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URGENT - Admin Note by Penelope_Ink & lpfan503

Back up files NOW

Hey everyone,

First, thanks for your patience today. The issues today were cause by the host server. Thankfully, the loading of stories and reviews is corrected, but we got news from the host that we were not expecting.

To explain it as easily as possible: the coding used for this site is outdated. When the host server closed the help ticket for the loading issues, they so kindly let us know that the coding is unsupported and would be going away in March. Well, that's in about 24 hours, depending on where you live.

Believe me when I say we were totally blindsided by this and are in a bit of panic right now but we are trying (with our limited web hosting experience! let's say neither of our degrees are in computer programming!) to get this fixed so we don't lose anything.

While we are searching for solutions, PLEASE, if you want to keep your reviews, sign in to your account, go to your account toolbar, and select "back up." You have an option to download your stories with the reviews. Please do this now! IF we lose the content on the site as we convert it over, we don't know if we will be able to get it back.

When Penelope started work on updating the site, she was given access by the site owner to do so, but did not receive any of the pertinent info about the site (such as the billing reminders, as we found out unexpectedly on Monday when the site was shut down for a few hours.) She's since been able to take over the contact info, but we are on a time crunch here.

Save our emails: araphaxdeep@yahoo.com



We're also on twitter, so if the site goes down, we can communicate with you. @lpfan503 @beckysvickery

Please be assured we will do everything we can not to lose data!