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Chocolate Covered Chester Techniques by .ray


Disclaimer : LP is not mine. Never have and never will. So dream in fiction.

Title : Chocolate Covered Chester Techniques

Author : Ray

Rated : NC-17

Pairing : C/M


my contribution to Chester's birthday. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY TO THE GOD!

thanks doomy for being my lovely beta. kudos to you. hehehe and to misty, for being so cool. ehehehe.


The dark haired man thought for a second, palms under his chin as he sat quietly in the dimness of the hotel room he currently shared with Chester. The blanket just covered his crossed legs on the bed, his eyes straining to look at nothing really, except for the faint lights from outside.

For days… Scratch that. Months he’s been thinking of what to get this man for his 28th birthday. All the thoughts that came to his head had come and gone without a second glance. He wanted, needed something that would surely stick to this vocalists mind till the day his brain lacked functioning.

He looked at the bed adjacent to his, a lump of rumpled sheets covering the figure of a talented singer, the lead singer of Linkin Park. He was happy for this man, glad that he became their lead singer and that they had chosen him. It wasn’t a mistake, nor was it a coincidence; it seemed more along the lines of fate.

Mike let out an exasperated sigh, his brain beginning to become numb from over thinking already. He rubbed at his temple, determined to come up with the final conclusion to a perfect birthday present.

It has been only a couple of days now, and he’s been thinking about this since God knows how long, and now that it’s almost here, he’s becoming frantic and desperate.

A couple more days…

The other guys already have their presents thought out for him, bought them ahead of time so they won’t have to worry, apart from Brad anyways. Everyone’s been so silent about their gifts, so secretive that apparently, Brad has no idea whatsoever about Chester’s birthday.

A sly grin spread itself across the lips of the half-Asian, quietly giggling at his current thought.

He glanced at the digital clock that was situated on top of the bedside drawer that was placed neatly between the two beds. 2:43 AM. With a shocked expression, he laid on his bed and turned so he was facing Chester’s lump of flesh under soft blankets. Slowly, his eyelids closed and sleep swept him from reality.


A smirk danced itself on Chester’s lips as he went over to Mike’s bed, his sleeping form still silently snoozing. The room was brightly lit now, the morning rays of sunlight filtering through the large window walls at the far end of the beds. The view from the high building hotel would stretch as far as the eye can see, ending in a thin line just over the horizon.

He moved stealthy, going on his tippy-toes as he reached the side of Mike’s bed. He leaned over and gently caressed the sensitive flesh underneath his chin. Chester knew this was a sensitive spot for the half-Asian, doing this as a morning routine every time he could.

Mike let out a low grumble, a smile adorning his lips but with eyes still closed. Chester grinned at his work before climbing on the bed, straddling Mike under him and placing both hands beside his head.

He’s going to kill me, Chester thought as he breathed in. “Boo!”

“AHH!” Mike quickly snapped his eyes open and made to jolt upright but was stopped with the furious contact of Chester’s head being in the way. Their heads rammed together with a loud thud followed by pained groans right after. Mike quickly laid his head back down, shutting his eyes once more due to the bright light and the pain his head was currently undergoing. “Ow.” He groaned.

“Nice going, dickhead.” Chester groaned along, laying himself fully on top of Mike just so he could lay his forehead on the pillow just beside his head.

“Ches--ter.” Stuttered Mike, his eyes wide awake, frozen in spot and well aware of his morning hard-on.

“Yeah?” Came Chester’s sleepy voice.

“Would you mind, getting off me?”

“Mmm” He replied, “Too much pain.”

“Well, ditto, but--could you... uhh”

“Hmm, seems like you’re enjoying this, Mikey.” Chester purred, turning his head a little so his breath mingled on Mike’s skin. A shiver ran down the dark haired man’s spine, his breath stopping at the cool breath and soft whisper.

“Chester!” Mike let out more forcibly, nudging the older man to get off.

“Alright, alright, don’t get a hard-on.” Chester moved so he was looking down at his capture, “Oh wait, you already have one.” He laughed and got off of him fully, going to his bed to enjoy the morning joy.

Mike huffed in reply and went straight for the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it.

He can be such a prick!, Mike thought, not trusting his voice right now in case the other might hear. He went about his morning habit, urinating, washing hands, brushing teeth, taking a shower and then--

A loud knock on the door, “Mike, would you please hurry, nature is calling 911!” Right on schedule. Mike turned off the light drizzle of water coming from the shower head, reached for a towel and wiped himself dry.

He stepped out, wrapped the towel around his waist, grabbed his discarded clothes and opened the door. “About time.” Chester grunted, moving past the still wet Mike and pushing him the whole ways out of the bathroom. Mike went to his bag, rummaging through clothes. With a sigh, he decided to pull out a navy blue DrunknMunky t-shirt and beige coloured cargo pants.

“Oh that feels SO good.” Came Chester’s voice.

Mike slapped on a grin and rolled his eyes. Once finished with placing on his clothes, he wiped his hair of what little water was left and went to sit on the bed, looking out large windows just across from it.


An Mp3 player? No, Mike was well-aware that he currently owned one, somewhere... mostly likely lost or forgotten at some venue. Shoes? No, he owned practically one of every style, colour, shape, size and brand known out there. So what’s left to get this man? He can get practically anything he wants...

The sound of the shower filled Mike’s ears, snapping him from what thoughts he had running through his head. He got off the bed, thinking of what next to do. With a sudden high pitched sound, Mike jerked at the sound of the phone ringing.

“Hello?” He answered.

“WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME IT’S CHESTER’S BIRTHDAY IN TWO DAYS!?” He pulled the receiver away from his ears, Brad’s shouting more than clear on this side of the line. “HE WOULD HAVE MURDERED ME IF I FORGOT--”

“Brad--” Mike tried interrupting.


“Brad--” Seems someone on the other side is also trying to calm him down.


Mike let out a gurgled groan, dropped the cordless phone on the bed and sat in front of it, concentrating for it to shut up.


This of course had been last year, Chester paying him back for the lack of present. Brad has an impeccable ability of forgetting things, too easily. Short term and apparently long term as well. If you didn’t remind him, it’s more than certain that he himself would forget his own birthday.

Chester’s payback to Brad was a snake--correction--snakes, plural. Somehow the older man had managed to capture a number of garden snakes and place them in Brad’s bed the following morning of his birthday.


Chester, on Brad’s birthday, had bought the most expensive headphones he could possibly find, getting nothing in return for your own birthday had broken a nerve on Chester, and... well, things got out of hand.


Silence. “Yes, I’m listening Brad.” Mike let out, his voice disinterested.

“--DON’T GIVE ME THAT ATTITUDE, I HEARD THAT SIGH SHINODA--” He continues. Mike rolled his eyes, the phone still sprawled on the bed in front of his crossed-legs. He slumped on his back, head tilted so he looked directly at the glass wall.

