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Caught Up in Between by becisamonsta


I really cannot help myself. I hope this is not trash haha, as lately feeling a little depleted in my works. Please let me know what you think? :) and I would like to take the time to thank you all that follow my stories, that read them, and those who leave wonderful reviews, I cannot thank you enough!

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The Emcee wasn't one that would be caught partying, not at all as that really wasn't his scene to begin with. But as luck would have it, according to the rest of his fellow band mates he was better known as the more serious one in the band. Call him Mr. perfectionist, as he was the one member of the band that you would find who was not living on the edge, and from day dot it had always been like that for our favorite Emcee.

Mike couldn't remember a time in his lifetime, just recently he might add, where he had the confidence to let his hair down and simply to go out for the night, a night club that would be ridiculously over priced, where you find him drinking a little too much, dancing a little silly if he wanted to, and regret whatever decisions he would make from the night before, the next morning.

And as reluctant as Michael Shinoda was, who you would always find him hiding behind his worn out, leather bound notepad and dark, reading spectaculars, as his mind was already made up for the night, with no exception to join the other band members tonight, as they were heading out to celebrate the end of the long tour for another year.

Tomorrow they all would be flying back to Los Angeles to their respected homes, and Mike the workaholic that he was, was already working over the next lot of notes that he had been working on for the past few days on potential new material, for their next album.

He really couldn't help himself, and even if he did try to force himself to go out, nothing could ever fill the void that Anna had left him. As it was empty and he felt numb, once Anna who now was his ex wife had just left him days before the summer tour. Since then on out he had been burying himself more and more in his work, and would only speak to the other band members if spoken to.

He knew he was acting irrational, trying to escape the problems by burying himself in his work, and possibly the solution for his problems was to go out and to live a little, and simply enjoy the company of his fellow band members, who had been doing everything in their power to convince the Emcee come out with them tonight.

But as his deep, twisting thoughts would only lead him to his next world of his own problems, he would let it sink further into his mind, as he would then scribble the words out with his blunt pencil, before blowing at the tip of it incase there was any residue that Mike would find stuck on the tip of his led pencil. He really tried to make an effort to get their mind off of them, but really he couldn't, even through the lyric writing and going over the prerecorded cords on his guitar, that he really couldn't stop the racing thoughts whenever his mind would cross over to Brad and Chester.

He knew as of late he had been obsessing over the two band members. As he couldn't quite put his finger on it at first. But as the days went on, and days would roll over into months, he would find himself standing in the background, watching painfully as his best friend's relationship would blossom beautifully with the one man that had Mike questioning about his sexuality since the first time he had laid eyes on him.

He knew that he was way over his head to ever think he would ever have a shot with the Chester Bennington. And so it seems, Brad was the lucky one that was able to snag the lead singer for himself once they began dating.

So hiding away in his hotel room now, he would try to put all thoughts aside from the happy couple, and the other band members now which they were all off on their own, having fun as they would celebrate tonight, and as predictable Mike had subjected himself to the confinement's of another hotel room on the road, giving himself strict orders to stay locked away until tomorrow.

Or so one would only hope, as Mike could feel himself almost jump from the bed that he was sprawled along once he could hear a loud series of knocks hitting against the hotel room door. At first Mike would just stay silent, clutching his notepad close to his chest now, hoping the stranger behind the door would get the hint that no body was inside, and eventually they would just move on. But Mike felt himself letting out a small grumble once the unmistakably, familiar voice sounded softly against the other side of the room, through the solid door.

"Yo’ Sh'Noda, open up man, I know you're hiding in there."

And Mike wanted to ignore his best friend, wanting to shut the lights off in the hotel room now, and just reside for the night until the new day would come. He felt guilty for hiding his true feelings for Chester, ever since the happy couple announced their big news, especially whenever he would look Brad in the eye and would often think about Chester in a sexually explicitly way, as he could never bring himself to ever speak his mind to Brad and especially to Chester, who the lead singer, would just have a field day if he ever heard about what was going on inside Mike's head.

With timid steps Mike found his body had already shifted itself into auto pilot once he would find himself moving towards the door. His notepad long forgotten now, rubbing his led-stained finger tips against his worn slacks, he would do his best to straighten himself up quickly before grasping the door handle. With a slight twist and turn he would jiggle the door open to find his dapper looking best friend leaning up against the door frame. He had his signature smile stretching across his lips, once Mike caught his eyes with his own.

"Knew you would answer... Eventually." Brad said with a smirk, pushing his way through the door where Mike had been so reluctant to invite his best friend in, as the Emcee was having a little trouble keeping a straight face when all that he could do now was frown, as he would place his eyes to the floor, closing the door behind him.

"Please tell me you're not gonna be stuck in here all night?" Brad would whine, and once Mike had found himself looking up from where he stood he could see that his best friend was now pouting, which only made the Emcee roll his eyes up at him not before sniggering, as he could see right through Brad that this was just another ploy to get Mike to go out with the rest of the gang tonight.

"Yeah? And? You have a problem with that? I was actually thinking of ordering in and catching up on some-"

"Please for the love of god, if you're about to say you have to 'work' one more time I swear I will ring my neck in!" Brad would drawl out another whiny response, his voice hitting a high octave, and all Mike could do now was press his lips into a thin line, with Brad already ripping the words right out of his mouth.

He knew that as of late he had been the worse friend ever, and to make matters worse he was suppose to be Brad's best friend, but with Anna leaving him just only a few months ago and trying his best squash his feelings down for Chester once he had no idea what was going on in his mind, he wouldn't even know where to begin with confessing to Brad about how he really felt for his boyfriend. So keeping quiet was the only sensible option for Mike for the time being.

"Dude, please just come out with us both tonight, we're starting to miss you Sh'Noda," Brad would plead out, he would take a seat along the hotel bed. Spreading his slender body along the soft covers, as he was making himself more accommodating now, once he would splay his legs out along with his arms, keeping his eye on Mike, whom now was moving around the hotel room to gather his belongings ready for tomorrow.

"What do you mean 'us both'? Aren't the rest of guys coming out with you and-" Mike would pause, and really he couldn't help himself to think at just how pathetic he really had become seeing as though he couldn't get the lead singer's name out between his lips, with out freezing over completely. He felt ashamed, blushing now, and he would only hope he was quick enough to hide the shade of red from Brad, once he would turn around and try to go about his tasks again.

"And Chester? Is that what you were about to say, man?" Brad would press on and for a moment Mike would try to keep himself busy by packing his duffle bag, trying to remain silent now, as he would plan his itinerary for tomorrow. He tried his best to not let the name get the better of him, not exactly understanding why Chester would affect in a way that now he could no longer look Brad in the eye with out giving in the fact that he was completely smitten for the lead singer.

And Mike would often think that the reason for his marriageable break down with Anna had a lot to do with his obsession and feelings he felt for Chester. He could vaguely remember the fights he used to have with his ex wife; Anna, who would always accuse the husband of having feelings for the certain lead singer, and at one stage she would even convince herself that her husband had been sleeping with him, which unfortunately was not true.

At first he would deny his true feelings for the lead singer, blinded by all of the disbelief that was inside his mind trying to convince himself that it wasn't true. But as time would pass by, once he began to spend a lot more time with Chester, he could see why Anna had been so upset about it all. Realising that his wife had been right all along.

And as much as he tried to make his feelings go away, he was only denying himself once he realised how jealous he had become of Brad.

"Mike come on man, stop being such a party pooper and just come out with us, anything has got to be better then being cooped up in here on a Friday night. We're meant to be out there. Having fun. Celebrating your-"

"Celebrating my what exactly?" Mike would mimic, steadily cocking an eyebrow up just for good measure. Once he was satisfied that he had packed all of his belongings into the duffle bag, he would pause for short moment once he would come across he skinny jeans between his grasp, as they were the last thing to pack away.

