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Kissed By The Shadows by becisamonsta


Hello readers and writers! Just would like to say thank you all for your help and support on my other works. This story here was something I had in my head for a while, it was meant to be a stand-alone and then turned into a short story, so who knows what it will be, as I have a lot of ideas for this story :) Please if you would be so kind to leave your thoughts that would be amazing! Thank you :)

Warning;; I apologise for the Dave bashing in this story, I love him, but every story needs a villain and unfortunately for Dave it will be him, haha <3

Do not own, only my own errors and my crazy ideas.


When you think of the name Michael Shinoda, what is it in the name that always comes to mind? To the majority of most people would always describe him as being a perfectionist, despite of the fact that things that were meant to stay broken, Mike would certainly try to find his own way to fix the problem.

Others you might say, would always describe the young male as being very neat, a control freak and dare you would say a little bit of a minimalist, always living his life on the safe side, never catching Mike dead swaddling a foot into the dark side of life. The young half Japanese man wasn’t one for using his own leisure time by stepping out into bars or night clubs, drinking and hooking up with strangers, that really wasn’t his scene.

But if you blink fast enough you might just miss it. As for Mike only making the exception to go out if you were lucky enough to see him for yourself, and despite of Mike feeling nonchalant to go. But only for tonight, it was his best friend’s, who also happened to be his co-worker’s, celebratory drinks that Brad had organised, as together they would celebrate the coming of age for Brad on his birthday.

And despite of the opportunity of having to tag along tonight with Brad and apparently his new boy toy who Brad had been excited to tell Mike that he had picked up from his local gym, just last week. Mike still felt reluctant as ever to go out to the new club that his best friend; Mr Bradford Delson, who had suggested that they both should check out, earlier today. Bringing himself back to the present, he would snap out his wondering thoughts, trying to focus in on his reflection in the mirror.

Taking a short moment, the young man who’s tanned skin would shimmer under the dimly lit hallway light, had his eye on his choice of outfit that he would have out on display for tonight. His frown would deepen at the thought of what he was wearing, with every passing minute that would escape him, the corner of each eye would crease, grimacing at the outfit that Brad had been so ‘kind’ to pull together for Mike.

It wasn’t something Mike would pick out that was for sure, as he wouldn’t be caught dead without his usual dark denim jeans, adorning his back to basics look with in his signature red flannel shirt he would always be found wearing it around the work place, more often then he should. Given the satisfaction every time he would see the annoyance there spreading along his best friend’s face whenever he would catch Mike wearing it.

Hence why Mike would bring you up to speed with the next part of the story that was being told, as he could remember his story beginning a week ago. When he could could remember Brad trying to force him to go clothes shopping with him, in preparation for their big night out. And as reluctant Mike had been with his best friend for the first few days leading up to their shopping trip that Brad had been so desperate to plan ahead, it was also Brad who decided that he would play the ‘innocent’ victim card on him once he would manipulate Mike with the whole ‘best friend’ treaty, that he had forced himself to eventually say yes to Brad.

So, now as we would fast forward to a week later, another working week done and dusted. Mike, whose large, dark eyes were both artistically smudged with the kohl eyeliner that Brad had loaned him for the evening, making his eyes pop with color, the young half Japanese man would then scope out the rest of his poorly excuse of an outfit once he would feel the flush of pink staining each of his cheeks now.

Tonight he was seen dressed in a pair of his old combat boots that he had found buried deep in the back of his cupboard that his ex boyfriend; Mark, had given to him many years ago, hoping that the boots would pull off the very edgy outfit that Mike was going for tonight, to much of his dismay and Brad’s delight once he would catch Mike wearing the clothing he had selected for him tonight.

Taking a step back, Mike couldn’t help crossing over to a section in the back of his mind that has not been revisited for many years since his break up with Mark, as all thoughts were now leading to Mark Wakefield, and how his high school crush had been the first boyfriend and the last he had ever dated, as he sworn to himself that he would never get himself into a serious relationship again.

He was at the age of thirteen and discovering puberty for the first time that he would also discover that he was gay, and by the age of sixteen, pretty much everyone in his school knew that he had been living the closet, once Mark had selfishly outed Mike once they both got into a fight, spitefully spreading the rumors about the young, half Japanese boy.

