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Daffodil by Dinahsaur


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Where did it go? I zip open my old backpack, and sift through the folders. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Did I put it in my binder? I dig out my blue binder, its edges worn down, having been in use for quite a few years. Opening it up, I flip through the loose leaf sheets of paper. Not there either… maybe I left it on the kitchen counter. Glancing over at the clock, the numbers 6:00 AM glare at me, reminding that I need to hurry up. Quickly shoving my binder back in my backpack, I run out of my bedroom door and thump down the stairs, ignoring the dull ache on my side.

Stepping into the kitchen, I look around. The room is rather small, and other than the necessary cooking utensils, there’s little in the decoration department. The only thing that stood out was a family picture on the wall. Don’t look at that. I focus on the small four person dining table, yet the only things there was a pile of unopened mail and a multitude of beer bottles. Figures he’d leave them out. Bottles in hand, I shuffle over to the recycle bin and drop them in, the bottles clanking loudly. I ignore the loud noise. Looks like it’s not here either. Breathing in deeply, I creep out of the kitchen, and head to the living room.

The faint sound of static from the TV rings in my ears. As I enter the room, my eyes land on a passed out figure sprawled out on the couch. Immediately my chest tightens and the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. The man adorned a rather old sage green T-shirt, multiple stains littering the fabric. His facial hair was not yet long enough to count as a beard, yet too obvious to ignore. His brown hair was disheveled, and his forehead had pronounced frown lines. Behind his lopsided glasses, were a pair of closed eyes. Shifting my gaze to the coffee table next to him, I spot the piece of paper I have desperately been searching for. Finally! I was wondering where it went! I tiptoe passed the couch, trying to keep my steps silent. I reach and grab a half empty bottle of gin, picking it up off the piece of paper it sat on. I set it down gently, and swipe the paper off of the table.

“Is that you, Chester?” a deep voice grumbles. My throat closes up, and slowly I lift my head up to once again stare at the man on the couch. He’s in the exact same position and his eyes are still closed.

I gulp, attempting to eliminate the frog stuck in my throat. “Oh. Hi dad. Yea, It’s me.” I state.

His eyes flit open, staring straight at me. He pushes himself up, and slowly adjusts to a sitting position. As he rubs his eyes, I can’t help but focus on a small mark on the back of his right hand. It’s a small star with nine points, drawn in thick black ink. I think about my own soulmark, which resided on my inner left thigh. It was a simple leaf in a triangle, drawn in elegant ink. It too, was in black, for neither of us had met our soulmate. Don’t worry about it. You won’t end up like him, you’ll be able to find your soulmate.

“God, I have a headache.” He whines, his lips pursed. “You sure were loud this morning. What were you even doing?”

“Sorry, I was trying to find my school schedule.” I mumble, looking back down at the piece of paper in my clenched fists. ‘2019-2020 School Schedule’ in big printed letters are on the top of the page. I shouldn’t stay near him for too long. I should get going.

I can feel his beady eyes boring into me, and my feet feel like lead. “Oh, that’s right. School starts today, I had forgotten. Can’t believe you’re a sophomore already.”

My shoulders slump in disappointment. “It’s my senior year, remember?”

“Right. Of course.” He heaves a big sigh, his eyebrows furrowed in guilt. I force myself to shift my feet away from the table, and trudge my way out the living room. A soft clinking stops me in my tracks. Peering behind my shoulder, I watch as my father takes the half empty bottle of gin, and pours a rather excessive amount into a glass. His sad gaze latches onto me, and I can see his brown eyes flash in anger. Abruptly, he stands up, glass still in hand as he stalks towards me. My breath hitches as my body tenses up. “Jesus, Chester! Can you stop fucking judging me for once?!”

His hand reaches out and roughly grabs my shoulder, his fingers digging into my skin. I stumble backwards as he shoves me to the side and stomps passed me. I wait as he marches up the stairs, holding my breath until I hear the loud slam of his bedroom door. I stand there, tears pricking my eyes, for a short while until the light of dawn shines through the sheer curtains, reminding me of the time. I should get going. Leaving the living room, I pass the kitchen, not even bothering to eat breakfast and yank open the front door.

Looking to my left, I see empty flower beds, filled only with dead leaves. Peeking out from under the pile is a yellow and green label that had been stuck in the ground for god knows how long. In small letters it states ‘Yellow Daffodil’. There once was a large variety of flowers in full bloom, thriving in those flower beds. Don’t think about that.

As I stare at the piles of dead leaves, I can’t help but think back to my soulmark whilst feeling completely, and utterly alone.

AN: Wow! I can't believe that I'm actually starting a fanfiction. The only other fanfiction I wrote was 6 years ago, haha!

I hope that this is somewhat enjoyable! I know that this chapter is fairly short, and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere, but I hope you stick around despite that! Please let me know if you have any feedback!

I will also be posting this story on Archive of Our Own!

I also hope that I followed the rules correctly! Sadly they never loaded when I was getting this chapter ready. All that showed was a white box.

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