He was contemplating now whether to pack them away, or if Brad was lucky enough he could convince him to tag along for a drink or two, and Mike could feel his mind spinning now. Almost ashamed of how impassive he had been acting towards his other band mates, especially to Chester and Brad, as lately he had been trying his best to ignore them.

"Your birthday is in a few days so as your best friend it is my duty to take you out, and plus I have the perfect present for you that I think you will like." Brad would say with a growing smirk to his lips, and Mike couldn't help but feel the sinking feeling settle deep inside his stomach now, once he could catch Brad staring up at him.

"Seriously Brad, why? You know I'm not one for celebrati-"

"I know Sh'Noda, but come on man, live a little and trust me I think you will like this gift a lot."

"If it's another one of those sleazy strippers just like the one who tried to sleep with Rob afterwards, before robbing you of your money just like the last year, count me ou-"

"Would you stop being such a downer with everything and just for your own sake come out with us. I know you've been staring at those pants for a while now and besides I think you're gonna like what I have planned for you." Mike's curly haired friend would say, as he would pull himself off the bed before making his way towards the full length mirror that was by Mike. He was fussing over his curls now, as the lead guitarist would muse his finger tips through his hair failing to see that Mike was now pulling himself deeper inside his own thoughts.

What could it possibly be that Mike would remotely like? And all he could think of were two things that he wanted more then anything in this world and judging from his current situation he knew it was nearly impossible for Mike, as he was one hundred percent sure of himself that either Anna or Chester weren't hiding behind the other door which would lead into the bathroom, and at any moment would any one of them would yell out the word 'Surprise' at him. But the more he thought about what Brad's surprise he may be planning for him, the more he wanted to know.

With curiosity getting the better of the Emcee he would look up from the floor. Watching his best friend who was straightening his choice of outfit for the night now, he would take a moment to watch.

Admittedly Mike wouldn't be the one to keep his eye on Brad, but as for tonight he couldn't help but notice that his best friend; Brad, was looking really good. With his button down checkered shirt, folded up by the elbows, and distressed denim jeans rolled up by the ankles, Mike would describe his best friend's body as delicate and curved beautifully, filling out in all the right places.

Mike knew he had been staring for quite some time now, more often than usual when it came to Brad. Never really seeing his oldest friend in the same light as he would whenever he would catch Chester and his gorgeous body hidden beneath his tight fitting clothing, more often then enough.

He would clear his throat, loudly, pulling on the collar from his shirt nervously. Mike's lips would fall open, as the timid sounds of his voice would fill the air, wondering if he was now making the right decision. "What exactly do you have in mind?"

And it was Brad's turn to catch Mike's eye again. Through the reflection of the mirror, his curly haired friend would genuinely smile at his reflection, but Mike had always been the best at reading facial expressions, as he could see Brad's dark eyes now, foreshadowing his initial plan that he had for Mike. Slowly he would look over his shoulder, before replying. "Get dressed, and if you're lucky enough I will show you."

And before Mike could utter another word, or huff himself out of the idea again, Brad was already out of the door not before throwing Mike one last smirk, waiting for the Emcee to make his final decision whether or not he was going to go through with Brad's plan.


The selected nightclub that was selected by both Brad and Chester was just like every other club Mike had visited before from the nightmare of his past, overly way too priced and over the top. Tonight, as Mike would step inside the dark, concreted walls alongside with Brad who had his eyes scouting the club for his boyfriend; Chester, the Emcee let out a miserable sigh, as he would scan the surroundings around them quickly, taking in every sight and every sound the club had to offer.

And just like how he remembered it before, it was just like any other night club he had remembered all too well from the past. Where the house music was always little too loud for his liking, as it would reverberate against the the solid walls. Lights would litter the floor, each bright color swirling as it would stream across the dance floor and over the dancers, as Mike's dark eyes would zoom in a little closely on the crowd tonight.

Just like he would remember it, and just like like any other night club, the women were always scantily cladded in their short colorful dresses, with very little imagination for what was hiding beneath their outfit of choice, drinking over priced watered down alcohol, as they would rub their sensual bodies provocatively against their respected partners.

But despite of the bitter resentment that Mike had been feeling prior to going out, the Emcee couldn't help that tonight he wanted to do things a little differently. He wanted to have fun, despite of it being here, he was happy that tonight he got to spend it with his best friend. The half Japanese man vaguely remembered hearing Brad's soft words against his ear, as the warm air between his best friend's lips would brush against his ear to inform the Emcee he had just gotten a text from Chester to whom was running a little later tonight.

Mike really did try to ignore the nagging feeling that would tug at his heart strings, biting the inside of his cheek as he wanted to tell Brad how uncomfortable he was at the idea of Chester joining them tonight, when secretly he had the hots for the lead singer, and he wasn't sure if Alcohol mixed with his current vulnerable state would be such a good idea.

But once Mike was ushered towards the nearest bar, and Brad had already pushed the first shot into his hand once he ordered the tray of shots from the bartender, the Emcee would try to put his worrying thoughts in the back burner. Mike had found himself staring into the small cup now, watching the mystery dark liquid swirl, as already the Emcee could feel the bad decisions that would come from it.

"Come on man, it's just a few drinks. Promise it won't hurt you, I'll make sure I will take care of you, birthday boy." Brad would husk out, that was before the Emcee would turn his direct attention back towards the bumbling lead guitarist, as now he could almost feel the length of his best friend's body pressing up against his side.

He tried to not let it affect him at all, but now once he locked eyes with his best friend to his side, he could feel something stirring deep inside his tummy, that he wasn't all too familiar with Brad. Twisting, and pulling, as it would turn painfully deep inside his body, and Mike wasn't sure what to do to make these confusing and yet, as much as Mike would hate to admit, exciting feelings go away. So clearing his throat, he would then begin to say.

"It's not my birthday, Brad, so stop going on about it-"

"Oh but, I think you will change your mind once you realise what I have planned for you later on, birthday boy." Brad would say in a teasing manner, with his breath warm against Mike's ear now, and as for the half Japanese man, he really couldn't help the way his body would involuntarily shiver, leaving the Emcee all stitched up in complete confusion now.

He had no idea why he was acting this way around Brad, whether it was the two shots that he had just subconsciously downed without a strained thought into his actions that was making him feel like this, or was it the atmosphere that they would find themselves getting lost within, with the smells of lingering sex, sweat and regret clinging to the edge of each nostril, the patrons giving into their desires.

But as Mike would quickly lock eyes with his best friend, who was now on his third shot, whilst swaying to the beat of the song, the Emcee couldn't help but notice how good Brad was looking tonight. He knew it was wrong to think, as it had always been a unspeakable attonement between them both as best friends, but now Mike was watching Brad Delson in a totally different light tonight, as Mike would watch his best friend's slender neck come into view every time Brad would make his shot, throwing his head back, the Emcee couldn't help the magnetic pull to watch Brad now.

He was onto his fourth shot, regretting each one as he would down the dark liquor in his stomach, as it would only taste of bitter regret that he knew that he was going to feel it more in the morning before his flight. But when he felt Brad brush up against his body, It was a move so simple, so pure, had Mike falling apart now.

He was panting softly, doing everything in his power to not let it affect him whatsoever, as Brad would splash out on more drinks. Mike would quickly try to wash down the lump that was rapidly forming deep inside his throat now. But no matter how hard he would try it with shot number five leading the way, he couldn't seem to deplete the feeling at all.

Edging the rim of the glass to his lips, he realised that this was now shot number six for him, as he would relish the taste of the bittersweet liquid that simply would coat his tongue. He could see Brad had already pulled his phone out, his body still warm against Mike's, and the tipsy Emcee was well aware of his actions now, not drunk enough to know what he was doing. Slugging an arm around his taller band mate, reeling in the very oblivious curly haired friend closer to him.

"Ho-how did you d-do it?" Mike would ask, seeing the confusion spread along his best friend's face now, watching as he would pull away from his phone now, and Mike didn't need to second guess himself to know who Brad had been texting.

