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Der Kreuzer by kimiLP


Dusseldorf is the capital of the state and is the economic center of Western Germany. Dusseldorf is located on the riverside and is one of the main centers of the densely populated area. Beside, Dusseldorf is one of the favorite areas for foreign students from various countries to study at the prestigious university there, the Heinrich Heine Dusseldorf University located in the southern part of the city.

The university has around 20,000 students from various departments in the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, philosophy, arts, languages, medicine, economics, and law.

Although founded in 1965, the university has a modern building style that is timeless. In fact they also did not forget their famous historic artist, Anton Von Werner, by putting up several replica paintings of his work in several halls at the university. Among the replicas of the paintings, there is a replica entitled Die Entfuhrung Heinrichs IV durch Erzbischof Anno von Koln in Kaiserswerth which means the abduction of Henry IV by Archbishop Anno von Koln which was installed in the main hall of the building.

The painting is very interesting. As if radiating charm in pictures and extraordinary colors where the characters in the painting look real and alive. Many students who were stunned for a moment stared at the painting while passing through it. Not only students are fascinated, but also some lecturers. Among them is Darek Englbehrt. A 62 years old man with gray hair and old wrinkles on his face that makes his expression look like he is constantly thinking.

Darek looked at the painting as if he were living it. The painting is like telling the story of what is happening without the accompanying narrative writing. He was so immersed in the painting that he didn't seem to notice anyone calling him. Because Darek did not turn his head, the person finally patted his shoulder. Darek jumped in surprise and turned to look at the person.

"Darek, aren't you tired of seeing the painting? You don't even hear me calling," said Justus Hewett, who is a fellow lecturer but 15 years younger than him.

"Do you know the meaning of this painting? Do you know why Henry IV was arrested by Archbishop Anno von Koln?" he asked as he turned away from the painting and walked down the corridor past the students who were passing there.

"Of course you know, you have told me many times. Henry IV allied with the devil to gain glory in his reign, but as a payment the devil opened the gates of hell in Dusseldorf, spread disaster and sought allies for his army in hell. You know that year how many of these paintings were made? "


"Well, in 1868 there were still many crazy people who were not treated because of medical limitations at the time. It could have been inspired by a myth created by one of the crazy people - crazy people at that time."

"Not Justus, what Heinrich IV did was really there. I have spent my years studying history about him in the national library and spent decades looking for people who were appointed by the devil."

Justus shook his head and sighed and continued what Darek was about to say, "Chosen by the devil to draw as many troops as possible to go to hell through the sins committed by humans? Come on, it even sounds like a fiction film."

"Der Kreuzer. That is the term for those chosen. Der Kreuzer has existed since the dark ages that hit Europe in the Middle Ages but they usually never lived long, the inhabitants and local religious leaders would immediately finish him when they realized there was Der Kreuzer among those who gathering sinful souls to become servants of the devil. "

"I just heard about Der Kreuzer, you're just telling me now," Justus said, turning occasionally to look at his best friend. They still walked in the long corridor of the classroom to the cafeteria. "But if Der Kreuzer only takes sinful souls ... well, leave it be."

Darek shook his head, "No. It shouldn't be like that, they can still repent before they die."

They had arrived at the cafeteria, they sat on a dark brown mahogany bench under the Maple tree. The cafeteria at the university has an outdoor theme, located in the back of the building, under shady trees whose leaves have turned brown, a sign that winter is coming soon.

Justus reopened the conversation, "So, what are the physical characteristics of der Kreuzer?"

"Like ordinary people, men can be women, even they will not realize it." answered Darek.

"Then how can you find it, that's why you go around the world looking for it and it never works."

"They were not always there, during the 20 years of searching and collaborating with the church I only found 2 people suspected of being der Kreuzer, in Greece and Austria. The rest may be before I was born in this world and there is no history that mentions who the people are even though they already took place since The Dark Ages. "

Justus laughed, "suspected? How was that?"

