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Hot for Teacher by becisamonsta


*nervously breathes* Hi? I have been working on this one and off for some time, and I wanted to share with you all. This is my first smut piece and would really like to see your thoughts. I am still working on my other stories but thought I would share something light and well fun, as well as nasty and a bit of a fantasy of mine ;) Bennoda teacherxstudent smut for you all.

Do not own, just my own errors and whacky ideas.


Hot for Teacher

“Have you seen him yet?”

A tall boy who was identified as Mr. Chester Bennington, an high school senior, a real troublemaker and according to most kids in his grade he held the title for Mr. ‘hotty’, looking no older then eighteen, was seen sitting in his seat in the cafeteria. He would shift in his chair, he would sigh, he would move his inquisitive, dark eyes, hidden behind thick, black frames away from his Art History book, focusing in on his friend, sitting across from him.

His dark eyes were painted in a mixture of curiosity and a dusting of confusion once he locked eyes with the bumbling, stocky Asian teenager better known as his partner in crime, who like Chester was also a senior and a trouble maker of his own; Mr. Joseph Hahn, who was seen squirming in his chair now, just waiting to spill the latest gossip to his dear friend Chester.

For the most part the bespectacled teenager was feeling more confused then ever now, having no recollection of meeting any other new students through out his day that his friend might have been referring to, but then again if Chester Bennington would have paid more attention about what goes on around his school, he wouldn’t be in this predicament now, playing the guessing game with Hahn.

“Who?” Chester finally peaked interest. Disregarding his report that was due next period as he was placing the book down that he had been reading. He knew that he was doomed to begin with, with his Art history report due at the end period of the day. Chester had always been the one to try and sweet talk his way his way out his homework, now, he was not so sure how he would get out of this one today.

“Who are you talking about Joe? Is there a new guy that’s just started in our grade today?” Asked Chester, with the curiosity getting the better of him, pushing his notepad back into his rack sack along with the Art History book that he was supposed to be reading and taking notes from.

“Not just any guy? God no...” Joe began by saying, laughter tickling his throat, craning his neck down as he would lower his voice, a conversation that was just left for Chester to hear. “Try our new Art sub teacher, Chester. I heard Talinda and Anna talking about him in second period as they had him in first period... And according to Talinda Apparently we have a new hot sub teacher that will be teaching our class; Art History for the next few days and Anna suspects that he could be gay, as he didn’t even bat an eye at her, and we both know how persuasive the girl can be.”

“Oh yeah?” Chester said, his ears were perking up, along with his dark eyes, hidden behind his thick, frames once he heard Joe said that their new substitute teacher was some kind of eye candy, especially if this said teacher that Joe had just mentioned had the tick of approval from the likes of Miss Talinda Bentley and Miss Anna Hillinger, who both earned their respectable titles as being two of the most prettiest girls in their grade, well according to most guys in their grade. Chester was unlike most guys in the school, and the reason for that was because he was gay, and had been for as long he had hit puberty.

“How would Anna even know if the guy was gay?”

It was Joe’s turn now to look slightly confused, as he was polishing off the rest of his sandwich and he shrugged, having some fair idea Anna had tried to work her magic and most likely to have failed miserably too. The girl was good, there was no doubt about it, as she was the first to have guessed Chester’s sexual preference before anyone else did in the school.

There was a pause between the two teenagers and he wanted to press on more to Joe, wanted to get more information that he possibly could get out before next period. The chaotic mess that you would find in Chester’s mind now was all too hard for the boy to just speak. The sounds of the bell blasted through the speakers and for the most part, Chester was sincerely grateful that their conversation didn’t have to continue, as all he had to do was get through next period with messing things up.

He could see Joe bouncing on the balls of each foot now, making a quick note that it was his mission to find Heidi Woan, who he had been dating on and off for the last two months now as they both were not ready to make the next step, and walk her from her cheerleading practice to her next class, which was math if Chester stands correctly. The bespectacled teenager had been left up to his own devices once his stocky Asian friend made his way toward the exit.

Silently, with his thoughts stewing over with an excuse as to why he couldn’t finish his book report in time, he found the edge of his seat with his feet, making his way toward the exit along with the other fifty+ students that were seated in the cafeteria along with Chester, who all decided that it was the best time to leave.

Through the chaotic mess of book bags and limbs, mind over matter, Chester wasn’t bothered in the slightest of what was happening around him, as he was successful to slip through the doorway and was now pushing his way through the crowded corridor, venturing off to his class.

Making his way through the hallway, he did manage to find Joe a little further onwards, who was leaning up against the wall at the end of the corridor. The stocky Asian teenager was seen exchanging words with a much taller, and dark skinned boy, whose dark hair was wavy and facial hair trimmed nicely along his young, unblemished face. Once Chester notably moved in closer, the two teen boys spotted Chester as he was making his way towards the classroom door where his friends were standing.

“Chaz, my man! Ready for some Art? I heard the teacher is your type... Tall, dark and fucking ridiculously hot!” The taller, tanned boy, who could almost be voted to be on the cover of latest issue of Abercrombie and fitch magazine said, with excitement tickling his deep voice.

The aspiring Abercrombie and Fitch model, better known as Mr. Robert Bourdon was smirking now, and Chester had to bite his lip from making a fool out himself by completely snapping at his friend for being obnoxiously loud, as his eyes would cross over to the small group of three that were standing close by. They were giggling under the breath, all making eyes with Chester, as all he wanted to do now was shrivel up into a ball and forget just how much of a loud mouth his friend can be at times.

He turned away from the three girls that were still giggling at him, and locking eyes with both Joe and Rob now. He couldn’t hold back for much longer now, slightly irritated that his so called ‘friends’ were still going on about their new substitute teacher. He pushed himself off the wall, with his back turned away from the open corridor, facing his friends once more again, completely ignoring the rest of the class who were staring back at the scene now.