"Do what?"

"Don't pl-play dumb with me, you know exactly what I am talking about." Mike would say, trying his best to mask the desperation that would follow deep inside his mind at the thought of Brad and Chester together, despite of the two band members had called it official many months ago, the Emcee to this date was still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that the best friend ended up with the dream guy in the end.

"Seriously Mike, stop playing hot and cold with me and just get to the point." His best friend would yell out, his voice struggling to hit a note high enough to be able to talk over the sound of the music. But as luck would have it, Mike had always been good at reading lips. Watching carefully, evaluating his best friend's mouth movements, and all he could do now was roll his eyes up at the gullible response made from Brad.

So grabbing the lone shot that was sitting there on the tray, he would try to grab whatever confidence that he could find in there, as alcohol was the only solution for Mike at this point in time for the extra boost that he needed.

He would lean in close enough, once their lips were only a breath stroke away now. Swallowing hard. He took in a large breath, not before he would see Brad's large eyes of curiosity and wonder as they would shimmer from the lights above in the most delightful shade of color.

"How did you and Chester become an item? I didn't realise that both of you were fucking each other behind everyone's back-" Mike solemnly whispered, and Brad's eyes would widen, dipping his head down low.

"What's it matter to you, Sh'Noda? I thought you were happy for us both just like the rest of the guy-"

"I am, I mean, I was, I, uh-"

And just like that Mike had fallen silent, regretting his decision now of ever opening his mouth to questions that should be left unanswered, knowing very well he always had a bad habit of speaking out, when really he should learn to put his foot where his mouth is.

He tried to look away, he tried to move away, but it was Brad who had prevented the Emcee from moving along any further. With his fingers cupping Mike's chin now, and his free hand sliding comfortably along his left shoulder, the half Japanese man had no choice but to look Brad dead in the eye, as his chance of any escape was looking a little grim now.

And before Mike knew it, Brad had finally let the words out, as he could feel his body quake, feeling his heart skip a beat to the sound of Brad's confession, that Mike would almost crumble to the floor if it weren't for Brad holding him up.

"You like Chester, don't you?"

Mike tried to pull away, but to his dismay the alcohol had weakened his nervous system, as he was having a hard time coordinating his feet to move away. Glued to his spot, he would watch Brad's serious undermining face soften dramatically now, as his pink lips would pull themselves into a knowing smirk.

"Don't deny it, birthday boy, I have always known for a while now. But just like you, I always had my eye on our favorite lead singer, and to be honest I didn't think he would say 'Yes' to me when I had asked him out that day before we broke the news to everyone-"

"What do mean by that?" Mike would reply quickly. With the loud house music, the strobe lighting streaking the floor, and the occasional bump and grind of someone saddling up close to each band member didn't seem to bother them at all now, as they both were too engrossed with what was going on between them to notice that the world was still spinning around them, or the fact that Chester could be looking for them in the club at this point in time.

The name alone, already made the Emcee shudder in delight, and no matter how hard he tried to ignore it, he couldn't help the small, secret smile that would play along his lips whenever he would think of Chester.

"I had always thought that both you and Chester would get it on, you should have seen the look of surprise on my face once Chester told me it wasn't true-"

"Why would you just insinuate I would do that? I was with Anna at the time. And you should know yourself I would never cheat on her, even if our marriage had been doomed from the start, even if the temptation was there to slap me in the fucking face, I just...I, would never do that to her." Mike griped, his voice coming out in a sharp tone, once hearing the twist in Brad's words. Already the lead guitarist had dropped his hands to the sides, and the best friend would snigger softly, before shaking his head.

"Sh'Noda stop getting so defensive about what I had just said, truly it's ok to me, in fact it's more then ok-"

And as luck would have it, the end of Brad's words never did see the end of the light once his phone lit up, as it would let out a loud shrill, a clear indication that someone was trying to get a hold of him now, and to much of Mike's dismay he groaned out in annoyance. Watching as Brad's bouncy curls would flop down towards the phone in his hand, just so the lead guitarist would quickly read out who it was that was calling him.

"Perfect fucking timing, It's Joe, and knowing what he's like, he's probably got himself wasted again and can't find his own way back to the hotel. Hold still Sh'Noda, I'll be back, Chester should be around here somewhere... He said he was inside last time I checked."

And before Mike could really process what was happening now, he watched onwards as his best friend would dive into the crowd. Seeing the reseeding line of curls disappearing into the pile of sweaty, half naked bodies. Leaving Mike alone by the bar. It would only take a moment for Emcee to study the crowd that Brad had disappeared in moments ago, watching the party goers embrace their sexuality comfortably along the dance floor. The women who would dance provocatively, and as for the men they would grind, twisting their bodies around their partners, dancing to the beat of the song.

Mike couldn't remember the last time he had let himself go and would just dance the night away, surely it was before he had met the band and Anna many years ago. He could recall he had always been a wild child in his youth, always hitting the clubs in his younger days.

And now, as the years would grow on Mike, it would really take its toll on him, as the Emcee couldn't remember a time where he would just go out and have fun. Despite of the nagging feeling that he should just stay put, once he knew Brad wouldn't take long with his phone conversation with Joe, he would think to himself that just one dance wouldn't hurt at all.

He pushed himself to the floor, and once he found himself concealed from the edge of the club, he knew he could truly be himself once he felt his body lose itself to the music. He could feel the warm air sizzle and it would crackle around him, his skin was on fire now, once the air filled with sweat would smooth along his warm body. Throwing his arms up to the air, he would close his eyes now, feeling the men and women run their hands along the length of his body every time they would pass him, touching him in places that made him shiver with anticipation, as he could feel their warm breath fanning along his skin.

He could hear the sounds of the song changing, the tempo slowing down now to a more heavy beat, as the flare of rock would hit the speakers. The Emcee was liking the slow pace in song now, once he would open his eyes, his dark eyes adjusting to the dark surroundings and just like that as if almost everything around his moving body began to dull, the sea of people only became haggard lines and blurred colors, once an Angel from the darkness would catch his attention.

Along with his breath, and everything around him would all begin to slow down, once he could see the object of his desire would move in closer towards him on the dance floor.

With his dark hair gelled magnificently into spikes, and dripping from head to toe, was of an dark Angel who had somehow lost his wings along the way to the dance floor. With his tight fitting clothing sticking to his alabaster skin. His tight, little body as Mike would like to describe as 'completely fuckable', as he would move in closer with his soft curves and toned muscles rippling under the surface of his light skin.

The Emcee would try to back himself away, but it was near impossible for him now, once the crowd behind him would pull him back in and he could see the Angel, better known as Chester Bennington, moving in closer now.

They would lock eyes for the first time, and Mike could see the burning fire in his lead singer's eyes, beckoning for him to stay. With his body still swaying to the beat of the song, he was falling completely victim to Chester and his eye movement now.

And wordlessly each leading men didn't have to speak once Chester would finally cross paths, feeling Chester's arms looping around Mike's neck, taking the half Japanese man by complete surprise, The Emcee would timidly place each hand along the lead singer's hips, admiring the warm skin he would find there between each finger tip, feeling safe inside Chester's arms now.

"Where's Brad?" Mike would whisper, his lips were close to Chester's ear now, and he couldn't help the victory streak win him over once he caught Chester shivering against the sound of his voice. With dark made up eyes, truly one of Mike's many weaknesses every time he would catch Chester wearing eyeliner, as it would always make his beautifully, molten chocolate eyes pop with color. Mike would watch on as Chester's eyes would crinkle and he would smirk, slowly baring his teeth up at Mike.

"Just forget about him for a moment, I finally have you all to myself." And Mike was left feeling very confused as to why Chester would say such a thing. Not only did the words pull at his heart strings, he couldn't help the arousal he felt earlier before when he had those troubling thoughts about Brad quickly return, making his skin break out into goose pimples, as he would feel his semi hardening in the front of his tight pants, making it almost to unbearable for Mike to move now.