The bathroom door opened, Chester walking out, towel draped loosely at his hips, exposing milky skin, droplets of water still clinging to him. Mike’s head was tilted at an angle so his direction was now towards the washroom.

Brad’s screaming now came in muffled cries, drowned out by what Mike was presently captivated with. Chester...

Mike watched as he moved across the room, his head moving so it followed the other man. He bent down over his bag, his rear directly in Mike’s line of sight, taking his time to retrieve his clothing. Chester turned around, his eyes locking with Mike’s, eyebrows raised.

Mike blushed, sitting back up, taking the screaming phone and headed towards the glass walls to look out to the view, Brad’s voice still loud as a hyena. He let out a deep sigh, forcing himself to listen to Brad.


“Are you finished?” The half-Asian asked, bored.

“Pretty much,” Brad replied, his cheery voice back in tone. “Just needed to scream, that’s all.” Mike rolled his eyes, hearing the guitarist chuckle on the other like. “Hmm, wonder what happened to Joe.”

“Brad?” Interrupted Mike, “Do you wanna go out?”

“Excuse me?” Responded a shocked Brad, also hearing Chester behind him choke. “Wha--”

“I mean outside, stupid!”

“Oh, sure thing Mike, just give me a few minutes.”

“Alright, see ya in a few.” And with that, Mike hung up the phone, his eyes still looking out the glass, scared of what he may look upon if he dared turn around.


“You just had to come along didn’t you?” Mike grumbled, irritated of Chester already. The blonde had tagged along, knowing he would be along in the hotel room, and refusing to be around the other guys, he followed Mike, finding him much more of an entertainment in itself.

Mike, being the secretive person that he wanted to be, didn’t want Chester eavesdropping on his and Brad’s conversation, which was about what presents to get the current tag along. Thus, Mike was irritated and easily annoyed by the blonde’s remarks.

“Well, I just love being around you Mike, so I say hey! Why not continue to grace you with my presence?” The blonde beamed, his cockiness getting the better of him. Mike rolled his eyes and Brad chuckled, punching the blonde lightly on the arm.

Mike glared at Brad, sending a non-existent telekinetic message that indicated he also needed to get a gift. Although not fully understanding the glare, Brad stopped his mirth and plainly stood beside Chester.

“So, where are we off to, Mikey?” The blonde asked, sensing the tension and easily breaking it.

Mike huffed and turned around, walking to where his knowledge of the nearest shopping district was. The blonde and the bearded man followed lightly behind, exchanging whispers and quiet laughter behind the half-Asian, which he clearly heard but was too drowned in being mad at Chester.

“Why’s he mad at me?” Asked the blonde, being sincerely concerned for Mike, as well as his well-being. When Mike was angry, he knew how to blow steam. “What did I do this time?”

Brad shrugged in response, hands in his pockets, enjoying the brisk walk, the silent morning breeze and songs the birds sang entered his ears, the man whistling along.

“I mean, he’s been easily mad at me lately, and looks at me quite often. Do you find that odd?” Chester continued, hoping to get some form of an answer from their guitarist, but was easily put off by another shrug in response. “Man, you’re no help.”

Whilst Chester was speaking, all Brad was able to think about was what to get him for a present. So every time silence loomed, he shrugged as if he didn’t know, which the man beside him thankfully took for an answer.

Chester looked at the slumped back of Mike, tension clearly shown on his shoulders, bearing whatever weight he held, struggling or contemplating. He let a sigh escape his lips and simply followed behind him.

Once reaching the district, the trio was thankful for the lack of people roaming about. Mike gulped. The mall was huge, holding a nice 10 story building but with 4 floors. In front of him stood a large fountain, a number of people situated at the benches looking directly at it, surrounding it. The middle lined with trees and the ceiling was circular, with now actual ceiling, just glass that let the sun filter through, making the mall quite bright.

“I’m gonna be off, you guys behave.” Called Brad as he started walking off.

“Wha--?” Mike interrupted, jogging lightly to Brad, “What are you talking about?--Where are you going?” Mike’s eyes were furrowed, clearly not wanting the idea.

“Oh, I’m meeting Joe at Hot Topic, we agreed to meet there once I was done my rambling.” He leaned in closer to Mike, “He says he doesn’t have Chester’s present yet.” The guitarist grinned, looking over at the dazed blonde, standing where Mike had left him.

“Well, let us come with you.” Mike replied.

“Nuh-uh, with three of us there looking for ‘something’..” Brad quoted. “He’ll know we forgot. So you’re going to lead him off somewhere, and don’t worry, you’re secretive skills are very good, so you should have no problem. Good luck!” Without another word, Brad ran off, leaving Mike to stare at his back in disbelief.

With an frustrated sigh, Mike turned back to where the blonde was standing, his eyes now upon each other.

That’s great. With him for the whole day. That’s just fuckin great, Mike groaned inwardly, looking around him before heading towards Chester. “So where do you wanna go?” He asked, looking everywhere but the older man’s eyes.

“Don’t know.” Replied Chester, “It was your idea to come here, so you lead us.”

“Fine.” Mike said as he exhaled, walking wherever his feet decided to direct themselves, Chester whistling by his side.

Mike wasn’t particularly looking at any of the stores that he’d passed, he was a little more busy at the tune the man was whistling to. Even his whistling is heavenly. A smile found itself on Mike’s lips as he dug his hands in his pockets, enjoying the moment he had with Chester.

“We’ve been walking around for at least an hour, Mike. What is it exactly that you’re looking for?”

Mike was about to respond but clamped his mouth shut. He thought for a second before answering, “I just wanted to hang around with Brad, but it seems he had other plans as well, and I had to get stuck with you.”

There wasn’t a sarcastic shock in Chester’s eyes, but hurt actually flashed by, but he quickly hid it, showing his feelings, although not in the tone that one would believe. “Gee, Mike. That hurts.”

Mike looked up at Chester’s exaggerated hurt expression that displayed on his features. “Chaz, No I don’t mean it like that.” Mike responded quickly.

Mike earned a little huff and pout from the blonde, his arms crossed around his chest, turning his back on Mike.

Mike giggled a little at the older man’s childish ways. He looked around, barely a soul in sight. He came up behind the man, lacing his hands around his waist so their bodies were pushed up right against each other. “I’m sorry Chaz.” Mike whispered, leaning his forehead at the back of Chester’s neck.

Chester took Mike’s hand, hurled him around so they were face to face. “Are you really?” Grinned Chester. All Mike was able to do was stare and smile, he had never been this close to Chester before, they’re noses barely touching, their breaths brushing against each others skin. Mike gulped, feeling somewhat vulnerable. “Hmm?”

Mike cleared his throat just as Chester moved back, walking away whistling once more, Mike’s mouth parted slightly to look at his retreating back. Mike felt as if he’d lost a silent battle...