Which would only result Mike breaking up with Mark, once they both had left high school and what had sealed the fate of their relationship was that Mike had caught the son-of-a-bitch cheating on him with an older co-worker that use to work with Mike down at the graphics design building. And since then, Mike was not one to trust so easily. With only the exception of his close friends, family and how could he ever forget Brad, as he had always been there for the half Japanese man since high school, and right through out their college years until the present.

Straying his dark eyes away from the back of his mind, slowly retrieving his eyesight back into focus, he would scope out the rest of his outfit. Contemplating whether or not the boots had been the right choice for him to wear, eyeing off the skin tight pants, the material shimmering in black leather, as they would hug his narrow hips, ending at the rear of his rounded backside, and only for just a short moment he would catch the sight of his ass in the reflection of the mirror, shamelessly admiring his best feature, once his curious eyes would continue their journey over his stomach and hulling to a stop once he had hit his toned torso.

Subconsciously, he began to tug on the hem of his flimsy shirt, silently wanting to ring Brad’s neck now thinking at how ridiculous he was looking right about now, as he couldn’t believe that he had let his best friend convince him to buy such a tiny, skin-tight shirt. He was having a hard time now dealing with the fact that the shirt would reveal more of his tanned skin rather then leaving a little mystery for what was hiding under the material of his shirt.

He shifted his dark eyes away from the godawful shirt, making his way up to his hair. And he would smile, subconsciously thinking that one good thing would come from his outfit and that would be his hair, as the man was proud of the style he had picked out for tonight. Brushed back, and curled over to one side completing the look to perfection, with each side of his head freshly shaven, he couldn’t help but wonder if his hair was the best decision that he had made for tonight, before dropping his eyes back down to the material of his shirt, screwing his nose up.

“Fuck this, there is no way that I would be caught dead in this shirt,” Mike deadpanned, making the final decision to pull at the flimsy material, wondering if it would be okay for him to quickly change back to the trusty red flannel he had been sporting earlier today at work, not before he would hear a series of knocks rattling against the door beside him, startling the young man in the process.

He quickly checked his watch, and with wide eyes, he hadn’t realised how long he had been perusing over his, admittedly Brad’s flamboyant taste, outfit to notice that it was Brad who had shown up, was ready to pick Mike up.

“Yo’ Sh’Noda, open up! Let’s get going?” Came the unmistakably and very impatient voice that would belong to Brad, as Mike would roll his eyes to the back of his head, knowing that there was no where to hide or if there was an excuse he could use for himself to get out of going out tonight. Because as luck would have it, it was his best friend’s birthday today, and being the good friend that he was, he wouldn’t back out on Brad like that.

So, with one last fleeting look, Mike would subconsciously count to three and he would open the front door, with shaking hands.

There, in the door way, Brad would stand tall, as his honey colored eyes glittered under the dingy lighting in the hallway and his smile would broaden along his dazzling face once they both would lock eyes. Dressed to impress with his short denim jeans cut off at the ankles and slinky shirt that hung to his thin frame, admittedly the young half Japanese thought Brad was looking good tonight. But Mike couldn’t help the curiousness washing over his body now, with his eyes shifting from Brad to the gorgeous man that Mike felt a spark of interest, who was standing close to Brad.

The good looking man was the polar opposite to Brad, as light and beauteous as Brad was, the man that was beside Brad was tanned, standing tall with choppy dark hair and neatly trimmed facial hair dusting along his unblemished face. His dark eyes would pierce their way into Mike’s, as the young half Japanese man could feel the involuntary shiver making its way through out his body, captivated by the way Brad’s new man would look him up and down, feeling a certain warmth florishing his body.

“Finally! Didn’t you hear us the first ti-“

“Alright, alright, don’t get your panties in a knot, you know I had to get ready, Big bad, oh and by the way this outfit is all wrong on m-“

“What are you talking about Sh’noda? You look bangin’ in it? Don’t you agree Robbie?” Mike’s flamboyant and brightly dressed best friend, Brad would say, batting his eye lashes to his words now once he caught the attention from what Mike could guess was his best friend’s main squeeze from the gym, wondering how long this guy would last before Brad would grow steadily bored and move his interest onto the next toy to play around with.

Mike had only wished for the best for Brad, truly wanting to see his best friend settle down one day, and leave this meaningless sex and the empty, hollow strangers he would meet along the way.