"I don't feel righ-"

"Shhh, Mikey, just give in to me, we're not doing anything wrong are we? We're just dancing together." Chester's voice was soft, as it was nurturing, one of the many reasons why Mike had fallen so smitten for the lead singer and that was how he would use his voice so beautifully. Mike would sigh softly, feeling his body give into Chester finally, as he would fall into his lead singer's soft touch. At first they would timidly touch, only the gentle strokes of each hand finding each other in the heat of the dance floor, as they would let the music take control of their bodies, exploring their options of what felt right to them.

But as the song would go on, the confidence would grow steadily in each leading men once Chester would press his body closely into Mike's. The Emcee would groan, letting out gaping breaths now. He could feel the tip of Chester's tongue slide along the nape his neck now before he would slide the wet muscle along the length of his own neck, feeling the lead singer breathe heavily against his wet skin, creating more goosebumps along the way.

"You taste so good, Mikey."

And his knees would buckle, his mind going completely numb now from the confusion and conflicting thoughts that would rattle with his mind now, unaware that he had almost fallen to the ground.

Feeling his heart skip a beat he could feel the back his body being slammed into another hard surface much like Chester's beautifully hard body, and Mike tried to turn his head, but with his mind completely frazzled, he couldn't speak a word.

It wasn't long before he felt warm air embracing his ear now, and he would moan loudly once he would feel someone, a stranger as Mike couldn't see who it was that initially had their body up against his back, would slide their wet tongue in and out of the shell of his ear, not before nibbling in his lobe between their teeth.

"Happy birthday Mike, here's my gift to you." It was Brad's silky voice, whom seemingly was the stranger that had been taking charge of running his tongue along his ear, feeling his warm breath tickle his ear.

Slightly confused, extremely aroused, and unable to speak now, as he would feel himself swallowing his tongue in the back of throat along with his dignity too, once he had let Chester take control of his body. He had no idea what Brad was talking about. He turned his head to the side, and subtly he would whimper once he felt the cool rush of air hit his silky skin. Chester had pulled away to look up at Mike and his boyfriend; Brad, and the Emcee could almost taste the tip of Brad's lips against his own now.

"Isn't he just perfect Mike? Just look at the way he dances for you, so fucking perfect." And Brad would wrap his arm around Mike's back slowly, the déjàvu feeling hitting Mike in the back of his mind now. He would feel Brad's finger tips running along his chin, training the Emcee to look away from him, as the two best friend's would focus on the Angel that would move gracefully to the music.

With his gorgeous body swaying, as it would move gracefully to the music. Chester would slowly dip himself low, before sensually pulling his body up, but only this time he would grind his hard length against Mike's leg, and the Emcee couldn't help the groan that would escape his throat now, once he could feel the outline of Chester's cock brush against his own leg.

And before Mike could make a sound, he could feel Brad's lips against the nape of his neck now, silencing him completely, as he would feel the lead guitarist pull the skin between his lips, grazing his teeth gently against Mike's sensitive spot.

The Emcee could feel his body burning up, his arousal pulsing thick in each vein now, he could feel himself slipping over the edge from passing out, as he couldn't believe what was happening, almost a wet dream that would come true for him. Usually Mike would think a line would be crossed once he could feel Brad touching him, tasting him with his own tongue, the idea of his best friend kissing his neck would feel so good, almost too natural for him to think.

He could feel Brad rubbing against his back, and he would feel safe, secure and down right sexy now, as he felt Brad smooth his hands along his shoulders. Chester would take the reigns by taking good care of Mike from the front, as he would slide his artistic finger tips along the front of Mike's shirt before slipping his fingers just below his belly button, teasing the sizzling skin he would find there above the hem of Mike's pants with his touch.

With trembling hands, Mike would find his own hands running along Chester's neck now, mesmerised and completely insated by the warm touch of Chester's skin against his own, as he would describe Chester as soft and delicate, skin that was made to be broken. And just like that he would feel Brad's lips against his ear, reunited with the warm touch of his best friend's hot breath against his wet skin. He could feel his body spiralling in and out of consciousness now, unable to find the ground beneath him because at that moment he could almost feel himself floating above the dance floor.

"Do you want me to make your wish come true?"

"Wh-what wish?" Mike would murmur softly now finding the encouragement to speak. Looking up from heavily hooded eyes he could see Chester crossing eyes over to Brad, and Mike could follow the look that Chester was giving his boyfriend now as it was a look of understanding and trust. That was before Chester's face would move forward, and at this point of time, Mike really thought that he was about to pass out once he could see Chester move in close enough, that his face was nothing but blurred beauty to the eye.

"Mikey, would you like me to fuck you? Or would you prefer it if you fuck me instead? How ever you want it, I'm all yours."

Finally, the words that Mike had been hoping to hear for a while now, as it was every women's dirty fantasy and every men who would themselves drowning in their own denial and secrecy, Mike included, as Chester's voice was what every wet dream was made from.

But, Mike tried to be the sensible one out of the three, knowing what the consequences would come from it on the morning. He knew it was a bad idea from the start, as much as he wanted his fantasy to come true, he knew he couldn't go through with it. That he shouldn't. He knew that it was impossible, as Mike could feel his mind becoming boggled with the idea of Chester fucking him and Brad watching.

"I can-"

"Don't just think about it Mike, just do it and have fun with us, that's half of your problem most times. You just need to unwind, relax and let us both take care of you tonight." Chester would husk out, his warm voice hitting the edge of his lips, and before Mike could utter another word he could feel Chester inch himself forward, his lips only an inch away from his own.

He could feel Brad's hands slide along his hips, moving upwards and dotting each finger tip along the ridges of Mike's ribs, the inquisitive hands would find what they had been absently searching for. Mike would feel his lips slide open, to let out a moan once he could feel Brad's fingers pinch his nipples through the thin material of his shirt.

Giving the perfect opportunity for Chester to strike out, making his move now, once their lips would fuse together, and the lead singer's tongue would slide stealthily inside Mike's parted lips, tasting each other for the first time ever. Mike would waste no time now returning the kiss, as he couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't done it sooner, as the lead singer tasted amazing between his lips.

He could taste the hint of cherry liquor that Chester had been drinking prior with a sprinkle of the minty freshness from his tooth paste, and he would cry out, fawning for more as he would slide his tongue over Chester's, admiring the way the lead singer would quickly respond back by moaning softly against Mike's lips, the vibrations from his voice sending warm vibes against his own body.

Once they both knew that air would become essential, Mike could feel himself trying to grasp the taste of freedom from his heated kiss shared with Chester. He would slowly disconnect his lips from the Angel, feeling Chester rolling his tongue along the bottom lip belonging to Mike one last time, as the Emcee would press his forehead against Chester's.

Mesmerised by the way Chester would look up at him with his large dark eyes, watching the arousal swim between each pupil.

"Fuck, that was hot." Brad's unmistakably, low voice would sound the air between each leading men, and guiltily Mike would tear away, once he realised he had almost forgotten about his best friend, who still was running his fingers along Mike's nipples. The Emcee really couldn't contain himself once he felt Chester confidently slide his hand over Mike's growing bulge, unaware that Chester had successfully moved his hand down below his belly button, as he could feel the lead singer squeezing the hard cock between his palm now, all groaning in protest that they all were wearing one too many clothes now, and needed to go somewhere a little more private.

"Let's get out of here. I want you to be able to enjoy your birthday present alone with me." Brad would husk out his decision, his voice was fiery and hot which would describe the feeling Mike had felt once he could feel Chester's and Brad's hands all over him, touching him places that he would never dream of from each of them. And with a quick kiss to the lips from Chester, the Emcee knew he was a complete goner once Brad and Chester would take each hand, leading him toward the exit where soon the anticipation and desire would lick his insides.