They had actually entered a number of stores in the past 30 minutes, but none of them interested the duo, finding something interesting, but also finding it as a disappointment once close enough to view the item.

“So where to now?” Asked Mike, hands buried deep in his pockets.

“How about--” Chester thought for a second.

A loud scream rang in their ears, causing the two to turn around. In their view was Brad and Joe, running... running from a mob. A mob of girls for that matter and a number of boys. They were all screaming their names, shouting for their autographs, their clothes, their touch. Mike gulped.

“CHESTER!?” Brad yelled.

“MIKE!?” Joe yelled also.

“HELP US!?” They shouted in unison.

The fans behind them screamed even louder, finding out that another pair of the band was present and not too far at that.

One of the girls screamed at the top of their lungs Chester’s name, followed by another yelling Mike’s, then another then another, getting closer and closer. Just as Brad and Joe were about to pass them, Chester grabbed Mike’s arm and ran beside them.

“What the hell’s going on?” Asked Chester, half dragging Mike.

“They... found... us... at... Hot.. Topic!” Joe breathed, clearly out of breath. Brad nodded in agreement, holding a Hot Topic bag in one hand.

“Split.” Chester ordered as they came into two directions. The quad split, Joe and Brad going to the left, while Chester and Mike headed to the right.

There was still a mob behind them as they ran, Mike now able to run for himself rather than dragged by Chester. They rounded a bend, Chester noticing a slight indent in the wall, enough space to be hidden while the mob ran pass, and once they did, they could go back the same direction they came from.

Chester went in, caught Mike’s arm and pulled him in with him. The crowd’s hoarse cries were getting louder. Chester pushed Mike hard against the wall, and leaned his whole body against the younger man. Mike was trapped between a wall and Chester’s body hard against him. Chester parted both his legs so he stood protectively over Mike, hands on each side of his face, palms against the wall.

Mike’s breath came laboured as Chester only pushed himself harder against Mike as the crowd screamed by in hordes. Their faces were right up against each other, Chester’s cheek against Mike’s. Mike held his breath, while Chester was breathing almost calmly against the crook of emcee’s neck, sending shivers down his spine.

Idle were Mike’s hands, idle but trembling. The last of the raging hyenas screamed past, leaving silence between the two. But they remained in the position.

“Chester?” Whispered Mike, half whimpering.

“There might still be a few more lagging behind.” Chester replied quietly. And he was right, a few girls walked passed, talking animatedly about Chester and Mike.

“--I know. Like, they were totalling holding hands. I mean c’mon--” They’re voices faded, but Chester still hadn’t moved. Mike dared not speak, unable to trust his voice any longer. He just stood there, Chester still pressed firmly against his own body.

In what seem to be hours, Chester pulled back slightly, but just that, slightly. His body was still against the half-Asian’s, faces bare centimetres apart. Mike gulped, the feeling of vulnerability creeping in him once again.

“You alright?” Asked the blonde, a serious look on his face.

Mike nodded in response, his breath still held as he looked up at Chester. Chester stared back, their eyes locked in silent agreement, never breaking once, just holding it. Slowly, Chester moved his face forward and caught Mike’s lips.

The emcee’s eyes fluttered closed at the contact, tongue being run at the bottom of his lip. Instinct kicked in and he parted his mouth, letting the sensation enter him, ravishing and sending quivers through his whole body.

The vocalist knew how to please, how to let moans escape his captured’s mouth, but this one didn’t let a sound escape his lips. He heard the younger man mumble something out through their fastened lips, pulling back.

They stared at each other, perplexed at their sudden lust for each other. Just as quickly as they were pulled back, idle hands encircled behind Chester’s blonde locks and pulled him in again, their kiss becoming even more savage. This time, the emcee moaned, causing a smile to plaster itself mentally on the vocalists mind.

Confusion and a hint of anger flared in Mike’s rumpled brain, regretting having done it, knowing that he shouldn’t have done it, that Chester shouldn’t have initiated it, but it felt... absolutely perfect.

The blonde looked at Mike, his eyebrow’s knitting, angry at himself for losing control. He pulled away almost abruptly, turning around to see if anyone had seen them with cameras, unaware that Mike almost dropped to the floor at his sudden movement.

“Come on, we’ll see if Joe and Brad are alright, then we’ll head back.” Chester instructed, going back the same direction they had ran from, not bothering to create eye contact with Mike.

Mike looked at the ground, his mouth parted slightly. Hearing Chester’s footsteps starting to lead off, he quickly scurried to follow behind, forcing himself to be as quiet and invisible as possible.

What the fuck was that? Mike asked himself, utterly confused at the man’s intentions, and his. What the hell’s wrong with him? What the hell’s wrong with me?

Mike couldn’t continue his train of thought for Joe and Brad popped out of a corner, breaths heaving for much needed air, slumping down to place their palms against their knees to calm themselves down.

“Dude, we are like, so not fit.” Brad muttered to Joe in between in takes of breath.

“Speak for yourself, I had to practically carry you.” Joe replied, standing up to scrutinize the guitarist.

“Shut up.” Brad responded, punching Joe on the bicep.

“Well it’s true--”

“Okay you guys, lets not have an opera.” Chester interrupted, receiving glares from the two, all the while placing a grin on his face. “We should head back, with those fans around, they’re more than determined to find us. And if they do-- well, who knows what’ll happen.”

Chester turned to Mike then, winking at him before heading off, quickly followed by Joe and Brad. Mike looked at their backs for a moment, Why the fuck did he just wink at me-- Mike ran after them, a sudden thought filling his mind. --Let’s see your true colours Mr. Bennington, I’ll see your true colours.


Mike’s brain had devised a plan, a feeble plan doomed to failure, but a plan nonetheless. He needed to find out this man’s feelings, needed to know what he found in the emcee. That kiss they shared today was much more than what they had intended, the kiss alone went beyond the extremes of same sex friendship; but the dark haired Asian felt that there was something that lingered in that kiss, something pure.

The blonde man’s birthday was no more than 22 hours away, and Mike was out of ideas.

“Chaz?” Whispered Mike silently in the dark, crouching beside Chester’s bed. The singer was laying on his side near the edge of the bed, blanket haphazardly strewn over the lower part of his body, exposing his pale chest. “Chaz?” Whispered Mike a little more loudly.

Chester grunted groggily, opening his eyes, his focus becoming clear in front of him to reveal big brown eyes looking deep into his own with a smile. “Wha?” His voice hadn’t the slightest bit woken up yet, sounding cracked and incomplete.

“I can’t sleep.” Mike responded quietly, his eyes boring that of a puppy’s asking to be played with, asking for company. Chester shut his eyes, removing the masterpiece in front of him, stretching out his limbs whilst looking up at the dark ceiling.