“I don’t get it? Why does everyone think that this so called sub teach-“


“-cher so hot? I mean is he really that hot? Aren’t all Art History-“

“Chester, shut u-“

“-teachers supposed to be, meant to be, like, all fucking old and well, past their time, y’know? I mean look at Mrs. Hennessy for example, she’s old enough to be, like, my great grandmother... So I will believe it, when I-“

“Chaz, man-“

“-I see it, so please do me a favor, and fucking stop! Just stop going on about-“

“-young sir, are you almost finished?” There was a unfamiliar fourth voice added to the mix, and it was of a rich symphony that sing-songed its way into the conversation and into Chester’s ears. He froze, his eyes were bugging.

Looking up, he could see Joe and Rob openly gaping at him, both with red cheeks to match. The sizzling heat of his own embarrassment traveled from his tummy crept up along his body now, his face schooling the burning sensation along each cheek once he realised that his so called new ‘hot’ teacher had just heard everything from his little rant before and was now standing directly behind him.

Chester twirled around on his feet, feeling his head spin along with his staggering posture, he would stop dead in his tracks once he was finally met with this so called ‘hot sub’, as he really did want to drown into a pool of his own misery and embarrassment once his eyes finally got to feast on what everyone has been so worked up about.

“Class you may enter,” From first appearances, the substitute teacher looked to be no older then his late twenties as he was standing by Chester next to the doorway. Appreciatively, the young teenager was able to get as close to an eyeful of his substitute teacher and mentally taken notes, his eyes swirling with infatuation now. There was no way that this hot piece of 20 something, who was sporting a button up red, flannelette shirt, the thick material pleasantly stretching across the substitute teacher’s toned chest and dark denim jeans that would hug his narrow hips and long, slender legs, accentuating his rounded behind, was a Art History teacher.

Taking note that his new substitute teacher certainly had kind of some exotic flare to his beautiful features, looking Hispanic or possibly he was half Asian, as his eyes were large and full of wonder but slanted delicately toward his long nose. Curiously he shifted his eyes to the one thing that triggered the young teenager to look and that was his lips.

They were plump and full, with out looking too large for his beautiful face, and well as Chester would like to describe them in his own words, just fucking too kissable for their own good as Chester thought about it. Thought about what it would be like to feel those said supple lips glide along his own quivering flesh. He could smell something sweet, it was the substitute teacher’s musky cologne hitting his nostrils, as he would close his eyes, momentarily, and inhaled deeply, forgetting for a moment where he was standing.

“Are you listening to me?” The dark haired beauty with his hypnotic eyes, grounded out, pulling Chester back into reality, that all took was for the teenager now was to clumsily take a step forward, almost losing his balance, and feeling the teacher grab him by the shoulders to steady him from his fall.

Chester could feel his cheeks burn red, wanting nothing more then to shrivel up into a pile of goop, as all he wanted to do now was to forget what had just happened between them a moment ago. Talk about making first impressions right? as Chester had always been notoriously well know for them, but with the likes of his new substitute teacher, Chester’s demeanour had completely changed from calm and collected to a complete fool, to say the least he was acting like a moron now.

“Whoa, you okay there...” His deep, nurturing voice reminded the young teen of pure, satisfyingly sweet honey. It was of a rich and warm sweetness as Chester knew at that moment he was a complete goner once he could feel his substitute teacher’s soft yet firm touch along his shoulders. “And your name is?”

“Bennington, Chester Bennington.” Chester attempted to say in a feeble voice, his dark gaze, hidden behind his glasses had fallen to his feet, not quite meeting his substitute teacher’s eyes.

“Well, Mr. Bennington, I would really appreciate it if you would hurry inside now, as you are holding the class up, and as for your smart and ridiculous comments that I caught you saying just before, we can discuss them later on today... After class.”

Chester felt his eyes bulge out of their sockets to a significant width once he felt his substitute teacher pull away, frowning inwardly once his substitute teacher’s hand left his shoulders. The dark haired beauty bowed his head toward the entrance of his classroom, hinting for his student to move in.

Flabbergasted, and if he wasn’t already completely and utterly embarrassed like he had felt before he certainly felt it now, as his cheeks were still red. With one foot moving in front of the other, he stepped inside, opting to find the closest seat to the door to save himself from anymore embarrassments today.

He was thankful to see that Joe had switched seats with one of the girls who had been giggling at him before, and Joe gave him a friendly nudge in return for support.

“Now that Mr. Bennington has decided to join us here, let’s get on with today’s lesson, shall we?” The new hot substitute teacher disclaimed, a sprinkle of laughter was present in his voice. It was a nice change for the substitute teacher’s attitude, as the sound of his voice made the young teenager’s heart flutter.

“My name is Mr. Shinoda, and I will be your teacher for today,”

Despite of the embarrassment Chester still had felt for what had just happened he couldn’t help the victorious smile that would spread along his face. Finally he had just heard the words that he had been waiting for, and with a last name like that, Mr. Shinoda’s nationality had to be of an Asian decent, possibly he was Japanese after all? But he didn’t look like a full blooded Asian as Chester was second guessing himself now, that the substitute teacher had to be at least half American, and half Japanese.

Chester pulled his eyes away from the desk front and watched the man that peaked his infatuation, move around the front of the classroom. With a whiteboard marker in his grip, and his hand gliding along the white surface he wrote his name for those that had missed it the first time, as he would begin by writing notes on the board.

Mr. Shinoda’s lips were moving now as the substitute teacher began his lesson, and Chester couldn’t hear a sound now. Everything around him became blurred lines, and all he could focus on now, was Mr. Shinoda’s beautiful lips that were moving, and yet Chester could not make a sound.

He was fascinated by the way his teacher would move effortlessly across the front of the room like a beautiful beacon of light, as he was fascinated by the way his thick eyebrows would furrow whenever he would change topic, completely smitten the way Mr. Shinoda would bite his bottom lip, drawing the skin in between his teeth. He sat there, in complete stillness, with his cheek to his palm and he would just stare, thinking to himself of just how gorgeous Mr. Shino-

“Ouch! Dammit Joe!” Chester cried out, feeling the burn spreading along his arm now, from where Mr. Joseph Hahn had nudged him hard, interrupting his wondering thoughts about their substitute teacher.

“Mr. Bennington? I would appreciate it if you would pay more attention in class when I call your name out, please.” Mr. Shinoda said, furrowing his dark eye brows, as he was standing over Chester’s desk now, looking down at him with those great big, beautiful eyes that Chester had just spent day dreaming about.