"The area that was visited by der Kreuzer will experience an increase in cases of possession that had never happened before. When I went there and started the investigation it was too late, a lot of sinful souls had been collected and I also had no time to speak directly with der Kreuzer because he had been slaughtered by residents."

"Again, I ask you, how can citizens know if there is a Kreuzer der between them?"

Their conversation was interrupted because a fat, curly brown haired waitress approached them asking for an order.

"Are you ready to order?" the servant asked.

Justus replied, "I ordered Falscher Hase"

"I'll order coffee." Darek answered.

"You didn't eat, sir?" asked the waiter.

"No, maybe later." With a smile, the waiter left.

Justus asked again, "You haven't answered my question earlier."

"Hey, you got interested now hearing my story that you said that nonsense."

"Because I just heard about der Kreuzer, it's like ... you know ... like going back to history class."

Darek laughed at that, "Did you tell this to your daughter as a fairy tale before going to bed?"

Justus shook his head, "No, this is not something that everyone can accept but I can accept it, especially I'm your best friend."

Darek looked at Justus seriously, "Okay, so ... this Kreuzer ... if other people can be observant, he will look like someone who is depressed because he can see the devil, wherever he is."

Justus was silent as if digesting at Darek's response, "Doesn't that have an effect? ​​Many crazy psychics in this world can see demons."

"No. They are lying, psychics that you mean that you might often see on TV with their shows, usually saying that the devil they see will be like someone, like a human form in general but actually the devil does not have that form."

"So ... what does it look like?"

"Dark, gloomy, as if sucking your soul and making you think it would be better if you died instead of seeing it all the time, for God's sake only Der Kreuzer knows that."

Justus was silent again, seen he swallowed hard then said, "Okay, okay." He said then he sighed while stroking his chest.

"I am quite accepting of this description of what you describe, but I still do not understand how this Der Kreuzer, I mean in what way did he collect the sinful souls?", Justus asked.

"As I said, I have never spoken directly to der Kreuzer so I don't know that. The explanation of Der Kreuzer in ancient history books is also a little, as if they did not recognize it." Darek pulled out a notebook from his bag, opened a page and showed it to Justus.

Justus wide-eyed surprised to see the photo, "Oh my God ..."

"It was suspected der Kreuzer that I first discovered, in 1977 in Greece precisely in the city of Komotini. A woman. She was brutally slaughtered by residents and finally burned alive. When me and the church came there because there were reports of massive possession cases, residents explain that the case began after the woman came to the city, they also said that the woman behaved strangely like seeing devils everywhere, unfortunately the church gave an explanation too quickly to residents about Der Kreuzer so that some believers killed her and I too I haven't even had time to investigate that woman. And ... believe it or not? The possession case stopped after she died. "

Justus was surprised to hear it, "Oh shit ... that is starting to sound real to me."

"That is indeed reality," Darek answered, he slammed the table. Some students who were eating around turned around in surprise.

"Okay, calm down." Justus said, he opened the next page and then he looked as if he wanted to throw up.

Darek said, "It was an suspected Der Kreuzer that I found the second time in Vienna Austria in 1997. Just like in Greece, the church and I went there after receiving reports of many possession cases and even ended in death. The man came to the church and asked please because he said he saw something that was not human. He saw it wherever he was. The local church contacted me and when I wanted to find where the man was ... it was too late. He killed himself in his apartment and the possession case stopped. "

Justus seemed to take a deep breath and exhale, as if - he had been holding his breath long ago. He closed the book and returned it to Darek.

Darek kept the book back in his hand, "I have been 62 years old, maybe this is my last time in looking for Der Kreuzer and stop it before falling victim again."

"Has there been a recent massive possession case somewhere?"

Darek shook her head, "No. Not yet, maybe a few months or maybe a few more years."

"But ... if it happens as you say, and you succeed in stopping one der Kreuzer, then there will be another Der Kreuzer that will appear in the following years."

Darek's expression changed after hearing Justus's statement just now, looking firm and confident, "I have left this to my son. If I die later, he will continue."

*sorry for my bad grammar, english not my first language but i will try my best

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