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Silence is the Answer by TrashFoot


It first started— or at least, Chester first noticed it— a few months ago. Sure, you get close to the guys in your band. They’re your band mates; you’re going through tours and albums with them, crammed onto buses and vans with them that seem to get more and more cramped over time, pushed out onto stage 3 or 4 nights a week to play the same songs over and over for people who’ve heard them about half as many times as you’ve played them. There’s no way you don’t get close to them. It’s hard to avoid the little facts that pop up about someone in any given day. The little intricacies of other human beings.

But Brad. He was different. Chester was invested in him. But Brad had no interest in him, apparently. Not anymore. He wanted to change that, badly. One day, the planets aligned and Chester’s wishes came true; they were finally alone in the studio together. He thanked whatever God was working in his favor that night, possibly coming in the form of Mike finally calling it quits and heading home after being here literally all day. He was really dedicated to their sophomore album. When wasn’t he dedicated to their music? Chester was going to be just as dedicated to getting an answer from Brad.

“Hey Brad?” No answer. “Brad. What do you think of Drawing?”

“Mm.” Chester let the sound die in the silence for a few moments. He couldn’t stop himself from what happened next. Standing up, he snaked around the console, making sure not to touch the switches, and got in Brad’s face.

“Why are you avoiding me?”

Nothing again. Brad was looking squeamish.

“Brad, I said, why are you avoiding me?”

“Because! Because...” he took in a breath, “I think I’m falling in love with you, okay?” With that, Brad started packing up his stuff, getting ready to bolt. Chester sat back down and stared. By the time he snapped back to reality, the door was closing behind Brad. Chester exploded out of the chair, chasing after him. As Brad pretended not to hear the rush of footsteps behind him and the voice calling his name, he certainly wasn’t expecting a hand grab his shoulder and quickly direct his body up against the wall.

“Brad!” Chester said loudly right in his face, barely registering where Brad was in relation to him. Brad thought he was going to say more in a normal tone of voice, but anything that was about to be said or thought was cut short by Chester’s lips crashing into Brad’s. As soon as he started it, Chester pulled away. “I’m sorry.” He said out of breath. “Sorry that took so long. I—“ Brad dropped his bag from his hand onto he floor and grabbed the collar of Chester’s shirt, pulling him in for a heated kiss.

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