“Sorry, uh, Mr. Shinoda” Chester feigned, batting his eye lashes now, knowing just how to get inside of Mr. Shinoda’s mind. He watched on as his substitute teacher was silent for a short moment. The confusion was etched across his brow now and the student knew it had to do with his change of attitude, as the substitute teacher took a step back. He cleared his throat, shaking his head visibly.

“Like I had just asked you before, Mr Bennington, How might your interpretation of different types of artwork be different from someone in another culture? I believe that is one of the questions you were suppose to answer for your book report?” Mr. Shinoda certainly knew how to play the game hard himself, winning this round once more again, as the young teenager could see a steady smirk growing along Mr. Shinoda’s lips now.

Chester fell silent, stunned, and feeling the world crumbling on top of him to realise that he couldn’t come up with an answer for Mr. Shinoda, as he sunk deeper into his chair when he couldn’t come up with a good answer.

Mr. Shinoda was still looking his way, his smirk curling to the left side of his mouth now, before pointing his finger toward another student who went by the name of Benjamin, as he would read out his own answer for Mr. Shinoda.

Once Benjamin read out what he had wrote, Mr. Shinoda then proceeded to tell everyone to get their reports out, telling the class that he would like everyone to stand up once he would call their name our, and one by one, read a paragraph from each of their report. The substitute teacher quickly diverted his eyes back to Chester.

“And as for you Mr. Bennington, seeing as though you are already meeting me after class I think it is fair to tell you that you will be spending your afternoon in detention for not completing your book report,” Mr. Shinoda confirmed, and before Chester could make another peep, he had already moved away from the student’s view.

“Half your luck, hey?” Next came Joe’s voice, lowering his voice to a whisper, looking over his shoulder to make sure Mr. Shinoda wasn’t looking their way. “So?”

“So what?” Chester bit back, whispering under his breath too. Stewing in his own thoughts at just how ridiculous Mr. Shinoda had been acting so hot and cold around him.

“So what do you think? Hot or not?” Joe asked, with a wiggle to his brow. As Chester turned to face his friend, his eye brows were stitched together, each eye darkening.

“He is... Completely and utterly fuckable, but... Has been a bit of an ass though?”

“Chester... In all fairness, you were a dick out in the hallway, y’know?” Joe whispered, sniggering between his words. Before Chester could mention another word, the bell began to ring, as it was the end of the day. For most students they began to move, as Chester stayed put in his chair.

He watched on as the other students pass him by, exiting the classroom along with his friend’s Rob and Joe, who both murmured that they would call him later on, as they were the last to leave from the classroom. Chester had been silent this whole time, still sat in his chair, as he could see Mr. Shinoda moving around the front of classroom. Closing the door, and Chester failed to see that his substitute teacher had locked the door, completely locking them both inside.

The classroom that was once filled with Mr. Shinoda’s deep, rich like honey, voice and the light chattering sounds of his classmates had all slipped away as they were both met with silence now. It wasn’t long before Mr Shinoda was the first to speak, making his way toward the teacher’s desk, taking his seat with his eyes still on Chester.

“As promised, you will be here for detention-“

“But detention is usually in the great hall, next to the-“

“Mr. Bennington?-“ Mr. Shinoda bit back, a nonchalantly look painted his young features and Chester had to refrain himself from speaking over his substitute teacher, as he would sink back in his chair, obediently. “Did I say you could interrupt me? Did I ever say to you that you could speak?”

“No, sir, no.”

“Good, good, as I was saying just before you interrupted me, your detention will be held in here with me today. So the first part of your detention I would like for you to do is to get up from your seat, come over here and write on the board ‘I will not talk down and interrupt my so called not ‘hot’ teacher ever again’ until I am fully satisfied that you have learnt your lesson with what you had done today, Mr. Bennington.” Mr. Shinoda spoke in volumes, that had Chester fidgeting with his fingers. He was sure to believe now that Mr. Shinoda was not one to mess around with, as he obediently pulled himself up from his desk, and with timid steps, he crossed his way toward the white board where he could see Mr. Shinoda holding out the red whiteboard marker for Chester to use.

Stretching his right arm out to grab the marker, and froze quickly once their hands would touch. Chester could feel his fingers brushing along each knuckle now, making Chester’s skin tingle from their subtle contact. Quickly, the student’s eyes snapped up from his hand, almost afraid of what Mr. Shinoda would say as he was deterring himself to not let go as he was enjoying the warm sensation of Mr. Shinoda’s skin against his own.

The student could see something deep in Mr. Shinoda’s eyes, nestled there in between each eye, and Chester was sure that it was of some kind of unspoken desire that he felt for his student too, but the fleeting moment that captured Chester’s heart momentarily had depleted once Mr. Shinoda had snapped away from his trance as he would pull away, nodding his head toward the whiteboard.

With a deepening frown, the student made his way up to the board and sighed. He began by writing out his first line, ignoring the pulling feeling that was nestled deep inside his tummy, as it would twist and it would turn painfully in knots, as all he could think about now was the way Mr. Shinoda’s dark eyes were so hypnotic and so inviting when he caught them with his own wandering eye, and just how irresistibly soft his skin had felt once Chester had accidentally, but in the back of in his right mind knew that what he had done was on purpose, touched him.

The room fell silent once more again, and the only sounds omitted through out the classroom were of Chester’s pen scraping along the white surface of the board, as he would write out his lines, hoping soon Mr. Shinoda would make some kind of sound.

It wasn’t until the fifth line that Chester had wrote out that he heard the chair to which Mr. Shinoda was sitting on, noisily scraped across the floor, the sounds of fabric moving and feet shifting. Chester kept his eye on the board, but in each peripheral, he could see his substitute teacher moving around behind him now, as it had only made Chester’s heart stutter, uncontrollably, and he really thought that this time he was going to pass out from asphyxiation, once he could almost feel Mr. Shinoda standing directly behind him now.

If Chester had to guess just how many inches that stood between his teacher and himself, he would only guess that the space between teacher and student would be no more then a few inches between them, once Chester could feel Mr. Shinoda’s hot breath gently, streaming along the nape of his neck now, tickling the hair that was found there.