But tonight as Mike would take a moment to watch his best friend with Rob catching the young, handsome man that had stolen Brad’s heart, making eyes with Brad before he would smile sincerely at Mike’s best friend. The half Japanese man could see that Rob was already making a difference in Brad already, as his best friend was smiling widely and it was genuine to, which made Mike reason to believe that possibly this could be Mr. Right for Brad as he was perfect, charming and ridiculously hot in his tight looking clothes.

“I have to agree with your friend here-“ Rob would say, drawing in Mike’s attention, locking eyes with the handsome stranger, whose eyes would scope Mike’s choice of outfit, before grabbing Mike’s attention again. “-You’re looking good, Brad failed to tell me how ridiculously hot you are too.”

“Of course he didn’t, only wanting the attention all on himself,” Mike airily replied, laughter sprinkling his voice, notably realising now that Rob was perfect for Brad, that was for sure, as their personalities were so much alike, it really was uncanny to see.

“I’m Mike by the way, Brad’s very good looking, and very attractive best friend.” Mike said with a sweet smile, and with his outstretched hand Rob was happy to accept it. The half Japanese man couldn’t help but notice how soft Rob’s larger hand felt in his own, reminding himself to ask Rob later on what type of hand cream he uses, dropping his hand to side.

“I’m Rob Bourdon, Brad’s hot little squeeze for the night and it is very nice to meet you.”

“Now that we have introductions out of the way, Michael Shinoda! You take that back to what you had just said, asshole, it is my birthday! I will do whatever I want and if I failed to mention that my best friend is hot then-“

“Calm down Braddles, you know I am just pulling ya leg.”

Mike skidded over with laughter, before grabbing his phone and keys by the front door on the hallway table, and making his way out to join the two men as he would lock the door behind him. His stomach would begin to flutter now, as his mind numbed at the thought of what he was about to do.

He had been all for it at the idea of heading out with Brad for the night, but once the idea of him possibly being alone in the club tonight washed over him he wondered whether or not would it be best for him to stay home. After all Brad did have his date here with him, and feeling like the third wheel didn’t sit well with him at all.

“Let’s get going, shall we? First shots are on me!” Brad squealed in delight, clasping one hand in Mike’s and the other in Rob’s, as the twiggy man whose curls would bounce every time he would make a step, taking each Mike and Rob along with him.

Once they successfully made it outside to their cab in waiting. Brad had leant toward the front seat and with curious eyes Mike watched on to see his best friend whispering to the cab driver the desired destination to where Brad wanted to go for the night. The cab would start to roll, as Mike’s curly haired friend wedged himself back in between Rob and Mike, snuggling more closely to Rob’s side, as the taller, tanned man was happy to accompany Brad’s warm body, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

“Brad where are we going?” Mike had to ask, the suspense licking his insides and he would watch Brad’s coy smile spread along his young face, locking eyes with Mike now.

“Mike I’m glad you asked-“

“-Well you haven’t exactly jumped to tell me today at work when I asked the first few number of times, what’s the big secret?”

“Well I knew if I told you that Dave suggested this place, you wouldn’t want to go as I am aware that you and him don’t exactly see eye to eye...” Brad stated, his voice dropping down into a more serious tone now. Upon hearing the name that Mike had solemnly loathed, his eyes would bulge, growing more wild once Brad would catch his eye.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You and I both know what a sleaze ball Farrell can be-“

“Brad? Who is Mike talking about?” A third voice would intervene it’s way into the conversation. Rob would add himself into the mix now, as Mike would bite his lip realising he let out more then he should, once he realised that both him and Brad weren’t alone. Trying to hold back his exasperation that he felt for the certain red-head-self-absorbed excuse of a man who unfortunately for Mike was his co-worker, which was just the tip of the iceberg for Mike.

There was no escaping the guy, and once Brad, his best friend had mentioned the red-head’s name, Mike could feel his stomach coil angrily with knots, as his large eyes would narrow forward, catching Brad off guard with his stony, dark look.

“Just some guy we work with, Mike doesn’t seem to like him because he made a pass on him one day at wor-“

“-it was more then just that Brad, and you know it. You should know how much I hate the fucking guy, so why the fuck would you think it would be okay for him to suggest this place in the first place?”

“Oh come on Mike, just lighten up a little bit! He said this place is unlike any other place that he has ever been before...” Brad exclaimed before trailing off, and with a giddy bounce in his voice. Rob would smile sweetly up at Brad, snuggling a little closer to his side now. The sight of his best friend shacking up with Rob was enough for Mike to involuntarily roll his eyes, feeling the bitterness of jealousy sizzle in the back of his head. Wondering in the back of his mind now, would he ever be happy with someone like Brad was with Rob, despite of the fact that each men were possibly playing the field and both weren’t looking for something serious quite yet. But whatever it was that was between them, they were happy and enjoying each other’s company for the night.