With one last fleeting looking in Chester's molten, chocolate eyes, watching the desire glaze over his beautiful hues, and Mike knew at that point he was a complete goner, feeling safe once Brad would lead the way.


Between the moving city lights, concrete buildings and everything else in between. The roads were unusually busy in the early hours of the morning once the cab would steadily reach its destination. Mike couldn't remember much of the drive, in fact neither would the other band mates, as they were all too busy brushing lips against soft skin, whilst swallowing their moans in case they were to get any questioning looks by the cab driver as they would finally make it back to the hotel all in one piece, except for their dignity and any of their morals, as they all had been lost the moment they found their way back to the hotel.

It all had been a blur for the Emcee, the alcohol still hazing deep inside his mind, as all he could remember was stumbling into the elevator from the lobby, along with Chester and Brad who would push themselves in after Mike. With his back up against the mirrored wall, hiding behind his lust filled eyes, he watched carefully as the elevator doors would slide close, enclosing the three band members together.

At first Mike was silent, watching closely as Brad would pull his boyfriend close to his hard body, cradling the shorter male in his arms. Mesmerised and completely bewitched under his best friend and Chester's spell. The Emcee would keep his eyes on the lovers, staring thoughtfully at the scene that was playing out erotically for him. With Chester's alluring eyes raking all over Mike's body now, holding the desire and lust deep inside each hue, the Emcee could see their tongues dancing slowly between parted, wet lips, feeling his body tremble every time Brad would groan and Chester would whimper.

They were moaning softly together now, with Brad's eyes fluttering closed, his beautifully artistic hands grazing over the lead singer's broad chest. Chester would keep his watchful eye on Mike now.

Beckoning, yearning silently with his dark eyes and desirable body movements for Mike to take a step closer. But completely tongue tied, with his feet completely plowing themselves into the ground, he couldn't bring himself to move confidently.

Panting hard, his body would begin to scorch and it would burn from the arousal running deep inside his body. Much like back in the club, Mike had slowly found confidence within himself the moment Chester had laid his lips against his own, whilst Brad would claim his neck.

But now, as he would stand in the middle of the elevator, feeling the slight pull of the mechanism working its way in the small confined space, he slowly had pulled himself backwards, as he didn't know whether to go through with having sex with Brad and Chester tonight, or simply to walk away.

"I think Mikey needs some assistance, Braddles." Chester would muse out softly between his hot kisses he would exchange with his lover, and he would pull away slowly now. With a devious smile to the lead singer's lips, Mike could feel the steady drumming heart beat slamming against his rib cage now, he would keep his eye on the beautiful couple, watching as Brad would gently moan in response whilst placing his lips along the base of his boyfriend's neck now.

With his outstretched hand, Chester would stand there in waiting, his legs staggering every time Brad would find his dizzy spot along his neck, and with a timid step Mike would move in closer. Once the Emcee placed his hand inside of Chester's, he felt the slight tug in Chester's touch, as he would gasp, but soon all sounds would seize once Chester's supple, pink lips would find his in waiting. With the warm hazy air cradling the three band members in the small space that they were standing in.

At the first touch of their lips meeting, they both would softly moan against each open mouth kiss. Reunited with the taste of Chester between his lips again, the Emcee could feel the slow ache in his heart, yearning to taste a little more, and to touch Chester a little longer as well. He really did try to pace himself, as the night had only just begun for the three band members.

With his back being slammed into the wall now, and having no recollection of how he got here in the first place now. But with his eyes wide open, he would watch on as Chester would move up against his own body in the reflection of the mirrored door behind his band mates. Kissing the lead singer slowly at first, grazing his tongue against the tip of Chester's he would continue to watch on.

Ardently sighing, relishing the taste that was uniquely all Chester. In the corner of his peripherals, he could see Brad keeping his distance, and Mike earnestly did try to shy away from the kiss once he caught Brad's eye with his own. He couldn't help the subconscious feeling slipping over his body, making the Emcee freeze on the spot now.

And he couldn't help the guilt that would wash over him now to realise what it was that he was actually doing.

He was kissing Chester Bennington! The Chester Bennington whose mind, body and soul belonged to somebody else. And not just anybody else, no, as it just so happens that he was taken by his oldest friend since before he could remember. Brad had always been the one he would share his dreams of becoming a band some day, the one where he would share his secrets, such as coming out bi-sexual the day he found out that he was attracted to another boy in their freshmen year. Brad had always been the one that had always been there for him, and now as he would kiss Chester, he knew he had been a terrible friend.

He knew in the back of his mind, he could recall his best friend saying that this just so happens to be his 'birthday present' and Mike just couldn't convince himself enough that this had been a good idea to begin with. But Brad would think otherwise.

Mike was watching Brad closely now, as he would close in on him and Chester, with his thin body pressing up against the lead singer's back side now. He could feel the tiny whimper settling between each lip, as Chester would make the squirming sounds against his lips, and Mike could only guess that Brad had something to do with the noises that Chester was making.

"It's ok Mike, you're allowed to enjoy yourself with my boyfriend. I must say I am enjoying myself a little too much just watching you with Chester-" Brad would begin, offering a smile, and Mike would feel at ease once he disconnected himself from Chester as the lead singer would loop his arms around Mike's neck, reeling the Emcee in close enough until Brad's lips were only a breath stroke away from his own. And just for a moment everything seemed to have slowed down, as all Mike could do now was stare at the sensual curved lips belonging to his best friend.

In all his life he would never see Brad as anymore than his trusted best friend and loyal band mate, but as for tonight Mike couldn't help but see that boundaries were about to be crossed once he could see Brad had inched himself a little closer. With Chester wedged in between the two two best friend's, he was content, lively, and happy to watch the interesting showdown that was slowly forming between Mike and Brad. The lead guitarist would brush his lips against Mike's cheek, as the Emcee could feel Brad's lips moving.

"Mike, do you mind if I kiss-"


Was the sounds of the elevator warning the three men who were all coddled up together that they had arrived safely and in one piece to their level. The doors would slide open, and the automative voice would sound the walls now reminding the band mates which floor they were on. Mike's mind was still buzzing from the words, as he wondered if Brad was about to ask him for permission to kiss him. He didn't think twice about it, as he would see himself warming up to the idea now, the anticipation to feel Brad's lips against his own would toy with his mind.

They all would stumble out of the elevator, with Brad's hand in Chester's and Chester's in Mike's, the three men would giggle naughtily as they would enter the hallway. With quick nips against necklines, and wondering hands venturing along each other's bodies, they would finally stumble to the room where both Chester and Brad were sharing, and Mike couldn't help the giddy feeling once he realised that tonight he would be sharing the same room alongside with them.

As the lead guitarist managed to unlock the door, he would lead them both inside. And now Mike could feel the lump slowly making its way up in the back of his throat once he would watch Brad close the door behind them, the last of their dignity leaving them once the curly haired man would lock them all inside. Slowly, with a hesitant kick to his step, the Emcee would follow them further into the room.

Silence would remain between the three men, as Chester got to work by shrugging his leather jacket off, and Mike couldn't help but watch as the muscles would flex as they would tighten, once the Emcee would discover that Chester was dressed in one of his trademark wife beaters tonight, as the material was a little faded, and absolutely did no justice for what was hiding beneath the cotton shirt.

"Here, drink this." Came the sultry voice belonging to his best friend, who would size himself up beside Mike, offering the Emcee a glass that was half filled with what appears to be cheap wine that Brad must have brought prior. Accepting the glass, he felt Brad slide his lips over his cheek as he would gently touch his skin with his wet mouth. He sighed softly, quickly pressing the rim of the glass to his lips, before taking the first sip, tilting his head backwards.

Feeling the fruity liquid slide down his throat, relinquishing the nervous lump in his throat he would quickly down the last of his wine, tasting the sweetness along the flat surface of his tongue now. He could feel Brad behind him now, his warm body cocooning his own, as the lead guitarist would get to work by pulling at his leather jacket.