“And what’re you going to do about it?” Answered Chester, sounding the least bit interested. But Mike didn’t pick up on it and continued.

“Well, you see, I don’t know, that’s why I woke you so you can help me out.” Mike sounded cheerful, confident in himself that Chester would and will help him deal with his ‘problem’.

“Okay, then what do you want me to do about it?” Asked Chester, sounding bored and somewhat irritated that he’d been woken up at, “2 AM in the morning, Mike, what the bloody hell is wrong with you?” As Chester inspected and reminded Mike of the time, his voice came out rather harshly than how he intended it to be.

Mike looked at the watch. Maybe this is a bad idea.

The emcee let out a disappointed sigh and stood up from his crouched position, “Sorry, didn’t notice the time.” He chuckled lightly and sadly and went back to his bed. “Sorry for waking you Chaz.” Mike climbed underneath his blanket, covering himself up entirely from head to toe, now with the thought of forcing himself to sleep.

Chester turned his head so his eyes laid upon the fully covered figure of Mike. Had he heard disappointment in his voice? This time, it was his turn to emit a sigh, standing up from his bed and making his way over to Mike’s.

“What do you wanna do?” Asked the blonde, stripping the blanket from the half-Asian man.

Mike opened his eyes and couldn’t refrain from smiling. Mike sat bolt up right on his bed, mind reeling of ideas to pass the time. He looked up at an angle, thinking, tapping his fingers against his lips.

Chester, on the other hand, couldn’t help but grin at the dark haired man’s toddler-like ways, wanting so bad just to hug him and kiss him, to ravish him and bite those sulky lips, to lick and run his tongue along the curves and seams of his body, to trail kisses of exquisite gentleness along un charted paths, to make love to him till--

“Chester?” Mike said for about the 5th time. The vocalist snapped from his reverie to look at Mike confused, having not paid attention to what he was saying.

“Hmm, Yeah?” He replied coolly.

“I asked if you wanted to go to a club.” Mike voiced silently, looking at the singer in a concerned manner.

“We’ll get mobbed.” Was Chester’s short reply, realising the mistake of the idea all of a sudden.

“Okay,” Mike thought, “How about the bar they have downstairs?” He asked hopeful.

“Closes at Midnight.” Chester replied once more. Mike frowned and Chester again couldn’t help but grin at his look. “We do have drinks in our room, you know?” Chester added, noting how brightly Mike’s face had suddenly become.

He slapped himself on the forehead, “D’uh!” Mike got off the bed, heading for cabinets that were situated by the large glass walls, untouched and unnoticed. Chester had turned on the lamp, light devouring a bit of the darkness. “These can help us sleep!” Mike beamed, reaching in to get a bottle of vodka and two small shot glasses.

Mike jumped back on the bed, bouncing with the items he held while Chester watched with amused adoration at his friend. He propped a shot glass to the blonde, sitting himself cross-legged on the bed, Chester also accommodating himself so he got comfortable.

Just as Mike was about to open the vodka, Chester stopped him. “Let’s play a game.” He suggested smoothly with a grin, “Come down here on the floor so we don’t spill any on your bed.” Chester got off the bed and sat down on the carpeted floor between the both of their beds, followed by Mike. Chester sat so his back was leaned against the side of his bed, Mike doing the same thing but to his own bed.

“What game are we playing?” Asked Mike excitedly, regarding Chester with joy before placing the unopened bottle between them. Chester stared at his shot glass, toying with it, twirling it around his fingers.

“Well...” He started. He stopped playing with the glass, and instead directed his focus to the eager emcee, “With every shot you take, you have to kiss a person anywhere you want, but never at the same spot. And since it’s only me and you, then, it’s only me and you.” He cocked up an eyebrow as his lips twisted to the side, a veneer of malice dancing in his eyes.

Mike was suddenly filled with nervousness, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch,” Chester responded, “But with your kiss, you have to follow along with a lick of your tongue.” Chester lied of course, but what the emcee doesn’t know can’t hurt him. “Whoever can’t take anymore, obviously loses.”

Mike was hesitant, and the blonde was quite aware of that. With a final sigh, Mike gave a nod, “Okay.” He discarded what emotions he had and splashed on instead an evil smirk, “You’re on.”

Chester presented it right back, grabbing the bottle and opening it in a single twist of his wrist. He poured both of their glasses, placed the open bottle to the side, and stared at Mike who watched his downfall swirl in a tinted colour.

“Do you want to go first, or should I?” Smirked the blonde.

Mike stared at him, his composure waning. Either way, bodies will create contact, sparks will surely fly, and things will lead to another...

“Okay, I’ll go first then.” Chester apprehended the initiation, taking his shot glass, and pouring it down his throat with a tilt of the head. He furrowed his eyebrows deeply at the bitter taste, shaking his head and then watched the emcee’s deep brown pools with a smile.

He leaned in, brushing his cheeks against Mike, so his breath tingled his ears. Mike had no place to back away to, he was stuck between a bed behind him, and Chester in front... again.

“You’re going to love this game.” Chester purred in Mike’s ear, sending shivers down his opponent’s spine. Mike was well aware that he was trembling, having to bite his own lip to keep from moaning as he felt the kiss against his jaw line, then the smooth tongue that ran slowly down his neck. He tilted his head to the side just a little bit, hoping he didn’t make it clear that he was enjoying this, but also giving the blonde better access.

Mike’s eyes were closed by the time Chester had pulled away, and hadn’t realised they still were once he opened them and noticed Chester looking back at him with a triumphant grin.

“Your turn.”

Mike took his glass with trembling hands, but swiftly engulfed the liquid as it ran bitterly down his throat. He glared at the blonde with a smile.

Chester’s shirt was already off, wearing only a pair of jeans, faded on the thighs. Mike had a lot more choices, he can be a lot more venturous, more... seducing.

Mike leaned in, palms against the hard patted carpet, gazing at Chester’s own reflective pool of brown eyes, waiting. With a final smirk, Mike dipped his head, followed by Chester’s eager ones to the blonde’s collarbone.

The half-Asian placed a light peck before quickly devouring the darting bone, running his warm tongue against it, slowly. He sucked on it almost greedily, but with calm fluidity.

He pulled away, wiped his mouth, and grinned at the blonde who’s mouth was parted and eyes were at the brink of closing. “Run your tongue, not suck with your mouth.” Chester said, but it came out much more of a moan than a groan. Fully depleted of the affect now, he took a deep breath, grabbed the bottle and poured them the next round. “Second round.” Chester half-smiled.

Chester took his swig and smiled deviously at Mike.

“Take off your shirt.” Chester demanded.


“Take off your shirt.” He repeated. Mike looked at him wide-eyed. Acknowledging that Chester’s was off, Mike took the hem of his shirt and stripped himself slowly of the fabric. Little did he know that Chester was nearly hyperventilating in his position, breathing haggardly, gulping down moans that scream to escape, and doing his best to keep certain things... down.

