fuzzy pajamas. Contrary to many other escapades we have had on this bed, tonight, we managed to not make a mess, and I’m drifting into a deep sleep in Mikey’s arms.


Thanks for reading :)

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