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Leave Out All The Rest by TrashFoot

Part I

Mike strolled into the cockpit, just coming off a long and tenuous walk outside of the ship in order to make sure a small panel was on the ship securely, and that the solar panels were working correctly. He sat down in his chair next to his captain, and proceeded to remove his helmet. As he placed it on the floor next to his seat, he let out a tired sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Alright, outer systems check is done, all systems are good to go. Mr. Hahn, what’s the status of the inner systems?”

“All systems are go— except for the heating and cooling systems within the cabin structure. Dave is in the tunnel working on it as we speak.”


Chester placed his pointer finger into the group of tiny twinkling lights in front of him, swiveling their position. He found the blinking image of the spaceship L.O.A.T.R. quickly and pinched his finger and thumb together in order to bring their position into larger view. They were approaching a star, one of significance. At least, according to NASA it was of significance. To Chester at this point, it was just another shiny dot on a 4D map.

He took a closer look at it for the first time in days. Previously, he only looked at it just for some general information; the most recent photo of it (taken a little over two decades ago), it’s location within the universe, gases people over at NASA suspected it was made of, reasons they figured could make it so significant. He tapped on the star itself and dragged the computer’s timeline of the star over the next few Earth days to review how it will operate. As he looked closer, he let a slight gasp escape his lips as he noticed something strange— something dangerous about the star.

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