Mike’s hair was ruffled a lot more than it was earlier, giving him the look of a bear that just needs to be hugged, but Chester refrained, holding what little composure he had left. And once the shirt was thrown on the bed, Chester bent forward.

Chester could see Mike’s heavy breathing, his chest rising and falling at great speeds. He smiled to himself, deciding to pay attention to specific parts of the man’s chest. Licking his lips, he kissed Mike’s right nipple, feeling the bud harden as he pulled away, breathing against it.

Mike’s breath was coming out choked, laboured as he struggled to compose his body. Heat suddenly filled the room, burning his skin and the insides of his body, causing sweat to slowly form themselves on each of their bodies.

Chester darted out his tongue, forming swirls around Mike’s bud of darting flesh, licking it slowly and tantalizingly. A large grin formed themselves on his lips as Mike moaned out, hearing the clamp of his mouth shut shortly right after. He pulled away, the feeling of accomplishment once again building up his ego.

Mike looked at his shot glass and quickly drank it. Grunting at the taste, he stared at Chester with a malicious look.

So he wants to play dirty.

Mike placed his hands on Chester’s shoulders, holding him firmly in position. He gave him an evil glare, took one hand from one of his shoulders and tilted the blondes head back with force, exposing his neck fully to the half-Asian. Chester grunted, but didn’t struggle. Mike kissed the milky white skin, glowing in the little dimness of the room before plunging his whole head in, sucking savagely at the skin, not bothering about the rules about licking only.

Chester smiled, moving his previous idle hands to pull Mike’s head back by the cheeks, moving so that now they were face to face. He grinned madly before pulling Mike’s face roughly against his, lips locking. Chester had his tongue inside the emcee’s mouth in a matter of seconds, exploring, memorizing and taking in the wonderful taste.

Mike simply took in the invasion, running his tongue alongside that of Chester’s, electrifying him, sending mixed emotions through his body, asking, wanting, needing more.

He placed his hands around Chester’s waist, encircling him and pulling him against his own sweat filled body, the contact creating moans that emit the low grumbles from their throat. Mike stood, pulling Chester with him, their lips never breaking. With fumbled movements, Mike managed to lay himself on his bed, pulling the blonde along top of him, the lock broken, allowing them to gasp for breath.

Chester lay on top of the half-Asian, his breath heaving along with the younger man. He smiled, licking his lips. “I knew you’d give in.” He purred seductively.

Mike shot him a look, “I gave in?” He argued, “You’re the one who kissed me first.”

“And you liked it.”

“You--” But he was cut off by Chester’s lips upon his, finally able to suck and bite lightly on those sulky lips that the younger man owned.

The feel of their skin against skin was intoxicating, sending excitement crackling through every inch of bone, transferring lust through each muscle, want, need running through the very cores of their veins.

But Mike had gotten what information he need, so he pulled away, and looked up at Chester grinning. The blonde held a puzzled look on his features. Mike ran a hand against his cheek before looking over at the clock. Almost 3 AM.

“In 21 hours.” Was the emcee’s simple reply.

Chester was about to argue, but this time he was the one to be silenced by a kiss, and so he remained quiet once the kiss had broken off. The vocalist got off the half-Asian, situating himself beside him.

Mike let out a sigh, contemplating in his mind if what he was getting himself into was something he positively knew he would not regret later on. All thoughts screamed at him that what he was getting himself into was worthwhile, and something that would definitely last, but Mike was hesitant to agree, searching in his head for any flaws, but apparently found none.

“What am I getting in 21 hours?” The blonde asked.

Mike turned his head so he was inches from Chester’s own, their breaths caught at the sight of each other’s beauty. Mike smiled and answered, “Your present.”


Mike browsed the aisle, thankful for the dark walls, dim lights, and different items to attract customers, instead of him. Although his identity was concealed with sunglasses and a hat that covered his eyes, he was still wary about the surrounding customers.

He had seen this shop as they were moving about in the mall yesterday, not really bothering to go inside stores, but Mike had noticed this store in particular, and the sign ‘Spencer’s is having a 50% off on all Sex related items’, so he had decided to check it out, knowing what he wanted in mind.

A smile adorned his lips as his vision caught with its objective. He looked around, hoping no attention was upon him or suspicious eyes. With all eyes away from him, he assured his self-conscious and went to the register.

“That’ll be $6.50, please.” The young lady asked. Mike could tell there was a grin that she tried madly to hide on her features but was doing a miserable job at it. Mike paid her wordlessly, nodding in appreciation as he left, thankful for the smooth ride.

If he had been caught, he can only imagine the headlines. ‘Mike Shinoda shopping for sex toys?’


Nervousness ran through his whole body as he entered the hotel room that he and Chester were currently sharing. On the beds were the guys, discussing random things, talking amiably.

“There he is.” Brad said, groaning. Obviously the guys had been waiting for him.

Dave sat up from his sprawled position on his bed, “Where were you man? We were waiting for like--” He checked his watch. “--for 30 minutes, but it’s still long!”

Mike hid the bag behind him, not wanting any attention to go towards it. “Sorry about that guys, I just... uhhh... I just went out for a walk.” He lied, which was apparent due to all the eye balling and cocking eyebrows.

“Whatever.” Dismissed Rob, “The point is that you’re here, you’re dressed, so let’s go shall we?”

All the guys agreed, standing up and filing towards the door. “I’ll be out in a second, just gotta put something away first.” He said over his shoulders once all the guys were out the door.

“Hurry, the guys are stressed enough as they are.” Rob dismissed.

Mike hurried to his bed, wondering in hell where he was going to put this. He bent over, placed the bag under the bed, then turned around to see Chester only centimetres from him. Sudden fright ran through him as hands encircled his waist.

“What was that?” Chester purred, his lips barely touching Mike’s.

“It’s a surprise.” Mike answered quietly.

“Really?” Chester continued, “Is it for me?”

Mike nodded his head, biting his lip as Chester started to rock their bodies back and forth.

“Is it something I’ll enjoy?”

Mike nodded again.

“Will you tell me what it is?”

Mike shook his head, smiling.

“Oh, bummer.” Chester pouted slightly. Mike’s hands were encompassed around Chester’s neck, pulling their heads together so their foreheads touched while Chester had his hands around Mike’s waist, pulling themselves tightly against each other. “Will you give me a hint?” He pleaded.

Mike thought for a second, “Joe loves the stuff...”

“Hmm...” Chester thought.

Mike smiled, “C’mon, the guys are waiting for us.” Mike said, pulling away from his grasp, gripping Chester’s hand as they jogged out of the room.

All the members of Linkin Park had began to discuss about touring, their fans, and other mindless jumble before they had even entered the stretch limo the hotel had provided them. All the members had small wine glasses in their hands, acting as if royalty, even behaving.