Chester could feel his palms had already began to sweat, trying to hold back from humiliating himself even more now once he managed to catch the moan that had almost slipped out between his lips, as he could smell him near, the subtle hint of Mr. Shinoda’s sweet cologne, taunting him to dive his nose in a little closer.

“Mr. Bennington, did I say that you could stop writing your lines?” Mr. Shinoda’s voice came out in short puffs of warm air, and all Chester could think about now was just how good his substitute teacher had smelt, as he could almost feel his substitute teacher’s broad chest press up against his back.

“I, uh, no sir.” Chester squeaked, his mind completely boggled with lust now, and feeling the anticipation of what would happen if he were to just turn around, but he refrained himself from doing just that, as he began by finishing off his lines.

But his movement had closed to complete stop now, reunited with the familiar touch again as he could feel Mr. Shinoda’s strong hand tracing along the curve of his back. With no hesitation in his movement, Chester could feel his skin almost melting away from off his trembling body the moment they made contact again.

Chester froze with his eyes widening, carefully watching as Mr. Shinoda’s hand made its way along the length of Chester’s outstretched arm, dropping his marker, the teen boy could see Mr. Shinoda ending his journey now with his deft touch by coiling his long fingers around Chester’s wrist.

“Are you ready for the second part of your detention now, Mr. Bennington?”

“I, uh, ye-s, sir.” Chester whimpered, feeling the heat that was pooling in between his stomach expand to greater lengths now, as he could feel that his pants were restricting him of his true desires once he realised just how aroused he had become in the short space of time, and as suspected Mr. Shinoda was the one to blame for his absurd behaviour.

He let out a gasp first, as no true words needed to be exchanged between them to know what was about to transpire between the student and his teacher, once Chester allowed his stomach and chest to be slammed into the the front the of white board. He could see the words that he had wrote, all now smudged and rubbed off, all of it being time wasted.

Chester wanted to laugh, thinking that he had seen something very similar just like this in a pornographic short film, that he stumbled upon not too long ago on the web one night, but all thoughts of his teacherxstudent-roleplaying-pornographic images had left his mind once Chester could feel the strength of Mr. Shinoda’s body pressing up against his own body, and feeling his substitute teacher’s impressive bulge press up against his backside.

“Do you feel that?” The dark haired beauty murmured, his voice dipping low into a whisper, and Chester could have sworn by now that his eyes were almost rolling to the back of his eye lids. Once he heard the sultry words that had belonged to his substitute teacher enter their way so silkily into into his left ear, and all he was capable of doing now was nod, words failing to escape him, once he was too choked up from his own arousal to be able to make a sound.

“I can’t hear you?” Mr. Shinoda said, his words were of pure lust, feeling the outline of his substitute teacher’s cock grounding against his ass. All the young teen could do now was simply moan out in appreciation at the sensation, letting the teacher’s last name slip out between his trembling lips. To much of his surprise, the student had let out a rather loud squeak, once he felt Mr. Shinoda’s free hand slip over his lips. Silencing him with his palm as he breathed in the word ‘Shhh’, reminding the student where they were, and if they were caught, what the consequences would come from it.

“Since we should be on a first name basis, my name is Michael, but you can call me Mike if you would prefer that, Chester?” Mr. Shinoda, better known as Michael now, effortlessly husked out. With the way that he would emphasise Chester’s name, rolling his ‘E’s and his ‘R’s with his tongue, caused the student’s knees to buckle beneath his weight, but thankfully Michael was strong enough to hold him up with his own weight.

Chester whimpered, as he would groan, feeling the breath of Mr. Shinoda warming its own path along Chester’s ear as it would continue to along the length of Chester’s neck, his milk bottle skin collecting beads of sweat now. He craned his neck further to the side, subconsciously he was telling Mr. Shinoda to devour his skin now. To mark him. To have a taste, as he would beg for more. He was pleased to say that his efforts did not go astray once he felt Mr. Shinoda’s tongue run along the crook of his neck, making a wet and slippery trail of his warm saliva along the length, as he would nibble and taste Chester’s skin between each nip.

“I would much rather call you, Mr. Shinoda, instead.” Chester moaned deviously, remembering to keep his voice down low but almost enough for his substitute teacher to be able to hear his sultry response. His mouth was still held captive by Mike’s strong grip, tasting the sweat from his palm, as Chester was quick to have pushed his tongue out to have a taste of his own. He could hear his teacher moan now, it was soft and yet reassuring to know that what Chester had just said to him and what he was doing with his tongue now, certified approval by Michael, as his substitute teacher continued to run his tongue along the length of his student’s neck, sucking as he would nip in between each suck.

Chester wiggled his body as he would gasp, he moaned as he would ground himself hard up against his teacher, beginning to rock back and forth feeling the hard cock brush up on him. The friction between their moving bodies was completely inevitable as he could feel Mike press up against his ass, until there was no space left between them, as the substitute teacher’s cock would twitch almost as if it was begging for some kind of release and Chester was more then happy to accompany it, if it meant he could bargain his way out of his detention.

“I knew there was something about you the moment I heard that sneaky little tongue of yours speak out in the hallway, I should really be punishing you for the way you were speaking about me too, you know, but I think I will let you slide just this once-“ Mike’s words were of silk, faintly smooth and very gentle to the ear, and Chester felt himself falling quite deeply for that sultry voice of his substitute teacher.

He could feel his body being pulled away from the white board now and toward the teacher’s desk. Thinking he was going to have his stomach slammed to the edge of the wooden surface where he would not be able to see his substitute teacher perform his task, he was somewhat surprised to find that Michael had turned him around and propped him up so that he was sitting up on the edge of the desk, both facing each other with his substitute teacher standing in between each thigh. “But, there’s only on one condition, Chester?”

“And what is that Mr. Shinoda?”

“Tell me now, weather or not you’re comfortable with what I am about to do to you?”

Chester was silent for a moment, the quivering feeling in stomach never really did stop, but he was no longer feeling scared or anxious now, not that he really felt that to begin with since he knew that he could solely trust Mr. Shinoda, as he was feeling even more overwhelmed for this to happen now.