He quickly sat down the empty glass on the table that was beside him, assisting Brad by shrugging the material off of his strong arms until he could hear it fall to floor with a dull thud.

Chester had already made himself at home, comfortably sprawled along the bed where he would kick his thick soled boots off, and rubbing each heel with his dexterous hands. Mike could see that he was watching closely, as Brad would wrap his long arms around Mike's midriff, guiding the Emcee to move in closer towards the bed.

He could feel the alcohol slowly edging away, the arousal predominantly moving along in each vein now, as the warm air would grow mildly thicker, and Mike could feel himself almost gasping for air, once he felt Brad push his body against Chester's.

And just like that, Mike had lost control, with the mix of alcohol slowly ebbing away, that his natural impulse was for his lips to find Chester's. Each men would rub their hard bodies against the warm covers, groaning at the material that would find its way in between each sexually charged male. They both would push and they would shove it away until the Emcee would find himself being pushed to the soft surface of the bed with Chester grounding his ass against Mike's hard cock once the lead singer would straddle his hips, and Mike's hands would soon find their own way to his lead singer's narrow hips, holding the older male in place.

Hearing the gurgling sound of discomfort discovering that they were still fully clothed now. He would slowly rise up, just enough until he was holding his upper body up by his forearms.

He felt Brad slide behind him, resting Mike's head against his knees, as Brad would dip in close enough so that his lips were hovering over his own now. And for a moment while Chester continued to ground his fucking ridiculously tight ass against Mike's crotch, the Emcee was having a hard time concentrating on anything but Brad, who was hovering close enough so that their lips would timidly touch at first.

With the brush of soft lips meeting, Mike knew that he was a complete goner once he could taste Brad's lips with his own. Admiring the sweetness from the wine that his best friend had just drunk before, Mike could feel himself slowly becoming drunk from the taste of his curly haired friend's lips.

And as time would pass, their confidence would soar, until Mike would free his left hand, rubbing over the length of Brad's neck, before burying his shaking fingers in the thick curls that he would find there. Pulling Brad in, he could taste the moan between each swipe of his tongue now, and he would moan himself, bringing Brad closer until their teeth would clink painfully from the urgency of their kiss.

He could feel another set of hands, that were not Brad's, as his best friend's hands were busying themselves by rubbing soothing circles along each of Mike's shoulders, encouraging the Emcee to take control. One by one, the hands that Mike could faintly see and feel belonging to Chester, would tug at each button now, revealing more and more of Mike's tanned skin that was hiding beneath the thin cotton flannel shirt.

Once the last button was snapped open, and Chester took the liberty to pull the material apart now, exposing Mike's flat tummy and toned pecs. It was then the Emcee would cry out softly to break away from the kiss, as he could feel two sets of hands skimming along the length of his upper body.

"Fuck you look so good, I could eat you all up." Chester would murmur hotly, his finger tips slowly rubbing circles along each nipple now, seeing the fascination light up in each eye. Brad was silent for a short moment, his dark eyes focusing in on Mike's flat tummy as he would scrape his nails along the surface now once he would reach over Mike's head, creating pink rivers as he went along. Mike could feel his lips pulling into a smirk, and in response to Chester's words he would lean up slightly, feeling the magnetic pull between each leading man, their lips would brush slightly as they would melt together softly.

"Why don't you have a taste for yourself." Mike would husk, letting the animal take control, as he all could think about now was how delicious it would feel to have both Brad's tongue and Chester's tongue along over his body, licking, tasting, eating him alive. At first Chester would return his own smirk, dipping his head a little lower, until Mike would feel the warm breath enveloping his exposed left nipple.

With Brad tweaking his right nipple at the same time, he went into sensory overload once he could feel Chester slide his tongue over his left hardening, pink nub. Rolling the skin over with his teeth. Chester would pull hard now, and at the same time Brad would make the same move with his wondering finger tips, and surely by now Mike could feel himself going in and out of consciousness just from the mounting pleasure that would rifle through out his body now.

"Oh, fuck." Mike would cry out, his body convulsing from the feeling, hips jolting and heart thumping hard he would moan. "Please fuck, I need more."

And with that, his wish would be granted once he felt Chester slowly pull away from his nipple, not before fanning his warm breath along the Emcee's rapidly, cooling skin. The warm air mixing with the saliva along his hardened nipple, had a ripple affect on his body as Mike would buck his hips upwards again, his cock silently screaming to be released from the tight confinements.

He watched on with heavy lidded eyes, as Chester's feet would fall gracefully to the ground beside the bed. Now that he was standing directly in front of Mike, the lead singer would look him in the eye, and Mike couldn't help but feel the warmth spread all over his body, especially his heart once he could see that Chester had trusted to give his body completely to him.

He felt Brad slowly push him up into a sitting position, with his knees digging to the back of his body, and his hands slipping over his shoulders, to remove the flannel shirt from off his body. Mike had only realised now that he was the only one half dressed, whilst both Brad and Chester were still respectfully dressed. He felt his mouth slide open, as he was about to utter the words he had there in the back of his throat, but he refrained himself from speaking once he felt Brad's lips hovering close to his ear.

"Would you like to undress your present Mikey? Or would you prefer it if he would strip right in front of you?"

And Mike's mind was spinning out of control now, feeling his eyes widen at the thought of his dreams coming true. With his heart beat skipping a beat once he realised what was about to happen. He was going to see Chester naked for the very first time. He tried to pry the giddy up feeling away, as he would try to focus on the task that was ahead of him and that was to decide what he wanted to do with Chester. He knew he was enjoying this a little too much, having the authority to pick what he would like to do with Chester, as he knew exactly what he wanted from him.

He had always fantasied Chester stripping down for him, and now that he finally had the opportunity right there in front of him he knew wasn't going to let it slide, for it could be the first and last time for the Emcee to have this opportunity alone.

Mike would slowly turn to face Brad, giving him a light kiss to the lips before he would whisper, softly. "I would like to see him strip for us."

And the dusky light shifting away from the lamp that was perched behind Brad's big head full of curls, the lead guitarist would give him a secret smile, one that would only be shared with him. Turning towards Chester, his eyes would round in on his lead singer, feeling the preconceptions crawl over his body, once his breathing would come out in uneven pants as he would watch Chester sexily slide his hands over his chest, before making their way towards the edge of his shirt where he would slowly pull the material fluidly over his head. With his shirt balled up in his fist now, and in his outstretched hand, he would drop the material to the floor, whilst keep his eyes trained in on Mike.

"Mikey, how long have you been waiting for this moment? To see me naked?" Chester would ask, his voice speaking in sexual volumes that had Mike's mind spinning now. And truth be told, it had been for many years. Even when he was with Anna, as guilty as that would make him, but he often thought about what it would be like to see Chester naked, as he would think about it, fantasied about it, even when he made love to his ex wife he would imagine what it would be like to watch Chester naked, to feel his body up against his own. He knew he should be feeling guilty now, but he was too far gone with the desire coursing through out his heavy limbs now.

"Before Anna, I had always thought about it."

"Than why didn't you do something about it?" Chester would press on, and Mike really wasn't sure if he felt comfortable having this discussion with Chester whilst his could feel Brad's fingers running along his chest, as his warm breath would stream along his neck. He was silent for a moment, watching as Chester would unbuckle his belt now, and slowly he would unsnap the buttons along his tight denim jeans.

"It's ok Mike, I'm not here to judge if that's what you are thinking. I have always had a hunch you wanted to get with Chester for a while, but had always kept my mouth shut. Until I knew the right moment would come-"

"What moment was that Brad?" Mike's voice would over shadow Brad's, interrupting the lead guitarist. With his eyes still focusing in on Chester's beautiful body, he couldn't help but admire the milk bottle skin stretching over his firm torso, with his muscles rippling under the smooth, blemish-free skin. Chester's tiny, pink nubs was the stand out for Mike, as he would subconsciously lick his lips.