“My dear,” Joe mocked, legs crossed like a lady as much as his legs would allow, hands placed against his chest and wine glass held gingerly, “Would you be so kind as to pass me a cracker.” It was followed along by bursts of laughter from both Dave and Rob.

Brad dropped his jaw aghast, “Why, my word, I am not a poor pauper!” His British accent was deep, but poor.

Chester and Mike looked at each other laughing. They were both seated together, on a seat far from the quad. They were talking again, moving onto another subject finding that the British accent mocking was already dead.

“Where are we going anyways?” Asked Mike, finally wondering where they were headed off to.

“Rob is giving me an early birthday present,” Responded he blonde, “Said the place we were going to could only be booked today.” Mike nodded in understanding, knowing that Chester had no clue about the place as well as he.

Even as Chester arrived to his ‘present’, he was incapable of removing his imaginations of the events the were soon to follow in a matter of hours, thus earning himself a grin that refuse to die down, his imaginations getting wilder and wilder.

Last night he had slept soundly with the emcee, the younger man protected under his arms, held tightly. He wanted that feeling, he loved that feeling, he wanted him to feel loved, loved by him and only him.

“I’m glad you liked it Chester.” Rob sighed with relief, hugging the slightly shorter, yet older man.

The present had been a fashion show, held only for the six. It was filled with laughter, the modeled men becoming somewhat more embarrassed as the show lingered on. It had been mainly for shoes, and Chester were to pick four pairs which he loved the most, but also ended up getting some of the clothes. By the end, Chester was the one coming down the aisle, new shoes and clothes on, looking flashy and cocky as ever.

“I loved it, thanks Rob.” Chester hugged back, holding his bags of items.

Joe couldn’t help his broad grin, while Dave beside him, was bouncing up and down, urging Brad to say what need be said. “Alright, alright. Dave calm down.” Everyone’s attention was now on their guitarist. “Now that this is done, Dave wants to go to this particular club.” He earned a punch in the arm from Dave.

“I told you to say it was your idea.” Whispered Dave a little too loudly.

“Yeah, that’s not such a bad idea, Dave.” Rob agreed.

“But wait--no, actually it was my idea.” Brad smirked.

“What!?” Dave replied, “It was my idea!”

“Can we just go already?” Joe groaned, moving past them heading back to the awaiting limo.

Mike had no intentions of heading to a club, not even liking the idea. But he remained silent and kept his cool smile on, hoping no one would catch up with his eagerness for time to fly by. Chester had the same idea...

“You’re drunk!” Dave shouted, his voice competing against the loud bass in the room.

“No, you’re drunk!” Replied Joe, holding his beer while pointed at Dave.

“No!” Shot back Dave, “You’re drunk!”

“Alright you two.” Brad shouted, “You’re both drunk.”

Joe and Dave beamed and toasted, “Yeah!” They laughed in unison, taking more beer bottles that appear from nowhere, jugging them down, little trickles of it cascading down their lips.

“Ugh!” Mike shuddered, sticking out his tongue at them both. He held his one beer bottle in hand, opened but not touched. He looked over at Chester who was sitting beside him, hands stretched above the circular bench that surrounded a circular table. There were already 2 empty bottles in front of him, drinking his third and he still looked sober as he shot the emcee a smirk.

Chester moved closer to Mike as Brad and Rob ran off to the dance floor, leaving a drunken Joe and Dave behind, arguing over who had the most fingers.

“You wanna get outta here?” Purred the blonde, his breath tickling Mike’s earlobe before darting his tongue out to lick the soft warmth of flesh. Mike closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation before Chester pulled away to look at his face for an answer.

Mike gulped, torn between wanting to leave and do God knows what with this man, but not wanting to leave two little kids in a bar filled with wannabe pedophiles and loud music. Mike’s eyes scanned the two giggling men and then landed on Chester. Chester understood and moved over so he could talk to Dave properly.

“Dave,” Chester shouted lightly. “Dave...” He continued, unable to get his attention. “Dave!” Shouted Chester now with full force, earning a grin from their bassist.

“Oh, where did you come from, Chaz?” Giggled Dave, missing his mouth as he tries to take in more of the bitter taste of alcohol.

“Will you behave if me and Mike leave you two?” Asked Chester, full seriousness in his voice.

“I--” Hiccup. “--promise.” Dave smiled.

“Good boy.” Chester patted Dave’s head, receiving another giggle. “Let’s go.” Chester smirked at Mike, taking Mike’s hand into his. They pushed their way through sweating bodies, dancing in fluid motions alongside the beat of the music, lost in trance, lost in their own little world of music.

Mike took a deep breath of air once they were finally outside the cool night, unaware that Chester still held his hand, and was being dragged lightly back to the awaiting limo.

“Back to the hotel.” Chester asked as the driver looked at his rear view mirror, nodding in acknowledgement.

Mike, realising the hand that clasped in Chester’s was shaking terribly, placed his other one on his lap to try and steady himself. “Nervous?” Smirked Chester.

“No.” Replied Mike rather firmly, “Can’t you tell?”

“Don’t be nervous.” He tried soothing the younger man, holding his hand tighter against his own.

The drive to the hotel had been fast rather, the door of the limo already opened for them to step out and step back into the building.

Chester still held the hands of the emcee, running through glass doors and flying up the elevator. If anyone had noticed, they surely would not have noticed their faces, just two men with raging hormones who would die for release.

Chester slammed Mike against the door as it shut behind him, pinning him against it just as he had not too long ago in a specific mall corner. He smirked evilly, taking in the intoxicating aroma of Mike. With fierce intensity, he jammed his lips right against Mike, sucking, biting, swirling, doing extraordinary things with his tongue. It was savage, ruthless, surely to leave marks after they were to part.

Mike pulled the blonde away, licking his lips. He looked at the watch that stood silently on the drawer in between the two beds. “11:47.” He muttered, “Close enough.” And with that, he plunged deep into Chester’s mouth once more, thrusting his tongue into his mouth, battling for dominance.

He could taste the stale bit of beer that was left in the vocalists mouth, a bit bitter, but will soon turn to sweetness.

Once Mike realised that a bed was finally below Chester, he pushed the blonde roughly backwards, making him bounce up and down slightly, a wicked smile adorning his lips. “Now behave.” Mike purred, turning around to head to his bag, taking out a bandana in swift easy movements. He then headed back towards Chester who know lay on the bed fully, hands behind his head, and his member in full attention, prying its way through the fabric of his baggy jeans.

Mike could only blush as he headed towards the blonde. “What’re you doing?” Asked Chester, a knowing grin on his lips.

“Something you’ll hopefully enjoy.” Mike got on his knees on the bed and crawled towards Chester’s figure, “Now let me put this on you.” Mike said, taking off the blondes glasses and tying the bandana around Chester’s eyes, the black material leaving him not light to see anything.