He knew what he wanted the moment he locked eyes with his hot substitute teacher, and never in a million years would he see himself sitting on this very desk that he had his body spread out on, as they were about to fuck. Well at least Chester had hoped that was about to happen next. He was no virgin, so this wasn’t all new to him, but sleeping with his substitute teacher, well that was surely something else, as that was all new to him.

Chester slyly smiled, gaining a little more confidence with every move now, as he would slide his hands from his thighs and made a hot trail of their own toward Mike’s broad chest. Where he would teasingly run his finger’s along Mike’s pecs, happy to feel his dark haired beauty’s nipples harden in response, satisfying the student from the affect that he had on his substitute teacher.

“And what are you going to do to me, Mr. Shinoda?” Chester feigned innocence, batting his dark eyes behind his thick frames.

It was Mike’s turn to smirk now, his dark eyes were filled of lust as he dipped his head down low, until he was eye level with Chester. He tenderly placed each hand on his desk, closing in on any reality for Chester to make his great escape. Not that the young teen boy had any motives to move as he was sitting still, completely stunned and very aroused at the outcome of this scenario that he has put himself in. He knew that none of his friends would ever believe a word that he would have to say about his saucy rendezvous with their substitute teacher the next time that he would see both Joe and Rob, so he knew that what was about to happen would be his best kept secret with Mr. Shinoda.

“Whatever I want to do with you and that perfect, little body of yours.”

He was stunned, his heart was pounding, in complete awe from his substitute teacher’s words as the student would watch on, the anticipation licking at him like a hungry animal waiting to pounce. Feeling like time had just come to a stand still and everything but Mike had blurred into colors, and all Chester could see, feel, hear now was Mr. Shinoda.

His breath hitched the moment, his teacher had closed in the gap between them, the long awaited kiss that was well and truly overdue was becoming a reality once Chester could feel the gentle pressure of his teacher’s lips against his own. The air around them grew to great volumes of static, it was warm and explosive, making their bodies sourced out with need and dripping desire, as their connected lips were on fire.

It was of a gentle nudge at first, nothing but warm skin brushing up against Chester’s lips and the student could have sworn that he could feel his body floating on cloud nine, as all he could think about now, was just how beautifully delicate Mike’s lips had felt against his own.

There was no push for dominance, at least not quite yet knowing Chester was willing to submit to everything his substitute teacher would tell him to, they were in no hurry as they were yet to explore each other’s mouths at first.

But all it took for everything to transpire between them was just a little moan to slip through Chester’s lip, and sure enough the kiss became more frantic and deliciously hotter by the minute now, as Mr. Shinoda pressed his tongue inwards, slivering the wet muscle in between Chester’s lips, filling the warm wet heat with his thick muscle, where their tongues would timidly at first touch for the first time.

As time would go on, their kisses started out slow but now with their new found confidence their tongues would somersault. Testing new waters while applying warm pressure, as their wet muscles would slide beautifully together. Their tongues would move as one, to create the most deliciously, tight friction. A forbidden dance of tantric moved between their lips, had both men moaning unison from the fiery kiss. Chester would blissfully sigh alongside with Mr. Shinoda, each twin sounds vibrating against their mouths, sending warm signals to their cores.

The young student, decided he wanted to be bold, to be brave, no longer feeling like the timid little boy that he had felt once before, but he was of an animal who wanted more, as he steadily lifted each thigh from off the teacher’s desk and looped his long legs around Mr. Shinoda’s narrow waist, pulling the older teacher closer until their hardening erections would brush up against each other. The heat pooling in between Chester’s stomach had only intensified, once he could feel just how hot his dark haired beauty was for him.

“You taste so good.” Chester’s words were muffled against Michael’s tongue, which only had his substitute teacher moan in response.

Mr. Shinoda was the first to pull away from the kiss, a slippery pop settling in between their moist lips, air becoming essential for them both once Chester caught his breath again.

He looked up from Mike’s pink, supple lips, to see that they were both wet and swollen from their heated make out session. Locking eyes with Mr. Shinoda’s dark eyes now, he could see them both swarming with desire and molten charcoaled heat, making the student whimper softly from under his breath watching the affect he had on his substitute teacher.

With wandering eyes, he watched on as Michael had made the second move again, taking this as his opportunity to lean forward again. He was almost eye level with his student and all Chester wanted to do now, was dive into those dark chocolate pools that were beckoning him in, luring him in, until he subconsciously squeezed his legs in closer, rubbing his hard body up against his substitute teacher. He could feel Mike’s soft lips against his ear, feeling a moist heat cocooning the skin that his substitute teacher had found there, making the student’s breath hitch.

In all his adolescent life, had he ever found anyone that would take the time to appreciate every square inch of his young body quite like Mr. Shinoda did, as his body fell victim to Mike’s touch, pining for more, as Chester’s hand’s smoothed out along each shoulder belonging to his substitute teacher, clasping onto each shoulder, moaning in appreciation that what Mr. Shinoda was doing with those amazing lips and tongue he knew exactly how to get Chester hard and dripping with precum.

“You have no idea how fucking delicious you look sitting on my desk right about now, Mr Bennington.” His breath was hot, coming out in short puffs of warm air, and all Chester could do now was to lull his head to side, playing victim to his hot, substitute teacher’s warm breath and touch. “Are you sure you want this? You’re... you’re not like a virgin are you, Mr Bennington?” Michael then added, making Chester look up from his stance until their eyes would meet again.

With mingled breath, their eyes would connect, a static electricity filled the air and Chester was unable to find the right words for him to speak. So he did what any full blooded, hormonal male would do and grabbed the back of his substitute teacher’s neck before smashing Mike’s lips against his own, indicating that he was more then willing. He gave into his own victory once he could feel the substitute teacher break his way into the kiss, as their teeth would painfully collied as their tongues would soon be introduced together, once more again.

The familiar taste of Mike’s mouth swam around his own tongue and it had the student buzzing for more as he began to pull on the flannel shirt that his substitute teacher had been wearing, and that had caught the student’s eye the moment they both had met out in the hallway. One by one, their clothing began to pool along the floor beneath them, as all that was left now were their denim jeans, concealing their equally uncomfortable errections. The skin along Chester’s neck did not go astray, once Mr. Shinoda found a path that he enjoyed, as he was doing everything in his power to coat the delicate skin of his student with his tongue.