"This moment right here. Like I said to you before. Let us take care of you, you always look out for us both in the past, so now it's our turn to return the favor and show you just how much we love you and want to please you."

And in awe, Mike would sit on the edge of the bed perfectly still. His heart was exploding now, with the happiness that would fuel it, and all Mike could do was stay silent, showing gratitude in his dark eyes. He would watch Chester's small playful smile curl into a smirk now, as he would draw the zipper of his denim jeans down slowly. And just as Mike suspected, he was about to pass out once Chester would slowly bend down to roll his pants and his boxer briefs over his hips and long legs, until the lead singer was seen kicking away the denim jeans along with his under garments away.

In the yellow haze of where the nights sky would clash with light, Mike couldn't help but notice how beautiful Chester would look standing there right in front of him. With his long, strong legs separated just an inch apart, Mike's hungry eyes would slowly rake in Chester's bare beauty until his stare would fall onto Chester's hard cock. Standing tall, and dripping profusely with precum, Mike couldn't help but notice just how perfect his lead singer would look. Perfectly proportioned, and gorgeous in every way, the Emcee couldn't control himself once he would lean forward.

With his hands sliding along each leg, his eyes would cross over with Chester's, and the lead singer would give him a look of understanding once Mike would push his tongue out between his parted lips. Turning his attention back to Chester's cock, he would slowly widen his mouth, to accommodate the thickness in his wet canal, stretching the muscles he would hold Chester by each hip, as he would feel the lead singer's thick member slide into his mouth. Moaning, as he would swirl his tongue around Chester, each leading men would moan as the older singer would stagger forward, breathing heavily.

"Fuck me, you both look so fucking good together." Brad would whine out, and Mike could feel the bed shift slightly from behind him. With his concentration focused on pleasing Chester, he failed to notice that Brad had slipped behind Chester, as he would pull Chester's chin to the side and their lips would meet, tasting each other's moans.

Mike would pump Chester harder now, feeling the cock spasming in his hand as he would swirl his tongue over the length, not before pulling the tip towards his lips where he would press the flat surface of his tongue against his lead singer's cock, capturing the taste of Chester's precum between his lips now. As the minutes would tick on, the room would gradually fill up with the sounds of moans from each band member.

The air held a certain musky smell to it, and Mike was sure he would pass out soon from the lack of air.

When he could sense that Chester was close, he shamefully pulled away, despite of the lead singer's protests, he knew he didn't want him to cum just yet. With a slippery pop to his lips, and his palm still wrapped around the base of his lead singer's cock, he pulled himself up until he was standing directly in front of the two lovers. Moving in closer, he would press his tongue against both Chester's and Brad's lips. Each band member would moan, reeling in the fact that they all were now enduring a three way kiss now. With the mixture of Chester's salty precum and the subtle hint of the wine and other hard liquors they may find there, the taste was completely indescribable, as Mike would press his tongue into Chester's mouth, feeling Brad's tongue slide along his as they would meet with Chester's.

Between heavy moans, blissful sighs, and everything else in between, the Emcee could feel his lungs stinging now from the lack of air, as breathing would soon become essential. Pulling away slowly, he would watch Chester and Brad kiss languidly one last time before they would pull away. With their eyes all on Mike now. There was no words to be exchanged in the next part of their journey, as this was a moment that only needed to expressed through their actions. Chester would slowly begin to undress his boyfriend, with Mike saddling up behind him, the Emcee would take his own matters into his own hands as he would take the task of freeing himself from his own pants and boxer briefs.

Feeling the air cooling his flushed skin, he would run his fingers along the Chester's skin, admiring the artwork he would find there in the shadowy light.

He would often find Chester's skin beautiful work of art, the tattoos drawn so perfectly to his skin, as the Emcee couldn't help but stop to stare. He would watch on and Chester's muscles would flex. Moving gracefully, he was undressing his boyfriend in a slow agonisingly pace. And once Brad was finally undressed, Chester would move away toward the bed that they all would share tonight.

He was the first to lie down, and Mike would take the moment to watch his best friend in a whole new light. One that he has never seen him in before, as he could see how well endowed his best friend was. But aside from the fact that Brad was packing heat, he could see why Chester would fall in love with Brad in the first place.

Much like the same as Chester, Brad's skin was soft to the touch as it was unblemished, except for the scar on his right hip from where Mike could remember Brad falling off his bike when they were younger, and as a result from his fall the poor curly haired boy needed stitches that day. Mike thought that it would be the last time he would see the scar, right up until tonight, when Mike would find himself reaching forward just so he could trace his finger tip along the marred skin, watching and waiting as Brad would tremble.

"Mmm, Mike." Brad would moan, beckoning himself towards Mike's fingers.

Mike would pull Brad in with his free hand, feeling the curls bounce in each gap between his fingers, tasting the kiss that his best friend had there waiting for him. Kissing Brad almost felt natural to him now, never once feeling awkward or uncomfortable, as he felt Brad pull away softly after now, before whispering.

"Go and enjoy your present, I want to see you both together."

And Mike would slowly pull away, before feeling himself move towards the bed where he would find Chester, hard, dripping and waiting for Mike to claim what was his for the night. Spreading his body along Chester's, he would press his lips against the lead singer's as each of their hands would find their own paths along their wet bodies.

With the sounds of their moans, and Chester would groan once Mike would brush his hard cock against Chester's lower abdominal, smearing and tainting Chester's white skin with his precum. Mike could see in the corner of his eye, Brad had taken his seat, as he was spread out beside Chester. Watching with careful eyes, and smiling adoringly down at the two leading men. Mike would soon pull away from the kiss, as he would dip down beside Chester to pull on his ear lobe.

"I can't take it anymore-" Mike would breathe out, heavily and desperately, feeling Chester shudder in response. Mike would continue on what it was that he was saying, as he was blinded by the lust, and his heart was pumping hard, he knew what he wanted. "Fuck me, Chester."

And a moment of silence would settle the air, with Chester pulling away slightly to study Mike carefully. He could see that Brad was also watching, waiting, obviously intrigued by the love making that was transpiring between best friend and boyfriend, as the lead guitarist was happy to take two steps back, enjoying the one way ticket to his own private show. Chester would lean in, his lips feathering against his ear, and would sigh before replying, respectively. "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you if this is your first time."

And confidently Mike would say, his voice hitting a sultry note. "This isn't my first time with another guy."

And given the satisfaction that he was feeling now once he could see both Chester and Brad staring dumbfoundly up at him. He knew they would have many questions for him, especially Brad as it was his best kept secret that no one knew about, not even his best friend. He would give Chester a chaste kiss to the lips, and the lead singer would whispered softly. "Get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed, I will prepare you."

Following Chester's strict instructions, Mike would find him self stretched out on his hands and knees. He could feel his cheeks flushing a bright red, feeling vulnerable in the position he would find himself in now. He could feel Brad's eyes on him from behind, and Mike would watch Chester from the side of the bed as he would pull out the supplies from the bed side drawer. He could see the skin glowing yellow in the light, casting dark shadows over his perfectly inked skin, as his eyes would slide over the length of his lead singer's body and he would lick his lips, catching the hard cock in his sight.

Hungry, horny and completely insatiable, Mike would moan in anticipation now that he could feel Brad's hands all over his back, his nails scraping hard along his back, as he would kneel himself in front of Mike on the bed. In the short distance he could see the weeping tip of Brad's cock in view, waiting for Mike just take it in his mouth, and taking his best friend by surprise he had done just that, once he would roll his tongue out to touch him with his lips.

"Oh fuck, God!" Brad would cry out, his body would roll upwards, ardently meeting with Mike's tongue half way once the Emcee had decided he wanted to slide his tongue over the lead guitarist's cock. Brad was panting now, his shaking hands finding Mike's dark locks, as he would pull the Emcee closer, slipping his cock further into his mouth where the half Japanese man would cough slightly, once the large cock would hit the back of his throat.

