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Can You Save me? by allby2000

Chapter - 1 I'm coming home

I'm sucks at titles, anyway this fiction has a lot of suicide thought, suicide attempt, drugs, etc. You guys should know I write about things that was real person life or my friends life's even their real life (Chester and Mike and can happened with the guys too). Enjoy let me know what you think. :)

Chester's POV's

Flashback On

"Baby put the bottle down you don't need another one, why are you doing this to yourself? I love you please don't drink anymore put this thing down." I said trying find the real him.

"Leave me alone Chester, I told you, I don't want you close to me, I don't lo... just go and leave me alone, you know what? I'm going if you don't wanna do." What he don't love me? It's my fault that he's doing this? God I'm so stupid.

"I can't leave you here alone Mike, you're not fine, I'm sorry if I'm the reason that you are doing this to yourself, I'm sorry I'm so stupid, and I failed with has boyfriend and best friend, but if you don't wanna me close ok, I'm going away but I'm not leaving you alone." He didn't say anything and that just broken my heart even more.

I need call Brad, I'm not the one who can take Mike from drugs and alcohol, maybe Brad he's going to have more luck then I, fuck I spent two years trying but I couldn't, I failed with him, I can't do for him what he did to me.

"Brad come at my house we need to talk." I left a voicemail for him.

I take with me just some clothes, shoes and some other things, I hope come back. Mike was asleep thank God.

"Where are you going?" Brad asked when he came and saw me on the front door.

"He don't want me here, I need go, take care of him please."

"Chester you can't leave him!"

"I don't know what to do anymore, twice on rehab and nothing, I tried everything and nothing, I love him with everything that I'm but I'm tired, I know I'm the problem, he's going to be ok with you."

"Can't change your mind?"

"No. Anyway I have to go and he's free to put someone at my place in the band, and tell him that I love him." Even he doesn't love me anymore, I will love him forever.

"Oh god Chaz, I can't stop you, then just promise something."

"Yeah what?"

"Text me when you need."

"I will try, now I got to go, take care of him and yourself, and please don't let him take his meds with…

"I know, I will keep my eyes open. Take care Chester." Then he hugged me.

Flashback off

That happened it's be one year and half, I texted Brad for four or five months, but after I turned off my phone and buy another one, now I'm here with my phone thinking about turning on. I read on the internet that he try kill himself 3 times, and this hurting me and hit me every time, the last one was two days ago, that's why I'm thinking about turning on my phone, you know what I will do, then I did, messages, calls, voicemails a lot things.

So I start heard the voicemails of the day that I left, all of them from Mike. I never had heard.

"Where are you? I wake up and Brad was here telling me that you left."

"Chester where are you love?"

"Babe please where are you? I know I almost said that I didn't love you anymore, but I do babe I love you so much."

"Babe please I can't live without you,I need you, where are you? Just tell me that you ok."

"Forgive me baby come back home." That one he's was crying, I felt my heart broken.

"Back to me baby I promise I will try harder, I won't push you away, come back to me love." He was crying even more and that was the last one of that day.

I spent hours hearing all of his voicemails.

"I hate you." 5 days ago He's was drunk. Oh god.

"I'm sorry I love you." 2 days ago.

Then I have a lot from Brad, almost all begging to me come back, I take a deep breath and call him.

"Chester my God, where are you?"

"How he's doing?"

"We're on the hospital, he wakes up but panicked so they put him to sleep, I need you here, we need you, we missing you…"

"But I don't know if I can help him."

"Do you know what happened to him to he start drinking?"

"No, do you know?"

"I do, when I can take him off guard he opens up a little bit, one of those times he said the reason, and then sometimes he says you're the only one who can understand…he still in love with you."

"What did he say?"

"I can't tell you, but it's horrific…"

"I'm coming home." That's it, I finished the call. Tomorrow I will be at my house. I shouldn't have to leave him, I will stay this time.

° 24 hours later.°

I'm at hospital, then I saw Brad I walk into him.


"My God you're here…" he hugged me.

"Yeah i made a mistake."

"…He's wake, he's not drinking much, but he's depressed very depressed, if you want to see him, be prepared. It's different."

"He…uh..no. he didn't?"

"He did and a lot…" he said sad.

"Oh…" I can't left him again, so I walk into the room, Rob was there with him, they didn't noticed that I'm here.

"Hey guys..."

"Chester what hell? I thought you was dead damn." Rob said hugged me. My eyes meet with Mike's eyes, he had tears.

"I'm sorry I missed you guys."

"We missed you too."

"I need talk with Mike." I wispperd to him, Mike still lost.

"Ok just be patient." Then he left.


"I don't want talk about the past year right now i just need to know why…"

"I thought that you didn't love me anymore, you almost said that Michael my heart was broken I couldn't think straight, and now I know I was wrong to leaving you when you needed me the most, I'm so sorry…" I said crying how I didn't did in months.

"I love you, it's all that I will talk about for now."

"It's all the matter, I was afraid that you didn't love me anymore."

"Do you love me?" He asked as he takes my hands to his.

"More than anything, I'm sorry baby." I kissed his cheek, I could taste his tears.

"Good, I love you too so much, no matter what happens I will always love you."

"Me too, I will stay by your side now, I won't leave promise."

"You're all that I need to recover my stranger."

"Same here…"

"I'm tired Chaz, they drugged me to calm down."

"Go sleep, I will be here when you wake up."



"Lay with me? Spent the night with me please, I need you so much now…"

"I will I need talk with them first, wait a sec." He nodded and I walk into them.

"Both are ok?" Rob ask and I nodded. Then I said that I will stay with him and we talk a bit, then I back to Mike.

"Why so long?"

"I talk a bit with them."

"Come here Chaz, help me move, then you lay and I stay in your chest." I didn't seem before but I see now, the cuts, he knows that I saw then. We lay and I fuck wanted to cry again.

But we don't spoke anything about he's not ready and neither I, than we decided just sleep. Tomorrow we can talk.

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