“So good, I could eat you all up because you taste so fucking good, Mr. Bennington.” His substitute teacher’s voice was husky and warm.

“Oh, god, Mr. Shinoda,” Chester cried out, softly against his palm, he was careful enough to remember the consequences if they were both caught, as he grounded his hips in upward fashion, aching to be touched, to be fucked, and everything else in between that would come with it. The student was growing impatient, whimpering that his cock was still straining against the front of his denim jeans as his mouth fell open.

“Fuck me.” Chester cried out, with an animalistic growl between his teeth which only made the teacher slow his actions down until he was now pulling away to face his student.

“Get up.” The dark haired angel who was dressed as his hot substitute teacher affirmed, his voice was gruff and yet soft, which only had the naughty student buzzing for what was about to happen next as wiggled his way off the teacher’s desk until he was standing directly in front his substitute teacher.

“That’s a good boy,” Mike added, his voice was still gruff with arousal and Chester could see what was about to happen next once he caught sight of Mr. Shinoda slowly unclasping his belt in front of him, snapping his buttons open, to reveal a tone strip of tanned skin as he was slowly pulling his fly down, exposing more of his delicious skin for Chester to taste.

“You see I have a big problem here that I want you to take care of first, and if you’re lucky Mr. Bennington, you’re command may as well just come true, do you think you can handle all of me?”

‘Hell, fucking yes!’, Chester’s inner thought would rattle deep inside his mind, the student had smirked, his lips curling into a secret smile, as there were no words to be exchanged between the student and his substitute teacher. With his mind made up, and with trembling knees, he lowered himself to the ground where he was met with his next challenge.

Now, Chester had never undress anyone before, let alone undressed one of the hottest males that he has ever encountered before, as the last few encounters he has had in the past had already been so willing and so naked for Chester’s taking, so when Chester saw that Mike slowly lowered his denim jeans to the ankles, the student could see the impressive outline of his teacher’s cock hidden behind his white cotton boxer briefs, as he could also see the dark patch of pubic hair above his substitute teacher’s cock.

His mouth began to water, with the smell of his own sex leaking between his legs, as he could smell the musky scent of his teacher between his nostrils. Without a subconscious thought in place, the student had leant forward until his lips tenderly encased the cock that was still hidden behind the thin material as he moaned softly once he felt the large intrusion graze along his lips. He could taste the precum that was already there, soaking Mr. Shinoda’s boxer briefs, and it would wet his lips, as the student began by creating a tight suction around the throbbing cock, hearing the substitute teacher moan above him as he would snap his hips forward.

“I knew that smart arse mouth of yours was all a tease, but I didn’t expect it to feel this fucking good,” Mike had gushed out. His voice was nothing more then a hurried whisper, as his hands slipped their way into Chester’s dark, spikes, locking the student in place, as he would rub the front of his boxers all over his student’s face, his throbbing member leaking profusely and soaking the front of his boxer briefs, marking the student with his own seed, as Chester suspected that his substitute teacher was close.

Chester smirked at the words from his teacher as he looked up from his knees, batting his eye lashes he could feel the burning desire rippling in each chocolate pool as he slowly pushed his tongue out, collecting as much of the precum he could find that was left there from his substitute teacher’s soaking undergarments. He would watch on to see that Michael’s mouth widened, his breath was coming out in short pants. Making his student smirk, as the words he had been wanting to say slipped past his salty, wet lips.

“Well, why don’t you shut my ‘smart arse mouth’ with that thick cock of yours that I can see is just begging for me to suck-“

“Patience, Mr. Bennington, there is something else I want to do to you right now, I need you to do something for me... Stand up and place your stomach against my desk.” Mr. Shinoda demised, his voice thick with arousal, as he would help Chester to his feet. The student didn’t needed to be told twice of his instructions, as he would turn around, leaning his tummy up against the desk, grazing his rounded arse against Mike’s throbbing cock where they would moan in unison at the sensational heat that was pooling between them both.

Chester gasped, as he felt the cool air hit his ass once he felt his substitute teacher pull each garment off of his leg, but now he could feel the brush of warm air hit his trembling skin along his thighs. The air grew hotter once he could feel Mike’s lips running along the slit of his ass, feeling his substitute teacher’s hands spread his cheeks.

He pressed his face against the hard surface, the cool touch of the wooden desk against his hot skin was enough for the teenager to collect his thoughts for a short brief moment to realise that Mr. Shinoda had already pulled his denim jeans along with his own boxers and was now running the same tongue that was swirling deliciously in his mouth before, was now lapping around his quivering sphincter, coating the wrinkled, sloped skin with his own saliva.

Chester moaned, as he would pant every time Mike would probe him with his warm tongue, his body would tremble as he would press his body hard up against Mike’s face, feeling to vibrations of his substitute teacher moaning as Mr. Shinoda would do his best to collect the essence of his student, whilst dampening the forbidden area that had peaked his desire.

“Mmm, oh god, Sir, your ton-“ Chester earnestly tried to piece together his sentence, but the more he could feel his dark haired beauty run his thick tongue along the ridge of his arse, just before dipping his tongue back against his sacred passageway, the more the teenager would fall victim of his own words as he was a complete mess and devoted his willing body to his substitute teacher to ravage. To Chester’s disappointment, the rim job he had been receiving was short lived as he quivered at the cool air of the classroom against his backside.

His head was to the side, cheek pressed against the wood, feeling the drool slip between his lips he felt his substitute teacher pressed up his naked body with Chester’s own, as the substitute teacher pressed his lips against Chester’s ear, dragging his earlobe between his teeth, making Chester cry out softly.

“How much do you want my cock deep inside of you, Mr. Bennington?” Mr. Shinoda’s voice was of silk, smooth and delicate, but the teenager could hear the arousal deep in its cavity which only made the student completely lost for words. He blinked hard, once, twice, then several times as he could feel his stomach flutter at the words.

