This page is dedicated to the life and work of Chester Bennington

"The sound of your voice Painted on my memories. Even if you're not with me, I'm with you" - Chester Bennington


On July 20th, 2017 the world lost one of its most soulful and iconic voices and hearts. We found out that dreadful Thursday that Chester Bennington had died by suicide. We will forever mourn this great loss, but we will also remember the wonderful moments we were so privileged to be made part of and we will forever be grateful for the impact this man had on all of us and so many more. Chester, this page is for you. Our hearts go with you, wherever you are.

Your messages

I never imagined to be in a situation like this. In a situation where your grief so much that it is with you every day. That you can’t not listen to his voice for an entire day without going crazy. Sometimes I wonder, why a person that I never met has so much control over my emotions. A person that was not part of my personal life. I still don’t understand and I still don’t have answers. Neither for myself nor for anyone else. But there is one thing I know: I will never stop thinking about Chester, I will never stop listening to Linkin Park and I will never forget the amazing people that came to my life when I had the feeling to be completely on my own. Coming here to read and finally write, was one of my last attempts to improve my mental health. I tried listening to music, not listening to music, running, meditation, therapy. But in the end it was writing stories that made me feel better. Letting things out and reading what others are going through. Connecting is such a big part of human beings and really often it goes wrong because someone decide to not care about the other’s persons feelings. But that’s not the way I want to go. So I promised myself to never stop spreading love and helping others out, because that is something Chester teaches us: Be kind. Love each other. Take care of each other. Because in the end it does matter and you may can save someones life. Even if it’s just your own. - Samweis

Nothing can fathom of just how Chester meant to me. He was such an inspiration. Mentor in his lyrics. And helped me through some pretty messed up things in my life. I will always remember his beautiful voice. Always, R.I.P Chester Bennington. - becisamonsta

For me Chester was the force of rebirth. He was a phoenix who rose from his ashes after every defeat. And I looked at him as an example when I was in trouble. He meant so much to me, words are not enough. - Paula Orlandini

It’s kind of hard to put into words the feelings I have about this band, and Chester in general. I remember the first time I listened to the band, my brother had burned me a copy of their first album Hybrid Theory back in 2000 and instantly fell in love. Linkin Park instantly became my favorite band and I often had Hybrid Theory in my CD player when I was at home and when I was on school trips. Their songs helped me through so much in my life, and I’ve made so many wonderful lifelong friends because of the wonderful fans of the band. Chester was always an inspiration of mine, with his willingness to talk about the problems he suffered as a kid, and his strength he had with moving on and not letting his past get the better of him. Linkin Park was the first FanFiction fandom that I actually religiously wrote and read about and definitely helped me express myself through writing. I was devastated when I first heard the news of Chester’s passing, I was at work and couldn’t stop crying. I will never forget the impact the band has had on my life, and they will always continue to be my favorite band no matter what happens in the future. It really warms my head when I see all of the fans reaching out and supporting all of Chester’s friends and family through this tragic time and I know we will all continue to be there to each other as the years pass. -Vampire Princess

Linkin Park is the first band I ever gained friendships from, and that will always stand out to me. As for Chester, I think about him daily. Because of him, I am forever changed, and I will always be grateful for that. A piece of him will always exist in my mind and in my writing. I've based more characters off of him (in one way or another) than anyone else in the world, and continue to do so. He was a source of love, light, laughter, creativity, and struggle, and I miss him deeply. In the many journeys of life, he has gone ahead of us on this one. - Penelope_Ink

It's odd, but, Chester's passing revived my interest in the LPF community and finishing stories which I had put on the back burner. I think it's because, even though I'd seen the writing on the walls for many, many years, I can't help but be devastated by what happened. My personal opinion of Chester was not always positive, but I always respected his talent, and how deeply integrated he was into the band and their music. After watching the tribute concert, I saw just how impossible it was for them to perform without him. How are they supposed to continue as a band without Chester to go with them, in a physical sense? Back in early May, a dear friend of mine passed away due to a terminal illness. The only way that I could bring myself to cope with that loss, was to remind myself that even though he could no longer be around physically to influence us and his community, everything he had done while he was alive had changed us forever. The best thing I can do as his friend is pay forward the kindness, love and creativity that he poured into the world. I feel that us as Linkin Park fans, the band members, Chester's family and close friends, can pay forward his good heart and love of everyone around him. - A.N.

I'll never forget where I was when I heard the news about Chester. In the middle of a summer work conference, I sat in shock at the notification that came through on my co-workers Apple Watch, the lecturer at the front of the room fading into the background as I frantically searched my phone for confirmation the news was just another celebrity death hoax.

Then I came upon Mike's tweet, and I knew. Everything in my world came to a screeching halt, and I spent the next two days of the conference laying in my hotel room bed, listening to Linkin Park on my earbuds and mourning a soul I had never met.

It became critically important to me that I attend the Hollywood Bowl tribute for Chester, to say my goodbyes and try to put a stamp of closure on a huge chapter of my life. I found that, while amazing in every way, that concert did not heal the wounds. Chester's passing has left a huge gap in my heart, the feeling that someone who understood me deeply was gone forever. "Numb" was the song that changed my life, that allowed me to become the person I wanted to be and taught me that nobody can look out for your best interests but you. "Don't Stay" was my divorce anthem, and "Given Up" has walked me through some dark times. For every different chapter in my life, Linkin Park, and more specifically, Chester's voice, his screams, have been there for me. I grew up with them and I don't know if I will ever stop thinking about how Chester held my hand through some of my darkest times.

Like many here, I came back to LPF after years of being away, adult life having gotten in the way of reading fan fiction. Suddenly I found myself craving places where Chester was still alive, and this site has filled that gap. I've made two exceptional friends just from this site that are my Linkin Park kindred spirits, and I've found ways to express myself through writing that I am grateful for, more than words can express.

I miss you, Chester- your smiles and your voice and your sense of humor. Thank you for everything.
- lpfan503

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