And Mike realised now he was completely and morbidly jealous.

Jealous, you may ask why? Because he could never see himself ever seeing eye to eye with his best friend and his interpretated level of fun, as he would never be caught dead having a one night stand with a total stranger, no, it was in his blood and in his mind that he would never undermine himself like that.

But tonight as he would catch his best friend locking lips with the tall, dark and handsome stranger better known as Rob Bourbon, he would wonder that if tonight he would play things a little different. To let loose, to have fun, to get drunk, to dance and look silly while doing it, and possibly in between he would find a nice man, preferably just as good looking as Rob, but if not better looking then Rob just so he could gloat to Brad about his little conquest, that he could find and take home tonight.

“Earth to Mike, what’s going on in big head of yours?” Brad’s voice wafted into his mind, and Mike would snap back from his mind to the edge of reality once he could see that Brad and Rob both looking his way.

“No-nothing. Are we almost there? What’s this place called again?” Mike hushed, his cheeks burning a bright red, catching Brad’s knowing stare.

“We’re about a minute away, and I know what Dave can be like but you have to trus-“

“Dave? Like? You know what a sleaze he is, always trying pass on the moves to you too... Let’s face it, the man is like a ticking time bomb. For all we know this place could be some kind of sick, sex dungeon where all the sleazes like him like to to go-“

“And that’s a bad thing because?” Rob husked, interrupting the bumbling half Japanese man who was failing to get his point across and all Brad could do was giggle at Rob’s response, wrapping a supportive arm around Mike’s shoulder before pressing his lips against his ear.

“Trust me on this one, I think you yourself will love this place... And I know you’re now wondering what this place is called, it’s called the ‘Velvet Underground’,”

Mike’s eyes widened at the name, thinking that the name was very unusual, almost unnerving as it was something that he had never heard before and judging by the excitement in Brad’s eyes the young half Japanese man didn’t know what he would expect from tonight, he could feel his heart beat skip a beat, as his breathing would increase in shallow waves. Feeling nervous once he could see the cab pulling up to the side of a dark building, that was shrouded with leafy vines, as the dim street lights littered the wall of the large building.

“It’s show time!” Brad squealed, throwing the money at cab driver, who happily accepted the wad of cash once the very naive Brad told the older gentleman to keep the rest of the money for his tip. Rob was the first to jump out, following close behind was Brad who was skipping to Rob’s side.

Mike could feel his body trembling, using this short period between Brad paying for the cab ride and the two loved up birds clambering out of the car, just to breathe, trying to collect his thoughts now as best he could, before pulling himself down into false pretence that he made the right choice to come out tonight.

“Come on Sh’noda, would you think for a second that I would drag you to some place that you wouldn’t feel comfortable in?” It was Brad’s voice that would bring his attention toward the door and Mike would pull himself out, to meet up with his best friend and Rob.

Mike frowned slightly before replying. “Yes-“ He paused and sighed. “But because it’s your birthday I will make the exception to tag along.” Mike then added and let out a hush of air once he felt Brad slam into his body, feeling the smaller man squeeze the air out his lungs, enclosing in on Mike for a reassuring hug.

“Right... Let’s go get some ass for my man right here!”


“Come on Mike, let’s face it? You and me both know that you’re long over due to have a little fun, it’s been what? A few years since you left that cheating asshole... So why not move on with a totally hot stranger even if was just for tonight?”

“Seriously Brad you’re so fucking unbelievable!” Mike griped, but knowingly he couldn’t help the smile tickling his lips as Brad was right. Despite of how hesitant he had been feeling all night, Mike owed it to himself that he was long over due for some meaningless fun. The question was, would he be lucky enough to find someone that could make him forget just for one night who Michael Shinoda really was.


Sorry no Chester in this one, but the next chapter you will see a lot more of Chester and other familiar faces. The idea came to me a while ago and originally it was only meant to a stand-alone, but as would have it, too many plot bunnies kept messing with my head, and the ideas I want to share, I want to share it to you all. Would like to see how Chester would make such an impact Mike’s life, as Chester has a few secrets of his own that you will soon see :) Thank you for reading, please leave your thoughts on your way out :)

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