He couldn’t believe it himself when he thought that this was it, just only an hour ago did he not think this would be happening to him and yet here he was, leaning up against the teacher’s desk, pants down, as he just received the best and the most exhilarating rim job ever. He couldn’t stop the nerves that would rattle his body, but he knew deep down inside that dirty mind of his he was more then willing to have Mr. Shinoda deep inside his body.

“I want it so deep, that I want you to fuck me raw, I want to feel all of you when you break me apart, just fuck me, Mr. Shinoda.” Chester replied, his voice heavy with lust. He felt his substitute teacher’s lips slip away, not before returning to his own lips as they would languishly kiss. The kisses were slow and gentle, and for a moment Chester could feel his body going into a euphoric state that had him almost flying, but reality slapped him hard in the face once he felt his teacher tug hard at his bottom lip with his teeth, drawing the skin in between his lips.

“Did you want me to break you in with my thick cock, Mr. Bennington?” Mike said, in between kisses. “Are you sure you want this? Because once I start, I won’t be able to stop, do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir, please... Just fuck me already.” It was Chester’s turn to speak, as he would cry out his demand, feeling Mike’s lips prickle into a smile against his own lips as the substitute teacher pulled away. He heard Mike shuffle behind him, with one palm placed on Chester’s lower back, and the other was placed to his palm where he would spit.

He generously applied his saliva mixed with his own precum along his cock, coating his thickness with his own makeshift lube, as he subsequently covered his cock before lining himself up against Chester’s entrance. The first push was always the hardest, which Chester found himself sinking his teeth into his bottom lip, holding the scream that was threatening to escape from the hallow of his throat, once he could feel Mike push the tip of his cock through the first ring.

Chester’s tight little body almost tried to reject Mike’s cock as the teenager let out a string of broken cries once he could feel Mike push his way in slowly, inch by inch his thickness would disappear into the depths of the young teenager’s tightness, until the teacher had fully sheathed his thick cock deep inside Chester’s body.

For a moment, Chester had lain in silence, his head cocked to the side as he would try to catch as much breath as he could, he felt the drool pooling between his lips. The heat between the two bodies sizzled around them, making it almost difficult for the teenager to breathe as he looked up to see Mike leaning over him.

With his thick, matted hair hanging above his sweaty forehead, he could see the beads of sweat forming over his substitute teacher’s brows, as the student was completely transfixed by the beauty that stood behind him.

Chester was still in complete awe, and once Chester’s eyes sunk deep into Mike’s, he silently told him to move to which he felt his substitute teacher pull his way out and Chester mildly felt an absence once he could feel Micheal’s thick cock slide out of his stretched asshole, with only the tip still present inside of him.

Mr. Shinoda pushed his way back in, reconnecting his body with Chester’s, in a way that no one has ever done before and all Chester could do to show his gratitude was let out a feeble moan, biting his lip as he would almost break the skin once his body would come into contact with Mike’s.

“Mmm, Mr. Shinoda...” Chester moaned, feeling his body slide up and down the surface he’d lain across.

As Mike began to pick up the pace, he would slide his hands along Chester’s back, his blunt nails scraping along the porcelain skin that was uniquely Chester’s, as the younger teenager would cry out, finding confidence in his own actions as he would push himself up, meeting with every thrust Mike would make with his beautiful body.

“Mmm, so tight, so deliciously fuckable, you are Mr. Bennington.” Mr. Shinoda would pant out, his words were of an unsteady beat, and yet Chester managed to hear every word as the teenager cried out, silently. Pressing his mouth against the back of his palm once he could feel Mike pick up the pace, slamming his cock back into Chester’s tightness, feeling the desk beneath his shivering body quake as it would move under their moving bodies.

“Oh god, sir, s-so good.” His cries were weak, feeling the adrenaline sweep over his body once he could feel Mr. Shinoda smooth his hands along Chester’s back, creating pink rivers against white skin with his blunt nails on each shoulder as his wondering hands would venture their way along the length of Chester’s body, settling for each hip, holding the teenager down in place.

“Mmm, that’s it Mr. Bennington, show me just how much you appreciate me by fucking your tight, little hole right about now.” Mr. Shinoda was devious, his words dripping with the most seductiveness Chester had ever seen in anyone and for a moment Chester’s vision blurred once he felt his teacher pull out, the tip of his engorged cock was all that was past the first stretched ring, as he would drill his way back, the sound of their skin slapping so deliciously together made Chester cry out.

The classroom held a certain staticness to the air, and Chester once again found it hard to breathe normally as he was panting hard, and fast, pressing his body up against Mike’s as they would ride out together in complete euphoria. With his free hand, he managed to slip it below his waist, and with great success he managed to locate his cock with his trembling grasp. He moaned, as he would whine, feeling the warming sensation of his hand around his throbbing cock as he would attend to it, wanting his own sort of relief once he knew he was close before he would cum himself.

“I don’t think so, Mr. Bennington.” Next came his teacher’s gruff voice, thick with lust as he slowly pulled himself out to much of Chester’s dismay. Before the young teenager could protest to Mr. Shinoda of his actions, he was spun around with Mike’s firm grip before he was placed onto the desk, with his body facing forward now, and he could see Mike now all in his naked glory.

Mr. Shinoda was beautiful, like a beacon of light from the darkness that was beginning to shroud the classroom, the only light omitted the classroom was of a small lamp that was on the side table to the corner of the room. The dark haired beauty that stood before Chester was firm in all the right places, with his flat tummy, strong legs and just the right amount of muscle dusting along each of his arms. His skin glistened with pearls of sweat along the tanned surface of his skin, as Chester really couldn’t help the magnetic pull that his substitute teacher’s body had on him once he wrapped his arms around Mr. Shinoda’s shoulders, reeling him in for another taste.

Like the last couple kisses that were exchanged between them both, he was not disappointed at all, he kissed Mr. Shinoda deeply, as their tongue would languishly roll together. The next thing to have happened between the two men, was that Chester had moved his legs, as he would wrap them around Mike’s lower body. He could feel the tip of his substitute teacher’s impressive cock touch the wet, sloped skin of his own and without hesitation just like the last time Mike pushed back in, sliding his thick girth deep inside the teenager where they would both moan, their tongues swallowing the taste of each moan as Chester could feel Mike hit home, realising he had just hit his prostate.