"God, your mouth is so good," Brad would cry out. And Mike was loving the feeling of Brad falling apart around him, watching the good looking man crumble before his mouth as he would shiver, his body thrusting forward every time Mike would roll his tongue along his length.

It wasn't long before Mike was moaning fearsomely against Brad, the sounds of his muffled voice creating a rippled affect, once he could feel Chester sliding his wet finger deep inside his tight channel. He tried to relax, he tried to breathe, but he couldn't once he found himself gasping before coughing, feeling the cock brush up against his tonsils, his body becoming undone now.

He would slip away from Brad, crying out from the burning pain, as he was not prepared for the slow intrusion. Chester would lean his body over his now, shushing him with his soft kisses, as Brad would whisper sweet nothings into his ear, encouraging the Emcee that he was doing a great job. When Mike felt his body slowly subject the sudden intrusion, he knew within himself that he was ready for Chester to move his finger. He would sigh against Chester's lips, meekly reminding his lead singer to move now.

And Chester would oblige, pulling his finger out at first, just enough so that the tip was still buried in his tight ring as he would push his digit back in.

He repeated his actions, curling and twisting his finger as he went along, until confidently he would lead another finger into the ring and Mike would find himself moaning like a bitch on heat, begging to be fucked now, feeling his cheeks flushing a violent shade of red now at just how ridiculously desperate he had become, as he would move wantonly along the bed, spreading out as he would gasp for air. Brad would nibble on his ear now, teasing Mike with his teeth, as he would murmur.

“Condom or do you prefer no Condom?"

Which would throw Mike off in subtle surprise, as the question would remain on the lips whether he would preferred to be fucked bareback or not, the choice was his alone. The readiness that sizzled his body, and pulled at his heart, he knew his mind was made up once he would inform both Chester and Brad to fuck him hard and raw, and immediately Mike would feel the cool brush of air hit his backside once Chester would slowly retract his fingers from his spread cheeks, and stretched channel.

With his mouth wide open, Mike would feel Brad slide his thick member in, distracting himself from what Chester was about to do. And just when he thought he lead singer was taking his time, he would feel something large, hard and blunt push at his stretched, wet entrance, as he could feel Chester slide his thick cock slowly into his tight body.

The first push had always been the hardest to over come, and no matter how well stretched out and lubed up Chester had prepared him so carefully and thoughtfully.

Mike knew it was almost impossible to keep a straight face, as he could feel his lips slide off of Brad's cock, in fear he would bite down too hard. He fell forward, his upper body crashing into the bed where he would moan against the covers, realising the warm embrace against his face. He would use material that was there between his lips and bite hard, almost drawing blood to his gums, with his hands giving way as they would tremble.

"Oh shit, oh god," Mike's muffled cries would never become unheard of, as he could feel Chester slowly pull himself out. Realising what it was that his lead singer was doing now, his head would shoot up, looking over his shoulder now. He could see the frown presenting itself along his lead singer's face, and Mike would furrow his brows, shaking his head, rotating his hip into the air.

"Please, just move, I, uh, fuck me hard."

And to that Chester would accept that as his invitation, slowly driving his cock back into Mike's tightness, as the Emcee could feel his walls closing in, almost as if his body was trying to reject the foreign object that would invade his tight body.

"Fuck me, you both look so hot, I could film you two if I wanted too," Brad would comment, his breath coming out on raggedy pants, his fingers dancing along Mike's shoulders now. And with that idea said out loud, the lead guitarist had a thought. He quickly slipped off the bed, as he would disappear only for a short moment. Slipping back into his position, Mike would gasp in shock at what Brad was holding in his grasp.

It was his phone, which now the camera option was now on full focus.

"What-the-fuck?" Mike would say in between breaths, completely driven wild at the state of Chester relentlessly pushing his hard cock back in his ass, before pulling himself out. He would feel Chester smooth his hands along his sweaty back, tracing the pink welts made by Brad.

"It'll be fun come on, I want to watch this over and over again. God you two could pass off as fucking pornstars, fuck."

"Fucking pervert." Chester groaned, his finger tips digging into Mike's skin.

And before Mike could utter another word, he would close his eyes, once he felt Chester nail the spot he had been begging for Chester to find. He could see stars dancing behind each eye lid, as the pain the would subside, and now all he could feel was the mounting pleasure trembling along his body.

He would cry out, he would moan, he would stretch his hand out, hoping to find Brad's cock as he was completely insatiable. Feeling Brad slide his cock into his wide mouth, he would work his tongue around the impressive length, crying out to feel Chester plunging deeper into his body, as he would loop his arm around Mike's waist, holding the Emcee up.

"God, Mikey, you feel so fucking good-" Chester would moan, his breath warm against his back and he would spread his body along Mike's back, his lips finding the base of his neck where he would pull the skin between his lips. Brad would meet with Chester's thrusts. The Emcee was loving the sensation, feeling his eyes roll to the back of head, once he knew that he was close.

"So tight, that's it's baby, I want you to cum everywhere for us, I want to see how fucking hot we make you." Chester would moan, and this time his left hand would dip just below Mike's hip, his soft fingers tracing the tip of his cock now. Where he would wrap his hand along Mike's cock, pulling as he would push forward in a firm grip. The movement alone had been all too much for the Emcee, knowing that he was close to the edge, but feeling the warm touch of Chester's hand against his hard cock, he knew he was a complete goner now.

"Mmmm, yes, oh Ches-"

He fell forward, covering his whole mouth around Brad where he would suck hard. And just like that, his toes would curl over, and his breathing staggered, before he would shoot his load, feeling the fluttering sensation deep inside his stomach once he could feel himself coming all over the clean bed sheets, his body seizing on cloud nine once he would feel his body fall over to the edge.

"Oh god, that's it." Brad would cry out, with his camera still on toe, the lead guitarist would find himself letting go, as he would lean forward to press his lips against Chester's

“Mmm, so good, so wet." Brad would murmur between kisses.

The warm rush of Brad's cum hitting the back of his throat was something he did not expect. Never in life had he ever tasted anyone else cum, but his own before. Like Chester's precum, Brad's essence held a certain saltiness to it, as he could also taste the supple hint of sweetness, and the taste alone was enough for Mike to suck his lips in a little more, his tongue lapping up the last of Brad's remnants, relishing the taste of Brad's essence between his lips.

"God your mouth is perfect," Brad would murmur softly, both in which they were coming down from their highs now. And with one final push, Chester would growl softly, his lips still placed along Brad's, as he would cum deeply inside the Emcee's heavy body.

Mike could feel his mind spinning, taking in a large breath, the euphoria bliss reaching new heights for him once he could feel Chester's seed paint the tight walls that belong to him. Chester was crying out his name now, repeatedly as he would growl, and just for a moment Mike really thought he could just come from the sound of Chester's voice hitting his name out perfectly every time.

"Fuck!" Chester's final war cry would seize the room, before he would pull out, slowly collapsing to the left side of Mike. Brad was the next to move, after removing his smart phone away from his hand, he would shimmy his body to the other side, where he would wrap his arms around Mike, not before place his hand on Chester's shoulder, locking the Emcee in place between the lovers.

The room would fill with a comfortable silence now, and neither band mate felt the regret or embarrassment that Mike would think every so often in the back of his mind. But instead Mike would rest tenderly on his back, with his arms around each Chester and Brad, once he would hold the two band member's close to his spent and tired body.

Sleep would over come them, and Mike could feel himself drift off, not before he could hear both Chester and Brad say their respective birthday wishes, and each band member giving Mike a kiss to each cheek, as sleep would soon take over them.

And as the Emcee would think to himself, with a smirk playing along his lips now, silently thinking the words;

'Happy fucking birthday to me.'


I hope I didn't lose you all, and that it wasn't too long for you all. This was my first ever threesome story ever written, and I was way out of my comfort zone lol. Thank you all for reading, you all are wonderful. Ratings and reviews are most certainly welcomed here :)

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