“Kinky.” Chester chuckled, “I like it.”

“Quiet you, now let me give you your present.” Mike ran off the bed, retrieved the item under his bed, and placed it on the bedside drawer, flicking on the lights while he was it, ready to be used at any moment. Finding the clothing to be a bit of a difficulty, he pulled the sweater and shirt Chester was wearing, earning himself another chuckle from the blonde.

“In a rush?”

“No, clothes just bother me right now.” Mike giggled in return.

“I can only hope your clothes are off too, baby.” Chester purred.

Mike rolled his eyes, also taking off his shirt, both their chests exposed. Mike found this a lot easier for he had no audience to watch him. He crawled on top of Chester, they’re chests heaving now at the contact of skin against skin. He took the man’s lips into his, loving the sudden dominance he earned.

He pulled back, chuckling, loving how the man suddenly squirmed under him. “You’re a tease.” The blonde groaned.

“You’re my tease, and keep those hands still.” Mike replied, finding Chester’s hands to have wandered to Mike’s chest, roaming and exploring.

“Sorry, just couldn’t resist.” The blonde placed his hands down on the sheets, clutching it to keep from moving, “And when am I going to be able to take this off?” Chester asked, referring to the bandana.


Mike went lower, unclasping Chester’s belt, and with that abrupt movement, the blonde’s hips buckled forward, Mike’s hand brushing against his hard-on. Chester let out a low grumbled moan, clearly enjoying the touch even though it was through fabric.

“Man, you’re sex deprived.” Mike laughed, hurrying with the buttons and zipper. Once completed, he pulled it all the way down, discarding it over his shoulders. Now in front of him was his Calvin Klein boxer’s, the much needed erection creating a tent.

“But you’re going to help me out with that aren’t you?” Chester hummed.

“I’ll try.” Mike replied, pushing the blonde’s hips down to control his buckling. He dipped his head down, taking the erection in his mouth through the material, loving the moans that came from the older man. He bit it lightly before pulling away.

“Masochistic are we?” Chester tried to hold in the loud moan when Mike had bit him, but couldn’t fight it as he screamed the younger man’s name, loving how it rolled from his tongue. Before he knew it, cold wind blew at his member, fully exposed to the emcee, but couldn’t see his reaction due to the item wrapped around his eyes.

Mike bit his lip. Large... Was his only thought as a moan escaped his bitten lips. And a tease I’ll be... He roamed the head, his breathing against it, making the member twitch and ache for any form of contact, pleading to be released. But Mike only kissed the head, tasting the small amount of pre-cum that had built up, before he crawled back up towards Chester, taking in the sultry lips that belonged to the vocalist.

“You still have clothes on.” Whispered Chester, pulling the young man away just a bit, “Take them off.”

And with that, Mike started to fumble with his jeans, belt first, button next, and zipper last. He withdrew the article, hearing the slight thump of it once it hit the carpeted floor.

“That one too.” Chester purred once more, indicating Mike’s boxers.

Mike pushed his hips forward, their erections in agonizing ache to touch each other. Chester let out another loud moan at the gesture, “Just shows you who’s in control right now.” Mike smirked.

Mike sat up, sitting on Chester’s lower abdomen, the blonde’s member brushing against his back lightly. He went about discarding his boxers, now naked. He crawled back up against Chester, their bodies now fully against skin to skin.

“You happy now?” He hummed lovingly to the blonde.

“Very.” He responded, taking Mike’s lips into his, with amazement that he had actually found them on his first try.

Idle hands began to move about, swarming each other’s bodies, needing to feel every inch of the each other’s body, electrifying one another each time once a sensitive area was found.

Mike remembered abruptly that he had an objective to do, and he pulled away, grabbing the container that stood waiting silently to be used. “I still gotta do something to you.” Chester only responded with a smile, placing his hands back against the sheets, awaiting.

Mike opened the cap of the bottle, the brown liquid glistening under the low lights that were through the room. There was a small brush already stuck on the cap, ready to be smeared all over one’s body. He dipped his finger in, taking it back to his mouth to taste. He closed his eyes, loving the taste.

“Now keep your hands still, and don’t do anything, just...enjoy.” Mike smiled, readying the container, swirling it around. Once satisfied, he pulled the brush away and started smearing the liquid chocolate on Chester’s chest.

Chester could only imagine what the warm liquid was, but he was sure he was due to find out.

Mike created a large smiley on Chester’s chest, nipples as eyes, and a curved line as the mouth, and a tongue darting out in the middle, encircling around the navel. He dipped a finger in before placing it back on the drawer, taking that finger towards Chester’s lips. “Don’t lick your lips.” Mike ordered, smearing the substance all over the sweltering lips that belonged to a fine vocalist. Once finished, he looked at the visage of the blonde, laughing inwardly. Making sure not to let his body touch the liquid on Chester’s body, he roamed on top as he kissed the older man as passionately as humanly possible. Letting him taste for the first time what the oozing liquid was.

Their tongue dual mingled with the sweet taste, the bitter taste that belonged to stale bear long since passed, replaced by something more intoxicating.

“Chocolate.” Purred Chester once their kiss ended.

Mike now decided to go back to his original purpose. First, he took one of the eyes of the smiley, sucking, tasting the liquid along with the taste of Chester’s skin, swirling his tongue as a moan growled from the depths of the older man’s throat. He bit lightly at the erected bud, kissing it before moving to the next. He did the same thing to the other, languid motions making the man below him moan in ecstasy.

Once finished with the eyes, he went about licking the whole of the mouth, trailing his wet tongue, which gathered the liquid chocolate, closing to take it in, mixed with Chester’s sweet aroma.

“Mike.” Chester moaned, “Fuck, you’re evil.”

“I know.” Mike growled lightly, taking the bottle once more in his hands. “Feel my power.” He opened the cap, and this time smeared the chocolate along the length of Chester’s erection, the older man gasping in surprise at the feel. Mike made sure to cover every inch of the throbbing member till it oozed of the dark substance.

“Mike...” Chester’s voice was gasping, barely audible to the ears. His breathing came in fast strides, needing oxygen.

As Mike neared Chester’s member, his eyelids shut, and intuition kicked in. His tongue started at the base, licking the dripping liquid, before his tongue ran across the underside all the way to the tip, licking his lips, gulping down the sweet taste. With measured pace, he engulfed the head of Chester’s need, swallowing the chocolate and trying not to choke on the first time.

Chester could not help but place his hands and tangle them through the hair on Mike’s head, as it unhurriedly bobbed up and down. Although unable to see anything already, his eyes were shut tightly closed, moaning out whatever incoherent words his mouth would allow to form. The wet mouth that was overwhelming him was powerful, knowing where to place the tongue, how to move it, and where sensitivity is a great factor. Chester quickly wondered if this was the young man’s first time, but was cut off by a moan.