Mr. Shinoda began to move in and out of his student, more frantic this time round, as he would slam deep inside, feeling the tightness close over his cock every time he would make his move and every time Mike would move, Chester would cry out, his blunt nails marring Mr. Shinoda’s back with welts, as he would feel Mike’s tip press up against his prostate everytime.

“Fuck you feel so amazing, I would die a happy man if I could fuck you like this everyday, Mr. Bennington.” The beautiful Asian man exclaimed in a breathy sigh, which certainly warmed Chester’s heart upon hearing those words, as all Chester could do now was swallow the words with his tongue, kissing Mike deeply, as he would rub his body hard up against Mike, feeling in complete satisfaction once he could feel his hard cock sandwich between their warm bodies.

“We can make it happen as you wish, sir, if you would just touch me please.” Chester whined, once he had found voice, hinting to his teacher he needed to be touched as he wanted the satisfaction of being able to cum all over his teacher’s hand. Their was a cunning smile that had spread all over the dark haired beauty’s face now and with his free hand, Mr. Shinoda’s long fingers soon found their way around the base of Chester’s cock, where he would start pumping.

“That’s it baby, cum for me, I want to see that gorgeous cock of yours, completely covered in your own cum.” Mr. Shinoda whispered, his breath was warm and the fire in his words made it near impossible for Chester to hold back any longer. Once he heard his teacher call him baby, he knew within himself that he was a complete goner as he could feel his tummy explode with wild fire. He was close, he could smell it near, as he would taste it, watching the stars erupt behind closed eyelids, his body began to quake as he began to cum.

He was breathing hard, wanting to scream, and once he felt Mike press his lips against his own, he knew that he could as he let out a muffled scream. Ropes of thick semen exploded from the tip of his cock, as he could feel his substitute teacher’s hand tighten around his cock, milking the last drop that the student could offer. Chester would lay slump against his teacher feeling the last of his own cum coat his teacher’s hand, as he would feel Mike push deep inside one final time, before Chester could feel the insides of his body warm as he could feel Mr. Shinoda cumming deep inside of his body.

Mike too was crying out, riding out the last of his orgasm, as both men were taking each other on a euphoric journey that would result in them both coming down from their high until they were completely spent. Panting hard, Mike smashed his lips against Chester’s one last time and they would lazily kiss, as Mr. Shinoda lain against Chester, their bodies weakening from their high.

For a moment, they each just stayed in their positions with Chester sitting on the desk with his legs spread and wrapped around his teacher’s waist as he could feel Mike’s flaccid cock still sheathed deep inside of his stretched entrance. They both didn’t want to move, didn’t want to make a sound and once they locked eyes, they held onto that one single moment for just a little while longer. Chester could feel his heart flittering lightly, taking a short moment to realise what had just happened between his substitute teacher and himself.

Before Chester could utter a word, before he could blink an eye, his thoughts along with the words he had been wanting to say all melted away once he could see Mr. Shinoda lean forward, claiming his lips like they were his own, as they would kiss. It was nothing short of a soft peck, a peck that Chester appreciated once he realised that there was no lingering regrets or wondering thoughts that needed to be said.

“That was amazing-“ The dark haired beauty began, his warm breath tingling against Chester’s lips as they slowly pulled away from the kiss. Chester’s eyes were searching Mike’s now, as his heart instantly warmed from his teacher’s words, inwardly smirking. “I didn’t hurt you did I? I just... When I saw you naked and all over my desk, I couldn’t control myself to go slow on you-“

“Sir, it’s fine.” Chester reassured his substitute teacher as he would slip off of the desk, with mind over matter he sunk to his knees, his dark eyes never leaving Mike’s. He could see that his teacher was slightly confused, possibly he was more curious then confused, but didn’t question Chester’s actions as the teenager pulled his eyes downward, until he was levelled with Mr. Shinoda’s thick cock.

It was flaccid and still wet from his own cum, it was enough to make the teenager’s mouth drool as he slowly pushed his tongue out between his lips, collecting as much of Mike’s unique taste that he could find, once he slipped the cock deep inside his mouth.

“I, oh, fuck Chester... What are you doing?” His dark haired beauty cried out, in a feeble attempt to push his student off of him, but froze once Chester ran the pad of his slippery tongue over the weeping slit, as he would suck him dry, cleaning the cum off with his tongue. “God, you’re fucking amazing, you know that? At first I thought were just some hot, smart arse kid that couldn’t hold his tongue but now I can’t get enough of it.”

Chester’s ears were ringing, his heart growing two sizes too big once he heard the sultry words of his name being called out by his teacher, not long ago did he have Mr. Shinoda step all over him like the authority figure that he was meant to be, as now he was a complete mess that was standing right before Chester and at his very command.

It wasn’t long before Chester sucked in the last of Mike’s remnants, and completely satisfied that he had a taste for himself. It was salty and yet it held a certain sweetness which only drove the teenager completely insatiable from the taste, but knew that soon his parents would be worried on his whereabouts and would be phoning the school any time soon, if they haven’t already.

The clothes that littered to floor were all now retrieved, as Mr. Shinoda made note to return the favor by cleaning Chester up. They both made their way toward the exit, as Chester went to go grab the door he felt Mr. Shinoda’s hands clasp over his hips, bringing the backside of the student against his substitute teacher’s crotch, as Chester sighed once he could feel the warm breath of the dark haired beauty resting against his ear.

“I would hope to see you same time tomorrow after class, but only this time I want you to be wearing no underwear, is that clear?” Mr. Shinoda husked, running his hand along Chester’s ass where he would lightly slap him, giving the student a fair idea of what his dark haired beauty had want.

“As you wish sir.” Chester replied, the adrenaline of what would come of tomorrow once they would cross paths once more again. They exited the room, almost going their seperate ways as Chester turned to speak with his substitute teacher.

“I will see you tomorrow, Mr. Shinoda, for detention.”

As they would part ways, already feeling the anticipation of what tomorrow might bring for Chester and Mr. Shinoda.


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