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Bennoda Drabbles by Effervescent

angel of the past

So, this is the first time I'm publishing on this lovely site, cause I've always been insecrure about anything i wrote. i'm excited nonetheless, hope you enjoy x


Mike's pov

It's winter.

The droplets of the rain mingle and fall to the icy ground.

In the skies, so far away...

There's a sunlight among the clouds, but it's dim and mild.

The cold is dominating my body, making me freeze.

So cliché, but my whole heart is frozen too. It's been that way for so long.

Like any other human heart, it needs warmth, but...

The smoke of the cigarette breaks through the air, and fades away without any particular direction.

Some disappears into my black shirt, which already started to smell like Marlboros.

I smile. I don't even know why.

Maybe it's because I'm in a panic.

You're so full of fear during panic attacks, but you still smile, right?

You smile to escape those scary, outrageous feelings.

I remember the past as it cuts me deep within.

I still smile.

I smile until I get bored of it.

I finished a cigarette and grabbed an old photo album from my drawer as I went to the previous spot at my window.

My hands started to shake. I wanted to open it but I dropped it instead, and the photos scattered on the floor.

I'm kneeling down slowly, to gently put them back in place.

My heart wrenches at the sight of the  boy smiling from every photo.

God, if only I had known how hard it would be!

Take me back in time, take me back in the past...

I wanna be with you!

I wanna kiss and caress you.

Feel the familiar exotic smell of your hair...

Why did they take you away from me?


You were too innocent for that, nobody, nobody compared to you, Ches.

You had your own world and that never failed to amaze me.

So it's true, huh? God always takes the best people away, cause you sure were one.


Beautiful, winged angels.

But weren't you already an angel? My angel...

Who am I without you?

A human being? An animal?

I miss you. I miss seeing you smile the most.

Your kiss.

Your red, kissable lips touching mine, like it was made just for me.

Are you back?

Will you come back?

Do you hear me? Do you remember me?

I wanna wrap you in my arms and never, ever let go.

You were mine, you still are, and you'll always be.

God gifted me, but he also took you away from me.

Why? That's the only question I've got, and I'm still looking for an answer.

You're my angel from the past.

I'm cold, so cold without you here.

I'm shaking.

Summer feels like winter for me, the warmth feels like coldness.

I'm searching for you in every person, and I still haven't found you.

I tried to forget you, but I can't.

The need of seeing you is killing me.

I need you.

Every piece

Of you.

I think about it and realize, you can't forget the past.

You can't fully get it out of your head and go with the flow in the present.

I can't forget your delicate fingers waking me up, as you caressed my face.

Your lips on mine.

Our bodies intertwined.

It's harder to breathe without you. I've never felt like this.

I hope I'll see you soon.

But I want you to know that this world is nothing but a dirty, cold, fucked up place.

I'll think about you always.

I wanna see you,

Touch you,

Feel you.

I miss you, fuck, I love you!

The coldness is chilling me, and the droplets of the rain mingle and fall to the icy ground.

There's a boy smiling from every photo...

I want to forget you, but you still end up filling my thoughts.

I'm suffocating.

I can't help but think, does the hell exist?

Hell, that's the biggest undergo.

With the meaning of never being able to love.

We live to love.

Love isn't a shame nor a crime.

Just remember,


and feel,

'till the end.

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