Mike’s speed was ascending, but Chester didn’t want to end it yet. He pulled the emcee up, taking his mouth into his, tasting the chocolate blended in with his own essence, loving the combination. As they pulled apart, Chester ripped the bandana off, tossing it wherever as Mike looked at him in puzzlement.

“Now, let me play with my present.” He smirked evilly. Mike continued to look at him in puzzlement with Chester thinking how cute he looked right now, lost and dazed. He leaned forward, kissing the brown substance that was at the corner of the half-Asians mouth. “You.”

This time, dominance edged with Chester. He swirled their bodies around so that Mike was abruptly below Chester.

“Now, let me show you what I’ve been wanting to do to you ever since I laid my eyes on your pretty face.” He grinned, dipping his head down to kiss the emcee, taking full advantage of his vulnerability. “To love you.”

They engaged in a passionate, lasting, and somewhat slow kiss from the rough and savage the previous ones held. Chester took his time, memorizing every inch of that lust filled mouth that cry to be invaded, a mouth that calls his name.

Chester pulled away, and placed two fingers by the emcee’s lips, sinking it in for the young man to suck, to lubricate. Once coated, he moved his hand to look for the opening bud below the awaiting half-Asian. Mike in turn placed his legs around the waist of the blonde, knowing what was to come next.

Finding the entrance, he leaned forward and kissed Mike as he inserted both digits, slowly. Mike whimpered at the unknown feeling, a slight sheer of pain surging through his brain. Chester was taking it smoothly, letting the emcee slowly adjust to the new feel.

“You okay?” The blonde whispered, pulling away from their kiss.

Mike nodded slowly, eyebrows slightly furrowed.

With that answer, Chester pushed another digit, stopped and let the young man adjust. Mike’s eyes were closed, chest heaving. Chester kissed his lips, assuring him that it’ll feel okay.

He pulled his fingers away, a moan escaping the lips of Mike. He opened them and looked at Chester, expecting. “Spit.” Chester ordered, placing his palm by Mike’s chin. The emcee obeyed, spitting as much of his saliva as possible on the pallid palms. Chester also spat in the small pool, before cupping his erection with it, lubricating.

Chester closed his eyes, biting his lip and Mike couldn’t have asked for a better sight. Satisfied, Chester pulled his hands away and leaned forward, placing his hands beside Mike’s head, foreheads touching.

“You ready?” Asked the blonde, receiving a nod from the emcee. He took one hand, readied himself by the tight entrance, and slowly pushed his head in. Mike’s eyes were jarred shut, biting his lip to keep from screaming. Chester’s forehead was now against the pillow beside Mike’s own head. The half-Asian took this opportunity and bit his shoulder blade, surely making a mark, if not a scar when this is all done.

Chester was fully sheathed inside Mike now, unable to move a muscle in case pain started to reel in the younger man’s body. Mike slowly unclenched the bite he had on Chester’s shoulder and instead laid his lips against it, fully adjusting to the feel.

“You okay?” Whispered the blonde.

“Mike opened his mouth to speak, voice choking, “Yes.”

They remained in that stationary joint position for what felt like hours, becoming one with each other. Mike had no more feel for pain, only replaced by pleasure. Chester didn’t want to hurt Mike, he wanted him to feel the effects of love.

“Chester..” Mike whispered.



A sly grin curved the lips of the older man. He pulled his face from the pillows and let their foreheads touch once more. “My pleasure.”

He pulled out smoothly, the man below him gasping at the retreat, before he pushed languidly back in. Chester let out a choked moan at the pleasure running through his veins, shared with the emcee. Their lips met, shutting their feeble attempts at letting their moans escape.

“Faster.” Mike whispered once their kissed ended for needed breath. Chester did as he was told without hesitation, knowing well pain was no longer in their minds for pleasure and ecstasy had fully taken over. “Harder.” Their voices were muffled, not knowing who had spoken the words. “Deeper.”

Chester’s movements were as spoken, pulling back, almost all the way out before ramming roughly back in. Their moans echoed in the walls of the room, heat becoming intense as their bodies began to sweat madly.

The blonde grinded himself as deep and as hard as his body would allow, knowing he hit a particularly sensitive spot as Mike moaned out his name.

Their stomachs slid against each other, pumping Mike’s own erection between the skin.

“Chaz..” Mike began to moan. “Chaz... I’m--” He cut himself off, biting his lip at the feeling. The bed was rocking, hitting the wall roughly with each thrust Chester made.

Feeling the man below him brink closer to the edge of climax, Chester thrust his whole body hard against Mike’s own, feeling the younger man convulse between their stomachs, his name being screamed loudly in the room.

It started as a tingle at the edge of Mike’s toes, then reverberating throughout his veins, coursing madly through the entity of his figure. The pleasure rippled, causing him to arch his back and feel as much of the man above him as possible, eyes tightly closed as his mouth opened to scream out.

Chester felt the constrict of the younger man’s muscles around his erection, tightening the grip which led him to shake madly, exploding deep inside of him, his own mouth forming words, escaping in a loud moan.

He slumped against Mike, his body wasted and depleted of any energy. Their sweat dripped together, mixing to become one. Mike wrapped his arms around the man on top of him, their bodies still joined together.

“That was--” Chester breathed, “--amazing.”

Silence loomed in the room, their breath against each other. “Happy birthday.” Mike finally whispered.

Chester smiled, “That was the best birthday present I have ever received, Mike.” He admitted sincerely, “You’re the best present I would ever want.” He joked this time, hugging the man below him.

“So I’m yours now?” Mike asked childishly.

“Yes, you’re mine,” Chester responded, “And I’m yours.”


“What do you think Mike gave Chester?” Asked Joe, still not sober from the club. Rob smacked the top of Joe’s head, gesturing for him to be quiet.

“They might hear us you know.” Rob frowned.

“Leaning against their door is pointless, we could’ve stayed in our own rooms and we still would have heard them.” Brad laughed quietly.

“I still don’t get what Mike gave Chester.” Joe admitted, his face confused just like a child.

“Mike gave himself to Chester.” Rob responded, earning himself a giggling Dave, who was currently trying to stand up.

“That’s one hell of a birthday present.” Brad said, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms across his chest. “How are we suppose to compete with that?”

“How about you try whip cream, Brad?” Dave giggled, falling butt first on the floor.

“Yeah, and I can try honey.” Joe beamed, crawling to Dave’s fallen figure. “We can have an orgy!” Joe squealed, face lighting up. Rob and Brad rolled their eyes.

“An orgy!” The two giggling hyenas cheered before falling completely on the floor, their snores emitting from their drunken bodies.


hehe thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoyed it. :) i certainly enjoyed writing it. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHESTER!!!

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